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    Tennessee, USA – Plumbing problems should never be treated as DIY projects.  A reputable licensed plumbing company should be the first one called when any plumbing issue arises, but it is hard to determine which plumbing company will provide quality, reasonably priced work.  For individuals living the Memphis, Tennessee, area, Memphis Plumbing is praised as the best choice for all plumbing needs.

    Memphis Plumbing is a licensed plumbing company with a team of experienced and skilled plumbers that are proud to service Memphis and the surrounding area.  High quality work is put into all plumbing tasks, whether it is a small issue or a complex situation. With a focus on customer satisfaction, this plumbing company delivers professional results for reasonable prices. This plumbing team understands that even the smallest plumbing problems can cause big inconveniences, so their reliable service is available 24/7.

    A wide array of services areavailable, including toilet repair, leak detection services, emergency plumbing, cleaning drains, water heater repair, sewer repair, and more.  Whether homeowners experience a minor plumbing problem or a complex problem, Memphis Plumbing’s team is trained and equipped to meet customers’ needs.  No service is too unimportant or too complicated for this company to handle, and homeowners are encouraged to call for any problem that arises.  Thanks to this plumbing company’s expert plumbers, clients can be assured that quality work will be completed for all tasks, quickly and hassle-free.  Most importantly, homeowners should not be scared that with big promises will come big prices.  Unlike other companies, this Memphis company promises to never add any hidden fees or extra charges.  Dripping faucets, leaking toilets, clogged drains, complete sewer system replacements, and much more can be fixed by this team of reliable and experienced plumbers.

    Those in the Memphis area with any plumbing concerns are encouraged by Memphis Plumbing to get in contact with them immediately.  Emergencies do not wait to occur during normal operating hours, which is why services are available at all times. 

    Customers can call Memphis Plumbing at (901)472-7754, email, or stop by their physical location at 2228 Vinton, Memphis, Tennessee 38104. 

    Clients can visit their new website at for a full listing and descriptions of services. 

    Let the experts at Memphis Plumbing offer their skills in solving any and all plumbing services because finding a reliable, quality plumbing company should not be as complicated as fixing the plumbing issue itself.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Memphis Plumbing
    Contact Person: Brad Wilson
    Phone: (901) 472-7754
    City: Memphis
    State: TN
    Country: United States

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    Queensland, Australia – Since 2015, Caps Direct has become a leading supplier of custom-made caps and headwear. To date, Caps Direct has supplied over 185,000 branded caps and hats to schools, universities, companies, government bodies and more. Now, by offering this experience online, they have put the ease into ordering hats, caps and other headwear products that are custom branded with a client’s logo.

    Headwear is essential, whether it be for showing team support, supporting a cause, or for custom branding of a company. Creating a unique fashion statement is also a popular use for headwear. Anyone can create a hat, cap or other headwear product, but putting the right design on it takes a plain hat and makes it into something that stands out from the pack. It lets a brand be promoted stylishly.

    Previously serving over forty different brands including those like significant car manufacturers of Audi and Maserati, as well as names like Dulux, Baskin Robbins, RioTinto, and even Heritage Bank, Caps Direct is pleased to announce a new way to meet their customer’s needs: They have just launched an online experience in order to connect with more customers on a worldwide scale, Relentless quality control, the best online pricing, the highest standard of satisfaction and service, and their speedy delivery service are just a few of the aspects a customer can expect when partnering with Caps Direct for customized headwear.

    They’ve made the process incredibly easy, too. Their site allows them to accept nearly all forms of payment, and they’ve provided an online design suite with easy to follow guidelines that ensure the perfect product. 2D and 3D embroidery, screen printing, brim embroidery, badges and patches, metal buckle decoration, and peak decoration are just a few of the design options, displaying how they are leading the industry in customizing headwear. In addition to these options, a client is even able to discuss full customization if their needs don’t align with these choices. Another benefit to their new site is being able to display previous work, showcasing their many talents.

    Numerous consumers who are seeking a genuinely customizable experience for their headwear have been helped by Caps Direct. Ranging from universities to auto companies, and businesses in all varieties of industries, Caps Direct has served the custom branding niche. From choosing a style of hat or cap to uploading artwork, local expert advice makes the process quick and easy, while proven dedication to service that leaves clients 100% satisfied ensures the best possible product.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: CapsDirect
    Contact Person: CapsDirect Team
    Phone: 1300789429
    City: Brisbane
    State: Queensland
    Country: Australia

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    Manchester, U.K. – Adblurb is pleased to announce the imminent launch of a network that will change traditional marketing methods and revolutionize the advertising industry as it stands today. The system is based on Adblurb’s crypto currency, which will be used for electronically connected advertising transactions all over the world and provide benefits for advertisers and consumers alike.

    Advertising serves a critical purpose by enabling businesses to compete with each other and get the attention of potential customers. Billions of dollars are put into advertising every year. But as all businesses know, the costs are enormous, and the results often disappointing.  And part of the problem is that although the world has changed a great deal over the past few decades, advertising methods have more or less remained stuck in the past.

    “Current advertising methods are inadequate in so many ways,” says Adblurb founder and CEO Luc Brunelle. “The fees are astronomical, there’s no security, no transparency, and the system is fraught with scams and frauds. Adblurb is going to provide solutions to all these problems and more. We’re so proud of what we’ve accomplished here!”

    According to Brunelle, the system will have the advantages of being easy to use, with low network fees, and unique methods that allow advertisers to reach their targeted audiences. Adblurb will offer a fully decentralized environment that’s transparent, secure and open to everyone. The platform will also guarantee real traffic with no bots, and the provision of detailed campaign records. 

    The network will use its own crypto currency, called the Adblurb coin, which will be used to purchase goods and services from other users. Impressions and clicks will be exchanged for Adblurb currency. And the Adblurb smart-contract will make the system fast and easy to navigate, as it in effect provides a friendly gateway between advertiser and publisher.

    “Adblurb is unique not because of its decentralized nature, many other projects also have the same goal.  But they won’t be here for long for many reasons, such as lack of systematic management,” adds Brunelle.

    “Adblurb is not simply an Ad marketplace, but also solves many problems for the Crowdfunding and Ecommerce industries. Adblurb is for people who just want to be part of Adblurb without being advertisers or publishers. For them, the Adblurb Microtask feature is available, and that is why Adblurb is going to be very famous.”

    Adblurb will particularly benefit advertisers, affiliates and affiliate networks.

    Benefits to Advertisers

    With the current system, merchants are required to pay a middleman for their advertising needs. This means that they are required to pay an average of 55% more, just for the privilege of using a middleman. Adblurb doesn’t use middlemen, so merchants will be able to count on a system that’s far more cost-effective.

    Another advantage is that the Adblurb network is decentralized, allowing merchants to be able to trust the affiliates and the affiliate networks they work with. The use of blockchain technology means that fraud is practically impossible.

    Adblurb is likely to become particularly popular with small businesses due to cost and ease of use. As Brunelle points out, the system will allow people “to trade and do business with trust in a trustless world.”

    Video Link:


    Benefits for Affiliates and Affiliate Networks


    Conventional marketing platforms are not affiliate-friendly. Delayed payouts will be a thing of the past with Adblurb. With complete transparency and its own crypto currency, Adblurb will guarantee instant payouts whenever needed.


    Affiliate networks will appreciate the fact that Adblurb will be free to join and there will be no entry restriction.


    The Adblurb Ad Marketplace


    In Adblurb, advertisers and publishers work with the smart contract. With the smart contact feature many current marketplace issues will not be part of the Adblurb process. This will make Adblurb very appealing to the advertising industry.


    Crowdfunding using Adblurb


    The ready-to-deploy smart contract is suitable for different charities to raise or crowdfund for their specialized subject. The crowdfunding solution will be very helpful to perform the process of raising funds for whatever reason. However, strict and versatile verification will be put in place for this option, as demand is getting higher and will only continue to increase.




    Adblurb is not only an advertising platform, but also a marketplace where one can buy or sell goods and services. Adblurb will produce different mechanisms and prototype smart contracts to allow users to list one or many products or services that can be seen by everyone in the Adblurb network. These can be purchased with Adblurb Coin or fiat currencies or even with the Adblurb Visa Card.


    The Adblurb marketplace will use Escrow, by which buyer and seller can decide whether they want to remain anonymous or want to open their profiles. If someone purchases any goods or services from the Marketplace, the Marketplace will hold the funds from the purchaser in a multi-sign wallet and once the product or service has been performed and provided to the buyer in a predetermined timeframe, then the funds will be allocated to the Seller’s wallet. The buyer can then rate the service and give reviews about the seller, allowing other potential purchasers to make decisions based on that user’s ranking and reviews.




    Adblurb is an application for everyone, so anyone can be the advertiser, publisher or affiliate. If a user wants to join the Adblurb network, in order to generate passive income, without being part of an ad campaign or review process, they can simply join the microtasks team, where users get paid for every small job they complete.


    Examples of Microtasks are as follows:


    • Adsurfing


    • Any verification job Adblurb requests


    • Surveys and reviews


    • Playing video games


    • Watching videos


    • Writing articles or similar jobs that require a certain skill.


    “Adblurb is for everyone, owned by everyone and most importantly loved by everyone. We are inviting everyone to take advantage of the Initial Coin Offering,” says Brunelle. “We’re changing history here – so why not be a part of that?”


    For more detailed information, Adblurb’s Whitepaper is available here:


    The presale begins on March 1st, 2018.  

    Find out more about the Adblurb project by visiting the website at


    Media Contact
    Company Name: Adblurb
    Contact Person: Luc Brunelle
    Phone: +44 7520636459
    City: Manchester
    Country: United Kingdom

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    Having more than a million customers already, MMOGO looks forward to increasing their fan base after announcing huge discounts on most of the ‘hot products’.

    As one of the leading brands dealing in virtual products, recently announced its upcoming sales campaign which would run until further notice from the e-store management. According to the owners, big discounts will be applicable on their ‘hot products’ that include NBA 2K MT, FIFA Mobile Gold coins, RuneScape Gold & OSRS Gold, IMVU Credits, POE Trade Currency and more.

    “Though FIFA still remains the most preferred choice for a large number of customers, the other hot games have also garnered a lot of popularity.  So whether someone chooses to play on Xbox 360 or PS4, these virtual currencies will ensure that the overall gaming experience is a great one,” said Mr. Gong, an executive who is long associated with

    With more than 8 years of presence in the online gaming industry, MMOGO has introduced many new console games with time. By attaching paramount importance to customers’ needs, the site has garnered positive responses.

    When asked about the objective of announcing big discounts on so many hot products together, the executive added, “We believe in the power of referrals. For those who are getting these coins at unthinkable prices now will also promote the same through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, and more gamers would come to know about our IMVU credits sale. Besides, gamers can look forward to enjoying themselves by buying these coins and constantly upgrading their accounts.” allows customers to choose from a plethora of payment options, including PayPal. The company is known for its fast delivery of services and refunds, if any, are also done timely.

    At a recent press meet, the CEO of said, “We take pride in our team who keeps coming up with innovative ideas and irresistible offers. This reduction in rates is also the brainchild of our expert professionals who attach considerable importance to customers’ penchant for gaming. We believe the promotional offers would entice our patrons to buy more and play more.”

    About the Company is a reputed online store selling NBA Live coins, FIFA Mobile Coins, Madden Mobile Coins and such.

    Skype ID: live: mmoak_3

    Media Contact
    Company Name:
    Contact Person: Mr. Gong
    Phone: +8615256087919
    Country: United States

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    Toronto, Canada – Toronto SEO Expert, one of the fastest growing SEO companies in Canada is delighted to announce that they have just had their most successful year to date. The company which has been in business for over three years has signed up more clients than ever this year. The vast majority of those new customers coming from referrals from friends and relatives of previous clients. As a consequence, the company has needed to recruit more staff members, and they now employ over 100 people.

    “The SEO industry is becoming ever more competitive, and yet, our company has continued to grow at a rapid rate year on year,” said Jonny Loisel of Toronto SEO. “We believe that this is due to our excellent customer service team and attention to detail. Although we are in a results-driven industry, we have always believed that communication is key. We update all of our clients on a monthly basis about the work we have undertaken, and the reasoning behind that work. Although many of our clients are not necessarily concerned about the intricacies of SEO, they still appreciate being informed and kept up to date on the performance of their website. We believe this is the reason why when it comes to SEO in Toronto, more and more people are choosing our company. It is also one of the key reasons why we have decided to expand, as the demand for our services continues to increase.”

    Toronto SEO Expert is a family owned and operated Search Engine Optimization company, based in Toronto Canada. They offer a wide variety of services including SEO services, Pay Per Click, and Social Media Marketing. The company has established a reputation for integrity, honesty and delivering outstanding results for their clients.

    For more information about the company, or to book a free no-obligation quote visit their website at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Toronto SEO Expert
    Contact Person: Jony Loisel
    Phone: 1 (888) 406-1802
    Address:220 Yonge St
    City: Toronto
    State: Ontario
    Country: Canada

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    Las Vegas, NV – Action 1 Restoration of Nevada, is delighted to announce that they have recently relaunched their restoration services in Nevada. The company has invested significant time and resources to ensure that they have partnered with the best providers in Nevada, with the intention of providing one of the quickest and most professional services in the local area.

    Action 1 Restoration of Las Vegas is acutely aware that the speed of response is critical when disaster strikes. A quick response can literally save the owners of the property thousands of dollars, which is why Action 1 instigated an in-depth and intensive process to identify only those companies who reached the highest standards. Their staff and contractors are passionate and committed to delivering a first-class service that clients will recommend to their friends and families.

    “We are confident that we have put in place a team of contractors who have the capacity to react rapidly to any emergency scenario,” said Eduardo Sapp of Action 1 Restoration and Remodelling. Whatever your water-based disaster our team of professionals will quickly and efficiently deal with your situation, minimizing the damage and completing any restoration work to the highest possible standards. We won’t turn your disaster into a crisis. We know that we have set the bar at an entirely new level and look forward to becoming one of the top providers of water damage restoration services in the Nevada region.

    Action 1 Restoration is a 24-hour emergency restoration provider that has partnered with many local contractors to help you get the immediate and fast response you need and deserve when you are having a water damage restoration emergency.

    For more information about the company, the various services they provide, or to book a no-obligation quotation, visit their website which is located at

    Video Link:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Action 1 Restoration of Las Vegas
    Contact Person: Eduardo Sapp
    Phone: (702) 483-9994
    Address:2478 E Desert Inn Rd
    City: Las Vegas
    State: NV 89121
    Country: United States

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    PawJoy Promises more…

    February 12, 2018 – Following the rebranding of OnePetHub, the company has changed their name to Pawjoy and also launched their new online store The rebranding is intended to not only bring more positive and vibrant vibes but also more joy to the community of pet lovers. OnePetHub, now Pawjoy is a store that prides itself in providing “hard to find” gifts that are unique, fun and most importantly, affordable.

    Beyond the store’s desire to bring in a new vibe and give customers a fresh feel, they have also come with the promise of providing better service to their customers through a progressive upgrade of their facility. Pawjoy offers custom-made pet pillows, pet key chains and several other related products that could be a perfect gift at an affordable price to please someone. They supply handmade pillows for pets that are unique and fun for the gifting purpose. Their ultimate goal is to bring joy to every one of their customers, hence, the name Pawjoy.

    Pawjoy offers what pet enthusiasts might find difficult to resist: an opportunity to express their love for pets by making a creative representation of their pets in the way they deem most appealing. Giving a pet pillow to a pet owner or enthusiast may also be the warmest gift they can receive. This is a store all pet lovers would love to consider the next time they feel like treating themselves.

    Evident of the store’s confidence in providing customers with what they want is their promise of 100% satisfaction guarantee. People who agree with A.D. William’s quote that “when I look into the eyes of an animal I do not see an animal. I see a living being. I see a friend. I feel a soul,” will find Pawjoy irresistible for their promises.

    According to the spokeperson, they have personalized dog picture pillows, personalized cat picture pillows, horse pillow, baby face pillow and lots more for customers to choose from. All these pillows are made from quality materials that will also provide the necessary comfort and relaxation to the pets.

    To place an order for a personalized handmade pillow for a pet, one can visit the website or Instagram:

    About Pawjoy

    Pawjoy is a store that is committed to providing pet lovers with innovative and custom pet pillows of impeccably high standards.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Pawjoy
    Contact Person: Rebecca
    Country: United States

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    Amazon is ubiquitous in the world of online shopping, but it’s not the only option for buying and selling products. The sharing economy, powered by sites like ECrent, is quickly catching on as a sustainable, flexible alternative for consumers around the world.

    ECrent is aiming to become the world’s largest online rental platform and includes everything from cars to houses to clothing. It is growing by the day and offers many of the same features consumers have come to love from Amazon.

    Here’s the breakdown on how Amazon compares to the sharing economy and why you might want to consider a site like ECrent before you make your next Amazon purchase:

    Unlimited possibilities

    Amazon’s rentals focus on movies and other types of media, while just about anything you can think of are available through the sharing economy and ECrent. If you love Craigslist, Freecycle, and Airbnb, then ECrent will be right up your alley.

    You can plan an entire trip through ECrent — everything from a hotel room to a car to all the gear you’ll need for traveling. And, the best part is that you do not need to purchase any of it. You can rent these items only for the period that you need them, then return them when you are finished.

    Booking a hotel through ECrent can also provide cost savings over booking through the hotel’s website or other travel sites. Plus, you have the convenience of booking everything for your trip all in one place.

    This is one of the reasons people love Amazon so much; the site has everything. The same concept applies when it comes to booking a trip through ECrent.

    Bottom line boost

    Not only does renting allow you to live a carefree lifestyle, you can make money while you’re at it. You can list an item for rent through ECrent just as easily as you can rent something yourself.

    Because Amazon has so many offerings and it’s so easy to buy something, you probably have at least a few items lying around that you no longer need or want. Turn them into a profit by listing them for rent. Others can benefit from using them, and you receive a return on the investment you’ve already made. 

    Of course, this doesn’t just apply to things purchased from Amazon. You can list just about anything for rent from your home to services like photography and coaching. If you have a passion for helping others, ECrent allows you to nurture by offering your services while making money at the same time. You can even start your own business by creating a customized online store for your targets, in less than 10 minutes.

    Environmental footprint

    Renting is also a great option if you are looking to reduce your environmental impact. By choosing to rent, you’ll be lessening the impact of consumption on the planet. 

    Thanks to modern innovations, many goods have become cheaper to produce over the years. However, the methods used to make them are still bad for the environment and many of those items will end up in a landfill once the user is finished with them.

    Renters can save money by renting instead of buying and become more sustainable consumers, too. By using ECrent, you can use items for only as long as you need them, and then pass them along to someone else.

    The sharing economy

    Speaking of the sharing economy, it’s growing by the day as more and more people take on the renting lifestyle. In fact, rentals accounted for nearly all of the new households established in the United States between 2010 and 2016 according to the Urban Institute.

    The sharing economy will only continue to grow as more and more people work remotely and have the flexibility to move around from place to place. 

    With ECrent, these digital nomads can find a place to stay, rent a car to get around and rent furniture and other items from the same convenient site. It can all be returned when it’s time to move onto the next place.

    As part of the sharing economy, ECrent connects renters with other like-minded individuals to ensure smooth interactions throughout the rental process. ECrent also allows users to know exactly where their items are coming from and establish personal connections in the rental market.

    About ECrent

    Established in 2013, ECrent aims to be the world’s largest and most extensive global online rental platform. We encourage people to share through renting for a sustainable future. Each month, ECrent receives more than millions of page views from users in 180+ countries.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: EC Advertising Limited
    Contact Person: Calvin Leung
    Phone: 852 3106 0372
    Country: HongKong

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    Anyone interested in exploring affiliate marketing can find program reviews and guides at new website

    FEBRUARY 12, 2018 – Affiliate marketing is one of the top ways to make money online, yet many people are interested in breaking through the market with no idea of how to start. The team at Knowledge Refuge is offering assistance in this area by delivering comprehensive affiliate marketing education at their website.

    When visitors arrive at the website, they are welcomed by a list of tips for affiliate marketing that includes gauging audience, updating, design, social sharing, and more. In addition, visitors can discover the top affiliate marketing programs by scanning through the Knowledge Refuge home page.

    Articles such as “Educational Software for Students” provide further information on affiliate marketing and related topics, while reviews such as “The Simplilearn Affiliate Program Review”, “Rosetta Stone Affiliate Program Review”, and others offer comprehensive information on the best affiliate marketing programs available today.

    Knowledge Refuge is committed to helping people earn income at their convenience, and the team continues to conduct research on the best affiliate programs out there. Details can be found at

    About Knowledge Refuge

    Knowledge Refuge helps affiliate marketers learn the ins and outs of the business by offering in-depth articles, program reviews, and more.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Knowledge Refuge
    Contact Person: Emmanuel Bazile
    State: New York
    Country: United States

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    CEO’s looking to improve their understanding of the Information Technology (IT) without becoming a geek now have a dynamic resource to help them following the launch of the new book, A CEO’s Survival Guide to Information Technology.

    Billed as a crotchety old geek’s road map to Information Technology, A CEO’s Survival Guide to Information Technology, offers an insider’s perspective to the technology world and valuable information to help the non-technical CEO make better decisions. The book covers key concepts behind the impact that IT has on a business such as:

    • Things to know about cyber security concerns
    • Importance of training end users for cyber security
    • Kinds of IT support to have for a company
    • Knowing when IT is obsolete in a company
    • Knowing if backups for a company is effective and up to date
    • And more

    A CEO’s Survival Guide to Information Technology
    was written by Bob Coppedge- the owner and CEO of Simplex-IT – a local and nationally award-winning Managed Service Provider in northeast Ohio. Coppedge has worn just about every hat in the IT business – from developer, data base analyst, consultant and IT Director to Chief Information Officer.

    Questioned about the motivation for writing the book, he explained: “I wrote A CEO’s Survival Guide to Information Technology out of the frustration I’d experience when talking about the challenges and problems that business owners have with their IT We IT folks have a reputation of being condescendingly arrogant, overbearing, and aloof with understanding the full atmosphere of the business.

    Often times, CEOs don’t feel that they need or want to take the time to understand. These are conversations I’ve had over and over with CEOs, and I couldn’t find anything written from the perspective of the CEO trying to manage their IT problems, except to teach the CEO about IT.”

    A CEO’s Survival Guide to Information Technology is Coppedge’s debut book. But the manual is written in plain, simple language and understandable terms that the average CEO will quickly grasp. The author quickly reels in readers from the onset with wit and humor – making it the book not just informative, but also an entertaining read. Brimming with strategies and advice, CEO’s will find themselves returning to this survival guide time and again.

    Initial sales and ranking of A CEO’s Survival Guide to Information Technology indicate that there is a genuine need for this kind of resource. The book hit # 1 in Information Management and Business and Money categories within days of being launched.

    One reader wrote: I have read this great book twice! Such a clear, understandable need to know guide. Not just great for CEO’s but anyone that doesn’t speak “Geek” as a primary language!

    A CEO’s Survival Guide to Information Technology is available in paperback and Kindle formats on Amazon for a retail price of $14.36 and $9.93, respectively. A portion of this book’s proceeds will go to Blast Glioblastoma, a non-profit organization seeking to raise money for brain tumor research.  

    For further details visit: and

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Simplex-IT
    Contact Person: Patti Smerk
    Phone: 234-380-1277
    City: Stow
    State: Ohio
    Country: United States

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    In response to the resurgence of United States manufacturing activity and observation that manufacturing sector companies are searching for increased efficiency in sales and marketing processes, C5 Insight has developed resources to aid in designing improved sales processes.

    The manufacturing sector has been heating up in the United States as the economy has been expanding. Additionally, recent tax law changes and government policy initiatives have accelerated the resurgence of domestic production. While that’s good news for America’s manufacturers, competition is intense in most industries and there’s constant pressure for improved productivity in all parts of a manufacturing enterprise, including sales and marketing operations.

    Over the past two decades, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions have become mainstream in manufacturing organizations in an attempt to automate sales and marketing processes. In recent years, CRM projects have become the top software application investment priority. Although companies that have successfully implemented CRM report that CRM investments return over $5.00 for every dollar spent on CRM, surveys have shown that between 30% and 60% of CRM projects result in failure.

    C5 Insight conducted a research study on CRM implementation results so that businesses can understand the risks of CRM projects and how to avoid the risks. The result of the research is an executive briefing paper, “CPR for CRM.” The white paper describes user experiences with CRM failure rates, root causes of failure and principles for CRM success. The company has also developed a workbook to use as a starting point in developing and automating a sales process. The workbook, “Rapid Sales Process Design Workbook: Develop a CRM-Ready Sales Process” and the executive briefing paper are available upon request at

    Geoff Ables, C5 Insight Managing Partner, said, “One of the most common causes of CRM projects not meeting expectations it that the project is started with the understanding that the business has a technology problem and selection of the right solution will solve that problem. It becomes easy to fall into the trap of believing that selection and installation of the right software will produce rapid benefits.” He continued, “This leads the buying process to focusing on the software and vendors instead of the business needs, processes and collaboration that CRM solutions are designed to facilitate.”

    Ables is the author of “The LUCK Principle: Business Results at the Intersection of People & Profit.” In the book he teaches how to harness the power of people, process, and technology to transform a business into a workplace that balances a people-first culture with bottom-line results. Ables is frequently requested to speak to manufacturing groups around the United States as well as internationally on the topics of the future of work, digital disruption, customer relationship management, social collaboration and big data.

    C5 Insight, based on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, was founded in 2002 and is a leader in delivering customer engagement and employee collaboration projects. The company has consulted with hundreds of companies around the world in a broad range of industries. The firm has twice been named to the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies.

    For more information about C5 Insight, visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Nations Media Group
    Contact Person: Bill Kopatich
    Phone: 704-625-0097
    Country: United States

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    The Trinity Team @ Keller Williams Preferred Realty has a Mission to be a Real Estate Company of choice providing a service with honesty, integrity and transparency. Giving their clients and employees a sense of security that their best interests as the highest priority.

    Their Vision is to establish a Kingdom environment of righteousness, honesty, integrity and security for all who come in contact with them.  Honoring God and allowing Him to bless the business by following His plan for the overflow to advance His Kingdom. To Cultivate generosity and favor with God, being grateful for all He does enabling them to be a blessing as they are blessed.

    Joe Chavez is the Team’s Sales & Marketing Specialist.  He supports the office by connecting home buyers and sellers with their knowledgeable and experienced agents.  With over 23 years of experience in customer service, sales and most recently Business Process Outsourcing, Joe has generated an enormous passion for helping others, both personally and professionally.  His ultimate goal is to make a positive impact in people’s lives and make sure they get the support needed to make the home buying and selling process as comfortable as possible.  He is a Colorado native that enjoys skiing, camping and spending quality time with his wife and two sons.

    Chavez said, “I am very excited that I have become a member of such an amazing team that seeks to produce the type of value and service that is expected and as equally deserved to our community. It will be with great honor that I will help maintain such levels of service all while helping grow the business in order to help many others and give back to our amazing community.” 

    For more information on the keys to success in the residential and commercial real estate market in the Denver Metro area, and what makes the Trinity Team @ Keller Williams Preferred Realty unique in how they approach serving the real estate needs in the community, contact Joe Chavez today.

    Trinity Team @ Keller Williams Preferred Realty

    11859 Pecos St. Suite #200
    Westmister, CO 80234
    Office: 303-539-5563
    Mobile: 303-653-5755

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Marketing Huddle, LLC
    Contact Person: Mike Saunders, MBA
    Phone: 1-888-467-6374
    Country: United States

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    “Stoned” by Tim Butler FRICS, reached Number One on’s Best Seller List in the Kindle, Architecture Historic Preservation; Amazon Books, Historic Preservation and Kindle Short Reads, Education and Reference on on 8th October 2018.

    Author and Chartered Surveyor Tim Butler’s recent release, Stoned The Essential Pocket Guide to Living In, Maintaining, Renovating and Conserving Old Stone Properties hit’s best seller list on 8th October 2018, climbing all the way to Number One in the Kindle, Architecture Historic Preservation; Amazon Books, Historic Preservation and Short Reads, Education and Reference categories.

    In his book, Butler addresses the key factors in looking after Stone Built properties. Whether a cottage or castle they are more regarded as a living breathing thing, rather than a solid rigid structure.   Tim said, ‘Old stone buildings are a bit like human beings, they have specific needs which do not necessarily apply to the traditional brick or block building.’

    In response to the book hitting Number One, Butler stated, ‘It’s a wonderful opportunity to be able to share my knowledge with clients and period/historic property lovers.’

    With the recent news around the Historic Preservation and Conservation of buildings in particular the work being carried out on the UK’s Houses of Parliament which is regularly featured in the media and on TV.  His book “Stoned” (to shorten the title) is a hot topic and a must be read for Property Owners and Purchasers of Old Stone Buildings whether practised trades people or lay persons.


    Tim Butler FRICS has many years’ experience in surveying, valuing, and Managing the renovation and conservation of period properties. His opinion is regularly sought by the English Court System as an Expert Witness in Litigation cases involving property. Butler has a passion for Old Stone Buildings and is a regular speaker at events being in demand across the North West of England for his knowledge.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Ask the Butler Ltd
    Contact Person: Tim Butler FRICS
    Phone: +44 783198019
    Country: United Kingdom

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    Nimesh Mehta is a successful sales leader who shares his 2 decade experience with those who are learning the science & art of selling. Now, he is offering a free copy of his bestselling book, Sales Booster, through his website.

    Nimesh Mehta, author of Sales Booster: The New Science & Art of Selling (Leadership and Sales Turnaround Wisdom from the World’s Top Leaders and Organizations), is a dynamic sales leader whose wisdom and experience has helped countless sales representatives maximize their potential. Now, this bestselling author is offering a FREE copy of his book through his website to expand his mentorship to a wide audience.

    Sales Booster: The New Science & Art of Selling (Leadership and Sales Turnaround Wisdom from the World’s Top Leaders and Organizations) discusses the real reasons behind the disproportionate success in the sales industry. Answering questions such as “why some companies generate year on year growth in sales when most other companies struggle?” and “why some sales guys are more successful than others and why top 20 percent of sales leaders earn 80 percent of the income?”, Mehta mines his years of experience and wisdom to share the five elements of personal success in any field; the 8 success mantras necessary to close “forever” sales; winning strategies to stay ahead of the competition; tips for building lifelong customer relationships; understanding 21st century sales process; overcome the fear of rejection, becoming a time management expert; gaining more client referrals and testimonials, understanding the 15 leadership traits of the 21st century and how to convert objections and complaints into Sales.”

    According to Mehta, “I believe everyone is in sales. Regardless of the title, position or profession, every person is selling an idea, concept, product, or service to other person. Nothing happens until sale takes place in the company or country. Sales Booster is for everyone who wants to maximize success in his or her personal and professional life.” Mehta lists his two favorite sayings as “Sales is not just in the knowing, it’s in the doing,” and “You don’t need to be great to start selling, but you need to start selling to become great.”

    Readers can now obtain a FREE copy of Sales Booster, a $32 value, by visiting the website at

    About Nimesh Mehta:

    Nimesh Mehta is a dynamic sales leader with seventeen years of experience in sales and marketing across industries, with expertise in asset and equity investment management, financial services, insurance, consumer durables, and FMCG products.

    Media Contact
    Contact Person: Nimesh Mehta
    Phone: +91 981 981 0085
    Country: India

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    Chantel Mathson was a featured speaker at the prestigious Space Center, NASA on Jan 30th, 2017. with the Speak Like a Champion tour hosted by T. Allen Hanes.

    Houston, Texas – Chantel Mathson one of 15 hand-picked top business leaders and International acclaimed speakers from around the country each sharing their unique vision was a featured speaker on the first stop on 2017 Speak Like a Champion Speaking Tour and Business Event Experience at the prestigious Space Center NASA, Houston Texas Jan 30th VIP night, Jan 31-Feb 1st 2017.

    “ From the first day, I was amazed by the depth of knowledge of each speaker. The education I received was the best investment I have made in 2017. I not only learned so much, but I met great people and had a ton of fun.” Dave Gould – CEO – Essential Wisdom LLC

    The NASA event is being headlined by VIP Keynote, legendary 3x Space Shuttle Commander, Retired Marine Col. Ken Cameron, Hollywood Line Producer John Duffy, and Legendary Boxer Termite Watkins.

    Chantel Mathson has traveled all over the U.S. and parts of Canada, speaking and inspiring others to become impact makers. She has been a keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, breakout session leader, fashion show host, and emcee featured in marketing campaigns and involved in numerous charitable special events. As a college professor, she has won many awards and seeks to always find the very best in every student and to help them achieve their own potential for greatness. Chantel specializes in teaching leadership, marketing, speech, and business communication classes. She also leads Bible studies and has created women’s groups in several states that inspire and empower women to become leaders.

    She is a personal and team coach that encourages and empowers others to find their purpose and pursue it with passion. As a military wife, Chantel has experienced the impact of moving multiple times. This has led her to a lifelong commitment to creating communities to support others and to spread joy and laughter in the world. Through consulting, custom tea presentations, workshops and uplifting speeches Chantel is inspiring others to live their best life and pursue their dreams. She is a speaker that has a love for people and her enthusiasm and energy are contagious.

    Chantel holds a Masters degree in human development and uses it to help others become who they are meant to be.

    She has authored several action guides including, Uplift… Become a difference maker who helps others rise higher and Soar… Uplift yourself and help others rise higher. She encourages others to become difference makers and uses her action guides as tools to train and inspire. She is a consultant, coach, trainer and motivational speaker full of heart. Chantel is so full of joy and enthusiasm, which she loves to spread around!

    Video Link:

    As CEO for Inspirational Inc. and founder of TeawithChantel training and workshops, she inspires people to live their lives with purpose and passion. Chantel is a joy-filled speaker that has the gift of teaching others to find their voice and spread their message. She has created a Speak with Chantel program that helps leaders take their life to the next level through speaking, marketing, branding, and leadership training. Because of her love for people and the art of speaking she has trained hundreds to find their authentic voice and feel comfortable in front of an audience. She loves inspiring people to spread joy and passion through their speaking and become impactful leaders.

    Chantel shares her heart and her home with her husband, three kids and two dogs in Nevada. She loves traveling, public speaking, meeting new people, and actively seeks opportunities to serve others. Every task she takes on, every challenge God gives her, she tries to do with all of her heart. She is always ready for a cup of tea and true connection. Chantel has always believed that it “starts with a cup of tea and turns into a community!”

    To find out more about Chantel and book her for your next event go here.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: The Authority Syndicate Group
    Contact Person: T Allen Hanes
    Phone: 2819108728
    Country: United States

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    Feb 12, 2018 – During the press meet held yesterday at their office in Halton Hills, the spokesperson for Neworld Medical Detox said that they were happy to announce that they offer an array of detox programs like opioid detox, drug and alcohol detox while also helping their clients in getting off methadone. They specialize in offering medical detox treatments as well as addiction withdrawal management within a special environment, which can promote lasting change. To know more details about their latest detox programs, just click on the website link at

    The spokesperson for Neworld Medical Detox also added that their team of experts realized the need to deliver personalized services to their members. Neworld offers specifically customized detox programs for every individual to help them get past the troubles associated with withdrawal. The program is designed to help its members beat the temptation of addiction.

    Neworld Detox Center is a private facility and offers 5 star amenities and is located in Halton Hills, Ontario. This facility can be accessed easily from the Pearson Airport, which is just half an hour away while Downtown Toronto is just 50 minutes away. Their detox programs are focused on a group of guests for assuring undivided attention as well as care. The clients would experience the tranquillity and serenity of the countryside during their stay at the Neworld Medical Detox. The cozy environment mimics the family-like setting and the clients can undergo professional addiction detox treatment under the assurance of 24 hr medical care.

    The Drug and Alcohol Detox program focuses on several substances and drugs, such as Clonazepam, Fentanyl, Amphetamines and Meth, Percocet, Heroin, Oxycodone, Cocaine or Crack, Dilaudid, Marijuana, Alcohol, Hallucinogens, misuse of prescription medication, Lorazepam, Suboxone, Valium, and mood-altering or sleep changing medications .They also help the clients on a methadone prescription with their special program to help them break off the cycle and to completely stay off of it.

    The Opioid Detox Program by Neworld Detox helps the clients who follow opioid pain relief medications on prescription like Oxycontin, Percocet etc. The team at Neworld also holds a psycho-social assessment and offer advice on the recommended steps after the program concludes.

    About Neworld Detox

    Neworld Detox specializes in offering a wide range of comprehensive detox programs, such as opioid detox, drug and alcohol detox and getting off methadone treatment in Ontario, Canada. They provide medical detox treatments as well as addiction withdrawal management programs at their upscale facility that has home-like ambiance and serene environment for supporting lasting change. Neworld Medical Detox is a private facility and is located in Ontario, Canada.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Neworld Medical Detox
    Phone: 1 (844) 639-3389
    Address:13604 6th Line
    City: Limehouse
    State: ON
    Country: Canada

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    Lose yourself in the passionate sounds of the Orient by listening to the first Saudi Classical Composer Karkanawi.

    Jeddah, KSA – February 12th, 2018Karkanaw introduces authentic oriental charming sounds to listeners around the world now via his debut album Symphonic Oriental Images, with two orchestral pieces being available for listening and downloading on a variety of websites. Beautiful and melodious and accompanied by exquisite Modern orchestral sounds in the most unique and delightful ways. The music is highly vibrant and full of images. It is certain to transport its listeners into a new dimension of existence.

    Despite the great novelty of his musical language, Karkanawi does not hesitate to savor Oriental and Saudi ethnic themes developed and molded into the body of his intangible musical being.  In melodic and rhythmic themes alike, he is a composer, a subtle ethnomusicologist who reflects equally in melodic and rhythmic themes the immanent existence of the soul of the people, the oriental soul in its primitive state, becoming the soul of Karkanawi and by extension the universal soul.

    Karkanawi has spent years mastering his skills in music before making this known on a world stage. He has been active as a student and as an academic researcher at the Notre Dame University in Lebanon and has been working under several experts, investigating on important issues related to classical music and the ethnic music of Saudi Arabia, being the first Academic Saudi Ethno-musicologist. He has always proven his skills as an avant-garde researcher and Classical composer.

    Karkanawi’s debut album Symphonic Oriental Images is composed of two classical tracks that are likely to go down well with not only music connoisseurs and experts but also with people listening to such music for the first time. The artist combines modern harmonies and musical techniques with traditional classical music elements giving his music a uniqueness that has not been seen or known before. Listeners can expect to hear some really traditional Arabian classical music interspersed with orchestral sound when it comes to the music made by Karkanawi.

    Karkanawi’s music is available on many different websites and major music stores online including Amazon and iTunes and can be downloaded with ease.

    About Karkanawi:

    Karkanawi is a trained classical musician and holds a degree from the University of Notre Dame, in Lebanon. He specializes in Musicology and works as an Ethno-musicologist in addition to being a music composer. His music is aimed at people belonging to diverse age groups and is known for its unique sounds.

    For more information, please visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Karkanawi
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Phone: 00966503351485
    Country: Saudi Arabia

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    Dream Comet Studios is extending the FIRST ever crowdfunding token for motion pictures known as FutureWorks, which is geared to make funding easier for filmmakers with the help of blockchain technology!

    United States – February 12, 2018 – The sky isn’t the limit, outer space is. Anthony Daniel has created something truly beautiful. Last week, Dream Comet Studios issued their first FutureWorks token in their pre-collections. History was made as the tokens reached unbelievable heights within the first few days. Yes, the pre-collections has been extended to 18th February 2018. What’s different from the last two weeks to now is instead of getting 99,108 FTW tokens every 1 ETH donated, you now get 49,554 FTW tokens every 1 ETH donated. The first major milestone of gifting over one million FTW tokens is within reach. Anthony Daniel has always wanted to bring together the creative community as a whole. If you enjoy watching movies or working on productions then this token system is perfect for you. It doesn’t matter what size camera you use, they all just want to tell great stories.

    Photo credit: Florian Klauer

    We would like to now announce the “All or Nothing” 30 Million FTW Tokens Gifted contest which one lucky grand winner will win a brand new 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT and ten semi winners will win Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 Ti GPU. For all the rules and to learn how to enter, please visit Dream Comet Studios is doing new and creative things with blockchain technology. We’ve earned a score of 7.7 out of 10 on ICOmarks for FutureWorks. The site has over 100,000 hits and growing daily. Remember, help support the cause now and get the full benefits of FTW tokens instead of waiting. The crypto market might be in a rough patch lately, but FutureWorks is here to stay.

    “When we do well, you do better. It’s that simple. Now, let’s create some art!” — Anthony Daniel +)

    Dream Comet Studios will be super busy these upcoming few months. The token plans to hit a few exchanges and make its debut late February 2018. What makes this token so different? Well, any titles made under this token will have to donate a fixed percentage of its gross profits back into the token supply quarterly, which is set to start in Phase 3. This is a utility token and any supporters interested should read over the fine details in the Whitepaper section on to see how the token fully works.

    Click here, to watch the explainer video for FTW.

    Also, if you want the fastest updates please follow the FutureWorks’s Twitter @FTWtokens.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Dream Comet Studios, LLC
    Contact Person: Media Team
    Country: United States

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    London, UK Espresso Translations, a company that was established back in 2011, continues to grow as it addresses the increasing number of translation requests into other languages. Founded by Danilo Coviello and Niki Leiper, the translation company first focused on the Italian-English pair. Over time, the demand for assistance in other languages broadened.  Now, the company has grown to over 2,000 translators covering more than 150 language pairs.

    Accuracy and consistency are a must, especially for those who want to understand the actual message being sent across in a different language. Espresso Translations provides excellent quality translations and has left their clients extremely satisfied with their service. “An extremely professional service and high-quality language skills. Deadlines are consistently met. 100% reliable,” said Barbara of Mytaxi.  Others have shared the same opinion, something that speaks highly of why the company continues to be a reliable partner in times of need.

    The need for translation services will vary, whereas accuracy is always important. Deciphering messages from unfamiliar languages is critical, particularly for people in the business sector. Espresso Translations makes sure that actual messages are rendered in the proper language via natural sounding texts. Some may opt to go with the free translation tools online but the probability of ending up with a “translation fail” would be high. In the business, legal, or medical fields, in particular, misinterpreting messages are not only embarrassing but could also result in business losses or even loss of life. With so much at stake, seeking the aid of a translation service and paying a reasonable fee could lessen all of these risks.

    This translation company takes things the extra mile with their translation proofreading services. A properly deciphered document is important but coming up with free-flowing correspondence or responses are equally as critical. Properly editing a document requires repetitive glances, so an additional set of eyes through the use of proofreaders will help prevent overlooked errors to produce a word-perfect document.

    Espresso Translations is ready to be of assistance to businesses and individuals. The translation company is located at 71-75 Shelton Street, London, WC2H 9JQ, UK where appointments and queries can be done by phone at (0044) 0203 488 1841 or by email at

    A comprehensive overview of the company and the services it has to offer can be found at

    Video Link:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Espresso Translations
    Contact Person: Danilo Coviello
    Phone: (0044) 0203 488 1841
    Address:71-75 Shelton Street
    City: London
    Country: United Kingdom

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    Introduction: Maxcap Analyst System is an international enterprise with providing financial services as its core business. Its headquarter is in Australia, with its clients from more than 180 countries around the world. Maxcap uses blockchain as the core, to create an ecosystem which consists trading, media, incubation and such other business platforms. Its cryptocurrency trading platform is reviewed by the users as the world’s most reliable trading platform.


    Today, I was honored to have an exclusive interview with the management personnel from the Maxcap’s headquarter. The interview was conducted smoothly. From the interview, I learnt about Maxcap Group’s main operation, the platform’s advantages, their future goals and such. The following contents are the reviews from the exclusive interview with the mentioned personnel.

    Interviewer:  By comparing Maxcap’s with other cryptocurrency trading platforms, what makes it stands out from the rest?

    MD of Maxcap Analyst System – Mr. Foster: 

    First, our trading platform has the professional security to ensure our clients’s funds are well-secured. Second, it has a quick and easy operation – instant recharge, quick withdrawal, million units per second high-performance trading engine, to ensure that everything is quick and convenient.

    Besides, Maxcap trading platform provides a daily, 24-hours ready customer service, to quickly solve the problem occurred in any client’s exchange process. It can be accessed from multi-channels. To add on, Maxcap is providing an extraordinary trading platform, we use 1.4 million bit per second core memory microprocessor data transfer technology and our own developed analyst system, can precisely calculate the moving trend for each cryptocurrency in the upcoming 120 seconds. Hence, it will find the best timing to do an exchange, providing a hedging transaction in the crypto market for clients. Regardless about the volatility of the price of cryptocurrencies, clients can still be benefited. It is to claim that this is
    a win and win. Ensuring the benefits for clients, for the sake of the clients.


    Interviewer: Which cryptocurrency can be used to trade with Maxcap?

    Technology Director of Maxcap Analyst System – Mr. Qazi:

    Maxcap supports multiple cryptocurrency exchange market, such as bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and such.

    Interviewer: Maxcap supports with which language service?

    Technology Director of Maxcap Analyst System – Mr. Qazi:

    Our Maxcap trading platform supports multiple international languages, like English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Russian languages. As the amount of client is getting larger, we are gradually adding other languages service, to meet the demand from the clients of different countries.

    Interviewer: For such an excellent enterprise, I believe that you have made a great effort on constructing the manpower for Maxcap?

    MD of Maxcap Analyst System Mr. Foster: 

    Yes, Maxcap team is formed from the world’s top enterprises, such as Microsoft, Mogan Capital, Namura Securities, Blockchain and many other world-class companies. They will lead Maxcap clients to create a whole new future for cryptocurrency exchange. We are still recruiting more talents, to give more dynamic to the Maxcap’s development.


    Interviewer: Do the clients can access to the Maxcap trading platform by just using their smartphones?

    Software Engineer of Maxcap Analyst System – Miss Polonska:

    Maxcap trading platform supports the use of Web browser, Android native client, iOS native client, Windows native client, Mobile H5 native client, to provide a multi-dimensional exchange.

    Interviewer: What are the visions and goals of the Maxcap team towards the future development of the enterprise?

    MD of Maxcap Analyst System Mr. Foster: 

    As mentioned, we are from Australia. Here, we have operated many projects for a very long time. From now on, we set our targets across the national boundaries. The cryptocurrency is the new trend for the whole world, and that is zero-boundary. Thus, we vision to become the world’s largest cryptocurrency trading platform.

    Interviewer: At last, I would like to ask each personnel, is there anything else you would like to tell our readers?

    Financial Director of Maxcap Analyst System –  Mr. Sullivan:

    If you are interested in cryptocurrencies, blockchain, or even financial exchange, Maxcap Analyst System
    welcomes your participation. We believe that we will lead you to make history together.


    It is known that Maxcap Analyst System receives good reviews in the financial industry, and their strength is getting bigger as the time goes by. Not only the medias from different countries are competing to have an exclusive interview with them, their number of clients is continuously increasing as well. Serving clients whole-heartedly, benefiting every client, this makes to receives such good reviews from both internal and external of the industry.

    Official Platform Link:

    Copyright belongs to the author. Please contact the author to get an authorization for commercial reprint, if it is for non-commercial reprint, please indicate the source.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Maxcap Analyst System
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Address:77 Pacific Highway
    City: North Sydney
    State: NSW 2060
    Country: Australia

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