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    PM Marketer is a digital marketing agency that specializes in helping property managers and property management companies generate more leads so that they profit from their investment. The company so far has enabled their clients to land six-figure property management deals, decrease marketing lead costs by 90%, and generate $40,000 of new leads within 30 days.

    Pmmarketer has several key strengths that help them stay ahead of the competition and enable their property management clients to succeed in getting new customers. These include, firstly, years of experience in the industry, which enables the company to have a thorough understanding of property management. PM Marketer’s team are made up of real estate developers and property managers, which in turn has helped the company team up with the biggest and more knowledgeable names in the industry.

    Secondly, the founders of have decades of experience working at Google, Microsoft, and Facebook and have been invited as experts to help design the architecture of the Internet. This enabled the company to score in the top 95% of all agencies.

    Thirdly, uses Big Data analysis techniques to create the most up to date digital marketing campaigns for their clients, directly benefiting from years of data of dozens of property managers, large and small. Fourthly,’s support is completed dedicated to delivering high-quality customer service and is easily accessible to clients.

    Finally, PM Marketer ensures the quality of service through never outsourcing clients’ accounts to low-paid workers overseas. Every member of the company’s team is local, full-time, and highly trained specifically in their unique area of expertise to help property managers.

    Pmmarketer does not surprise clients with hidden fees or extra charges and only charges a single flat fee every month for opening an account. In addition, the company does not impose long-term contracts so clients can cancel their service at any time. When signing up clients receive a wide range of tools and strategies to generate leads. These include unlimited target markets; unlimited keywords, ads, and landing pages; original designs, coding, and testing; a dedicated account manager; access to PM Marketer’s thoroughly tested library to proprietary tricks and best practices; and, 24/7 direct access for clients to their accounts.

    Prospective clients can find more information at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: PM Marketer
    Contact Person: Mike Oxtiff
    Phone: (281) 899-0024
    Address:5829 W Sam Houston Pkwy N
    City: Houston
    State: TX
    Country: United States

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    We are living in an ever-changing society, and competition is everywhere so that only constant innovation can survive in this era. The same goes for the indoor cleaning industry today. One of the most famous intelligent auto vacuum cleaner brands in the world- German Liectroux has newly launched a product with advanced technology – German Liectroux B6009 intelligent auto vacuum cleaner. German Liectroux is the pioneer and navigator in the intelligent auto vacuum cleaner market. The design of German Liectroux Aerial Robot won the International Design Prize on 1940.

    (You can view the website: or to get more detailed information).

    Video Link:

    German Liectroux B6009 intelligent auto vacuum cleaner complies with the trend of the world and adopts energy saving, high efficiency and planning design. B6009 has made significant innovations on its internal chip. Based on the original bow-shaped cleaning method, coupled with oni-directional positioning system, B6009 adopts the latest wireless indoor positioning system with built-in wireless probe to break the scope of the restrictions and implement a full range of indoor positioning. Before cleaning, the machine will use its positioning system to do mapping and planning for the cleaning area and calculate the cleaning route by using the intelligent computing system of the chip in order to achieve the maximum cleaning coverage. Moreover, German Liectroux B6009 intelligent auto vacuum cleaner also has a memory function that can prevent repeated cleaning which greatly avoid the waste of energy. Even when the machine is lack of electricity while cleaning, it will clean from the previous position after the charging is completed instead of cleaning from the very first place to avoid repeated cleaning.

    German Liectroux B6009 Robot Vacuum Cleaner 

    Most of the dust and hair are hidden in the floor joints and the German Liectroux B6009 intelligent auto vacuum cleaner adopts floating V-type brush to gather dust more efficiently. Furthermore, B6009’s brush can float up and down to do the cleaning work. And B6009 is able to stay close to the ground to clean, which can well avoid secondary cleaning. German Liectroux B6009 intelligent auto vacuum cleaner adopts the frequency suction mouth which can absorb all the dust and hair with its super strong suction of 1500pa. In addition, we all know that German Liectroux products have always have high quality. German Liectroux B6009 extends its dust capacity to 1000ml and adopts compressed dust collection method which can do the cleaning work quickly.

    German Liectroux B6009 Robot Vacuum Cleaner 

    German Liectroux B6009 intelligent auto vacuum cleaner has an anti-wrapping, anti-collision and anti-dropping system. When facing the wire winding or other things winding, the machine can intelligently adjust the speed of edge brush to avoid winding and escape winding in a short time. The machine can detect the front obstacle with infrared ray. Additionally, there is a black rubber elastic protection bar in the front of B6009. And there are infrared sensor electronic eyes at the bottom of the machine to intelligently identify complex terrain and protect itself. And B6009 can make a U-turn in detection of drop more than 5cm to prevent itself from breaking.

    German Liectroux B6009 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

    Media Contact
    Contact Person: Christina Zhang
    Phone: +49 335 23386578
    Country: Germany

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    The result of the brainchild of a person or a group of persons knows by the pseudonym SATOSHI NAKAMOTO, the Blockchain technology has the potential to completely change the ways businesses perform their operations and maintain their databases. Everyday businesses are attempting to inculcate blockchain technologies across the globe. China and the US are the two powerhouses in the fast-moving blockchain space. It is critical to understand the Chinese perspective to understand where Blockchain is headed.

    The Blockchain Connect Conference has been the first US-China blockchain conference and has set the tone for the future of Blockchain. The Blockchain Connect Conference was held in San Francisco on Jan 26, 2018, bringing together over 1000 scientists, entrepreneurs, investors and developers from all over the world for a day of blockchain discussion. The key speakers included Charlie Lee – Founder of Litecoin, Brad Garlinghouse – CEO of Ripple, Kathryn Haun – Member of the Board of Directors, Coinbase and many more. The guest list was also captivating and one very interesting name in the VIP list was Li Yuan – Founder of SelfSell. SelfSell seems to be the most promising ICO of 2017.

    In the world society, where 90% of people fails to achieve a rapid progress on the plateau of death, because people are afraid of the risk to gain enough resources, SelfSell helps people cross the plateau of death, and climb to summit, by leverage one’s own future value to create growth opportunities at present stage. With tons of talents sharing their future value, you get the chance of invest the next Jack Ma, Zuckerburg, Kobe Bryant, and Angelina Jolie.

    The first release of the SelfSell Product is in Feb 2018; therefore, it is quite obvious that the founder is marking its presence in various meet-ups. A day before his presence in Blockchain Connect Conference, he was one among the speakers in Davos Economic Forum. Well, it’s a good sign for the financial market as well as for the human talents. As SelfSell has combines human talents with investment, there is a new ray of optimism.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: SelfSell
    Contact Person: Helen Hou
    Phone: (+86)18510333290
    Country: Singapore

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    Stockroom is one of the most renowned online furniture outlets in Hong Kong that has the most extensive variety for office furniture all the way from chairs, tables, to storage units, table lamps, and many other office items at much lower prices with the highest quality products.

    Today in the modern world, furniture has become part and parcel of office life, store decor as well as décor for any room. Interior decoration has become the essential factor for any outlook or its presentation. Furniture items can be used in almost all kinds of establishments such as private sectors, government offices, households, restaurants, bars, theatres, even the educational institutions across the world. Furniture items have acquired a considerable growth and demand over the past few years and Stockroom has been an online seller of an exquisite collection of furniture items.

    Stockroom caters to the needs of the buyers coming from different backgrounds as this is one premium furniture outlet in Hong Kong that offers its clientele including architects, designing professionals, contractors, and many other private buyers. Stockroom is primarily an online e-selling portal mostly known for its office furniture along with other decorations. The company has a reliable factory outlet where customers from all around the world can select from a range of furniture, lamps along with other decorations for office as well as houses. People can experience a fantastic collection through this online platform.

    Stockroom Continues To Offer Modernistic As Well As Traditional Office Furniture To Global Clients

    Stockroom also has been a specialized producer of solid Wood Office tables that are mainly wooden office furniture equipped with modern styles. This furniture can definitely add aesthetic beauty to your office rooms, be it sofas, wooden tables, bed frames, lights, lamps and other accessories. They also provide high and low back office chairs with maximum sustainability and comfort level for the consumers seeking healthy work environments to boost up their performances. The company makes the office furniture from oak wood for their product excellence with designs by the masterpieces equipped with expertise and high experience. They manufacture desks and tables with best quality wood, so there is no room for customer dissatisfaction.

    Besides offering a diverse range of furniture items, Stockroom also offers various models of fabulous table Lamp sets for both office and home décor. It has a classic table lamp collection which includes Tiffany styled lamps, Bestlite styled table lamps and other models like bamboo table lamps, wooden based ones and many other varieties in their stock. These are available at best-discounted prices. The company has been an excellent supplier of table lamps and lights for both office and household decorations, even for malls to make them look grander, attractive and more appealing. They supply task desk lamps too that help creates a soothing and apt environment inside the rooms. These lamps and lights have been designed by modern-day architects and leading artists to suit the desires and styles of all contemporary clients.

    About Stockroom:

    Stockroom is one of the leading manufacturers as well as supplier of modern day furniture, lamps and lights and has been catering to the needs of all its worldwide clients. It has a variety of furniture and decoration items with various shapes, sizes and of multiple colors suitable to fit in any space.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: STOCKROOM
    Contact Person: Jojoba
    Phone: +852 2817 0999
    Country: HongKong

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    Providing the fastest and most reliable locking and unlocking services, Lockman 247 is pleased to offer top-notch emergency locksmith services to all its customers across the Midlands, including automotive, residential and commercial.

    Lockman 247 is dedicated to helping its customers with a variety of locksmith services, which include emergency entry, lock changes, replacement car keys, keyless entry, intruder alarm fitting, onsite key cutting, security assessments and more. Such services are available in different locations, including Birmingham, Crewe, Cannock, Stoke on Trent, Telford, Walsall and other Midland areas. The locksmith company stands tall with regards to providing quick, reliable, fast and expert unlocking and locking services in various areas.

    As a dependable team of local Locksmith in Crewe and other Midland areas, Lockman 247 is able to assist its residential and commercial clients solve their locksmith issues regardless of the time of the day. They are employed with experienced and highly trained locksmiths on call to provide their clients the fastest and more reliable services they can trust. Whether they need locks to be changed or they’re locked out, their local locksmith can be paramount help.

    “People often ring a call centre when they need a locksmith or any emergency service,” the Lockman 247 spokesperson said. “The process can be a bit slow and complex that is why we offer 24/7 emergency locksmith services, so people can easily call a local service provider instead of calling a centre.” The process is a lot simple, easy and quick. There is no call out charge, just outstanding locksmith services.

    Those who are locked out of their cars or stranded out of their house can reach out to Lockman 247 locksmith services, and the company will instantly answer their call and dispatch an experienced professional to help resolve their issues. The company always aims for 100% customer satisfaction, so they resolves any locking and unlocking issues of their clients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

    When a local locksmith from Lockman 247 arrives to one’s home or location, they come equipped with advanced locking and unlocking tools to address their clients’ concerns instantly. They can solve any traditional or modern locking device with perfection and great ease. They are able to offer secure and comprehensive locksmith services at competitive prices, allowing them to be one of the leading locksmith services provider for vehicle and property owners throughout the Midland areas.

    Lockman 247 is a dependable Locksmith in Telford and West Midlands, dedicated to offering residential and commercial services that match the needs of its customers. They solve any locking and unlocking issues of their consumers without putting their property’s safety and security. No matter what issues they are looking for or locking services they need, they have instant solutions for urgent situations in and around the Midland areas. For years, the company has been very successful in ending any of their clients’ locksmith woes.

    For further details, please call 0333 700 2 247 or send them you message at for inquiries.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Lockman 247
    Contact Person: Lee Bennett
    Phone: 01952 305304
    Address:31 Primmer Rd
    City: Donnington
    State: Telford TF2 8LA
    Country: United Kingdom

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    Bitcoin is the original cryptocurrency. Open source code launched in 2009 by an unknown developer, it’s revolutionary blockchain is a searchable open ledger of anonymous transactions verified by “miners” using specialized computers to solve complex math equations. These miners confirm transactions on the Bitcoin network and ensure no double-spending occurs. Bitcoin enables a bank on your phone with the ability to transfer funds worldwide anonymously without using a Central Bank or Authority. Along with its many revolutionary benefits, Bitcoin has a few problems.

    1. Fees to send and receive Bitcoin have skyrocketed. Now averaging $28 per transaction. Someone recently reported paying $16 to send $25 from one Bitcoin address to another.

    2. Demand has created network congestion resulting in transaction confirmation times increasing from the originally intended 10 minutes to sometimes over an hour, even several hours for a single Bitcoin confirmation. If you want your money faster, you have to pay more fees.

    3. Block time is too slow for retail use and most daily consumer purchases. 10 minutes (under absolutely ideal conditions for just 1 confirmation) is not feasible as a payment method for most consumer purchases.

    NewYorkCoin solves all 3 of these problems.

    NYC is a “fork” of the Bitcoin code that launched in 2014 by an unknown developer, just like Bitcoin. NYC is not an ICO. NYC is not promising a “dream” or a future vision or a “road-map”. NYC exists now, is completely open source and offers free worldwide remittance. There are absolutely no network fees on the NYC network. Zero cost to send or receive funds worldwide. 

    Low difficulty mining which is written into the NYC code using Kimoto Gravity Well (KGW) ensures the NYC network remains free.

    NYC offers near instantaneous transactions (transactions show as ‘unconfirmed’ within 1-2 seconds) and confirms transactions every 30 seconds – since 2014.

    NYC is open source code designed to enable near instantaneous free money transfer. Coinomi recently added NYC to their award-winning mobile wallet making retail payment and acceptance of NYC both simple and secure.

    NYC enables free worldwide remittance ($500 Billion market annually).

    NYC lightning-fast transactions enable retail level use worldwide ($25 Trillion market annually).

    NYC enables you!

    Bitcoin has a current market cap over $200 Billion (as of 2/1/18).

    NYC has a market cap under $1 Billion.

    Support NYC.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: New York Coin
    Contact Person: Charlie K.
    Phone: 718-490-7554
    Country: United States

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    Mr. Hisham Tinaoui – Regional Sales Manager AMET of Cefla stated that Dr. Majd Naji takes the dentistry sector in the Middle East to new global heights and he mentioned that in the past years there has been a remarkable increase in the sales of the company due to the strategic plans that were set; including buying and adding multiple high profile companies under their umbrella, enhancing their production line with innovative high-tech systems, and setting an exceptional marketing strategy to spread out information about their products and educate the public about their technologies in cooperation with Dr. Majd Naji the founder of Liberty Dental Clinic whom reinforced the presence of Cefla in the Middle East and North Africa.


    Mr. Hisham also mentioned that Dr. Majd Naji is an iconic figure in the world of dentistry and has a great credibility among all the dentists, as for the past 5 years consecutively he’s been selected by Anderson Corporation as the Best Dentist in the Middle East which clearly encouraged many dentists to follow his footsteps and take his advice on all of the products he used from Cefla.

    The dental field has recently witnessed an extensive economic and scientific revolution in the world of cosmetic dentistry specially in the MENA region, which triggered a huge competition between multiple local medical companies in obtaining the franchise of international dental cosmetic brands such as Lumineers from the USA, 3N Veneers from Germany, and Glamsmile from Belgium who are the 3 leading international companies in the field of esthetic dentistry.


    In that regard, many countries and cities are currently preparing to attract those investments, doctors, and patients by organizing a set of rules and systems that will nourish their medical field.

    As clearly seen, Dubai became a very busy attraction for many people seeking treatment from around the world, and Dr. Majd Naji stresses that Dubai is the capital of the medical tourism in the region as it was significantly prepared and organized by Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and the Dubai Health Experience (DXH).

    Media Contact
    Company Name: 4k Media Group
    Contact Person: David Woodman
    State: Rome
    Country: Italy

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    29 Jan, 2018 – During the press meet held this week at their headquarters in the city, the spokesperson of Dr. Carpet said that they were happy to make the announcement of extending their same day carpet cleaning services to Newport Beach area. To know more details about their comprehensive range of carpet cleaning services, just click on the link at

    The spokesperson of Dr. Carpet Newport Beach also added that they are already serving the residents of Orange County region and now they have received a positive response from the customers of their new location, Newport Beach. Their dedicated carpet cleaning service has helped them earn the reputation of being the best in the industry. Their team of professionals are well experienced and trained to handle the cleaning tasks of removing dust, grime, odor, and pet dander. Their advanced methods of carpet cleaning help in keeping the premises dust free. They specialize in cleaning the carpets, area rugs, mattress, commercial carpets, dryer vents, upholstery, air ducts and tiles to make each home and office maintain fresh ambiance every day.

    It is true that homes that have pets might have carpets with pet stain, as pets might spill beverages or urinate while playing. Such incidents can leave a stain on their carpet and cause a foul odor making the place unfavorable for use. Cleaning these carpets requires professional handling, which is why the cleaning professionals of Dr. Carpet use a special formulation with enzymes with potent anti-bacterial properties to remove the bad odors and 99.9% of the germs are eliminated. Their same day carpet cleaning services can be availed to get the dirty carpets cleaned within a single day without having to wait for several days.

    When looking at the website of Dr. Carpet, one will be able to know that they specialize in offering an array of cleaning services in Newport Beach area, such as air duct cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, area rug cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and mattress cleaning. The upholstery cleaning services offered by Dr. Carpet can be availed for cleaning the cushions, cushion chairs, couches and sofa sets to remove the pet hair, pet dander, pollutants, allergens, dust and mites to make it usable and to enhance the aesthetic value of any premises.

    They can also perform upholstery cleaning on the cars using generic cleaning products to remove the spills and stains on the car seats and interiors. Their air duct cleaning in Newport Beach area keeps it free from dust to maximize its performance to maintain the apt room temperature. Their professional commercial carpet cleaning services include quick drying, washing, sanitizing, deodorizing, vacuuming and applying a protective layer with an antibacterial formula to make the carpets in offices look bright and smell great.

    About Dr. Carpet Newport Beach

    Dr. Carpet Newport Beach is a reputable company that specializes in offering a wide range of cleaning services ranging from air duct cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, area rug cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, tile and grout cleaning to mattress cleaning.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Dr.Carpet Newport Beach
    Phone: 949-354-2929
    Address:457 Seaward Rd, Corona Del Mar
    City: Newport Beach
    State: CA
    Country: United States

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    29 Jan, 2018 – Omer Koc and Nicholas Randall, co-founders of, have just launched their comprehensive guide to SAT Prep in 2018. They are headquartered in Houston, TX and meet weekly to discuss business plans at Siphon Coffee. Their website can be found at

    Universities look for high SAT scores in their admission criteria, so it is critical that students are well prepared. However, preparing for the SAT without a roadmap can be a tedious and stressful process for both students and addresses this very issue with their Ultimate SAT Guide 2018. It is written by a student who scored in the top 1% of all test takers. Check it out at

    StudentSharp’s Ultimate SAT Guide 2018 features test dates, a brief background of the importance of the SAT, how to study for the SAT, the best paid and free resources and SAT books, tips and tricks, pitfalls to avoid, planning the night before and what to do after taking the SAT.It explains the psychological aspects of SAT prep like how to set and achieve goals. Within the guide there is also data showing how many hours it will take to reach a certain SAT score improvement. For a 200-330 point improvement, a student needs to study for 150 hours or more. This ultimate guide lays out how best to study by taking practice tests, using adaptive learning tools and self-reflection. The key to mastery is to learn from mistakes and analyse why you got the question wrong.SAT Prep books for every category on the SAT are listed with brief explanations of their strong points.

    What StudentSharp offers for free are SAT ACT GRE Test Prep resources and high quality articles backed up by scientific evidence. For example, the SAT Prep Guide explains why caffeine and sugar can undermine productivity by contributing to anxiety and depression and slowing down mental processes.The guide also lists behaviours students can implement like exercise and meditation that will increase their productivity. StudentSharp also features full-length articles going into more detail on these topics and more.

    About is dedicated to providing information on topics like productivity, SAT, ACT, GRE, and college through engaging articles, reviews, interviews, podcasts, and videos. 

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Student Sharp
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Phone: 330-322-7589
    Country: United States

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    There are many cash, quick close options available to Southwest Florida property owners. Although many such deals offer lucrative terms and benefits, not all are actually profitable or even ethical. According to Cash For Houses SWFL, Florida’s trusted property purchaser that buys Southwest Florida houses for cash, it is important for buyers to take a few preliminary steps so as to get the best out of their cash deal for their property.

    In today’s world, property owners have many ways in which to sell their home and create quick cashflow solutions. What they don’t realize is that while options are plentiful, there are some quick “hacks” that a property owner can complete in order to raise valuations – Some may require capital investment or “sweat equity” (meaning lots of time) however, if this is not a concern, homeowners can take advantage of some of the following tips to not only create a good first impression (you only get one!) but also, have a higher likelihood of attracting buyers who want to close the deal quickly, and have the financial means to do so.

    • First impressions go a long way. The interior of the property can be touched up to create a neutral and cohesive aesthetic presentation. Interiors that are painted professionally and use light hues to brighten up the space attract better valuation. The visual impression of spaciousness can be created with professional lighting and strategically placed mirrors to give the interiors a larger appearance. 
    • In case the house requires repairs, it is a good practice to fix things up. This is not a waste of money, as smart buyers can point to any flaws in order to negotiate. A good practice is to use a home inspector before the property is put for sale. The inspector can offer a clean cheat after inspecting the house post repairs, making buyers confident about closing the deal.
    • A common mistake made by home owners is to make drastic alterations in order to make the property look good. This may cost a lot of money and may not be recoverable during the actual sale. Lighter updates such as paint and landscaping should be considered instead. For other modifications, the principle to use is what improvements are likely to lead to a better valuation.
    • Finally, it is a good practice to get the house valued by an estate broker, who can give an honest opinion. Marketing plans created by brokers also help, but one can start from stretch, learn from what experienced brokers do, and save money.

    Alternatively, Owners who can’t devote enough time or money to the selling process, still have some options. Using Cash For Houses solutions can save you the headaches of having to deal with contractors, spending additional money, or having to do the work yourself and running the risk of making a mistake in the process.

    “We welcome home owners and offer them a fast sale, cash deal. We buy houses all over the Southwest Florida area, and we do all the work so you don’t have to deal with any of this stuff. We can fix the property up, get rid of any issues including financial ones, and make sure you get your money within a few weeks; but most importantly, peace of mind that you are dealing with experienced professionals,” says a spokesperson from Cash For Houses SWFL.

    Cash For Houses SWFL buys houses all over Southwest Florida in any condition. The firm also offers to carry out all required modifications for owners who cannot invest their own time. While hiring Real Estate Agents means waiting for 3-9 months before even getting an offer (let alone hoping the buyer can close) Cash For Houses SWFL offers a no-commission, no-obligation, as-is deal to buy homes quickly and pay in all cash, without the delays associated with listing the property. The firm’s team is available for site visit, after which it makes a fair, all-cash offer within 24 hours, and upon approval closes fast, sometimes inside seven days, with no finance-related delays.

    Cash For Houses SWFL offers compassionate and ethical solutions to homeowners in our market that are in need of assistance; specializing in the following situations:

    • Are You In Foreclosure or Are About To Be?

    • Do You Own Unwanted Rental Property?

    • Do You Have Frustrating Tenants (Or Family Members) That You Can’t Get Rid Of?

    • Do You Own A Vacant Property?

    • Did You Inherit An Unwanted Property?

    • Do You Need To Relocate Quickly And Need To Sell Your Current House Fast?

    • Do You Want To Avoid Paying Realtor Commissions?

    • Are You Going Through A Divorce?

    • Do You Have Little Or No Equity And Need To Sell?

    • Do You Own A “Fixer Upper” That You Don’t Want To Fix Up Or Don’t Have Time To Fix Up?

    If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, we can help! We are specialists in solving real estate problems… especially ones that pose a financial burden on you, the homeowner. We can solve almost any financial problem that your property is causing.

    For more information, please visit:

    Video Link:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Cash For Houses SWFL
    Contact Person: Bradley Means
    Phone: (941) 877-0672
    Country: United States

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    Overflow Marketing Solutions has released a Marketing Masterclass on creating new and repeatable small business growth in 2018. The free video class is a great opportunity for business owners to learn various proven growth strategies from Overflow founder, Martin Smith.

    Ann Arbor, MI Overflow Marketing Solutions has released a Marketing Masterclass on creating new and repeatable small business growth in 2018. The free video class is a great opportunity for business owners to learn various proven growth strategies from Overflow founder, Martin Smith.

    According to Martin Smith of Overflow Marketing Solutions, “Any growth we’ve created for a client was based on this framework. Initially, I didn’t want to share this plan because it’s so valuable, but I know it will empower small businesses to have a greater impact on the world they live in. It has also provided many with the freedom to enjoy life and spend time with their families.” Martin Smith aims to help small businesses implement strategies to improve their business growth.

    Martin Smith, a Marketing Strategist for more than 15 years, will handle the class and share his expertise to business-owners for free. The Masterclass consists of a 1.5-hour video featuring a simple 3 Step Framework for business growth that focuses on increasing revenue by about five to ten percent annually. This video Masterclass will help business-owners increase sales by following the framework that will be discussed. There will also be a downloadable PDF file of the framework.

    Business owners who watch the video The 3 Keys to Unlocking New & Repeatable Business Growth Masterclass can expect the following topics within the 1.5-hour timeframe: Pricing Strategy that can multiply a marketing budget by 5, Creating offers that convert, Breaking free from stagnant growth, Reasons small businesses can fail when trying to copy big brands, How to identify the small pond of customers that can’t live without your product or service, and The exact strategies that Amazon, Domino’s Pizza and Kellogg’s have used to create massive growth and how anyone can model the same wins in their own small business. These are just some of the business growth related topics and key points that will be tackled.

    Overflow Marketing Solutions is a marketing agency that helps small and medium-sized businesses create a consistent flow of new clients and sales using digital marketing. To know more about this digital marketing agency, visit their office located at 2232 S. Main St. #216b, Ann Arbor, MI.

    For any questions about the masterclass or any of their services in general, contact them at (734)794-3077 or send them an email at

    For more information, visit their website at

    Video Link:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Overflow Marketing Solutions
    Contact Person: Martin Smith
    Phone: (734)794-3077
    Address:2232 S. Main St. #216b
    City: Ann Arbor
    State: Michigan
    Country: United States

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    Tommy Mello, Founder
    Self-made millionaire and Arizona’s “top entrepreneur under 35” Tommy Mello is launching his new podcast, The Home Service Expert.

    Zoey Thompson, Features Editor

    Scottsdale, AZ – Tommy Mello has a story to share. His Arizona-based A1 Garage Doors recently passed the $30 million-dollar mark in revenue and employs over 200 employees across 10 states. In just a little over a decade, Mello managed to become a multi-millionaire, launch a brand, and gain the interest of publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Inc. Magazine. Not bad for a man who started as his company’s sole employee with $50k in debt.

    Today, Mello provides business consulting and coaching to help guide owners and entrepreneurs towards the successful scaling of their service-based business. The Home Service Expert is a pet project of his, one he hopes will be an inspiration to others in the service industry.

    “This podcast is intended to help nurture talent in our service-industry entrepreneurs and provide answers to some of the toughest questions we ask ourselves as business owners,” says Mello. “I’m bringing in the best people from various fields to discuss key business issues, such as scaling, marketing, and hiring. Together, we are going to help create the next generation of service company millionaires.”

    The Home Service Expert features Mello and other notable leaders and experts in the service industry as they discuss relevant topics, share anecdotes, and reveal their secrets to success. Guests already lined up to be on the show include: HomeAdvisor’s Craig Smith, Gary Mulloy of Money Mailer, Basement System’s founder Larry Janesky, and Terry Nicholson, former national trainer for a New York Stock Exchange-listed home service company.

    “We’ve been told over and over that a good way to be successful is by emulating successful people,” says Mello. “Our podcast will have guests like Craig Smith who is the CEO of a company with five-hundred million in annual revenue or Gary [Mulloy] who runs Entrepreneur’s top rated ad service franchise. These are successful people, they are thought leaders, and what they have to say is valuable.”

    Mello explains that he chose the podcast format for its intimacy and accessibility. People are able to listen as they drive to and from the office, before they sleep, or as they do chores around their home. He believes that the wealth of information provided will help people like himself when he was starting out to avoid pitfalls and develop the practices that will lead to longevity and success.

    The Home Service Expert premier’s on January 29th and can be accessed at:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: The Home Service Expert
    Contact Person: Tommy Mello
    Phone: 760-879-1303
    Country: United States

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    Military Staple Now Available to Civilians FAST-ACT Introduces Chemical Neutralization Products to the Public

    FORT MYERS, Fla. – After more than a decade of working with both the American military and international defense organizations, the US-based brand FAST-ACT is delighted to announce the launch of a line of newly released survivalist products made specifically for private citizens.

    FAST-ACT has worked closely with the US military to develop extremely effective chemical neutralization technologies for use against chemical warfare agents and chemically controlled substances. FAST-ACT is now offering these defense tools to the general public, with an emphasis on those who want to be prepared for any situation that may arise.

    What is actively used to control harmful vapor and liquid chemicals, is now also at the fingertips of many US citizens to provide a personal defense against chemical releases and spills. Within the FAST-ACT family, interested individuals can now find products such as the Decon Mitt, Air Respiration Mask, Microfiber Towel Pack, and a Powder Bottle Pack. All of the FAST-ACT products are proven to be highly effective in the neutralization of hazardous chemicals.

    The Survivalist or “Prepper” community has already taken great interest in the newly released FAST-ACT product line, featuring the products on accredited sites including Preppers Will, Drop Forged Survival, and The Prepper Journal. Youtuber Chris Thorn recently discussed the importance of having a plan for chemical decontamination on his Youtube channel, Drop Forged Survival. 

    “Not removing those [chemicals] safely in a grid-down emergency, you could cause further risk or harm to other people. So, having tools and protective gear, things like that, to be able to clean that stuff up is very, very helpful. That’s what this stuff [FAST-ACT] does.” (Thorn, 2018) 

    FAST-ACT ensures a safe living situation after a chemical attack or spill. Using the wrong products on a chemical spill can cause a situation to become even more of a threat than it was before. In-fact, FAST-ACT products can work hand-in-hand with each other or independently to neutralize a broad spectrum of chemical threats, without the danger of an adverse chemical reaction.

    As the only product to offer complete surface decontamination, FAST-ACT ( is quickly becoming a staple for survivalists who want to be prepared for a possible chemical threat or hazard. 

    FAST-ACT has been tested on many different hazardous gases and is proven to completely neutralize these threats in under two minutes. Additionally, these products are safe to use around children and pets. 

    As individuals continue preparing for the worse, new survival methods and products are constantly emerging. FAST-ACT is a trusted brand actively used by domestic and international defense organizations, and is becoming an alpha product to have stored in survival kits. To stay safe during a potential chemical attack or poisonous vapor release, FAST-ACT is available for purchase on the company website.

    Video Link:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: FAST-ACT
    Contact Person: Sarah Derums
    Phone: 239-331-5711
    Address:13421 Parker Commons Blvd., Suite 102
    City: Fort Myers
    State: Florida
    Country: United States

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    Windscreen Replacement Sydney – Fix Car Windcreen Replacement Sydney
    Windscreen Replacement Sydney Now Announces A Lifetime Warranty On All Their Workmanship And Manufacturer’s Warranty On All Materials Used.

    Sydney, New South Wales – January 30, 2018 – Did you know that a strong, durable windscreen could save life in the event of a serious motor-vehicle accident? That’s why, it’s important to take care of windscreen repairs without any delay. Understanding the importance of windscreen, Windscreen Replacement Sydney announces that they are now offering lifetime warranty for all windscreen repairs.

    The spokesperson added, “We are now happy to announce that we’re now offering a lifetime warranty on all our workmanship and manufacturer’s warranty on all materials used. Everything in our extensive range of windscreens and auto glass complies with Australian Standard AS/NZS2080:2006 and the equivalent International Standards. Your replacement windscreen is warranted against air and water leaks, defective materials and/or workmanship for as long as you own your vehicle.”

    Windscreen Replacement Sydney is a locally owned and owner operated business that aims to provide the customers with personalised service and quality results for over 25 years of experience. The team of highly skilled windscreen technicians will come to home or workplace to fix the problem as quickly and conveniently as possible. They carry or have access to an extensive range of new door glasses to suit many vehicles, including sedans, station wagons, vans, Ute and hatchbacks.

    Substantiating the above statement, the spokesperson commented, “Our fast, convenient mobile service allows you to get on with your day while we replace your windscreen at your location. Our vans have all the tools and equipment they need to replace your windscreen on the spot.”

    Windscreen Replacement Sydney has a complete range of car windows and windscreens for all common car makes and models.  The spokesperson also continued, “Our services are available 24/7* in the Sydney metro area and we guarantee our workmanship to leading professional standards. All car windows and windscreens come with a lifetime warranty. We use only quality products, adhesive and primers to ensure long-lasting auto glass seals.”

    He also concluded the meeting by stating “Call us today to get the highest quality windscreens replacement Sydney, products and services available. Our vehicle glass repair experts in Sydney focus on customer satisfaction, and take pride in their work.”

    About Windscreen Replacement Sydney,

    Windscreen Replacement Sydney is a family owned business that employs a team of windscreen technicians. All their professionals are very experienced and are capable of working on cars from early classics to the latest models, including prestige and sports cars.

    For more details, visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Windscreen Replacement Sydney
    Contact Person: Anna Lampasona
    Phone: 02 9713 5657
    Address:21 Rickard St
    City: Sydney
    State: New South Wales
    Country: Australia

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    Bay Area, California Auction House & Estate Liquidators | Michaan’s Auctions

    Alameda, California – January 30, 2018 – Early American furniture and glamorous 20th century portraiture are among the highlights of Michaan’s Gallery Auction on February 10.

    One of few remaining recurrent live auction events in the Bay Area, the Gallery Auction offers buyers a traditional hands-on experience while also reaching a global base online. February’s sale offers diverse estate property of fine quality and excellent provenance.

    Bidders are invited to visit the gallery in Alameda, CA on preview days and to view the catalog at

    Fine design and craftsmanship were highly valued in Colonial and early Federal America. The burgeoning merchant and professional classes appointed their fashionable homes with furnishings that reflected their discerning tastes and high standards. Furniture from this period has long been prized by collectors for its elegant lines and lustrous woods. A prime example is the mid-18th century Queen Anne maple highboy circa 1740-1770, which features the iconic carved scallop shell decoration associated with the style and period. It is estimated at $3,500 – $4,500.  A second fine maple highboy crafted in New England during the fourth quarter of the 18th century, is estimated at $3,000-$5,000. Also highlighted is the “lolling” armchair (c. 1800. With an upholstered high back and roomy seat, this piece ($1,500-$2,500) was the luxury lounge chair of its day. It is made of rich mahogany, which caught on like wildfire in the English and early American furniture industry after trade expanded with Caribbean colonial producers of mahogany timber.

    Another fine piece to be auctioned in February is the upholstered walnut wing chair, of the mid- 18th century period and estimated at $3,000-$5,000. The auction also features French furniture, Parisian and provincial, with complementary decorative items like the French mantel clock of white marble and bronze, embellished with putti and estimated at $700-$900. February’s sale
    also includes a large Flemish tapestry (2,000-$3,000), an English oak pew reputedly from Lloyd’s of London ($800-$1,200), and an excellent scenic vellum plaque ($2,000-$3,000) from storied Rookwood Pottery. Rookwood was founded in 1880 by Cincinnati heiress and arts patron Maria Longworth Nichols, who discovered Japanese pottery at the 1876 Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia and developed a great passion for the art form. Recruiting top artisans, Nichols built Rookwood into America’s premier pottery studio. The first female-owned manufacturing company in the United States, Rookwood enjoys a reputation for quality and innovation that endures to the present day.

    Collectors of fine art are drawn to Michaan’s not only by world-renowned artists but also by the allure of discovery. Featured in February’s Gallery Auction are several stunning female portraits by Lai Kui Fang (b. 1936). Fang, a prominent Singaporean who won a scholarship to study at the École des Beaux Arts in Paris, is a skillful portrait artist with a great eye for sensuous natural beauty and stylized refinement. His paintings are unmistakably modern, with a singular freshness and more than a hint of glamour. In a sophisticated Hollywood Regency interior, a Fang portrait would fit perfectly and command the center of attention. “Woman in Burgundy” is estimated at $4,000-$6,000 in the February sale. “Christine Baranger,” included in the 1972 catalog of Santa Clara’s Triton Museum of Art, is estimated at $3,000-$5,000.

    Also featured in February is the art of Christo Coetzee (1929-2001), a native of South Africa prominent in international avant-garde art movements. The untitled abstract offered in February’s auction at $5,000-$7,000 is a mixed media work dated 1959. Coetzee was living in Osaka at that time, associating with the Gutai Group of avant-garde artists and exhibiting at the Takashimaya Gallery. The Gutai Group was a Japanese post-war phenomenon whose manifesto included this ambitious mission statement: “Discarding the frame, getting off the walls, shifting from immobile time to lived time, we aspire to create a new painting.” The Coetzee work offered by Michaan’s fully realizes that stated ambition. A riot of texture, lines, and curves, its energy is unbound by the canvas, expressing the clash of apocalypse with optimism that characterized the 20th century.

    Each of Michaan’s monthly auctions is highly anticipated by Asian art collectors. February’s focus is on fine jade figural carvings, silk embroidered textiles, and a treasure trove of snuff bottles including jade, agate and carved lacquer. Also noteworthy are Japanese bronze vases such as the bamboo form vase with silver inlay ($500-$700) and the Meiji period dragon form bottle vase ($600-$800). Buddhist objects, valued highly by collectors, include the gilt lacquered wooden figure of Buddha 17th-18th century, $2,000-$3,000.

    Jewelry is another of Michaan’s leading departments and in February, buyers will find many one- of-a-kind estate jewelry items, perfect gifts for a lady or gentleman. Gold, diamonds, cultured pearls and fine timepieces are offered. A lovely example is the Mikimoto necklace of eleven cultured pearls interspersed with 18k gold link chain forming a 16-inch necklace ($300-$500), a contemporary way to wear fine pearls. Also striking a modern chord is the suite of a necklace and matching bracelet formed of 22k yellow gold swirls, estimated at $1,800 to $2,500.  From Tiffany & Co., the pair of diamond-studded 18k gold cufflinks is offered at the attractive estimated price of

    Michaan’s offers online and phone bidding in addition to the live event at the auction gallery.

    For the complete 2018 auction calendar, including preview days, visit

    Press Office Contact:
    Talesa Eugenio
    (510) 740-0220 x 116

    Auction: Gallery Auction
    Saturday February 10

    February 3,4, 9 and by appointment

    Location: Michaan’s Auctions 2751 Todd Street
    Alameda,  CA 94501

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Michaan’s Auctions
    Contact Person: Talesa Eugenio
    Phone: (510) 740 – 0220
    Address:2751 Todd Street
    City: Alameda
    State: California
    Country: United States

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    Presidential Heating & Air Conditioning – Gaithersburg, MD HVAC
    Presidential Heating and Air Conditioning, a Gaithersburg, MD HVAC contractor, gives some sound advice concerning HVAC maintenance in 2018.

    Gaithersburg, Maryland – January 30, 2018 – Presidential Heating and Air Conditioning released a need to know guide on 2018 HVAC maintenance tips. As a incorporation that focuses on heating and air conditioning, they have made it their goal to educate others on how the system they bought works and how to maintain it to avoid a system failure. The tips listed within the blog post especially focuses on the HVAC system and what to look for in case it is close to having a failure. They also stress how vital your HVAC unit is to maintaining your house and the potential signs to look for should your system start to act funny.

    One tip is to pay attention to the air filters. Air filters are important in maintaining the performance of your HVAC system, as they clean the air you breathe. However, such things comes with dirty filters as time goes on. It is best to check these filters to see if they are clogged or dirty and replace them immediately to prevent a system failure. If you’re not careful, you and your family may be inhaling dirty, unfiltered air without even knowing it!

    To prepare your HVAC system, maximizing the airflow is an important task. Clean out the air vents and registers every now and then to have the air around your house disperse correctly and efficiently. Another way to maximize air flow is to have the condensing units be free of any debris. Cleaning them, like you do with the air filters, is vital in increasing the airflow. Anything that is obstructing the system needs to be removed in order to increase airflow and prevent your system from overworking, which can lead to a system failure.

    Presidential Heating and Air Conditioning has acted as a Gaithersburg, MD HVAC contractor since 1981. They work on the air conditioning and the heating of the home, including indoor air quality, furnaces, refrigeration, and other aspects of the home’s heating and air conditioning. The Gaithersburg, MD HVAC contractor works on all these things and continues to give their customers sound advice on how to handle their heating and air conditioning systems to prevent failure. By listening to their tips, you are left with a system that is not in need of repair for a long while.

    For more information, visit their website at or call them at 301-900-5559.

    You can also visit them on 8000 Cessna Ave, Gaithersburg, MD 20879.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Presidential Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.
    Contact Person: Kris Brinke
    Phone: 703-988-9896
    Address:8000 Cessna Ave
    City: Gaithersburg
    State: Maryland
    Country: United States

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    Market Technologies, the leading provider of intermarket analysis software for the individual trader, today announced the release of version 10 of its artificial intelligence trading software, VantagePoint – capable of predicting stock market trends up to three days in advance with up to 86% accuracy.

    Version 10, one of the biggest releases in the company’s 40-year history, significantly increases end-user customization and efficiency options, and provides access to ten years of historical trading data – double the previous amount – giving traders unprecedented predictability potential.

    “As the first trading software developer in the world to introduce strategy-back testing capabilities, we’ve been at the forefront of shaping potential to help traders preserve their hard-earned capital and create real wealth,” Lane Mendelsohn, Vice President of Market Technologies, said. “VantagePoint once again comes through with fostering the AI-driven future, giving our customers in more than 120 countries the ability to make highly informed decisions that lead to financial freedom.”

    VantagePoint Software Version 10 improvements and enhancements include:

    • Compatibility with all Windows operating systems with fast data downloading

    • Access to 10 years of historical trading data – double the previous amount

    • Dashboard customization with improved user-friendly views and drag-and-drop options

    • Ability to open hundreds of charts in seconds and navigate between them easily

    • Custom line-drawing capabilities

    • Option to work offline

    • Unlimited number of markets can be added and viewed in spreadsheet form

    “Research and development is a top priority at Market Technologies and the newest version of VantagePoint exemplifies our commitment to maintaining a leadership position in AI functionality,” Mendelsohn said. “We’ve invested more than $10 million over the past ten years so that our customers have constant easy access to the critical information they need.”

    A free demo is available at, or by calling 800-732-5407.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Market Technologies
    Contact Person: Jennifer Aquilino
    Phone: 8139578075
    Address:5807 Old Pasco Rd.
    City: Wesley Chapel
    State: Florida
    Country: United States

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    Tucker, GA – As many people know, being locked out can be a frustrating and time-consuming experience. Whether it is being locked out of a home, one’s business, or a vehicle, the best solution is to call a locksmith. However, not all locksmiths provide the same services. Some mainly focus on making residential key copies, while others focus strictly on replacements or lockouts. Locksmith On Call, which is now open for business, is a Tucker locksmith that provides comprehensive lock services to the Atlanta metro area.

    When faced with a lockout, some individuals try fixing the problem themselves, such as by using a wire hanger. However, these tricks often prove futile. Even if the vehicle owner can find a wire hanger somehow, attempting these methods can waste more time or cause damage to the vehicle. Getting locked out, whether from a vehicle or home, is always a risk, but people are generally under-prepared to handle the situation when it happens. To stay prepared and ready to manage any situation, it is recommended to have a trustworthy locksmith service on call with their information saved in one’s contacts list.

    Locksmith On Call is a premier residential, commercial, and vehicle locksmith in Tucker, GA. With headquarters based in Tucker, they serve the metro Atlanta and Decatur areas. They have a fleet of vehicles, ensuring that one of the technicians from Locksmith On Call can arrive in as little as 30 minutes.

    They provide services for all things lock-related, from car keys and key fobs, to servicing lockouts and commercial and residential lock replacements. For lockouts, they not only can help vehicle owners or residents get in, but they can also assist with keyless entry fobs. In such situations, where it is not the keys being locked in an inaccessible location that is the problem, but the failing mechanics of the key fob itself, Locksmith On Call technicians are available to mend the issue.

    In addition to servicing lock outs, Locksmith On Call also provides key copying and lock replacement services. For new homeowners or property owners whose tenants have recently moved out, lock replacement is often a necessary precaution. Locksmith On Call states their willingness to complete any lock replacement project, from a single lock to the entire property.

    Locksmith On Call has built a reputation in Tucker and the Atlanta area for being a trusty lock service. With their fair rates and comprehensive regular and emergency lock services, it is safe to say that they have locked in a solid position as a leader in the locksmith industry.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Locksmith On Call
    Contact Person: Shay Gigi
    Phone: 7709990978
    City: Tucker
    State: Georgia 30084
    Country: United States

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    Smyrna, GA – Plumbing isn’t usually something people enjoy having to think about, yet without all plumbing being in working order, life can’t go on comfortably. When things are working perfectly and everything going smoothly, it’s easy to forget about plumbing entirely. But when something goes wrong, it can completely disrupt people’s lives. However, for those in the metro Atlanta area, Smyrna Area Plumbing has proven to be a reliable company and industry leader by seeking to solve all plumbing needs without causing a hassle.

    People often fail to realize the importance of making sure all plumbing is installed properly and always working correctly. The biggest issue with plumbing problems is that they can often go undetected for long periods of time, causing small problems to become huge ones. Making sure all plumbing is installed perfectly from the start and getting routine checks can prevent plumbing disasters from arising.

    Many homeowners who have had their fair share of experiences with a plumber in Smyrna, GA profess that Smyrna Area Plumbing is one of the best plumbers in Smyrna, GA. The company offers comprehensive services and plumbing repair in Smyrna and the surrounding areas. Their services include drain cleaning, plumbing repair, water heater installation, water heater repair, water heater maintenance, and water heater replacement. With their services for routine checks, inspections, and emergency plumbing issues, Smyrna Area Plumbing is frequently recommended by Atlanta area residents.

    Unfortunately, even with meticulous preparation and routine maintenance, plumbing can still go wrong. For such cases, Smyrna Area Plumbing offers24-hour emergency plumbing service. No matter what time of day or night it is, if homeowners have serious plumbing issues, the technicians at Smyrna Area Plumbing can have resolve those issues in a timely manner. Customers have said that this service has saved them exorbitant amounts of money because they were able to get their problems fixed immediately before the issues got out of control.

    Plumbing is not something that should be haphazardly done or ignored. If something goes wrong with it, it can destroy property and uproot lives. For home and property owners who wish to take a proactive approach through routine checks or addressing emergency plumbing issues immediately, it is important to find a reliable company. That is why Smyrna Area Plumbers aspires to deliver high-quality service at affordable prices, so that their customers can live with peace of mind and allow plumbing concerns to fade into the background.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Smyrna Area Plumbing
    Contact Person: Will Davies
    Phone: (770) 766-8266
    City: Smyrna
    State: Georgia 30080
    Country: United States

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    Gardnerville Ranchos, Nevada – Coffee is nearly a universal brew that everyone can contribute to. There’s multiple styles, multiples flavors, multiples of every aspect of it. One point to agree upon is that it promotes productivity. It’s something most people can’t get their morning started without. Of course, some naysayers disagree, but many people just love coffee.

    Odds are, even though it shouldn’t occur daily, dropping by a coffee shop is often part of the morning routine. But that five to ten dollars adds up quickly each day. To help combat the morning lines or the expenditure per cup, numerous people invest in a coffee maker at home. But with these machines running the gamut of simple brewing to excellent espresso, how to pick the best one to fit an individual’s daily lifestyle? Yes, there are tons of these handy gadgets, but to figure out which is best, the consumer has to decide the purpose it should serve. With their new website, Just Coffee Maker helps consumers make the tough decisions.

    For those who can talk coffee all day, there needs to be a place for them to meet with like-minded people. Just Coffee Maker provides that area with a new site dedicated to reviews on coffee makers.Just Coffee Maker reviews leading coffee machine brands and assesses the pros and cons of each machine to help readers decide on the machine that is right for them.

    Their most recent reviews include the Keurig reviews. Beginning with straightforward coffee makers and working up to powerful machines that satisfy even the pickiest coffee lover, Keurig has a line of coffee machines. Their top five include the K575 Single Serve, the K145 OfficePro, K55 K-Classic, K15, and of Keurig’s 2.0 series, the K250. Just Coffee Maker rates each of these based on the usage of the machine, the water reservoir type, the strength control, and possibly most important, budget. Their full reviews featuring the pros and cons of each machine can be viewed on their new website.

    In addition to Keurig, they’ve also taken a look at the best espresso machines, the best single serve coffee makers, and even included reviews on the new Breville line. Whether consumers are shopping for a fantastic addition to the kitchen appliances or upgrading a worn-out machine with the latest coffee technology, they will find a coffee machine to suit their needs. The dedicated blog at Just Coffee Maker makes it easier for coffee lovers to match up with the perfect machine.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Just Coffee Maker
    Contact Person: Stuart Jones
    Phone: 7752651673
    City: Gardnerville Ranchos
    State: Nevada, 89410
    Country: United States

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