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    Nicosia, Cyprus – Exchangle is pleased to announce the launch of its social network website where people from all over the world can exchange links for personal or business purposes. The name “Exchangle” is a combination of the words “exchange” and “link,” and the main goal of the site is to allow visitors to quickly and easily accumulate links for SEO purposes.

    Link building is the process of acquiring links from other websites to attach to one’s own website. There are many different methods for building links, but most experts are in agreement that it’s one of the most difficult tasks for any webmaster.

    Video Link:


    “Link building is a necessary evil,” says Exchangle founder and CEO Omar Al Khatib. “But it’s tremendously important, because it plays a huge part in how Google ranks your web pages. If you don’t have quality links, your site is going nowhere.”

    For the search engines, the number and quality of links will determine how well a page should rank in their results. According to Al Khatib, it’s based on the idea that a link is like a vote of confidence.

    “People will only link to your website if they think it’s a good resource,’ he explains.

    But Exchangle is not simply for link exchanges. It’s a place where people can follow each other, send messages, and view each other’s profiles and links. And users also have the option of searching for the type of site they’re looking for, such as businesses, events, jobs, multimedia, news or shopping, to name just a few. The site is easy to navigate, and thousands of people have already added their links in a wide variety of categories.

    For more information, or to ‘exchangle’ a link, visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Exchangle
    Contact Person: Omar Al Khatib
    Phone: +35795559559
    City: Nicosia
    Country: Cyprus

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    Guan Fu Sichuan restaurant has been described as one of the best restaurants in Flushing. It has received positive reviews on Trip Advisor and social media and continues to be recommended by popular publications.

    A new Chinese restaurant in Flushing has become the talk of New York for offering great food, service and private rooms to entertain family and friends. The Guan Fu Sichuan restaurant which is located at 39-16 Prince Street, Flushing, NY 11354 and become one of the most reviewed Chinese restaurants in New York, is gaining positive reviews on Trip Advisor, Yelp, Facebook, and social media.

    The Chinese Flushing restaurant which was recently featured in The New York Times ( is not like any other restaurant in New York. This Flushing restaurant not only provides some of the best Chinese food in the USA, it also provides private rooms so family and friends can enjoy the best Chinese food in Flushing without being disturbed by other diners.

    The private room is available Monday to Thursday for six to ten people with a minimum charge of $50 per person. They are perfect for people having a business launch, or celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or any other type of special occasion. It has chairs that look like small thrones and elegant dark wood tables with beautiful wooden chopsticks handles, which are wrapped in metal filigree at one end, with brushed steep tips at the other. These chopsticks make the whole experience so special. The helpful team at Guan Fu Sichuan provide guidance on how to use them.

    A spokesman for Guan Fu Sichuan explained more about the special chopsticks. ”To use them, you twist disposable bamboo tips into the steel ends. While you’re doing this, a server brings a party-size segmented wooden bowl holding sunflower seeds and roasted watermelon seeds for you to crack open while you page through the menu.”

    As well as a private room, there is also a VIP room which is available for the minimum charge of $800 and a large party room which is available for up to fifteen people with a minimum charge of $680.

    Private Room, Party Room and VIP weekend price a subject to availability, must call in to ask for more detail

    To learn more about the popular Chinese restaurant, please visit

    About Guan Fu Sichuan

    Guan Fu Sichuan is a popular restaurant in Fishing, New York, which provides people with excellent Chinese cooking which can be enjoyed in private rooms.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Guan Fu Sichuan
    Contact Person: Customer Services
    Phone: 347-610-6999
    Address:One Fulton Square, 3916 Prince Street G 01
    City: Flushing
    State: New York
    Country: United States

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    Recently, the global digital currency transaction platform – Bit-Z has obtained more than USD ten million of financing from three international investment institutions i.e. Hwazing Capital Limited, Wa Sung Investment limited, and Plum Angel Investment Co.Ltd.

    The website shows that Bit-z was launched in 2016, of which main business is to provide professional digital assets transaction (Crypto to Crypto transaction) service to global users. Unlike the transaction platform websites widely recognized by domestic users, Bit-Z only supports the circulation and transaction between tokens, namely, it is a transaction way by use of one blockchain asset to exchange another blockchain asset, without transfer and settlement of any legal currency involved therein.

    The information obtained from the third website shows that the overseas users of the platform accounts for more than 80%, which mainly concentrated in USA, UK, France, Spain, etc., and the users from Asia regions such as Japan and South Korea also increase continually.

    On logical analysis of products, Bit-Z platform only supports Crypto to Crypto transaction which increases the participation threshold for less-informed users, however, in the long run, the circulation between tokens mitigates the risks caused by the policy fluctuation, so the security and privacy is much safer. Idealistically, when the circulation degree of credit assets becomes higher and higher, the people in consensus will become more and more, the Crypto to Crypto transaction may gradually replace the transaction relationship between legal currency and token, and result in a close relationship between the blockchain and transaction platform, and the whole commercial mode will be more imaginative.

    Currently, Bit-Z platform has opened 4 transaction markets: BTC market, DKKT market, ETH market and USDT market. The Coinmarketcap data shows that: there are more than 60 online transaction tokens, and 70+ Crypto to Crypto transaction pairs in Bit-Z currently. Except for BTC and ETH mainstream transaction zones, the platform strongly promotes the DKK Token (DKKT) which is a token based on stable value currency – Danish krone (DKK), with good function of value maintenance, meanwhile, as the transaction zone, it is much easier for users to participate in the digital assets transaction.

    The other difference is token-launching mechanism, which is the voting mechanism used by Bit-Z, and it is the users that to decide the token for each launched transaction. The platform implements integrated risks control and management thoroughly in multi-dimensional aspects of block chain project team, history, products, strategies, and potential, etc., so as to know the market activity of the tokens more accurately. The token-launch mechanism from C end can help Bit-Z to obtain more C-end consensuses at low cost so as to gather high-quality digital assets.

    Technically, the multi-cluster framework is used in Bit-Z platform, the high-speed memory single engine is used in the aspect of matching, and the distributed wallet and multi-signature are used in the aspect of wallet, which is a distribution-based micro service framework. The platform has a very high security and stability.

    According to the data on Coinmarketcap on 28th, it shows that the daily turnover on Bit-Z platform can reach more than 20,000 BTCs, and the 24h transaction amount is over USD 230,222,646. From the view of growth trend, the total market of digital currency increased 400% in 2017, and the Market Cap transaction amount on 28th was: USD 588,170,554,600.

    From the view of volume, one insider ever declared publicly that one insider ever declared publicly that the market value of blockchain has been more than USD 300 billion (data on the table) in 2017, 70 times increased in 3 years, and it is expected that the market value of blockchain will be more than 10 trillion after 2~3 years, exceeding the volume of gold. Moreover, it is mentioned in an article from Wu’s Explanation on Blockchain that the global users who participate in the encrypted digital currency have reach 30 million + currently.

    From the view of policy side, Japan has issued the transaction platform licenses for legal operation of transaction platform; some states of USA also issued Bit licenses, which allow legal operation of Bitcoin transaction platform.

    When more and more companies involve in blockchain, and the ecological chain is improved better and better, the transaction platform, as the asset circulation node of blockchain, will be more valuable, and more high-quality blokchain assets may be gathered on more consensuses, providing more efficient asset transaction platform for the “de-centered” blockchain. Currently, the popularity of global blockchain keeps to rise, and the Exchange, as the head product of the whole industry chain, with the help of capital market, makes its market position more stable.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: BIT-Z
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Country: HongKong

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    You and your family are traveling to Nashville and having a wonderful time. You and your spouse are ready for a date night though and do not have anyone to watch your children while you go out on the town. Dragging your offspring to dinner and shows that they are not remotely interested in is not an option. 

    Why not call Nashville Nannies? This childcare company can provide you with quality services at your hotel so you can enjoy a short break and really get to see another side of Nashville.

    The benefits of utilizing this company include:

    Easy Booking

    You can book a nanny with a short phone call or you can request one online. Either method will get you the qualified help you need when you need it. Your booking will be confirmed, and the nanny will show up at the prescribed place, date, and time.

    Qualified Caregivers 

    Our nannies are thoroughly interviewed to determine their specific qualifications. This makes it easier to match the caregiver to the specific families. A background check is conducted, CPR training provided, and, of course, Nashville Nannies are bonded and insured. You will receive only the highest quality of caregiver.

    Flexible Services 

    Nashville Nannies hotel babysitters can take care of your children wherever you are in Nashville. If you are in a hotel like the Opryland Hotel, or at a special event such as a wedding, or in a private home, they can send a qualified childcare worker to you. Childcare givers will show up with toys and games that are appropriate to your child’s preferences and ages. And if you’re in need of overnight care, they provide that too! 

    More about Nashville Nannies: If you don’t want your children stuck indoors the entire time, the nanny can take them to the pool, a game room, or wherever you allow them to go. These childcare workers do not rely on televisions to do their work for them – they keep their young charges busy and occupied with activities and play. 

    Great Communication

    From the very start, this company will ensure that communication lines are open always. From your very first inquiry to the end of the shift, management will be in constant communication with you, the client, and your childcare worker and your babysitter will always be available by phone or text so you can get updates on your children as often as desired. 

    As you can see, enjoying adult conversation and entertainment while visiting Nashville is a fantastic possibility! Nannies are readily available, so you can enjoy the company of your spouse in peace and quiet. Your children will be happily occupied with toys and games and a caregiver who interacts and engages in play with her young charges.

    For more information, you can visit the company’s website at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Nashville Nannies, LLC.
    Phone: (615) 601-0727
    Country: United States

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    Customers can choose from an extensive assortment acquired from the most reliable suppliers

    Shropshire, United Kingdom – The Official Staunton Chess Company is one of the best places to find quality chess sets in the whole of the United Kingdom. The company is proud to announce their collection of chess pieces with the best quality. The chess is made by the most respected and oldest chess artisan work in India. Staunton Chess Company acquires chess from the most talented carvers, who are known for quality, precision carving, and hand-polished exceptional sets.  

    For more information, please visit the website at  

    “The Official Staunton Chess Company is the right place to find the best quality chess sets and chess boards. We get our supplies from the best manufacturers in India such as The English Chess company Amritsar branch;  and offer our customers a variety of items. Our website has been structured to make it easy for the customer to purchase any of our numerous collections, at an affordable price. All our sets have been inspected for quality. We hope you enjoy browsing our website and shopping. We look forward to serving you,” said Carl Miceli, a representative of The Official Staunton Chess Company.

    “The Official Staunton website is the ultimate internet location to purchase any type of chess of your choice. I like their products because of the good quality and usability. I travel a lot, and you know it can be boring on those long and lonely roads. Those wooden chess with magnets are always there for me,” said Andrew K, a customer.

    The Official Staunton Chess Company offer free UK delivery, next day UK mainland shipping, and 60 days return policy backed with a two-year guarantee.

    About The Official Staunton Chess Company

    The Official Staunton Chess Company is one of UK’s top source for the finest chess sets in the market. The company has branches in the UK and Canada, with over 20 years of experience delivering quality products.

    For more information, please contact 01948 880 060, Sales@Officialstaunton.Com, or www.Officialstaunton.Com

    Media Contact
    Company Name: The Official Staunton Chess Company
    Contact Person: Carl Miceli
    Email: Sales@Officialstaunton.Com
    Phone: 01948 880 060
    Country: United Kingdom
    Website: www.Officialstaunton.Com

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    O&M Construction Services LLC has been a reliable provider of various construction, renovation, and inspection services for years. The company welcomes 2018 by adding a new service: roofing replacement & repairs.

    Roofing installation is one of the biggest investments homeowners make. That’s why it’s imperative to both have a quality roofing installed by professionals and maintain it in pristine condition. O&M Construction Services LLC is now able to help all Houston residents do exactly that. The company’s new roofing service includes repair and replacement. This is another proof of the O&M’s focus on benefitting their clients, as fixing one’s roof is more affordable and efficient.

    The roofing service might be new, but the company itself is no novice in the business of construction and home renovation. They also provide a variety of inspection services. Those, in particular, can be used for making insurance claims. O&M Construction Services LLC specializes in helping their clients claim their lawful compensation for the damages done by hail, storm, flood, and wind. Unfortunately, too many people in Houston are currently facing this problem, as well as have the need of a reliable roofing repair & replacement service.

    What Can One Find at

    O&M Construction Services LLC are a certified and reliable business trusted by hundreds of Houston residents. It holds certifications from Atlas, Certainteed, Pabco, and Owens Corning. The company’s service list is extensive and includes such essential services as:

    • Roof restoration
    • Solar energy
    • Remodeling (kitchens and bathrooms)
    • Flooring
    • Gutters
    • Painting
    • Window replacement and repair
    • Insulation

    O&M Construction Services LLC is a company one can trust in any task related to improving or repairing their house through construction. And should one’s property get damaged by an external force, O&M’s specialists will be at the ready to help them restore it and recover a compensation from their insurance provider.

    The company provides both residential and commercial roofing restoration services. Whenever possible, the O&M experts will help their customers find the most cost-efficient solution to their problems. The company doesn’t limit itself to a single type of roofing. Instead, they provide any necessary services for:

    • Composite shingles
    • Metal roofing
    • Slate and stone roofing
    • Tile

    The business is also able to repair and restore any type of roofing used for commercial properties, ranging from concrete to asphalt.

    As O&M Construction Services LLC has proven its reliability and high quality of its services over the years, one can be confident that their new roofing services launched in 2018 will be just as good. The company keeps growing, but it always has and always will put the customer’s interests first.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: O&M Construction Services LLC
    Contact Person: Omar Alghali
    Phone: 1.832.969.2246
    Address:12847 Capricorn St
    City: Stafford
    State: TX 77477
    Country: United States

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    Situs RERC, Deloitte and the National Association of REALTORS® announce the release of their annual forecast report: Expectations & Market Realities in Real Estate 2018 – Stability in a Risk Environment. This report reviews 2017 CRE trends in the economy, capital markets, residential and commercial real estate (CRE) and property markets, and provides our joint perspectives for real estate in 2018.

    The Expectations report is built on knowledgeable insights from recognized real estate authorities with experience across all property types worldwide. Collectively, Situs RERC, the National Association of REALTORS® and Deloitte operate in 50 countries around the globe and employ thousands of real estate professionals.

    Ken Riggs, President of Situs RERC, says, “Amid the ongoing US political drama that is expected to continue in 2018, the stable income component with modest appreciation from CRE provides an attractive choice in the uncertain future of alternative investments such as stocks and bonds. Risk-adjusted returns for CRE are favorable to other asset classes over the long term and provide investment diversification.”

    “In 2018, expect generally stable performance and values, across most US markets and major commercial real estate asset types, as we move further into a mature market cycle,” adds Matt Kimmel, Principal at Deloitte Transactions and Business Analytics LLP.

    “Backed by continued strength in the labor market and the new tax bill’s expected short-term boost to the economy, the outlook for the CRE sector looks strong in 2018,” states NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun, PhD. “Low unemployment is expected to push wage growth higher, which in turn will ramp up consumer spending and elevate demand for both renting and buying real estate. However, rising interest rates pose a small threat to weaker housing affordability this year, and may put downward pressure on CRE property prices.”

    To access a free copy of this report, click here.

    About Situs and Situs RERC

    Situs has been the premier global provider of strategic business solutions for the finance and commercial real estate industries for over 30 years. Situs RERC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Situs, is one of the longest-serving and most well-recognized national firms devoted to valuation management and fiduciary services, appraisal and litigation services, and research, risk analysis and publications. Situs also acquired The Collingwood Group and MountainView Financial Services to bolster the firm’s suite of residential services. A rated servicer with Moody’s, Fitch and Morningstar, Situs has more than US$165 billion of assets under management and is ranked a top 20 servicer in multiple categories by the Mortgage Bankers Association. In 2016, Situs received a second consecutive “Advisor of the Year” award by Real Estate Finance & Investment magazine, and the “Capital Advisor Firm of the Year” award by Property Investor Europe. In 2017, the firm won the “Industry Contributor of the Year” award from Real Estate Finance & Investment magazine.

    About Deloitte

    Deloitte provides industry-leading audit, consulting, tax and advisory services to many of the world’s most admired brands, including more than 85 percent of the Fortune 500 and more than 6,000 private and middle market companies. Our people work across more than 20 industry sectors to make an impact that matters — delivering measurable and lasting results that help reinforce public trust in our capital markets, inspire clients to see challenges as opportunities to transform and thrive, and help lead the way toward a stronger economy and a healthy society. Deloitte is proud to be part of the largest global professional services network serving our clients in the markets that are most important to them.

    As used in this document, “Deloitte” means Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP, which provides forensic, dispute, and other consulting services, and its affiliate, Deloitte Transactions and Business Analytics LLP, which provides a wide range of advisory and analytics services. Deloitte Transactions and Business Analytics LLP is not a certified public accounting firm.  Please see for a detailed description of our legal structure. Certain services may not be available to attest clients under the rules and regulations of public accounting.


    The NATIONAL ASSOCIATION of REALTORS®, “The Voice for Real Estate,” is America’s largest trade association, rep- resenting 1.3 million members involved in all aspects of the residential and commercial real estate industries. NAR membership includes brokers, salespeople, property managers, appraisers, counselors and others. Approximately 80,000 REALTORS® and Institute Affiliate members specialize in commercial brokerage and related services, and an additional 232,000 members offer commercial real estate services as a secondary business. The term REALTOR® is a registered collective membership mark that identifies a real estate professional who is a member of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION of REALTORS® and subscribes to its strict Code of Ethics. Working for America’s property owners, the National Association provides a facility for professional development, research and exchange of information among its members and to the public and government for the purpose of preserving the free enterprise system and the right to own real property.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: SITUS
    Contact Person: CECILIA PANOZZO
    Phone: 212-294-1304
    City: New York City
    State: New York
    Country: United States

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    B&R Leisure Products Co.,Ltd is one of the leading fabricators and suppliers of quality assured umbrellas for both commercial and domestic use. They have been in this sector for many years and have gained the confidence of their global clients for their commitment to quality and after sales assistance.

    B&R Leisure Products Co.,Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of advanced leisure products hailing from China. It is located in the industrial area of Zhejiang Province. They are considered to be one of the top umbrella supplier from China with their manufacturing plant surpassing 3000 meters squared. The company put in a lot of resources in the procurement of advanced equipment and machinery. The company believes in change and updating. Their commitment towards the notion of adaptability allowed them to stay ahead of their competition both regarding sales and product quality. The manufacturing unit of the company is equipped with state of the art automated machines. It ensures that the products are manufactured with minimal human error and flaws.

    B&R Leisure Products Co.,Ltd Introduces Their Latest Range of UV Protected Umbrellas To Global Clients

    The firm is one of the most reputed umbrella manufacturer due to their commitment towards innovation. They put together a team of highly skilled engineers, technicians, and designers under their R&D wing. The sole purpose of this department is to continually redefine the production process, product ideas and perfecting existing products. It ensures that the company is both future proof and is one step ahead of the competition at any given time. The manufacturing unit of the company has a capacity of churning out about 50,000 pieces of umbrella per month. One of the spokespeople for the group even insisted that they plan on increasing their current capacity by the end of this fiscal year.

    All of their commodities are manufactured using the finest of materials merged with the expertise of the best designers and technicians. The key to B&R Umbrella leading the industry of China is their commitment towards their clients and competitive pricing of the products. One of the unique aspects of the company is that they also fulfill customized orders for both their national and overseas clients. The company has relations with most of the parts of the world since their products are exported to Europe, Asia, and the Americas. The company maintains strict control over their finished goods and a flawless manufacturing process. The business policy of the company places them ahead of their competition at all times since they have a reputation to be forthcoming when it comes to after-sales services.

    The company maintains their position in the lead due to their fast delivery services. All orders, irrespective of their size are completed within 24 hours after the same is placed. The firm has partnered up with the leading shipping and handling partners around the world that ensures safe deliverance of the goods to the clients.

    About B&R Leisure Products Co.,Ltd.

    B&R Leisure Products Co.,Ltd is a leading Chinese manufacturer of different types of umbrellas for both industrial and domestic use. They are also adept in manufacturing custom designed umbrellas and other leisure items. All of their products are made using the finest materials and are offered at the most competitive rates. For further details, feel free to visit the official website of the company.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: B&R Leisure Products Co.,Ltd
    Contact Person: Laura
    Phone: +86-574-88048269
    City: NingBo City
    State: ZheJiang Province
    Country: China

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    Runsom Precision Co.,Ltd can supply custom CNC parts for many industries with the best quality and in a given budget.

    With their advanced CNC milling and CNC turning equipments, Runsom Precision is capable of supplying custom CNC machined parts all through the year. The company has a professional and well-equipped factory for processing components and providing clients with precise machined parts. They have clients in different industries, such as automotive, medical equipments, defense equipments, electronic products and so on, to supply them the best quality milling parts in their budget.

    The company boasts of supplying China milling parts with multi-axis processing of each part. The employees of the company have years of experience in removing the material from a workpiece to improve its usability and quality. They more commonly use 3-axis and 5-axis milling machines to carry out the material removal work and may also use the rotary cutter to maintain the desired level of smoothness and quality of a workpiece. The company works for different clients in different fields, from automation design to the defense industry, and provide them with custom machined parts.

    China Milling Service Company Announces To Supply Custom CNC Parts For Different Industries With Strict Quality Control

    At Runsom Precision, the CNC turning is a very common and efficient process. Companies from different industries can procure China turning parts from them. The company has the experiences of producing a wide variety of turning parts, such as rivets, shafts, bolts, washers etc that can be used in numerous industries. With their enhanced capacity, the company can supply the turning parts with accurate roundness and concentricity that industries can use without any difficulty. The spokesperson reveals that they can supply custom turning parts from low to high volume batches and are available to serve all small and big clients.

    For custom CNC parts, Runsom Precision is an affordable and reliable supplier with advanced CNC machines and equipments in their factory. According to the spokesperson, they adopt a good machining process and use CNC milling, CNC turning, Swiss turning machining and automatic lathing processes to deliver the best quality machining parts for every individual client.

    To know more about their custom machining process, one can visit the website

    About Runsom Precision Co.,Ltd

    Runsom Precision Co.,Ltd, established since 2005, is a professional, customized, high precision machined components manufacturer based in Shenzhen, China. With years of experience in the manufacturing and services of CNC machined parts, precision engineering components, custom machined parts, Precision CNC machining service, injection molding parts and die casting parts, the company has established a high reputation for their high quality and nice service. They are able to provide one-stop services from initial concept to finished products.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Runsom Precision Co.,Ltd
    Contact Person: Lucy Zhang (Sales)
    Phone: +86-755-3309675
    City: Shenzhen
    Country: China

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    Qingdao Eseewigs Co.,Ltd is one of the highly professional manufacturers of stylish hair products including hair wigs and hair accessories based in Jiaozhou Qinghou, China and was established back in 2003. Ever since then it has been fulfilling demands of its worldwide clients.

    One of the most dynamic aspects of modern time living is fashion, and some of these things cannot get changed easily. One such thing is the hairstyle, what style is famous today might get washed away tomorrow. That is why women pay great deals of importance to their hairstyles but again growing long hair is tedious and too much time consuming especially for the modern day women. So women who are looking for newer hairstyles every day will be highly grateful to Qingdao Eseewigs Co.,Ltd for their beautiful variety of lace wigs and other accessories that would definitely help them flaunt different hairdos. These can make them look gorgeous that is a significant aspect of beauty and style. The company brings in a solution for these women offering them numerous wear wig collections made up of 100% human hair. They can help a lady quickly change her hairstyle for any occasion.  

    Qingdao Eseewigs Co.,Ltd also produces 360 Lace Wigs that is not a full lace wig; the lace is only present around the wig. The company sells the most excellent range of these 360 wigs at attractive discounted rates. The lace around definitely has a natural look that helps women to achieve versatile hairdos for a stylish and beautiful outlook. Due to their excellent versatility, the wigs can be tried to make a variety of hairstyles for any occasion. Comfortable to wear, these can also be nonallergic even if one wears them for long periods of time. Lace wigs can be available with different textures that include body waves, loose waves, curls or silky straight ones, deep curly wigs and many others.

    B&R Leisure Products Co.,Ltd Introduces Their Latest Range of UV Protected Umbrellas To Global Clients

    The company also provides 250 Density Lace Wigs that are full lace wigs with much thickness that enable women to showcase a pretty and attractive look anywhere. The wigs are available in various textures and types, colors, lengths, materials, thickness and so on. Also, the wigs made of the natural hair of different nationalities are always available on this portal. Qingdao Eseewigs Co.,Ltd has a well-designed website that allows all the potential customers to browse through the varied products offered by the company so you can check out all the specifics to make a well-informed purchase.

    Qingdao Eseewigs Co.,Ltd brings to its customers the most exclusive collection of silk top Lace Wigs apt for the festive season for every woman for a gorgeous and adorable look. These wigs help enhance the hairstyle of any woman thereby providing with a very natural look for the light silk base materials of the wigs. Silk top wigs can be highly comfortable to the wearers with its high-quality products for the clients. Thus the company has easily achieved great customer satisfaction through its services along with smooth transaction and secures payment methods available to the clientele for greater convenience.

    About Qingdao Eseewigs Co.,Ltd

    Qingdao Eseewigs Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of professional, stylish hair products and hair accessories, back from 2003 since its establishment at its main distributive center in China. They have been prominent suppliers of wigs in a variety of sizes and colors fit for any woman’s head.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Qingdao Eseewigs Co., Ltd
    Contact Person: Necy Yuan
    Phone: +86 13789857680
    Country: China

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    Illinois Law Firm Announces Free Evaluations To Help Protect Consumers Against Debt Collectors Calling the Wrong Person

    EDWARDSVILLE, ILL. – 1 Feb, 2018 – Even individuals with a sterling credit history and zero debt can be on the receiving end of harassing calls and letters from debt collection agencies. Something as simple as a credit report error or a new phone number can lead to debt collectors calling the wrong person – over and over again. However, there is legal recourse for the endless harassment, and by law violators must pay for their mistakes.

    For those tired of debt collectors calling for someone else, Sturycz Law Group, a consumer rights law firm in Edwardsville, Ill., offers free case evaluations to determine if agencies are in noncompliance with consumer protection statutes. If the firm recommends legal action, action may generally be taken at no cost.  In successful actions, costs typically are assessed against the company that violated the law. The goal is to make abusive debt collectors pay and free people from the endless spiral of calls, letters, or incorrect information that threaten their credit history.

    Debt Harassment Checklist

    If a debt collector has broken consumer protection laws you may be able to win money. Use this Debt Harassment Checklist to protect you and prepare to meet with an attorney to consider legal action.

    Federal Laws Against Harassment

    Consumers are protected under federal laws against harassment, and some states also have their own variations in addition to federal protections. Three of the statutes most commonly violated by debt collectors include: 

    • Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) – The FCRA regulates what is included in each person’s credit report. If there is an error on a report, it can lead to an individual receiving a debt collection letter for the wrong person or frequent, harassing phone calls.
    • Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) – Contacting the wrong person about a debt is a violation of the FDCPA, which protects consumers from misleading, unfair or harassing collection processes.
    • Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) – The TCPA restricts companies from calling residential or cellular telephones without “prior expressed consent” from the subscribers. It also protects consumers who frequently receive “wrong number” calls.

    Consumers need to understand that just because calls or letters are for the wrong person, it does not mean the error may not be causing issues with their own credit. It is important for victims to document the times, dates and information for all calls and letters to provide substantial proof against violators.

    Taking a stand against illegal harassment is the right of every American consumer. Those who wish to learn more about protective measures or to receive a free, no-obligation case evaluation are invited to contact the Sturycz Law Group at 877-314-3223.

    About Sturycz Law Group:

    Sturycz Law Group in Edwardsville, Ill. is a consumer rights law firm devoted to the protection of clients against unfair, abusive and illegal business and collection practices. The firm provides legal counsel for debt collection and negotiation fraud, credit card defense, telephone consumer protection, fair credit reporting, privacy and data security, and other consumer protection violations.

    To learn more, visit

    Video Link:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Sturycz Law Group
    Contact Person: Sarah Sturycz
    Phone: 877-314-3223
    Address:100 N. Main Street
    City: Edwardsville
    State: IL
    Country: United States

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    Some of the latest CD players include Bada Audio CD player, Shanling CD3.2 vacuum tube CD player and Bada HD-28 CD HDCD tube player.

    A quality CD player, fitted with an amplifier, can significantly enhance the music quality to enthrall a listener. China-hifi-Audio now offers several improved CD player versions that are synonymous with quality and are indispensable for any household.

    A music lover can explore a range of CD players in the stock of China-hifi-Audio, including the Bada Audio CD player, which has been integrated with the 100% brand new hybrid amplifier. The original edition contains brand new elements in the box with a one year warranty. The circuit of the preamplifier consists of FET, transistors and the vacuum tube with excellent characteristic of each of these components. The FET features a wide frequency response, low distortion and big dynamics. Speaking about the unique features of the CD player, the spokesperson maintains that the transistors and vacuum tubes of it are combined as a single-ended output and which gives it a more accurate reading of signals.

    The Shanling CD3.2 vacuum tube CD player is another new product in their stock that ensures high-end sound quality. The full balance CD player is available with or without the USB port and with the voltage range to be chosen between 100V and 240V. With a gross weight of 17kg, the product is fitted with high-quality capacitors and other components. The spokesperson reveals that it contains gold-plated input and output terminals and supports coaxial and optical input. With the Phillips CD servo system, the CD player has a high dynamic range with a very low harmonic distortion.

    China-hifi-Audio Brings More Powerful & Feature-rich CD Players For Music Lovers Of Modern Era

    Modern-day music lovers will also love the Bada HD-28 CD HDCD tube player, which comes with a remote control. It gives clear, beautiful and more detailed voice for enjoying music. Available in black and silver colors, its base plate is made of a single piece copper plate. It uses three R-type transformers for the analog, digital and tube output supply. Its rectifier ensures fine tuning and minimizes the signal interference for a better sound quality.

    One can learn more about these CD players and their specifications by visiting the website

    About China-hifi-Audio

    China-hifi-Audio is a tube amplifier online shop. The online shop supplies a wide variety of products, including hi-fi vacuum tube stereo amplifier, hi-end CD player, cables, valve preamp, power amp or speakers, etc. China-hifi-Audio is the best choice for buying products from well-known brands, like music angel, yaqin, Meixing Mingda, Qinpu (chpo), Bewitch, Shengya, JungSon, LITE, Dussun, Original, Opera, Shanling, Dussun, RFTLYS etc., at affordable prices. 

    Media Contact
    Company Name: China-Hifi-Audio
    Contact Person: Yong Lee
    Phone: +86-1371134 6090
    City: Guangzhou
    Country: China

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    As of now the SmartTOP retractable hard top control from the manufacturer Mods4cars is also available for the McLaren 650S Spider. The retrofit Cabriolet module allows the operation of the retractable hard top while driving via One-Touch. In addition, the top can be opened and closed remotely via the vehicles key.

    Las Vegas, Nevada – January 31, 2018 – The company Mods4cars now offers a retrofit SmartTOP retractable hard top control for the McLaren 650S Spider. The roof module is retrofitted to the car and with clever additional functions, improves the everyday use of the cabriolet.

    The comfort module allows the One-Touch operation of the retractable hard top. The interior button no longer has to be held down during the entire movement of the top. “A short tap on the interior button is enough and the top movement continues automatically,” explains PR spokesman Sven Tornow. “Thereby, our customers have both hands on the steering wheel faster,” Sven Tornow continues.

    Furthermore the fully automatic operation of the retractable hard top from a distance via the original vehicle key is made possible. Pressing a key combination on the remote control starts the top movement. Thus, the top can already be opened while the driver is moving towards the vehicle. Respectively, it is also possible to remotely close the top, should it suddenly start to rain, for example. A change to the vehicle key is not required.

    Like any SmartTOP, the comfort module for the McLaren 650S Spider also offers other useful additional functions. For one, the windows can be opened and closed via the remote control. In addition, One-Touch operation of the wind deflector is possible. If desired, the operating direction of the top button can be inverted. The current top movement will not be interrupted by starting or stopping the engine. The module allows for deactivation at any time.

    All functions of the SmartTOP module can be programmed according to personal preferences. A USB port attached to the SmartTOP module allows for connection to a PC / Mac. This allows the SmartTOP module to be conveniently configured. It also makes the installation of firmware updates possible, which Mods4cars provides free of charge.

    The included plug-and-play cable set, with OEM plugs, ensures for an easy installation. By simply plugging together the connection between SmartTOP and vehicle electronics is established. No cables need to be cut, therefore a traceless dismantling is possible at any time.

    The comfort control for the McLaren 650S Spider is available for 339,00 Euro + tax.

    Mods4cars offers SmartTOP comfort modules for the following vehicle brands: Alfa, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Chevrolet, Ferrari, Ford, Infiniti, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Mazda, McLaren, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, Nissan, Opel, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, Volkswagen and Volvo.

    A product video can be viewed here:

    Video Link:

    For more information:

    About Mods4cars:

    Mods4cars was founded in 2002 from the idea to add a highly demanded feature to the otherwise almost perfect Porsche Boxster: Comfort One-Touch roof operation while driving at slow speeds. The resulting product offered not only that, but also allowed quick and easy installation by just swapping out a relay box, thus leaving no traces and no permanent changes on the vehicle. The first SmartTOP roof controller was born.

    The success of their first products in Germany and Europe prompted them in late 2004 to move operations to the USA, to be able to serve the American market as well as all other English speaking countries such as Australia, UK and South Africa from one central location. Their business has grown to a full-fledged international corporation with an office in Las Vegas and a full line of innovative products as well as distributors and installation partners all over the globe.

    Being highly specialized in the development and distribution of aftermarket roof- and comfort controllers since 2002 allows them to offer an unsurpassed level of competence and product quality. Their main goal is optimization of each individual product to a maximum in compatibility, usability and intuitive operation. They put greatest effort into development and quality checks of all their products to achieve this goal and meet all expectations of their customers.

    The extraordinary success of their products is also based on the great communication with their customers, which usually already starts for each new product during the development and prototyping phase.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Mods4cars LLC
    Contact Person: Sven Tornow
    Phone: 310-910-9055
    City: Las Vegas
    State: NV
    Country: United States

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    StudioDesk, the maker of artistic designer studio furniture, have several new things to announce at the start of 2018. Apart from gaining popularity as the premium manufacturer of state-of-the-art home and professional studio furniture, StudioDesk is now present in the US, and will be launching a brand new model expected to become its flagship product.

    StudioDesk has wowed the artistic and professional community ever since its launch. The incomparable and recognizable modern designs along with carefully crafted features have set new standards in the niche space of studio furniture, gaining the trust of many acclaimed artists. The same finesse and sense of the artistic can be expected from the upcoming new model, the ‘Enterprise’.

    Another good news for US customers is that now they can easily access StudioDesk products through its new logistics center inaugurated in Pennsylvania last year. Customers can now get faster deliveries with reliability and no-hassle processes for shipping directly from the US warehouse to places across the country and all over the world.

    StudioDesk shot to limelight in the music industry with its four artistic studio furniture offerings. The Music Commander allows setting up a whole studio covering only 2 sq. m., the Beat Series is compact and versatile and provides more space than other similar products, the Pro Line series is for big studios and creates first class comfort during long hours of work, and the Virtuoso series is designed to be easily transformed to just the desk that is required. All products are available in different color combinations and engineered to match various workflows and studio requirements.

    “We never wanted to produce just another studio furniture. That is why we’re producing a work of art. All aesthetics are built around user workflow. Once we had a solid workflow established, we had the task of deciding upon design. Our design seeks the innovative, up-to-date, modern look of the 21st century classic piano,” says Danny Galich of StudioDesk.

    Being close to the music industry for over 30 years, the team behind StudioDesk began crafting quality, practical and ergonomic products starting 2014. The designer team stays up to date with the latest trends, and matches pace with the evolving technologies and customer requirements. Every product is thus seen not as a furniture or desk but part of the artists’ lives and workflows. StudioDesk is the proud owner of the Certificate for Creditworthiness rating excellence 2017.

    For more information, please visit:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: StudioDesk
    Contact Person: Danny Galich
    Phone: +38640605828
    Country: Slovenia

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    Being the latest in fashion trends is something every women and men love to do these days. Pouted Lifestyle Magazine uncovered the upcoming Fashion Trends for 2018.

    New York, USA – Feb 1, 2018 – Pouted Lifestyle Magazine uncovered the upcoming Fashion Trends for 2018. The magazine announces the newest fashion trends for the year early. Similar to the trend they follow every year, they did this for the year 2018 as well.

    The magazine has uncovered the newest fashion for all categories inclusive of bags, shoes, clothes, etc…. When it comes to creative colors and designs many of the latest trends have made many people smile. The products and designs are focused on providing fun lifestyle and also luxury products to make life easier.

    Be it fashion trends, newest and latest, Pouted Lifestyle Magazine Online is the best place to gather details about the latest trends. These products and designs are focused on providing luxury products and fun lifestyle to make life easier.

    Fashion enthusiasts can gather details about trendy jewelry, kids, glasses, celebrity and baby fashion. Articles on the latest trend like cutest hairstyle for black girls, cutest short haircuts for black women and many such details about the newest trends for 2018 can be gathered from Pouted Online Lifestyle Magazine.

    Not just for black women, white blonde women can gather details about the fresh trend for the year 2018. Men can also gather details about the cutest retro hairstyles that will enhance their manliness in the year 2018.

    Staying the latest in the fashion trends is something that attracts people of different age groups, different sex, and different backgrounds. Not just the trends for the humans, but also the trends about interiors, travel, technology, foods and nutrition, automotive, design and gift ideas can be obtained from this most useful website.

    Fashionistas now have an excellent opportunity to keep themselves updated with the latest and the newest trends from Pouted Lifestyle Magazine. It is the best place for them to gather details about the present trends. For the year 2018, they can style themselves and can turn out to be the forerunners for their friends and relatives in fashion costumes category.

    Women, who wish to be latest even in the earrings they wear, can gather even this detail from the Pouted online Lifestyle Magazine.

    The ideal summer outfit for 2018 will help women to get ready for an attractive summer to portray themselves at their best with the utmost confidence.

    So, fashionistas can buckle up to gather details about the latest fashion trends for 2018 at this website.

    About Pouted Lifestyle Magazine:

    Pouted Lifestyle Magazine has the right understanding of the latest fashion trends in the United States of America and also around the world. In addition to offering updated details about beauty and fashion, the magazine also offers lifestyle tips and creative ideas along with the trendy fashion styles. The fashion magazine includes details about the latest trends in different categories for the year 2018.

    For more information, please visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Pouted Lifestyle Magazine
    Contact Person: Sama Elshorbagy
    Phone: +1(917)979-2299
    City: New York
    Country: United States

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    London, England – Rubix.Social is pleased to announce the launch of its new, profit-sharing online social network. The network will have many of the same features as the big social media networks, but it will also offer its members privacy and a generous share of the profits.

    Rubix.Social founder and CEO Claudio Campo is proud to present the new social media platform that actively shares its profits with its users.

    “The big social media networks literally exploit their users data for advertising purposes, says Claudio. “What most people don’t realize is that Facebook, for example, is more than just a social networking site, it’s a cleverly run corporation…and it’s in business to make money out of everyone who uses it.”

    When it comes to Facebook, the figures speak for themselves. Together with Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, the Facebook Corporation reported revenue of $8.03 billion in the first quarter of 2017. And where does the money come from? It comes from its advertisers, who can use the vast amount of personal data which is harvested from Facebook users to target their preferred audiences.

    Video Link:

    “At Rubix.Social we value our members,” explains Claudio. We’re not about to sell people’s private information off to the highest bidder. We treat our members with respect and courtesy.”

    Members can use the new platform to share, post stories, pictures and videos and have fun interacting with friends and family. And every month the site will distribute 60% of its profits in the form of cash, gift vouchers and other exciting gifts to its most active and popular users.

    “We are aiming to offer endless money-making opportunities, content creators will have the opportunity to monetize their video content and users will also have multiple avenues to earn cash through our site, all whilst enjoying the benefits of not having their data harvested,” adds Claudio. “So come and join us in an amazing new kind of social media experience!”

    The network is currently in BETA and open for registration, and will be commencing its first round of funding in early 2018.

    To find out more, visit the Rubix.Social website at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Rubix.Social
    Contact Person: Claudio Campo
    Phone: 0044 07716570143
    State: London
    Country: United Kingdom

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    The best way to drive more traffic to a website is by creating high-quality contents. Also, websites need to rank for unique keywords to their industry. Website owners need to ensure that their websites are well-written, well-organized, and more importantly, rich in content that’s helpful for the readers. Sites that have new and high-quality content consistently improve their positions in search results which also leads to increase in search traffic. Innovative content creation platforms are dedicated to helping website owners in their content creation journey. One such platform is Fupping.

    Innovative Platform for Content Creation

    We are an upcoming company for content creation, dedicated to revolutionizing the industry of online media by giving back the readers the power to create. Besides creating high-quality content for our company, our readers get a chance to profit from the success of our company as well. We run a revenue share platform program that offers our writers an opportunity to profit from their hard work. We guarantee high-quality and helpful content to our readers. Our authors are experienced and highly skilled to produce informative and well-researched content for the readers. Our authors have unique profiles that are easily found allowing readers to reach out to their favorite authors.

    Earn While You Learn

    Fupping is here to help students go through their university or college education better. If you are a student at any university or college, you will find our platform very helpful, especially if you want to earn an extra income. This is because our platform was created by students like you and it understands your financial situation and it’s here to help.

    When creating this online platform, the founders wanted to have user created content designed to offer detailed gift ideas, book reviews, in-depth comparisons, and detailed information on products and services. Moreover, the founders also wanted to come up with a community of highly-reliable writers with an exceptional ability to share their ideas, thoughts, and experiences in fields they are highly familiar with.

    We want our platform to provide an opportunity to students to earn some extra cash during their spare time and eventually improve their writing skills to become highly-sort-after writers. Our platform allows students to write detailed and high-quality products and services articles for other users who in turn use the provided knowledge as guide when making decisions. In return, the content generates extra income for the student based on the traffic the article gets.

    How to Start Earning

    You need to sign up in our platform to start earning. If you are passionate about writing viral content, book reviews, or expert guides, start by choosing your preferred topic and email it to our editors for approval. You may also choose a topic from our website. If you’d want to review a book, choose your book and ensure that it is available on Amazon, ASOS, John Lewis, or eBay.

    After you’ve chosen a topic, download a template of your choice from our website and begin writing your article. Once you are done, email your completed, error-free, and high-quality content to us in a completed template and relax as your review earns you cash.

    Terms and Conditions

    We urge users to provide complete, up-to-date, and accurate information when creating accounts with us. Providing false, outdated, and incomplete information is a violation of our terms of service, and we may be forced to terminate your account.

    You have a responsibility to safeguard the password you use to gain access to your account. This implies that you should never disclose password information to anyone. Immediately notify us in the event of a security breach or unauthorized access to your account.

    Contact Us

    If you’d like to begin a career in writing or have any questions about our services, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to help. Our official email address is Moreover, you can stay up-to-date by following us on various social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook.



    Discover more about our services and understand how our platform works by checking out our YouTube channel:


    Media Contact
    Company Name: Fupping
    Contact Person: Nat Sauteed
    Phone: +447807746456
    Address:6 Harrington House
    State: London
    Country: United Kingdom

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    London – 1 Feb, 2018 – Hubbado (, an online marketplace that connects clients with consultants, has launched its crowdfunding campaign to help achieve its projected gross revenues of £36.1 million by 2022.

    The crowdfunding campaign, which went live on the CrowdCube platform ( this week, comes with EIS advance assurance and seeks to raise a minimum investment of £500,000 for 10% of the total equity in the business, and a maximum of £1,000,000 for 20% equity of the business.

    Since its launch, hubbado has demonstrated enormous potential for its offering and is today valued at £5m.  With initial founder investment and SEIS-approved funding of £150,000, it finished its second year of trading with revenues of £3.5 million and gross profits of £338,467.  Its third year is expected to close with revenues of £4 million and gross profits of £400,000.

    This second investment will enable hubbado to further develop its software platform, accelerate its geographic expansion plans throughout Europe, Asia, and the United States, and allow for strategic hires to support its aggressive development programme.

    Hubbado has recently created two complementary propositions; first, its Resourcing Platform, where clients can manage resources through the automation of on-boarding, contractual and payment functions; and second, its Networking Platform, where like-minded consultants can share information, knowledge and collaborate to win larger or more complex projects requiring different skill-sets.  Both propositions will be instrumental in helping hubbado realize its growth targets.

    The opportunity for hubbado is immense.  The market is ripe, growing and in need of a solution like that offered by hubbado.  States Jay Dalu-Chandu, hubbado’s CVO: 

    “Across Europe, the USA and the Asia-Pacific region, there are over 100 million consultants and professional freelancers.  In the UK alone, the freelance contribution to the UK economy was £119 billion in 2016. 

    “It is our aim to be the platform that serves the best of these freelancers and their clients.”

    Hubbado’s success to date, and its potential, is attributed not least to its intelligent AI-based technology that profiles and matches relevant consultants to a role or project.  In addition, hubbado’s ‘Platform as a Service’ (PAAS) enables clients to manage associates efficiently and effectively, scheduling assignments, managing timesheet management, invoicing and payments.

    Hubbado’s potential is also born out of the frustrations both clients and consultants face with alternative resourcing solutions, such as recruitment agencies, job boards, LinkedIn and other marketplaces.

    Duncan Stuart, Hubbado’s CEO, comments:  “The idea for hubbado actually came from our own frustrations when we were working as consultants.  When looking for work, we were stifled by not having direct access to hiring managers.  

    “Traditional resourcing methods can be notoriously slow, inaccurate and expensive, whilst job boards and other marketplaces lack highly relevant matching services and added value.  At hubbado, we truly believe in the ‘power of community’, where skilled consultants can connect, unite and learn – and where projects are perfectly matched.  It is our mission to make the world of consultant-working better for all parties through tools and services that are more relevant and effective than that the status quo has to offer.”

    Sam Stickland, hubbado’s CTO, concludes:  “Hubbado’s scalable software platform, which can be used in any market and within any sector, will make our vision a reality.  We are projecting from FY2019 top line revenue growth of 39%, 165%, 67% and 51% respectively, to reach our goal of £36.1 million revenues by 2022.  It is our aim to exit either through sale or by merging with a larger organization in the next three to five years.”


    For further information, including interviews with the hubbado founders or from clients and/or consultants who use the Hubbado platform, please contact: Jay Dalu-Chandu, Co-founder

    Founder biographies:

    Duncan Stuart – CEO

    Duncan’s drive and energy was one of the main catalysts from which hubbado was born. He began his career as a network consultant in a start-up company.  He subsequently moved into business development as part of the management team and successfully helped to grow client sales to a level that allowed the company to execute its exit plan and sell.

    Jay Dalu-Chandu – CVO

    Jay has been part of the hubbado story since its inception, providing the vision and the clarity for the business. Early in his career Jay very quickly became an expert in networking and held technical authority roles in a number of companies, reaching the highest levels of strategic planning in corporate environments.  He understands what it takes to be a great consultant and is passionate about growing and developing the hubbado community and allowing them to showcase their skills in the best possible way.

    Shoaib Qureshi – COO

    Shoaib began his career at a technology start-up and quickly established himself as a pivotal member of the business.  He was seconded to various location across Europe, including Paris, Amsterdam and Dublin, gaining extensive experience in creating and running business operations and service teams.  As well as running the operations in hubbado he brings experience in client management, project management and service delivery.

    Sam Stickland – CTO

    Sam is a technical guru. Throughout his life he has absorbed a wealth of information and it is his technical ability that has spearheaded his career to date. Self-taught and self-driven, he manages to climb to the top of every technical sector he puts his hand to and has been on advisory panels for Cisco, RBS and Barclays. His logical and analytical approach, combined with his strategic forward thinking, ensures that the Hubbado platform is being built to the best possible specification.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Hubbado
    Contact Person: Jay Dalu-Chandu, Co-founder
    Phone: +44 (0)780 3231944
    Country: United Kingdom

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    In the world of SEO, there are a number of tools available for agencies and individual business owners to take advantage of to help ease the optimization process and ultimately increase ROI. While most of these industry tools are open to anyone, they often require payment for use, sometimes on a monthly basis.

    Hanover, PA – In the world of SEO, there are a number of tools available for agencies and individual business owners to take advantage of to help ease the optimization process and ultimately increase ROI. While most of these industry tools are open to anyone, they often require payment for use, sometimes on a monthly basis. Web 20 Ranker, a trusted provider of wholesale, white labeled SEO solutions, has recently unveiled two completely free SEO tools: their free audit and free schema tools. Both tools are available directly from their website.

    “There are so many SEO tools available to make optimization that much easier, but many of them require payment or a monthly subscription to a training platform,” states one company spokesperson. “We believe in offering tools and tips that help enhance your SEO campaign with ease, such as our Schema Markup and Citations Checker tools, both of which are completely free.”

    Schema, which is the structure behind data on a website, works with JSON-LD to provide a sort of road map for search engines. Schema is code that is injected into a site in order to help search engines find more informative results for users. Schema is a way to communicate with search engines and to tell them what the data on a site means, not just presenting the data itself. JSON-LD is an implementation format designed to help structure data across the web. Through the free schema tool from Web 20 Ranker, users can create various types of schema, including Organization, Product, Event, Website, Person, and Local Business. The tool works by pulling the business info from a verified Google My Business listing so that the JSON-LD schema is created quickly and without error. The tool is even usable without a verified GMB listing with a visible address, although some manual input is required.

    Citations are another key component for any business, as they help connect them with the business across multiple platforms. But having multiple listings in the same platform can be just as bad as not having a listing at all. A business will also need to know what directories their competitors are listed in. Web 20 Ranker offers a free audit for citations that allows agencies to input the business name and zip code of their clients in order to receive a free report on their current citations and the accuracy of those listings. This report is completely white labeled and emailed to the agency so that they can review it and pass the report along to their clients.

    The new tools available from Web 20 Ranker are completely free for use and provide additional value to any SEO campaign. In addition to their free tools, case studies, and practical SEO tactics available through the site’s blog, the leading SEO provider also offers complete, white labeled packages for both GMB and organic rankings.

    To view the full list of services, or to try out the free SEO tools available, visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Web 20 Ranker
    Contact Person: Chaz Edward
    Phone: (855) 896-6657 (current clients only)
    Address:1 Center Square #200
    City: Hanover
    State: Pennsylvania
    Country: United States

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    Decentralised Exchange Is Needed Globally – Crazier In 2018.

    Based on third generational blockchain graphene technology, FlashChain will be listed on the Korean funcoin exchange on February 6th 2018.

    From the past 2017, the global center of attention without a doubt must be the price swings of Bitcoins, where price appreciated from USD970 from beginning of the year having peaked at USD20,000!

    According to Coinmarketcap’s record, Bitcoin’s market capitalization traded over USD281.9 billion (successfully exceeded VISA’s market capitalization), Ethereum over USD41.4 billion, Bitcoin Cash over USD25.8 billion, IOTA over USD11.1 billion and Ripple over USD9.6 billion, total market capitalization already exceeded JP Morgan’s market capitalization from only these top five crypto currencies.

    Along with the surge in Bitcoin prices, the value of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies were well recognized by investors globally; based on Bitcoin’s Decentralized core principal technology, such principal is now well accepted globally within the financial technology communities. The emergence of digital currencies exchanges and the ever increasing cash injection from all over the world into the blockchain sector, adding on various governments’ supportive policies for regional blockchain developments, all helped to create a wave of high demand for human resources as well as funds. It is without a doubt that the blockchain technology is to be the centre of future focus, not only it will disrupt traditional finance, it will also disrupt traditional regulatory measures even for central banks world wide.

    The endless potential growth of the blockchain technology is attracting investors and opportunists from all over the world. One of the largest crypto exchanges Coinbase currently has more than 13.1 million registerd users!

    However, certain centralized exchanges weren’t well prepared for such exponential growth of new customers, resulted in a very slow signing up verification process, in worse cases were incidents of system failures occurring, helped hackers into the those systems.

    Although centralized exchanges are fast and simple, yet the core problems are the funds’ safety and platform trustworthiness (the major risk of manipulation and fraud exists). By comparison, decentralized exchanges are much safer and transparent, not required to rely on third party service in managing clients’ accounts, instead it is based on automated peer to peer connectivity trading. Such a peer to peer technology without the need of a centralized server will become a disruptive revolution.

    We no longer need to trust the trading platforms, as all funds and assets are stored in users’ personal wallets, rather than held by a third party. Decentralized trading platforms better enhances its customers’ privacy, and it reduces the risk of potential server down time.  Furthermore, it bypasses many governments’ very strict cryptocurrency supervision policies, allowing its users to more comfortably trade its digital assets.

    This is a extra choice for a decentralized exchange, a much more secure and valuable service, the birth of FlashChain. FlashChain and Bitcoin both adopted Distributed consensus mechanism for creating such a globalized, transparent, trustworthy and high efficiency system. FlashChain is based on third generational blockchain technology of graphene platform, supporting 100,000/second decentralized high frequency trading platform, an industrial level processing ability.

    FlashChain will evolve into an ecosystem. Funds and trading orders within this ecosystem will be strengthened by this industrial strength software platform for deploying third generateon cryptographically secure decentralized ledgers (blockchain). No one may visit such information without your prior consent. FlashChain also provide to its customers guarantee and multiple signature mechanism to further enhance security.

    FlashChain continues to develop blockchain based technology advancements, provides basic support to all services throughout the Internet. Be that is a bank, securities exchange, gambling, voting, music, auctions or many other sectors, one digital public ledger enable the creation of the Decentralized Autonomous Corporations (DACS), in comparing to traditional centralized method it cost much lower, provides a better quality service.

    Furthermore, FlashChain trading is 24/7, no holidays, no regional limitations, total freedom to trade; it’s convenience, fast and high efficiency. Anyone from anywhere around the world may at any point in time through the internet visit FlashChain to trade. There will not be problem of a single point failure as the global technical team will be services all points to allow for smooth trades.

    FlashChain has an important characteristic of a Smartcoin, similar to bitUSD, bitEUR and bitCNY, etc. For convenience sake, these assets will simply be demonstrated in USD, EUR and CNY. Such digital assets reflects their equivalent fiat currency value. For example, a 1 bitUSD in the wallet equates to USD$1, freely tradable. All the digital assets will be secured against FlashChain company’s shares in escrow, which may be liquidated at market price.

    FlashChain’s decentralized digital asset exchange system is fully developed, FlashChain will list on Funcoin in Korea on 6 February 2018 as the first listing exchange, trading code FLC. The website shall synchronize with community forums globally, coming live soon. The early registered members in the FlashChain community has the chance to win gift FLC tokens.

    More information may be found on FlashChain official website:

    Pursue freedom may be our human nature, “Decentralization” is now a firm believe among us, such technology advance could not be fenced by anyone. Mt Gox and similar exchanges and their history indicated to us that, the centralized exchange model posses significant risk, whereas the more safer and efficient decentralized exchange would lead the future of digital asset exchanges.

    2017 were called “The year of commercialization of the Blockchain Technology”, however the majority of applications are not yet commercialized, mostly still based on the blockChain technology; the year 2018 shall be a much mature year for the market to commercialize a number of such projects. If year 2017 to digital currencies were heated and cooled, then 2018 could be the rebirth of the Blockchain!

    It’s predictable, that in 2018 would be a much more exciting year for the blockchains! It will be outstanding for this disruptive technology, a highly efficient financial market level processor in “FlashChain”, a truly decentralized exchange!

    For more information, please visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: FlashChain Pty Ltd
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Country: Korea

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