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    Across the country, housing markets have looked extremely good for those looking to sell. One of the best places for selling right now is in Wisconsin. Some people are living in fear that their house will not have the same value as it did about a year or so ago. The problems with selling a house begin when people realize that they are biting off more than they can chew. Balance is key when selling your home.

    Why Now?

    As of recently, real estate trends have been on the rise and are only going to increase in the near future. Another reason why this has become so popular is due to the low interest rates on all houses, including larger homes. Though these rates might increase in the near future, now is the best time to sell and buy a house.

    The largest housing markets in Wisconsin are Northwestern Wisconsin and Chippewa Valley. Not every region is ready for a large real-estate market, but these are certainly two very popular areas for big real estate markets.

    What You Should Know About Realty Groups

    When buying a home in Wisconsin, people tend to look for the help of Elite Realty Group. The agents working for Elite are determined to help customers find the right fit for them in the prices that fit the desired budget. Due to their flexibility and their willingness to help customers, this realty group has easily become the most popular in the regions of Wisconsin where houses are selling quickly.

    The most important part of buying a home is realizing that it is not the easiest task to take on, but with the right group, the process will seem so much smaller and more manageable, which is another reason why this group is so popular in the housing market as of right now.


    One of the biggest reasons why people have become drawn to the housing market right now is based on profit. While prices are at their high, people have been putting their houses on the market, so that there is somewhat of an advantage put in front of them. A homeowner who puts their house on the market while the market is at a high means the homeowner has a chance to make a profit on investments. The pricing of the houses is so high and are predicted to only get higher in the future.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Elite Realty Group
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (715) 830-1011
    Address:4410 Golf Terrace Suite 125
    City: Eau Claire
    State: WI 54701
    Country: United States

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    This season can be especially hard for irrigation, especially when it comes to irrigation spring start-up after winter blowouts. Irrigation systems can be extremely difficult to manage and benefit from without the proper strategies to restart it after the cold winter months. Without the knowledge of how to restart an irrigation system the right way, people have the chance of putting themselves and their plants in danger.

    The Most Important Parts of Irrigation System Installation

    With new irrigation systems, it’s important to keep the main purpose of having an irrigation system in mind. Irrigation systems are built for maintaining a healthy lawn and or landscape. Maintenance is very crucial if an irrigation system is desired to have a lasting effect. Professional companies like Green Oasis specialize in helping customers navigating the many different services and prices of irrigation system maintenance and help ensure that customers are getting the most for their money. All brands are serviced by the company, as well as many different types of sprinkler systems. Customers are sure to find a product that will benefit them, as there are tools for every type of lawn.

    The Benefits of Choosing a Qualified Lawn Care Specialist for Proper Restarts

    The choice to find a specialist who is 100% qualified is absolutely crucial to the longevity of an irrigation system. Businesses who hire degreed designers and have years of experience are the most important when deciding on a lawn care company, because they know what each kind of lawn needs and what will benefit each one in the long run. Having a qualified lawn care specialist means having someone who will accommodate the needs of the client, who will listen to the client, and build a trust with the client, so the client can feel secure about the hands that they are placing their lawn care in. Client needs are always put first with a qualified lawn care specialist

    Because each lawn is different in what it needs, it’s important to find a company that will listen to their customers to help find the best option for each individual lawn. Companies that also prioritize the seasonal longevity of the lawn are extremely important, so that even during the cold winter months, the lawn of the client needs to be the priority. These companies are experts at helping customers restart irrigation systems after winter blowouts in the correct way. They help make sure all of the valves are in the closing position, confirming that the point of blow-out is secure, determining where the main shut off for the water supply is, and make sure there is no leaking when the water is turned on. All of these are ways to restart an irrigation system, and with an expert’s help, customers are more than likely to complete the right steps when the time to restart their irrigation system has come. This has to be prioritized so that when those summer months return, the lawn is still in great condition.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Green Oasis
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (715) 832-0800
    Address:1403 122nd St
    City: Chippewa Falls
    State: WI 54729
    Country: United States

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    As of right now, the housing market has become extremely popular. A lot of the popularity and attention on the housing market owe a large part to waterfront property WI that is for sale. The beautiful views and breathtaking landscapes are almost too hard to pass up for many customers and have contributed largely to the success of home sales in the area.

    What Makes Waterfront Property So Great?

    The popularity of waterfront property has only increased over the years. Many of these homes for sale have a very modern look to them, while others tend to have an older feel. The variety among each type of home has viewers going to all extremes to purchase a home of their dreams. Finding waterfront property that suits exactly what the customer needs, though, can be challenging. This is why finding a company that has exceptional agents that specialize in helping customers find their dream water front property is a must.

    Which Company has Proven to Benefit Customers the Most?

    When it comes down to finding realty agents that put the needs of the customers first, Century 21 Wisconsin is the company people turn to. This company has been owned for multiple generations and has received several awards, such as the Quality Service Pinnacle Award in 2015. The basic foundation of this business was to focus on waterfront property, and that is exactly what they have done, along with several recreational properties. The goal of this company is to appeal to those looking to buy recreational property and be the customers first choice when doing so.

    This company prioritizes the customers. Agents working under this company are well educated, experienced, and more knowledgeable about the area that they are selling in than any other company competing with them. They have become extremely popular, because they are determined to help customers reach their goals for their dream home and will use every resource available to ensure that the client is getting their wishes fulfilled in a timely, yet quality fashion. The popularity of this specific company has grown in massive ways due to the consistency in their sales. For the past 25 years, they have been the leaders in sales for their particular area, even with such a small number of agents. The agents are determined to keep this consistency going and work even harder in years to come to help clients find their dream property.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: C21 Sand County Services, Inc.
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (715) 349-5300
    Address:24740 Hwy 35 and 70
    City: North Siren
    State: WI 54872
    Country: United States

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    Sheiva Sajadpour, Founder and CEO of LUPA Legacy, discusses individuality and creativity as tools for today’s emerging female entrepreneurs.

    For decades, women around the world have been underpowered and underrepresented in countless key areas of society. The business world, of course, has been a prime example of that fact until recent years. There has been a profound shift in the way American society views and receives female leadership, and in fact, one might even say that women in business are celebrated. More than ever before, female business owners are revered as trailblazers and sources of inspiration for future generations.

    That creates a challenge, though, for younger women who are just beginning to emerge into the business world. How can rising generations break through and compete with their predecessors – that powerhouse generation of female leaders? We asked SheivaSajadpour, Founder and CEO of LUPA Legacy, for some insight.

    “The way for female entrepreneurs to make a lasting impression is simple: it’s all about individuality and authenticity,” she explains. “If there is nothing special or unique about your image, service, or products, then consumers are not going to be interested in anything you offer. It’s 2018, and suffice it to say that modern consumers have seen it all. They want the highest quality products and five-star service, and they can spot a ‘hidden’ advertisement from a mile away.”

    LUPA Legacy’s entire brand story is rooted in individuality and diversity, with an emphasis on the idea that style is not just a fashion statement, but also a reflection of personality and identity. The company’s products, inspired by world travel and every individual’s need to define their own purpose in life, are as empowering as the company’s ethos.

    “We create products with purpose and a story to tell. That desire to forge a connection with our users has led us to great success, and we are now preparing for expansion into Canadian markets,” she states. Sajadpour then goes on to warn emerging woman-owned brands to remember that storytelling is a two-way street. “You can’t just tell your brand story. You have to p pay attention to the response you receive, as well. Be prepared to listen and respond to consumer demand.”

    About LUPA Legacy

    LUPA Legacy was founded by SheivaSajadpour, a global nomad and citizen of everywhere.  An engineer and designer by trade, she has made it her life’s work and passion to design products that give people the confidence and tools to define themselves and their unique purpose in the world.  

    Sheiva believes that everyone is creative and that every person’s story matters.  LUPA Legacy  is a culmination of the belief that style is not just fashionable, but rather a reflection of individuality, personality and identity.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Ignited Results
    Contact Person: Jon James
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (775) 636-6787
    Country: United States

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    Wallington, Sutton Gardens provide a fresh look to every home and are known to increase property values. While homeowners want to have gardens to boost the overall appeal of their houses, many find difficulties in materializing the design they want and maintaining its beauty afterward. This is where EarthCare Gardens, a top-rated Sutton landscaping design contractor, is ready to offer eco-friendly garden designs and landscaping services to Surrey and South London areas.

    “We pride ourselves on offering a bespoke design and landscaping service. This is tailored to each individual client’s tastes, budget, space, and needs. No two projects of ours will ever look the same, and you’ll be the owner of a unique outdoor space that will be the perfect setting for entertaining guests, or to provide the ideal opportunity to be at one with nature,” says Paul Gauntlett, the EarthCare Gardens spokesperson. The gardening contractor seeks to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their client’s outdoor space. EarthCare Gardens is based in Wallington but extends its service as far as Croydon and Putney.

    EarthCare Gardens has a comprehensive solution for clients looking for an outdoor space that combines beauty and practicality. They understand that no two individuals share the same taste, as they create gardens that suit the custom needs of their clients. The company boasts a wide range of gardening services suitable for small courtyards to large country landscapes. Homeowners can count on them on every phase of their gardening project, regardless of its magnitude. EarthCare Gardens Sutton landscaping experts provide concept and detailed scaled drawings. Clients can also ask them about building eco-friendly gardens, as well as periodic maintenance while using quality and environmentally-friendly materials.

    The Sutton landscaping design contractor also commits to providing professional but friendly services to the clients. EarthCare Gardens only wants the best for their clients, which is why they ask questions that will materialize the homeowner’s vision to life. Client testimonials are glowing, noting the contractor’s professionalism, and ability to give great advice on their gardens. Clients also praised EarthCare Gardens’ prompt response at short notice and exceeding rigid client standards.

    EarthCare Gardens is located at 15 Oak Walk Wallington, Surrey, SM6 7DE. Contact them via phone at 020 8557 1346, or via email at

    For additional information, visit their website at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: EarthCare Gardens
    Contact Person: Paul Gauntlett
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 020 8557 1346
    Address:15 Oak Walk
    City: Wallington
    State: Surrey
    Country: United Kingdom

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    As a way to boost their launch, Internet Business Boot Camp is excited to offer tremendous early bird discounts for their first 250 clients.

    A new online boot camp has recently launched to help online businesses and marketing entrepreneurs who need guidance on how to be successful. Internet Business Boot Camp is the brainchild of a group of highly successful internet marketers who came up with consulting sessions with the bottom line composed of business owners in mind. As a way to boost their launch, Internet Business Boot Camp is also excited to offer tremendous early bird discounts for their first 250 clients.

    Today’s businesses rely on online marketing to reach their goals and objectives. The lack of online presence can make any venture doomed to fail. Internet Business Boot Camp is the number one go-to company for all internet marketers while they help their clients in establishing insight-driven, customer-focused, and strong mindset. The team makes use of experiences and state-of-the-art technology that focus on marketing combined with hands-on practice to improve existing marketing abilities and skills.

    Recognized as the global leader when it comes to online business development and consulting, Internet Business Boot Camp has set the bars high which allow their clients to reach excellence and greatness. The company takes pride in offering expert consultations to clients of different backgrounds. They hope to educate all their clients to transform them into exceptional internet marketers that will make it big in the future.

    Internet Business Boot Camp is compiled of an outstanding team of marketing and business gurus that serve as the specialists for business. They are also familiar with the different facets of marketing and how it takes a full responsibility to teach others about various aspects of online marketing. They also provide a range of knowledge to their clients. Their team of specialists goes beyond miles to measure one’s circumstances and talent and to enlighten clients on marketing techniques that might improve their online marketing presence.

    Internet Business Boot Camp improvises consulting sessions. To expand and upgrade a variety of services, it also offers access to the Comrades Club that allows members to access numerous informative lectures and videos. Membership also gives them with access to organized articles that supplement the process of learning.

    To know more information about the new online boot camp, visit its official website at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Internet Business Boot Camp
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 833-333-5151
    Country: United States

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    Atlanta, GA – Mold Removal Doctor a leading provider of mold removal services based in Atlanta Georgia is delighted today to announce a dramatic growth both in inquiries and customers for their services.

    The company made the decision in late 2017 to begin to invest in some online marketing as they understood that in the modern world when a prospective client is trying to find a service provider, the first thing they do is go online and type in “Mold Removal Atlanta”. The harsh reality is that if a company does not have an online presence their opportunities for growth are very limited.

    Mold Removal Doctor Atlanta has seen an increase in inquiries of about 30 percent, since their online advertising program started, with confirmed orders increasing by about 20 percent. This is a drastic improvement, particularly in such a competitive marketplace. The company is now planning the next stage of their online marketing with the aim of becoming the number one provider of Mold removal in Georgia.

    “As a leading provider of Mold Remediation Atlanta, we were very aware of the strengths and indeed weaknesses of the internet,” said William White of Mold Removal Doctor. “Establishing a presence online is not an easy process which is why we made the decision to employ a digital marketing company. In all our years doing business, this could well have been the best decision we ever made, and the return on our investment has been significant. Our only regret was not investing in online marketing quicker.”

    Mold Removal Doctor is a locally owned and operated mold removal and remediation company. They offer a 24/7 emergency service and do not have any hidden charges. All of their technicians are fully bonded and licensed in Georgia.

    For more information about the company, or to book a free no-obligation quotation visit their website at

    Video Link:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Mold Removal Doctor Atlanta
    Contact Person: William White
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (404) 649-5888
    Address:258 Toni Pl SE
    City: Atlanta
    State: GA
    Country: United States

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    Oklahoma City, USA – Nonika is an online kids’ brand which is dedicated to offering a variety of clothing for newborn and baby girls. The online store’s mission is well reflected in the name “Nonika” itself which means “self-motivated little girl”. The team behind the brand holds a passion for creating clothing for the little baby girls that are not only comfortable and beautiful but also has one of a kind uniqueness just like their customers. It infuses elements like beautiful Batik print patterns, ruffles, Mosaic print, Gingham and more on premium fabric materials so that the little girls look no less than little princesses.

    Nonika was started with an aim to merge together beautiful designs, unique patterns, and construction techniques altogether served in premium quality clothing. Since its inception, the online store has managed to make a long list of happy and loyal customers. Their zeal to always exceed the customer’s expectations has made them quite popular among the community of new parents.

    What makes Nonika stand apart from other kids clothing brands is that it offers one of a kind collection using classic construction and pattern techniques. The patterns used on the Nonika clothing make the baby girl look their best. There are several steps included in creating Nonika’s truly unique collection such as handpicking the fabric, studying the pattern carefully, designing the clothes in a way to highlight the patterns, construct the clothing to fit perfectly to the size chart and decorate it to make it even more beautiful.

    Nonika offers a variety of clothing choices for the baby girl in sizes ranging from newborn to children of sizes up to 6T. Some of the clothing categories include the Nonika Signatures that features Batik print dresses, smocked dresses and floral print dresses in various size options. The ‘One of a Kind Collection’ features beautiful baby girl clothing such as the smocked Batik dress with elastic crew neckline, ruffles on the shoulder sleeves and smocked chest to make it stretchy and comfortable to wear. It also comes with a front waist-belt with rhinestone buckle.

    The Nonika collection is timeless and fashionable which can be used for the younger siblings or given to the relatives or friends in need of baby girl clothing. The brand is running a clearance sale under which the customers can find the Ruffle layer strap dress, Batik print dress, rosette sequin-sleeveless short set, dark blue floral long sleeve dress and more. The website features a user-friendly interface making it easy to navigate. The customer can simply enter their preferences like age and size to get the relevant results.

    More products and information about the brand can be seen on or our Facebook Store. Follow Nonika at FB Page My Nonika or Instagram mynonikacuteffordable.

    Facebook Page:

    Facebook Store:


    Media Contact
    Company Name: Nonika
    Contact Person: Press Execuctive
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +1-833-3NONIKA (666-452)
    City: Oklahoma City
    Country: United States

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    China-based indoor decoration materials production and supplies expert now stocking global market with a wide range of digital printable wallpaper and other imaging materials

    In continuation of their drive to offer innovative solutions to the digital imaging community, Shanghai ONEW New Material Co., Ltd unveils a wide variety of Printable wallpapers, self-adhesive media, glass media applications and others which make better products for signage, home interior displays, murals, and trade show graphics than the commercially available ones. To give room for flexibility while satisfying global customers’ graphics application needs, Shanghai ONEW New Material Co., Ltd features printable wallpapers, self-adhesive fabrics and other related products which are easy to handle, install and remove without residue or damage to walls.

    The company’s interior décor material collection features printable digital wallpapers which provide exemplary resilience to damage of any kind in addition to high-quality performance. The printable wallpaper presents a typical high-grade product. It is made of high-quality fabric base material, with non-woven paper attached to the back side which is primarily used for the replication of works of arts and for wall graphics application.

    ONEW: Global Interior Specials Stuns With Head-turning New Take On Design

    Included in their wide variety of products is the self-adhesive fabric which does not require the external application of adhesives. This makes it a lot easier to install and remove without traces of the adhesive on the wall. The clear color printing effect and excellent color production make it a perfect choice for signage display quality and commercial adverts. The introduction and use of biodegradable polyester fabric as the base material is an environmentally friendly approach which brings increased sustainability to one’s own interiors, at the same time offering the much-needed impulse for the entire industry.

    Other major product categories in addition to the printable wallpaper and self-adhesive fabric include Glass applications, Artist display, Large format printing Media. These products employ innovative cling technology and used in, printing, premium window graphics, and other sign-making needs. 

    With this wide range of wallpapers to choose from, the interior decoration materials collection by ONEW portrays a new frontier in digital printing. One can find out more about the company and their products visiting

    About ONEW New Materials Co., Ltd

    ONEW New Materials Co., Ltd started operations in 2001 and centers on centers on production, research as well as sales of high-quality Indoor decoration products. It has its production base in Anhui province with a staff strength of over 50. There are over two advanced coating production lines and adhesives-coating machines, and other advanced cutting equipment. Recently, production is estimated at a rate about 8 million per month and work is in progress to exceed. Water-based acrylic resin technology is utilized in the production process to safe products for clients. Major products include different varieties of printable wallpaper, self-adhesive materials, Glass applications, Art displays, Large format printing Media and lots more.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Shanghai ONEW New Material Co., Ltd
    Contact Person: Leo Hu
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86-17316397787
    City: Shanghai
    Country: China

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