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    23.09.2016 – The website provides detailed information to students about the best petroleum engineering programs available in the USA.  They also discuss the benefits of pursuing an engineering degree online and how to become a successful petroleum engineer.  Among other topics, they have collected academic data for the oil & gas industry that is valuable for new students enrolling into colleges. Students will learn to brainstorm career alternatives, job market, salary potential etc. Students can get their questions answered on their forum to know more on geologists, reservoir research, drilling and production engineering.

    It’s true that students often prefer to become a petroleum engineer as it’s a lucrative industry with several high-paying jobs.  Getting a degree wouldn’t be enough; students must prove their ability with practical knowledge and specialization skills to get hired. There are several colleges which provide an engineering specific curriculum that include subjects like calculus, physics and geology. This area of study can be challenging as it requires high level of academic prowess and interpersonal skills.  If you’re a committed towards your future goals, there is nothing better than the petroleum/geology field.

    The source offers loads of information regarding petroleum engineering courses to reach their career goals. The site delivers informational content on various specializations and career options for students.  Being part of this industry means dealing with complicated tasks that involve drilling, identifying hydrocarbons, different forms of crude oil and natural gas resources. The key purpose of these well reputed collegiate programs is to prepare students to deal with tough topics covering mathematics and geological processes. Students must be willing to work hard and stay committed to study regularly. Post-graduates will be able to work with experienced geologists for measuring, determining and tracking the hydrocarbons’ accumulation.

    When referring to the site of, newly enrolled students will gain valuable insights and a competitive edge for a successful career. The website has several sections that talk about salary packages, currently available jobs, and top rated companies. The Q&A page has several discussion threads on the topic of future potential of petroleum jobs, financial rewards and the exposure it offers. In short, students would be able to realize the benefits of pursuing petroleum engineering as their major.  Unlike other science majors, this engineering branch offers the special platform to explore the earth. Those who are not afraid to take on a challenging career, then petroleum engineering is definitely worth all the hard work. For an ambitious and bright future, please get more details by visiting our website. 


    The website of is the one stop destination of students who wish to choose a career in oil and gas engineering field. They offer latest information related to career, academic and enrollment to help students choose in a perfect way. Apart from offering guidance for education, they offer the list of best ranking colleges, job listings and relevant scholarships for students to execute well informed educational decisions. The site is updated on a regular basis with the latest information to help the students to emerge successful, both on the academic and career front.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: TechnoBiz
    Contact Person: Chetan Jariwala
    Phone: 801-420-9227
    Country: United States

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    Elementary students in selected Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) are preparing to adopt cops. Sounds backwards, doesn’t it? Usually adults adopt children. However, this new collaborative between the non-profit organization Adopt A Cop USA and Broward County Public Schools will match students with the organization’s mentors in an effort to close the gap between law enforcement and the community.  In this scenario, everyone wins! 

    “Mentoring can be very beneficial for the student and the mentor,” said Wanda Robinson, Mentor Program Specialist in the Broward County Public Schools Office of Equity and Academic Attainment. She will serve as the schools’ liaison to Adopt A Cop USA and assist in the program implementation, which will pair 4th grade students with police officer mentors. 

    The initiative will kick off with an open house in October hosted by the third partner in the group, the local chapter of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Wanda feels they are a natural partner because their after school programs offer community-based venues for mentoring.

    “We have to provide an opportunity for students to interact positively with law enforcement in a safe environment. This effort will offer support and guidance to officers who are unfamiliar with the challenges faced by families in the communities in which they work,” she stressed. 

    The plan for Adopt A Cop USA to work primarily with 4th graders will hopefully prevent the problems that result when youth have negative perceptions and experiences with law enforcement. “If we can get those parties together early in the child’s life, we can avoid the barriers that lead to a breakdown in communication” Wanda explained. While all students can benefit from a positive mentoring relationship, this program will match mentors with students in schools serving low-income families in communities that are overrepresented by the problems of crime, poverty, unemployment and indifferent policing efforts. 

    BCPS has been recognized nationally for its work in eliminating the Schoolhouse to Jailhouse Pipeline that had resulted in large numbers of students being referred to law enforcement for minor incidents. This important collaborative between BCPS, Adopt and Cop USA and Boys & Girls Clubs of Broward will contribute significantly to the district’s diversion efforts. 

    A recent parent’s request for guidance on how best to interact with and support his son reinforced Wanda’s belief that an additional program benefit will be the establishment of a network of mentors that work together, and with the community, to better meet the needs of students and their families. By having everyone working toward a common goal, both will be stronger and more adept at handling challenges as they appear, and in many cases preventing those problems that result from a lack of understanding and communication. 

    The value of this initiative with Adopt A Cop USA mentors is obvious to Wanda because she understands the children’s needs. “I grew up in a neighborhood where I was not expected to succeed,” she explained. “But someone reached out to mentor me and changed my life so helping to implement this and other mentoring programs gives me an opportunity to pay it forward.” 

    Adopt A Cop USA is developing in Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach Counties. AAC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that focuses on Bridging the Gap between Community and Law Enforcement, One Child at a Time. By pairing front line police officers to mentor at risk children, the organization supports the relationship between the two in a way unseen through any government programs. Adopt A Cop USA reduces community violence and helps law enforcement to be more productive and compassionate for generations to come. The organization operates solely on individual contributions and public support. 

    Please consider contributing to our efforts to create safer communities across the USA by visiting our website at

    Contact Sgt. Frank Danysh at 954-263-8270 or email for more information.

    Join us Here on Facebook

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Adopt A Cop USA
    Contact Person: Robert Cayouette & Rachel Wion – Digital Agency Pro
    Phone: 419-617-5123 (Rachel Wion)
    Address:PO Box 970517
    City: Coconut Creek
    State: Florida
    Country: United States

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    LOS ANGELES, CA – 9/24/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Occurring naturally in colors that could be a light sky on a beautiful sunny day to the deep blues of the oceans, a sapphire can come in various tones and intensities. These gems have derived their name from the Greek word sápheiros, which translates to Sapphire. Dating back centuries ago, there have been many different recordings for the use and understanding of this gem. 

    For example, it is believed that the rulers of ancient Persia about 800 B.C were convinced these gems reflected the colors of the majestic sky. This beautiful indigo beauty has also been trusted to suppress wicked thoughts while offering protection on a journey. 

    Sapphires being the gems to the Gods and Goddesses are all set to be yours this month. This is because; at JupiterGem we want to celebrate this month by offering you all things Sapphire

    From our one of a kind collection of earrings, bracelets, pendants and our extensive range of rings and loose gems we have some great discounts on all our products studded with Sapphires. And its not limited to only the royal blue variety, we’ve included all the different colors like Padaparadshas, Yellow Sapphires and even Green Sapphires that were once known to be the “oriental emerald”.

    If you’re looking for a Sapphire and are not sure what you should be looking for, here are a few tips the JupiterGem team has put together just for you. This will surely make your elimination process a lot easier, especially when buying over the Internet. 

    • Color: Sapphires can come in a range of colors. In fact, all the colors in the spectrum. The gemstone occurs naturally in blues, yellows, greens, pinks and even the beautiful and prized sunset orange colors. When selecting any gemstone within this category choose gems with an even tone, as they tend to have an even distribution of color and look good from every angle. 
    • Inclusion: When you are selecting a sapphire, you must look out for eye visible inclusions. The more prominent the inclusion is the lower the clarity of the stone. There are so many different types of inclusions seen in a sapphire, which can only be seen under higher magnification.
    • Silk, which is made up of fine needles that are so close together, they almost appear to have a satiny texture within the gemstone. 
    • Crystals, that might have grown simultaneously and have now become enclosed within the gemstone over time.
    • Fingerprints, which do not break a single plane and are liquids that have been pressed during the formation of the gemstone. These fingerprints tend to alter after the gemstone is heated to improve its color. 
    • Cut and Carat weight: When you are buying a gemstone you must always check these points, as cutters tend to save maximum weight from the rough thereby compromising on the cut of the stone. When a gemstone has an exceptional cut, reflecting and refracting light off each facet internally, the light will almost dance its way out creating the effect of a gemstone that glitters perfectly also called brilliance. More often than not, sapphires tend to increase in price when they have a strong color. 

    Log on to our website this month for some of the best gemstone and gemstone jewelry discounts. And as we work with mines in different parts of the world in Sri Lanka, Myanmar and even Thailand we can assure you will receive the best price for your selection. Get in touch with us at if you would like to receive a more detailed insight into any product you have selected on our website.

    Full News Story:

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    Media Contact
    Company Name: Jupitergem
    Contact Person: Elvira Jupiter
    Phone: +1 323 844 3675
    Country: United States

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    South Shore Roofing has introduced the best roof installations in the southern region of Georgia. The installations are designed for homeowners who want to cut down on their utility bills by embracing solar power. Solar energy is one of the most effective ways of reducing or completely eliminating costly monthly energy bills. The roofing company has made it more affordable than ever before to install solar power in buildings around Statesboro and the entire Southern Georgia region.

    Statesboro, GASouth Shore Roofing has introduced the best roof installations in the southern region of Georgia. The installations are designed for homeowners who want to cut down on their utility bills by embracing solar power. Solar energy is one of the most effective ways of reducing or completely eliminating costly monthly energy bills. The roofing company has made it more affordable than ever before to install solar power in buildings around Statesboro and the entire Southern Georgia region.

    According to the company spokesperson, Kyle Patrick, “It’s always been our desire to help clients in this region to find cheaper power and save money. This stems from the realization that utility rates are not about to drop anytime soon. This convinced us to expose our clients to affordable solar power installations and make them accessible to as many people as possible. Thus far, we are happy with the reception our products have gotten all over Southern Georgia. We provide wide-ranging solar PV options to our residential and commercial clients.”

    Choosing solar power is a money-saving decision. This is partly because solar power systems are now more affordable than ever before. Solar power is a good alternative for anybody who wishes they could reduce or eliminate electric bills, boost the property’s market value or play a role in preserving the environment. Solar power is also great for people interested in taking advantage of the numerous tax credits, incentives, and rebates that the state and federal governments have put in place for switching to this efficient method of power. Investing in solar power is a smart choice for any homeowner interested in taking control of their energy bills.

    Anybody in Southern Georgia who sees the importance of installing solar power can find all the information on the company website ( South Shore Roofing is dedicated to making their customers happy and their top priority is making sure the customer gets exactly what they want. The roofing company takes all clients through comprehensive solar analysis to help them understand everything about solar power installations. An on-site evaluation is available to everybody who is interested in the solar PV options.

    Those in Southern Georgia no longer have to settle for paying a hefty monthly price for energy services with the option to get solar panels installed for an affordable rate and enjoy the benefits of solar power. The company can be easily contacted and will give homeowners all the information they need to help them make an informed decision about power options.


    About Company

    South Shore Roofing
    1807 Cypress Lake Road
    Statesboro, Georgia 30458

    Media Contact
    Company Name: South Shore Roofing
    Contact Person: Kyle Patrick
    Phone: 678-549-3955
    Address:1807 Cypress Lake Road
    City: Statesboro
    State: Georgia
    Country: United States

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    MINNEAPOLIS, MN – 24 Sep, 2016 – Veritec, Inc. (the “Veritec”) (OTCPink: VRTC), — today announced that it has entered into a Non-Binding Letter of Intent (“LOI”) to acquire all of Flathead Bancorporation, Inc.’s (“FB”) issued and outstanding shares. FB is the majority owner of First Citizens Bank of Polson, Montana (“Citizens Bank”).

    Van Tran, Chief Executive Officer of Veritec, stated, “Veritec and its subsidiaries offer a complete line of secure verification and financial products including prepaid debit cards, mobile banking applications and secure payment systems. In the past, our ability to continually provide our products and services has been dependent on our finding and retaining a sponsoring bank, which has been difficult. With this acquisition, we remove that dependency and control our ability to continually provide our products to our customers without disruption. We also believe our vertical acquisition of FB will make our cutting edge mobile banking and payment products the most efficient and cost effective in the industry. Veritec anticipates that it will license its proprietary blinxpay App and blinx On-Off Visa Prepaid Debit Card technology and secure payment systems to Citizens Bank.”

    Under the proposed terms of the LOI, Veritec would acquire 9.9 percent of FB’s issued and outstanding shares for $320,000 at the closing date.      Veritec intends to purchase the remaining

    90.1  percent  of  FB’s  outstanding common  shares  within  three  years  of  the  closing date for

    $2,880,000. The total purchase price for FB’s outstanding common shares (including the 9.9 percent discussed above) would be $3,200,000.

    Veritec would also provide loans to FB to be used for capital purposes of $280,000 at the closing date, $500,000 on or before January 31, 2017 and $400,000 on or before April 1, 2017, for a total of $1,180,000. The loans would mature in five years, require annual interest only payments at interest rates to be determined and be secured by 38% of FB outstanding common stock.

    Citizens Bank president, Rick Skates, will continue to oversee the Bank’s operations and will be responsible for the integration of Veritec’s proprietary technology into its operations.

    In order for the Company to successfully complete the purchase of FB, amongst other items, the Company is currently seeking regulatory approval from applicable banking authorities and plans to raise funds from investors by issuing its common shares, debt, or both.

    About Veritec, Inc.

    Since 1982, Veritec, Inc. has been dedicated to providing businesses with secure technological solutions. Over the last 34 years, Veritec has grown to include two subsidiaries, Veritec  Financial Systems, Inc. and Tangible Payments.  Veritec and its subsidiaries offer a complete  line of secure verification and financial products including prepaid debit cards, mobile banking applications     and     secure     payment     systems.     

    For     more     information,     please     visit (,;;

    Safe Harbor Statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995

    This news release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of the “safe harbor” provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These statements are based upon our current expectations and speak only as of the date hereof. Our actual results may differ materially and adversely from those expressed in any forward-looking statements as a result of various factors and uncertainties affecting technology companies, our ability to successfully develop products, rapid technological change in our markets, changes in demand for our future products, legislative, regulatory and competitive developments and general economic conditions. Our SEC filings discuss some of the important risk factors that may affect our business, results of operations and financial condition. We undertake no obligation to revise or update publicly any forward- looking statements for any reason unless otherwise required to do so by SEC  Regulations.

    Full News Story:

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    Media Contact
    Company Name: VERITEC INC.
    Contact Person: VAN TRAN
    Phone: 612-991-7928
    Country: United States

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    Locations for our FREE pickup & delivery service:
    Danville, Diablo, Alamo, Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, Clayton, Concord, Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda, San Ramon, Dublin, Pleasanton, Livermore, Piedmont, Palo Alto, and Menlo Park
    Dry cleaning companies essentially provide the same kind of service no matter where you are located.

    A professional dry cleaning company will offer you high-quality results and dry cleaning services at very affordable prices. However, the best dry cleaning in Pleasanton, Ca. like Country Club Cleaners, do so much more than just simply cleaning your dry cleaning and laundry. They also do it with care and commitment to preserving the natural beauty of the environment. It is this combination of environmental sensitivity and customer relationships that truly set the best dry cleaners from the rest of the pack. Also what dry cleaning company in Pleasanton, Ca. offers dry cleaning pick-up and delivery for FREE!

    Doing this is not easy, however. Companies that provide such ingenious dry cleaning solutions must be continually updated with only the latest technologies that integrate green or environmentally friendly concepts. They need to be well-versed with advances in green technology so they can purchase devices, systems, or equipment that will help them perform dry cleaning services without harming the environment.

    Many dry cleaners use harmful chemicals that are haphazardly dumped in open lands and bodies of water. While some dry cleaning companies in Pleasanton, Ca. adheres to environmental regulations, the mere fact that they use harmful chemicals shows their lack of respect for the environment. Sure, they have catchment basins as well as treatment facilities to manage the different effluents that come out from their dry cleaning processes, but these often produce other environmental problems. At times dry cleaning services do not commit to what they have advertised, offering dry cleaning pick-up and delivery services at a certain cost. Country Club Cleaners does the exact opposite, their dry cleaning pickup and delivery in Pleasanton, Ca. is FREE and are certified specialist by America’s Best Cleaners.

    Dry cleaners in Pleasanton, Ca. cannot be compared to Country Club Cleaners for they provide utmost customer service, utilizes only the best practice, and offer the most ecologically friendly technologies to perform their dry cleaning services. This helps ensure that their processes are not harming the environment while also ensuring that the articles given to them by their clients are thoroughly cleaned and cared for.

    The second aspect of the successful operation of the best dry cleaning in Pleasanton, Ca. – Country Club Cleaners will take care of your dry cleaning and laundry like their own. This helps ensure that your clothing or any fabric article gets returned to you not only smelling fresh but also looking more like brand new. This is the level of commitment that professional companies provide to their clients and it is something that other up incoming companies that want to be in the dry cleaning business can only hope to replicate.

    When you have your laundry to be dry-cleaned at these companies, you can expect that they will care for your fabric materials as if it were the most precious items on earth. This is what separates the best dry cleaning in Pleasanton, Ca. companies from the rest.

    Distributed by The Digital Ranch

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Country Club Cleaners
    Contact Person: Robert Strong
    Phone: (925) 964-9965
    Address:3412 Camino Tassajara
    City: Danville
    State: California
    Country: United States

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    Casino operators are gambling that new functions help them provide top-notch customer service to help them cater to existing customers and win new ones.

    DENVER, CO – 26 Sep, 2016 – Kiosk Industry Group announces an extended feature article on gaming market and how kiosk manufacturers are serving this market.

    “At MGM Resorts, kiosks help us to enhance our service to guests,” said Mary Hynes, director of corporate communications with Las Vegas-based MGM Resorts International. “At our ARIA and Monte Carlo resorts in Las Vegas, we plan later this year to begin offering check-in and check-out at kiosks as an option for our guests.

    On the casino floor loyalty cards provide a flood of analytics for casino operators, allowing them to track the playing habits of individual patrons and reward them accordingly, as well as letting them see which games were the most popular and kept patrons playing the longest.

    More news:

    • In other news Posiflex completed acquisition of KIOSK Information Systems in Colorado for approximately $105M.  Posiflex has a market capitalization value of more than twice than of comparable player NCR. Response so far is that this is a tremendous entry for Posiflex into retail automation, lockers, software and more.

    • by KioWare. Includes Zoom Text, latest kiosk software. New ADA accessibility features in JAWS and support for EZ Access.  Device support for bill acceptors, dispensers and recyclers as well.  EMV support for OTI Trio & Elavon.

    • unveils its complete line of digital signage, standard and custom self-service. JANE marijuana kiosks are Kiosk Innovations largest customer.

    • Update on outdoor kiosk design

    • Touchscreen technology primer

    Glory Global Solutions is our newest Advisory Board Member. Glory OEM is the largest independent producer of cash handling solution mechanisms in the world with the largest deployments worldwide. Offering solutions covering banknote recycling,  Glory Global Solutionsdeposit and dispensing mechanisms.

    About the Kiosk Industry Group

    The Kiosk Industry Group is based in Denver Colorado and is the kiosk trade association and qualified marketing network for the kiosk and self-service  industry.

    For more information please log onto

    Our email contact is

    Advisory board members include Olea Kiosks, KioWare, Kiosk Information Systems, SlabbKiosks, OptConnect, PROVISIO, Crane CPI, ARCA, Turnkey Kiosks and Glory Global Solutions. Additional members include Pete Snyder and CTS (Connected Technology Solutions).  Together they provide strategic guidance and support for the Association concerning all types of transactional and informational self-service solutions such as bill pay automation, lockers, loyalty, employee systems and customer retention strategies. Device integrations include biometrics, foot traffic sensors, scanners, printers, demographic identification discovery, EMV and all types of cash and currency.

    KI is the kiosk industry association and our focus is simple, “kiosks in self-service”. Keep it simple.

    Full News Story:

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    Media Contact
    Company Name: Catareno
    Contact Person: Craig Keefner
    Phone: 3032618836
    Country: United States

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    WASHINGTON, DC – 22 Sep, 2016 – In an election year that Ohio Governor John Kasich calls stranger-than-fiction and “almost surreal,” the novel Shadows back to Kennedy is an interesting example of fiction with a significant, and, for many, shocking factual premise: The total discretion of the Commander In Chief to use the “Nuclear Football.” 
    A political thriller, Shadows back to Kennedy  features a detective and journalist who stumble upon a plot to gain control of the Football by killing the President and the Cabinet members who would succeed him. The cold war origins of Kennedy’s desire for a single device to control the nuclear arsenal, and the procedures surrounding it now, are an integral part of the action.

    The author, writing fiction under the pen name Van Douglas, is a technology entrepreneur who has written and consulted extensively in the area of complex systems and human factors.  His work with the House of Representatives is a main source of inspiration for the characters and the story.

    According to the author, “the technical backdrop of Shadows back to Kennedy is the widely accepted principle that in system consisting of people, process, and technology, the human component is often the most prone to failure. In the case of The Football, the President of the United States is, from a systems perspective, potentially a single point of failure.”

    Van Douglas labels himself as “a master of conspiracy theories that you know are made up,” a genre he calls “conspirifiction.” His Twitter handle is @Vandouglasfl.

    Promotions for the novel, ( , )  depict the frightening possibility that the Nuclear Football could fall into the wrong hands. In this almost surreal election year where it seems “the Russians are back,” this time hacking emails, and the fitness of the future Commander-in-Chief is an issue, Shadows Back to Kennedy makes for a timely and provocative read.

    Purchase at

    Video Link:

    Full News Story:

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    Media Contact
    Company Name: LCBailey SMM
    Contact Person: Leann Bailey
    Phone: 2024229451
    Country: United States

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    EAST DUNDEE, IL – 26 Sep, 2016 – Horizon, longtime manufacturer of Complex Metal Stampings for Automotive, Electronics and various other industries, announced today the opening of its office in Bingham Farms, MI, a suburb of Detroit.

    Horizon’s presence in the Greater Detroit Area reinforces its commitment to its existing and growing Automotive Customer base.  For nearly 30 years, Horizon has provided unique Component and System/Assembly solutions for Precision Stampings, Terminals, Bandolier/Compliant Pins as well as Heavier Gauge Stampings. 

    Leading this effort is Tim Oancea – Director of Sales and Business Development.  Tim, a 25+ year industry veteran, comes to Horizon with a broad range of material, product and process knowledge.  “Tim’s knowledge of the industry and experience in all facets of the business adds great value to the Horizon Team”, said Pete Badovinac – Executive Vice President/Owner of Horizon.

    For more information, contact:

    Tim Oancea

    About Horizon: (

    Founded in 1987, Horizon is a leading manufacturer of complex metal stampings supplying medium to high volume solutions to the automotive, computer, electronics, telecom, health care, and consumer products industries. Original design, sophisticated engineering philosophies and advanced technology allow Horizon to provide technical breakthroughs for the most challenging, complex metal stamped components and systems.  Horizon is ISO TS 16949:2009 certified and is dedicated to supporting our Customers with a market competitive, Total Cost of Ownership.

    Full News Story:

    Distributed by Easy Newswire

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Horizon
    Contact Person: Tim Oancea
    Phone: 2485357358
    Country: United States

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    MIAMI, FL – 9/26/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Dr. Joe Coffman, of Miami’s Vivify Chiropractic, Graduates the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Initiative
    Dr. Joe Coffman became an alum of the highly selective, elite group of Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses initiative. The 100 hour program, hosted locally by Miami-Dade College and administered by Babson College, is an effort to expose small business owners to a greater understanding of all aspects of running and building their business – from accounting, marketing, human resources, to obtaining capital, and much more. 
    Beginning in 2009, Goldman Sachs pledged $500 million with the goal of putting 10,000 small business owners from around the country through this program with the vision of stimulating the economy through job growth in their local communities. The entrepreneur-based curriculum was designed by Babson College (Money Magazine’s No. 2 college in America) and is open to qualified small-business owners. Each applicant is put through a rigerous interview and vetting process to narrow 100+ applicants down to only about 30 serious-minded small business owners.
    Dr. Coffman can’t say enough about the experience. “I’m so grateful for this opportunity. In graduate school, doctors are taught to be great clinicians (Vivify Chiropractic has a practice emphasis in the areas of pediatric, scoliosis, car accident injures); with very little attention to running the business of chiropractic. I feel with the knowledge I have achieved from this program, I’ll be able to better focus on taking care of my patients.”
    As an alumnus, Dr. Coffman continues to enjoy ongoing opportunities to learn and network with past Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business graduates as they support each other to better serve the South Florida Community.

    Full News Story:

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    Media Contact
    Company Name: Vivify Chiropractic
    Contact Person: Dr. Joe Coffman
    Phone: 305-661-4775
    Country: United States

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    Only this month, Rudraksh Cap-Tech, which is a Gujarat based philately and numismatics company, got BSE listed. The owners said that they will soon become an NSE listed company.

    Rudraksh Cap-tech Limited became the first BSE listed philately and numismatics company in India in September this year. The buyer of old and memorable Indian stamps, rare coins, historically significant editions of newspapers, and autographs announced that they have become the first company in this category to become BSE listed. The next objective, as the owners stated, is to become an NSE listed company.

    Anirudh Sethi, whose vision laid the first stone for the company, recently told the press that the board of directors has already devised future plans to diversify their business interests in the fields of philately and numismatics. “We don’t only engage in selling and buying stamps, coins and historic newspapers, but we also want to work in an advisory capacity to help collectors of these items in choosing and buying the rarest of the rare stamps, coins etc at best prices”, told Sethi during a press conference.

    The company understands that trust and reliability of their customers are the two biggest pillars of success, and they want to continue offering reliable services to their clients in every way possible.

    “The process of stamp or coin collection starts right from online searching, which essentially boils down to searching in online directories. Many don’t recognize that it’s not just a hobby, but also a business opportunity. For example, an Indian stamp bearing the image of Gandhi was bought at rupees 10 back in 1948. But it can be sold at rupees 35,000 or above. It’s an alternative investment option which many people fail to realize”, Anirudh Seth argued during the press conference. Seth, who is highly active on Twitter and recently wrote a blog on the alternative investment option, is also of an opinion that investment in coins and stamps is even more profitable than investing in stocks.

    “We look forward to getting listed as an NSE company too, which we believe would happen only in a matter of time. Our visionary and CEO Anirudh Sethi will soon fly to Luxemburg to generate interest about stamp and coin collection among non-resident Indians and foreigners”, said Kumar  Acharya, a spokesperson of Rudraksh Cap-Tech.

    About the Company

    Rudraksh Cap-Tech deals in stamps, coins andold newspapers. Rudraksh Cap-Tech will open India’s First National Historical Newspaper Museum in Baroda/Gujarat/India. It already started Sale of Stamps from online website: The company intends to have own auction house and will do auction for stamps, coins, Newspapers, Autographs.

    To know more, visit


    Kumar Acharya


    Media Contact
    Company Name: Rudraksh Cap-Tech LIMITED
    Contact Person: Narayan Acharaya
    Phone: 919824055794
    City: BARODA
    State: GUJARAT
    Country: India

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    imagine A Paul Mitchell Partner School Norman Oklahoma
    Paul Mitchell the School Imagine Norman is organizing a gala event in the coming days. The coast-to-coast Paul Mitchell schools will participate in this open house event to help the students make a career in cosmetology.

    Norman, Oklahoma – Septembet 24, 2016 – The young grads and students looking to make a successful career in the burgeoning beauty industry must visit Paul Mitchell Imagine Norman Cosmetology School for an open house event. This event will be held on September 27th 2016 from 6 to 8 PM. It will be a national open house night attended by the bigwigs and beauty experts of the industry.

    Telling in detail about this event and objective behind it, a senior spokesperson of Imagine Norman Beauty School told “Through this event, we invite the students interested in shaping their career in the beauty industry. It will focus on the field of cosmetology and its increasing impact. Here, they will better understand the mode of education and training at Paul Mitchell partner schools. As a school, we lay deep impetus on world class education with a unique culture and an actual classroom type experience.”

    Through this event, the students will get a chance to interact with the industry stalwarts as well. Furthermore, the participants will get to know more about the scholarships and financial aid provided to the needy students by Paul Mitchell the School. The process of registration for this event is easy. Interested candidates can simply fill a form and send it through an email for booking a spot for the day.

    About the imagine Paul Mitchell Partner School:

    Paul Mitchell Imagine Partner Schools Norman and Littlerock offer comprehensive cosmetology training and education to prepare the future professionals of the beauty industry. It has a widespread program imparted by the learning leaders. The school is organizing this Open House Night to guide the students looking to excel in this field.

    For more details, visit

    Distributed by imagine Paul Mitchell Partner School

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    Company Name: imagine Paul Mitchell Partner School
    Contact Person: PAUL MITCHELL
    Phone: 405-928-5200
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    City: Norman
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    La Mirada’s Experienced Property Management and Real Estate Firm
    Moore Property Management, La Mirada’s renowned property management firm is the first choice amongst several homeowners and businesses, thanks to their remarkable property management service.

    La Mirada, California – September 26, 2016 – Moore Property Management has been fulfilling what every property owner hoped for – to have their property thoroughly and periodically inspected and help them make the most out of their rental business. For over 50 years, Moore Property Management delivers their property management service in La Mirada with a difference, making them an obvious choice for homeowners and businesses.

    “We take pride in the fact that our business has grown to include the current management of several homeowners’ associations, numerous apartment buildings and hundreds of single residence homes as well as several shopping centers, based almost solely on word of mouth from our satisfied owners,” says the founder Edgar E. Moore.

    The firm’s property management service in La Mirada ensures maximum profits for their residential and commercial clients. Their experienced property managers collects rent on time, resolves tenant concerns, conducts periodical maintenance with maximum savings, pays bills upon request, keeps track on the income & expenses and are available 24×7 for assistance.

    “Our clients are satisfied out of the postive outcomes we have produced with our service. We advertise your properties at no cost and we don’t charge any management fees during vacancy. Your proprety will be in safe hands as we choose only the right tenants after checking up on their legal history, employment-payroll stubs, their care for the current residence and so forth,” said Edgar.

    Moore Property Management also lists apartments and homes for rent and sale in La Mirada. The listings are updated on a regular basis and their professional agents help clients find the right place of residence in line with their requirements and budget.

    About Moore Property Management:

    Moore Property Management provides property management and real estate services for more than 50 years. Their top quality services are provided tolook after clients’ properties with utmost care and attention.


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    Contact Person: Ed Moore
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    Address:15826 East Imperial Highway
    City: La Mirada
    State: California
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    0 0 supplies wide range of LED lights and accessories at affordable prices. All its products meet the current international standard.

    Commercial and residential establishments are increasingly shifting towards lighting system based on LED technology. This lighting technology is not only energy efficient but also delivers shiny bright light covering specific area of indoor and outdoor location. There many online platforms that offers LED lighting models for different purposes. is one such e-commerce website that offers wide range of LED lights for different applications. This website offers products that are a based on advanced technology to meet the growing needs and expectations of the customers. This e-commerce platform offers the ideal energy saving lighting solutions to the customers at comparatively lower prices. It is also offers superior technical supports to the customers to enjoy uninterrupted lighting benefit.

    Its super flexible LED kitchen lighting series comes with adhesive backing and can be just stuck about any corner of the kitchen to enhance its look and appeal before the visitors. All its LED products comprise of good quality components to deliver the perfect energy efficient lighting solution. The website effectively protects the privacy of the customers and never shares them with unauthorized sources. The e-commerce platform offers different types of discount coupons for saving money on both existing and new products and services. It also offers detail knowledge of LED technology to the buyers through its Home Lighting Ideas section in simple and easy language. offers variety of LED lights and accessories at lower costs

    The LED ceiling lights of this e-commerce platform are known for imparting both bright and dim light in different color spectrums to change the internal environment of the rooms. These lighting bulbs come with an extended life span and can easily dissipate the rise of thermal temperature. The website offers free shipping benefit for placing orders above $199. Once receiving payment from the customers, it forwards the ordered items for shipping within 24 hours. Product is delivered within fixed time period of 2-4 business days without any delay.

    Its G40 Globe LED string lights are inspired by the famed landscapes of Italy’s Tuscany and California’s Napa Valley. These lights can warm up any outdoor/indoor space and can turn the atmosphere of any party or occasions into a vibrant one. Each strand of these lights has end to end connections and thereby causes no chance of short circuit even after long period of usage. Its discreet wiring blends in perfectly with trees and bushes. Its 20in Off Road Curved light bar mimics the radius contour of most windshields and front bumpers found on SUVs, UTV and ATV trucks.

    About Super Lighting LED is an e-commerce store that offers various types of LED lighting bulbs and accessories at competitive prices. All its products are quality certified and have been manufactured using good quality components. For more information, customers can visit this online store to see its products.

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    Zentai Hero supplies exact looking superhero dresses that are ideal for Halloween and other occasions. It offers safe shopping experience to buyers.

    People like to wear the costumes of their favorite superheroes during occasions like Halloween, reunion and other social gatherings. There many e-commerce websites that sell replicated dresses of well known fictional heroes at comparatively lower prices. Zentai Hero is one such website that offers costumes of popular superheroes at competitive prices. All its superhero dresses are inspired from various movies, comic books and other relevant sources. These dresses are the exact replica of the original superhero costumes without any sort of deviation. Dresses available in this website come with different sizes and offer a stylish look to the individuals. This e-commerce website helps customers to fulfill their desires of wearing actual looking superhero costumes at a lower cost.

    This online platform helps fans to select the ideal Superman Costume that comes in various designs. Apart from the traditional color, customers can also buy the costume of this popular American superhero in different patterns as well. For men, women and kids, the website accepts customized orders to provide the ideal superhero costumes of popular comic characters. This e-commerce platform thoroughly guards the privacy of the customers and never shares them with third party sources. This website is the one-stop destination to look for the fashionable superhero costumes of one’s own choice without queuing up in the retail stores.

     Its Batman costume series increases the selection option of the buyers for creating sensation during events like Halloween and night parties. This series offers comprehensive range of designer batgirl superhero costume that is made of lycra spandex which is very comfortable to wear. The website has laid down series of guidelines to ensure proper maintenance of these dresses. The online store mainly accepts PayPal and other secured methods of online transactions. On placing orders above $159 customers can enjoy the benefit of free shipping from this commercial website.

    3D Printing Civil War Spiderman Costume Halloween

    For kids and adults Deadpool costume is considered to be very stylish and hot while participating in different social events and hangouts. This superhero is another marvelous character of Marvel Comics that is attracting the attention of the readers of all age groups. Customers can choose for their preferred patterns from this series either browsing the menu options or typing the specific keywords. This e-commerce platform influences people to try the costumes of other notable comics characters very easily. From this platform, customers can buy costumes of X-MEN characters that include both protagonists and antagonists. The costumes of Fantastic Four series are also available here.

    About Zentai Hero

    Zentai Hero is an online platform that offers popular superhero costumes at competitive costs. These dresses are ideal for Halloween and have been designed keeping the comfort of the customers into consideration. For more information, customers can viist this e-commerce store to see its collections.

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    This is a stress free, no hassle way for a homeowner to list and sell their homes with the help of a local professional real estate agent and save thousands in commissions.
    Less Percent Real Estate, LLC is introducing its innovative real estate technology platform,, to Orlando and the very active Central Florida real estate market.

    Marlton, NJ – September 26, 2016 – After its successful launch in South Florida and regions of California, Less Percent Real Estate, LLC is introducing its innovative real estate technology platform,, to Orlando and the very active Central Florida real estate market. Less Percent saves home sellers thousands of dollars in commissions by providing homeowners the ability to remain anonymous while they compare multiple offers from top local real estate agents that competitively bid to sell their home.  All at no cost to the home seller.

    Less Percent was built with the belief that when a homeowner makes the decision to sell their home, they should be able to get the best services from a professional local real estate agent, at a competitive commission.

    To date, over 500 local professional real estate agents from Florida have joined the Less Percent network. There has been over $21 million in cumulative home prices listed through the Less Percent platform in just the South Florida real estate market with competitive commission bids as low as 3.75%.

    “Less Percent is a perfect match for home sellers who want to maximize the amount of dollars in their pocket at closing. Less Percent is especially a must have tool for the ‘For Sale By Owner’ home seller who is frustrated with the length of time, extraordinary amount of work and hidden costs involved with trying to market and sell their home on their own”, said Michael Huegel, the CEO of Less Percent.  “This is a stress free, no hassle way for a homeowner to list and sell their home with the help of a local professional real estate agent and save thousands in commissions”.

    There are on average 5 million homes sold each year.  Over 90% of those home sellers pay a commission to a professional real estate agent.  Less Percent removes the hassle and awkwardness of having to negotiate with agents for a lower commission rate, while the home seller remains anonymous until they select an agent that best fits their needs. 

    With just a few clicks on the Less Percent website, homeowners wanting to sell their home can quickly and easily offer their property listing to top local licensed real estate agents, at no cost to the homeowner.  Experienced local agents, who meet Less Percent’s standards, bid for those listings by adjusting their commissions and services through a closed bid format, which includes details of the services they will provide to the homeowner. This information appears on the homeowner’s account dashboard, providing them easy access to review and compare bids for total savings, services and real estate agent background information.

    For additional information about the Less Percent technology you can visit the Less Percent’s homeowner FAQ section at and real estate agent FAQ section at


    Less Percent Real Estate, LLC, is the developer of an Internet based bidding platform, that targets homeowners and business-to-consumer service providers in the residential real estate industry. Less Percent enables homeowners wanting to sell their home to save thousands of dollars in commissions by providing homeowners the ability to compare multiple offers from top local real estate agents that want to win their listing. At no charge to the homeowner, Less Percent removes the hassle and awkwardness of having to negotiate with agents, while the homeowner remains completely anonymous until they select the agent that best fits their needs.


    The information contained in this news release, other than historical information, consists of forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act and Section 21E of the Exchange Act. These statements may involve risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those described in such statements. Such forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties, including all business uncertainties relating to product development, marketing, market acceptance, future capital requirements, competition in general and other factors that may cause actual results to be materially different from those described herein as anticipated, believed, estimated or expected. The Company is under no obligation to (and expressly disclaims any such obligation to) update or alter its forward-looking statements whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.


    Less Percent Real Estate, LLC.

    Michael Huegel, CEO

    856-823-4422 ext 501

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    CAREQ Emergency Notification Service provides administrators of care facilities (such as assisted living / nursing homes) with communications technologies that empower them with unprecedented speed and resources to focus on the safety and well-being of their residents, not only in emergency situations, but in day-to-day operations as well. With CAREQ-ENS, care administrators are best able to meet the challenges, responsibilities and expectations of those who depend on them most.
    The comprehensive messaging and tracking capabilities of CARE-ENS gives our assisted living facility a level of emergency and operational speed and visibility unlike anything we have ever seen before.

    Thuh Company proudly announces the availability of CAREQ-ENS Enhanced Notification Service for care facilities.

    Thuh Company, a proven leader in emergency communications technologies announces its newest product, CAREQ-ENS Enhanced Notification Service.   CAREQ-ENS automates enhanced communication services for organizations such as assisted living facilities and nursing homes that are directly responsible for the care and well-being of others.

    For many healthcare organizations, traditional communications and practices often rely on manual procedures and hardcopy information compounded by outdated technologies that can significantly delay timely decisions and actions.  Those challenges are further magnified in emergency circumstances.

    CAREQ-ENS was born out of discussions between healthcare administrators from assisted living and nursing home facilities combined with experienced fire marshal personnel to identify ways to improve the unique needs for overall emergency communications for these organizations.  Not only are emergency procedures for care-givers impacted by these challenges, but daily, ongoing operational communications are affected as well.  CAREQ-ENS addresses all of these needs using cutting-edge communications and data technologies that are already in use for emergency responders across North America to ensure the reliability and uptime that are required by the care services marketplace.

    The CAREQ Enhanced Notification Services provide care facilities with multi-level communications capabilities to:

    • execute an emergency response plan with unprecedented speed and efficiency from anywhere at anytime

    • communicate with all staff or specific staff groups in a controlled and efficient manner combined with built-in tracking of responses and availability of staff

    • select multiple methods to communicate with staff, families and community partners via text, phone, email or all three — depending on the mode of communications that is most convenient for each contact

    • easily send essential non-emergency messages to staff members as part of regular facilities operations (e.g. procedural changes, shift assignments, special notices)

    • readily customize communications to meet specific needs, saving time, effort and resources

    • store vital documents and checklists electronically such as pre-incident plans, blueprints, muster points and other critical information that is readily available at any time online

    • provide post-incident information for management review and reporting

    • CAREQ-ENS is designed to be accessed directly from anywhere using any device using standard Internet browser technology.  No special equipment is required and the system supports all types of phones (both cell and landlines) and other mobile devices.

    • There are few jobs as important as caring for our most vulnerable communities.  Maximizing their safety in their “homes” through effective communication and operations is vitally important.  CAREQ-ENS provides administrators with tools that empower them with more time and more resources to focus on the people who rely on them…the people who need them most.

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    COLUMBUS, OH – 26 Sep, 2016 – Today I am in the hospital with my 75 year old Dad.  He has been here for 7 weeks recovering from complications due to chemotherapy and radiation.  When you have to face death head on you get rather sober about what is important.  Things get a lot clearer with age and experience.  Born in 1940, my Dad comes from a generation of Americans who had just won a major World War and were set to the task of building a stronger and more civil America.  Dad didn’t grow up in a wealthy family and nothing came easy to him and his four sisters.  They owned a small grocery store in Hopkinsville, KY but deep in my Dad’s heart was the desire to become successful and go further than those before him.  When Dad was 18, the Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated and American’s were deep in the throws of the Vietnam War. 

    The protests to the Vietnam War birthed the sexual revolution and the use of drugs to find inner peace.  “Make love not war.” The Jim Crow laws had set a blue print for decades of segregation and racism.  The America of the 40s and 50s looked much different than that of the 60s and 70s.  America was a melting pot about to boil.   1976 was the 200th anniversary of America.  We were still an infant as far as nations go.   Our founding fathers did their best to fight tyranny and give us documents labored over in wisdom to help us steer the course of the American experiment.  Those guiding documents eventually led to the Emancipation Proclamation, Women’s Voting Rights, The Civil Rights Movement and our continued commitment to ensure Justice and Liberty for all.

    Dad graduated from Hop Town High in 1968 and went to college by working jobs between classes.  He got his degree in accounting and moved to Nashville, TN where he worked for Ernst and Ernst.  It was there that he met my Mom and the man who would change his life and help him accomplish his dreams.  That man was Dave Thomas and he had a vision to create a better hamburger.  Dad worked with Dave as his bookkeeper in the upstairs portion of their first Wendy’s store on Broad Street in Columbus, OH.  The rest is history.

    And so here we are today nearly 50 years later sitting in a hospital room, laughing about stories from his past, my childhood and funny stuff my dog Boomer is doing.  I always love talking to my Dad because he has a great heart.  We almost lost him a few weeks ago.  But this man is a fighter.  One day my Dad told me that he thought he wasn’t going to make it and he wanted to say goodbye to his family.  Holding back my tears I said, “Dad you can go be with Jesus now if you need to, but I think you still have some fight in you!”  Later that day he informed my wife and I that he was gonna fight it out.  That he was gonna stick around. 

    Dad is made of something that is woven into who we all are as Americans.  He has a faith that has never been broken.  And today in America we are sick.  The doctor has just stopped by and his diagnosis is not good.  Between the school shootings (Sandy Hook), terrorist bombings (NY), mall shootings (WA), attacks on nightclubs (FL), Police violence, Protestor violence, we are well on our way to becoming a footnote in the history books of the nation who died of self inflicted wounds.  And maybe its time to give up on the whole thing.  Maybe we need to face the facts that we are as good as dead.

    “When you have to face death head on you get rather sober about what is important.  Things get a lot clearer with age and experience.” 

    News flash: The heart of America is under attack.  There are enemies of America within and without who would love to see our demise.  They are trying desperately to turn us on each other, to cause confusion and fear.  The enemies of democracy and freedom are pounding on the walls of our heart.  They desire to create a culture of mistrust and violence so that they can easily come in and take over.  And so here we are just like my Dad sitting in his hospital room.  We need to decide if there is still fight in us.  Is America, the land of the free and the brave,  going to stick around?  For our children and our grand-children? 

    Our problems right now as a nation go way beyond anything that Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton can fix.  We need a change of heart.  We need a renewed heart.  How do you change your heart?  How do we change our nations heart?  This my friends is the most important question we should be asking.  How do we rise above racism and prejudice and class wars and political division?  How do we unite?  How do we overcome the fears and prejudice, reach across to those who are different and fight together for the heart of America once again?  We are, after all, The United States of America.  Our ancestors never quit working out the meaning of that name. 

    We really do need to make a decision.  But more importantly than who we vote for, we need to decide who we are going to become, as individuals and as a nation.  There is still time to turn this ship and lead future generations to more united and prosperous shores. Today I was telling my Dad what was going on, filling him in on the latest news.  Shootings in Charlotte, shootings in Washington, bombs in New York.  He simply said, with his usual few words of wisdom. “Violence isn’t the answer.  Peace among men.  We can’t blame everyone else.  The heart needs to be fixed.”

    Full News Story:

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    Salesachievers Inc., a leading marketing company, has publicly released real estate marketing software designed to give real estate agents a competitive advantage in connecting with home sellers first.

    Salesachievers Inc., a leading marketing company, has publicly released software designed to give real estate agents a competitive advantage in connecting with home sellers first. Research published by the National Association of Realtors in 2015 stated that 72% of home sellers hired the real estate agent they contacted first. The study further revealed that 80% of home sellers used the same agent when they purchased their next home. With this evidence in hand, the XSELL software was developed with the sole purpose of connecting real estate agents with home sellers first so they capture more listings at a lower cost compared to most marketing strategies.

    John McLain, a New Jersey real estate agent, shared his experience using the software;  “It’s amazing! In just 6 short weeks, I generated 16 appointments and converted 14 into new listings. Three are already under contract with potential earnings of $26,455. All of this was achieved with spending less than $500.”

    Unlike similar software available, the secret is the strategy used to find homeowners planning to sell ahead of competitors.

    “The software doesn’t work unless it’s paired with a strategy for finding homeowners planning to sell and the real estate agent understands the critical steps to follow up and achieve the best results,” said Jeffrey Nelson, President of Salesachievers, Inc. and developer of the XSELL software.

    “It’s from my experience of being a sales trainer and online marketer that my clients get the missing ingredient when implementing the only prospecting system they’ll ever need,” said Nelson.

    The software includes training, support and an easy-to-use account set up wizard for quick implementation.

    Elaine D., a real estate agent in Massachusetts and XSELL user had this to say: “This is more than just software! The training makes the difference. I met with my first homeowner who wasn’t ready to sell yet, but the training helped me uncover two referrals that led to opportunities!”

    The XSELL software cuts out the middleman so real estate agents do not have to buy expensive leads to fill their pipeline. A monthly subscription of $49 supports the software and agents who follow Nelson’s strategy invest $120 monthly in advertising to capture their own exclusive leads.

    For a limited time, Salesachievers, Inc. is offering a free 14 day trial so real estate agents can test drive the software before committing to the monthly subscription.

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    Company Name: Salesachievers Inc.
    Contact Person: Jeffrey Nelson
    Phone: 888-810-1390
    City: Scottsdale
    State: AZ
    Country: United States

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    Reebok’s Paul Fireman’s 13+ acre Brookline estate overlooking The Country Club has listed for sale with record asking price of $90 million.

    Reebok visionary Paul Fireman’s 13+ acre Brookline estate overlooking the 11th green at The Country Club has just been listed for sale with a record asking price of $90 million.

    The curved limestone mansion was built in 1999 and comprises 24 rooms, with 8 bedrooms, 7 full and 5 half bathrooms, and 8 fireplaces.

    The $90 million asking price is substantially above any active or previous residential listing or sale in MA: MLS shows only two current listings currently on the market for more than $15 million: a 2.8 acre, 20,000 square foot property in Weston at $17.75 million and a 21,848 square foot estate at Mishaum Point in Dartmouth (Buzzards Bay), originally priced at $25 million and now at $18.9 million. In addition, there are a couple of properties on the Vineyard and Nantucket for sale in the $25-35 million range.

    “This a historic listing and could very well set a record for the most expensive sale ever in Massachusetts,” notes Jonathan Slater, President of Castles Luxury Properties. “We’ve known this was coming to market for a while and have had potentially interested buyers and we wish Mr. Fireman well in his endeavors,” he adds.

    Slater adds that he is aware of other high end properties which are potentially available which would turn eyebrows if sold, adding that: “sometimes properties get sold without ever hitting the market and it’s our job as luxury property specialists to stay on top of these kind of things.”

    Public records show the property is assessed at $32.5 million which translates into an annual tax bill of more than $338,000.

    Fireman’s $90 million asking price dwarfs all of Massachusetts’ previous most expensive residential real estate transactions, including the recent eye-popping sale of the penthouse at the new Millennium Tower downtown which was purchased by Boston-area native and billionaire fund manager John Grayken for $35 million.

    Fireman is noted for turning Reebok into an athletic apparel, shoe, and sportswear powerhouse which was sold to Adidas in 2005 for $3.8 billion. All this is certainly good news for Tom Brady and Giselle Bündchen who have built a 14,000 estate around the corner on 5.2 acres — nearby  Robert Kraft, Dustin Pedroia, and Larry Lucchino.

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    Contact Person: Jonathan Slater
    Phone: 617-216-4000
    City: Brookline
    State: MA
    Country: United States

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