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    Las Vegas, Nevada – Proficiency at golf is a skill learned over the course of many games, but starting out with the right gear for a beginner is incredibly important. A good set of beginner golf equipment is a serious investment. As such, purchasing golf clubs and related gear requires a good deal of product research not only to determine which clubs are the best, but which clubs are right for a beginner looking to expand upon and develop their skills. Many online review sites offer dated advice that fails to hold up as times change and new products are released. Where’s My Caddie has emerged as an exception to this common problem, offering a comprehensive, current profile of equipment and techniques necessary for consumers to make the best decision according to their budget, skill level, and intentions for growth as a golfer.

    With the updates Where’s My Caddie has made to their extensive website, the company shows a devotion to consumer knowledge that many golfers have noted is unmatched by other similar sites. They offer information on gear, apparel, places, and techniques and tips, and their articles aim to be highly informative without compromising on style and readability. The beginner golf guides and golf gear reviews are encouraging as well as extensive in their coverage of various pieces of equipment, techniques, and other general information beginning golfers should be sure to know. The articles, including the top golf bags guide, not only break down specific products on the market, but they also provide boundless subcategories detailing the benefits and drawbacks of various attributes to be considered, such as golf bag weight, company credibility within the industry, and golf bag pocket space. Their insights are especially important as beginning golfers may not know what to look for in equipment.

    With the recently updated website, Where’s My Caddie seeks to assure their readers  that the golf equipment reviews and beginner golf guides are up to date with each and every industry advancement. The experienced writers and the prioritization of providing comprehensive and current information on products and techniques are factors for which various readers have praised this site. Whether a reader is a beginner looking to purchase their first set of clubs and learn a bit about the sport, or an advanced golfer looking for new equipment or to brush up on technique and industry standards, Where’s My Caddie strives to be the source for the bestgolf guides and golf equipment reviews the industry has to offer.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Where’s My Caddie
    Contact Person: Adam Jenkins
    Phone: (702) 900-6708
    City: Las Vegas
    State: Nevada
    Country: United States

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    Miami, Florida – Health is one of the most popular topics, especially with discoveries being made every day about what is and what isn’t useful in nutrition. So much of it also contradicts itself, that it’s difficult to grasp a clear path to good health. The Diet Post, available at, is here to offer relevant information in jargon-free, clear language that puts health into context in people’s lives. They publish diet recipes, weight loss tips, meal plans, content around diet pills and nutrition tips, and insight from experts and nutritionists.

    People are struggling with a variety of health issues today. Gluten free, grain free, meat free, dairy free, nut free, soy free, and still the list goes on. It’s nearly impossible to find relevant information about what is good or bad to eat, just because of the availability of information out there. This leads to the general populace being frustrated, confused, and still without a starting point to improve their health. is a compilation of the most up to date information available. Their content is produced by journalists and editors who are dedicated to providing trusted, accurate, and recent news for consumers. They focus in on problem-solving content so that consumers have a direction forward after visiting their website.

    Their posts are easily found as they are organized by topic. Healthy Eating, Weight Loss Tips, Meal Plans and General Health are the main ones and provide easy navigation as they are oriented at the top of each page. A convenient sidebar also displays articles as they are recently posted.

    Striving to be the number one diet platform, they welcome questions and feedback. Nearly all of their articles are also published in an honest but objective voice, which allows them to cater to the diverse lifestyles in play. Articles about vegan recipes and benefits can be found right next to those on pursuing a paleo lifestyle for example, which makes this a real one-stop source for the consumer who is just beginning a lifestyle change, or the master who needs some new inspiration.

    Numerous people have discovered The Diet Post to be an industry leader in the onslaught of health-related information. Now, their new website makes accessing that information easier than ever.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: The Diet Post
    Contact Person: Dr. Amanda E. Harris, MD
    Phone: 3058080426
    City: Miami
    State: Florida
    Country: United States

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    COINS since its birth in 2008, as a prototype derived block chain technology, numerous technology enthusiasts to participate in contribution, is accelerating into multiple areas, it brings is not only to promote the efficiency of technology, as well as commercial breakthrough. Although the industry is thriving, industry insiders believe that the blockchain faces many challenges, both in terms of technological innovation and commercial applications.

    It is understood that the application of block chain technology is becoming more and more diversified, and its untamable bookkeeping, transaction settlement and other functions are being duplicated in many fields. Many application scenarios can now be implemented with block chain technology, and for traditional institutions, there is a certain increase in operating efficiency.


    The main challenges of blockchain are: first, there are still security risks in smart contracts, and hackers can use loopholes to steal users’ digital assets.Second, the blockchain platform established by different application targets has compatibility problems with each other. Third, although people have discovered and tried the information interaction between specific chains, this partial solution is not enough to support the whole block chain ecological development. The fourth is the lack of interaction between the blockchain and the physical world, so that many application innovations have to be carried out in the form, such as product traceability; Fifth, the current blockchain application still has a high technical threshold, which leads to the high cost of large-scale commercial enterprises; There is a performance bottleneck in the blockchain, and the performance of distributed system is still difficult to catch up with the central system. In other words, it is difficult for distributed system to realize large-scale commercial operation.


    Ethereum Cash (hereinafter referred to as ETCS) came into being when the development of blockchain was affected.ETCS puts security, stability and extensibility first in design. By introducing modular virtual machines, smart sandbox, value exchange and bifurcation mechanism, we can create a blockchain network with continuous evolution, easy to use, low cost and moderately customized. In addition, the ETCS can theoretically reach the usable performance of 1000TPS through the optimization of block spacing, block capacity and consensus algorithm. ETCS believe that, through the technological innovation will be able to resolve interpersonal trust, also can create a new production relation network, to better the community consensus, individual behavior and value exchange organically integrated.


    Based on OuKuai Lian (blockchain) and smart contracts, ETCS can extract a wide variety of cryptographic currencies in more than 1,000 offices around the world. The mainstream use of smart contracts will require a new architecture solution that combines the blockchain with more traditional technologies (web applications, public APIs, and so on).

    In recent years, the Ethereum area chain has gained a lot of attention, and many companies have decided to use it to develop their own projects, while leveraging the extreme flexibility provided by the Ethereum’s “smart contracts”. This has led to an increase in the value of the Ethereum currency, but at the same time, in terms of commitment, user applications have not yet developed synchronously in terms of availability and security levels. This is because the Ethereum is a highly experimental technology that is still incomplete and is growing rapidly. In addition, the “account-based” approach enabled by Ethereum is very weak in other areas, especially in terms of privacy. The goal of ETCS is to use the technology currently in place to provide the best possible experience for the user, to try to fill the major gaps in technology, and to follow and adapt to the development of the platform.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Global News Online
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Country: United States

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    Synergy FX a leading FX provider in Australia has recently relaunched, upgraded and expanded the premium release of their Forex trading educational portal.

    Australian FX provider Synergy FX relaunches an upgraded and expanded premium release of their forex trading education portal providing customers an opportunity to experience the superior services offered.

    Due to high demand and the immediate benefit that education provides to people trading the markets, Synergy FX has upgraded and opened up their entire forex education trading portal for free access to everyone.

    The forex trading education portal now contains over 90 forex related trading tutorials, videos, ebooks, event calendars, news, market summaries, chart analysis, live market summaries and trading calculators that can be fully accessed here.

    Christian Dove, Managing Director of Synergy FX commented, “Our expanded forex trading education portal contains over 90 forex trading related tutorials and videos that cover some of the most in-depth areas of forex trading. Due to the excellent benefit provided, we decided to make the entire portal available to everyone to help support and strengthen forex trading learning throughout all stages of the learning and trading journey. Having unrestricted access to our training resources ensures that now everyone can benefit from the best possible support to help them better succeed with their trading strategies.”

    Synergy FX is fully focused on delivering superior customer support and service, all while providing a forex trading environment that offers more powerful performance and faster execution in a highly regulated, safe and secure environment.

    Dove continued, “Thanks to our continuous process of refinement, we are consistently focused on providing our clients with the best forex trading experience. To us, when you become a Synergy FX client, it means that you have joined something special. We understand that your positive journey and experience is critical to everyone’s success.”

    When searching for a highly personal approach to forex trading, companies and individuals need to consider the new offerings from Synergy FX, a company dedicated to exceeding expectations and continued innovation.


    Founded in 2011, Synergy FX is an Australian based international forex broker and funds manager fully regulated by ASIC with offices in heart of Sydney’s financial district. They’re recognised as innovative and market leading in providing state of the art funds management products; global forex market access; and unique tools based on the popular MetaTrader 4 platform.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: SYNERGY FX
    Contact Person: Media Manager
    Phone: +61 2 8274 2600
    City: Sydney
    Country: Australia

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    Shanghai Metal Corporation has been devoted to crafting a sweeping assortment of components that find extensive applications in different segments of an economy’s infrastructure including but not limited to ‘metallic’, ‘medical’, ‘construction’, ‘machinery’ and ‘mechanical’.

    Any modern economy that promotes itself as an industrialized nation boasts of a robust, highly structured, and well-entrenched infrastructure. It does not need to be exaggerated that the onward progress and development of a modern-day economy becomes smooth and consistent if the country has an established infrastructure. Construction, transport and communication, telecommunications, metallic, logistics, mechanical, electrical, machinery, and healthcare are some of the crucial industrial sectors that comprise a nation’s core infrastructure.

    Each and every infrastructural segment, in turn, incorporates near countless subcategories, each of which comprises of a range of products and subcategories. For instance, under the grouping of ‘metal industries’ are included the subcategories of aluminum products, copper products, metallic coated products, stainless steel products, and so on. Again, components like prepainted galvanized steel sheet, foil, strips, coils, tubes, and bars are classified under the heading ‘aluminum products’.

    Shanghai Metal Corporation Announces The Availability Of Various Infrastructural Components For Use In Different Industries

    Shanghai Metal Corporation is a renowned Chinese corporation that has been involved in manufacturing a range of products and components that find comprehensive applications in different infrastructural sectors of an economy. Towards this end, SMC creates products for commercial segments including ‘metal’, ‘construction’, ‘mechanical’, ‘electrical’, ‘medical’, ‘containers’ and ‘machinery’. The different infrastructural items that SMC produces are used in oil, water, and gas pipelines, ornamental metal sheets, mooring accessories, transformer components, heat exchanger pipes, boilers, solar powered appliances, elevators, tanks, roofing and ceiling etc.  Of all the myriad parts SMC manufactures, the company is a specialist when it comes to ‘metallic coated products’ grouped under the category of ‘metals’. Grouped under the subcategory ‘metallic coated products’ are products like ‘galvanized steel coil & strip’, ‘galvanized steel sheet & plate’, and ‘galvanized roofing sheet’’ and so on. 

    Galvanized roofing sheet comprise components like ‘prepainted CGI sheet’ ‘IBR sheet’, ‘prepainted corrugated galvanized steel sheet’, ‘GI corrugated roof sheet’, and ‘prepainted CGI sheet’. SMC has the infrastructure for manufacturing 15,000 tons of CGI sheets on a month to month basis. These prepainted metallic roofing sheets are exported to organizational clients in Cambodia, US, Canada, Laos, Vietnam, and India, and many other countries. The main raw materials needed for fabricating the final product are aluminum sheet, prepainted galvalume steel, galvalume steel, prepainted galvanized steel, and galvanized steel. These sheets are available in a range of sizes. Shanghai Metal also furnishes customization with regards to the pattern and sizes of roofs. The firm also supplies roofing accessories like roof machine and roof fasteners or rivets.

    The galvanized iron roofing sheet is used heavily in wall and roofing applications as well as for interior designing including awning and ceiling. At the same time, the GI sheets also are used for various other purposes.

    About Shanghai Metal Corporation

    Shanghai Metal Corporation has a large factory in Shanghai for manufacturing a comprehensive range of products for different sectors of the economy.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Shanghai Metal Corporation
    Phone: +86 139 1600 7766
    State: Shanghai
    Country: China

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    Pharmacists Sanjeev Hansraj Seenath interview Healthcare Professional In Jacksonville Florida

    Helping others, what does this mean when it comes to career options? A Man with enthusiasm and expertise for the sciences decided to enter the workforce as a Doctor. He is one of our young scholars, now with a title attached to his name Sanjeev Hansraj Seenath; he is now armed with the ability to help those that are in need of healthcare.

    In a brief interview he told me a little bit about himself, he first started with how he got into college “I always had a passion for the sciences especially chemistry and a desire to help others,” he wrote this on his college application, “and so the opportunity to care for others and help heal the sick is something that I can’t resist.”

    Dr. Sanjeev Hansraj Seenath specifically chooses the role of Doctor of Pharmacy because a Pharmacist can be the major puzzle piece that connects the Physician and Patient to complete the health triad. Dr. Seenath explains that the Pharmacist is the final checkpoint the patient passes before going home. It is at this point that counseling for medication safety and effectiveness should be reiterated to the patient and their family.

    The importance of the therapy as well as side effects of the medications should be provided and explained to each patient. Prior to becoming a Doctor of Pharmacy, Sanjeev has done some pretty impressive things; he spent most of his time at the Mayo Clinic where if he wasn’t volunteering he was working hand in hand with medical Scientists to understand molecular mechanisms of carcinogenesis and tumor progression.

    He identified aberrant signaling pathways that could potentially be used for creating novel molecular cancer therapeutics. Dr. Seenath knack for learning new things and helping those who are in need of a helping hand doesn’t just stop here. He was very active during his Pharmacy school career. He is the founder of the first ever Florida A&M University College of Pharmacy Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy Chapter.

    With his newly founded organization Dr. Seenath allocated funding and arranged for student Pharmacist trips all over the Globe that would expose his fellow classmates to non traditional roles of Pharmacy and Medicine around the world.

    Not only was Dr. Seenath proactive in the classroom but outside the classroom he was extremely involved. He volunteered on weekends at the homeless shelter dishing out meals and providing basic care to the residents. Dr. Seenath would then become affiliated with Helping Hands Community Foundation.

    Dr. Seenath soon became the President of Helping Hands and in collaboration with local Pharmacies and Medical Offices orchestrated free Health Fairs; providing free blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol and HIV screening to underprivileged members of the community. Dr. Sanjeev Hansraj Seenath is an exemplary one of a kind young man and we want to recognize him as the most influential Healthcare professional in the Jacksonville  community.

    For more information, visit:

    Video Link:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: SS Pharmacy Limited
    Contact Person: Sanjeev Hansraj Seenath, Owner
    City: Jacksonville
    State: Florida
    Country: United States

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    Kharadi development involves 120 acres masterplan and budgeted at 1 billion USD

    India – Panchshil Realty, one of India’s most successful property developers, is proud to announce they have signed MOU for Smart City Pune project. The MOU has been signed by Panchshil Realty, Smart City Korea, Carbon Asset Management and Posco E&C as the first selected project by Smart City India. Smart City Pune in Kharadi development budgeted at 1 billion USD and will involve 120 acres masterplan located in Kharadi – Pune, with projected 10 million square feet. Smart City India consortium shall work closely with all the government agencies to facilitate the development and its sustainability. The time frame of the entire project is less than 36 months after commencement of construction.

    Speaking on the MOU signed by the joint venture, chairman of Panchshil Realty, Atul Chordia said, “Panchshil Realty is committed to establishing sustainable smart cities, and the joint venture of Smart City India is the next generation of sustainability with the highest exposure to artificial intelligence.”

    “Our aim at Smart City India is to redefine the low risk and sustainable financial models for building Smart Cities for the future generations. In each smart city we structure the right balance between private equity investment and debt finance backed by Exim banks and syndicated commercial banks to maximize the competence of our investments,” said Morad Fouladi, Non-executive chairman of Carbon Asset Management.

    The SMART built-up area is the first project by SMART CITY INDIA consortium in India which will benefit from the finest technologies and solutions in development, ICT and telecommunication, E-governance and administration, energy efficiency and sustainability, etc.

    Smart City Korea’s chairperson, Erica Yoon, has this to say about the MOU, “Smart City India is a joint venture between world-class partners to provide turnkey Smarty City solutions and Smart City Korea (in association with Smart City Dubai) dedicates its expertise and solutions to make Smart City India a pure success.”

    “Posco Engineering and Construction as No.1 construction company specialized in high-rise buildings in Korea is warmly supporting the Smart City developments in India and would proudly contribute to such developments by the latest construction technologies. Posco Engineering and Construction has extensive experience in development of Smart Cities such as Songdo area in South Korea where smart waste management system, traffic management, public services have been integrated,” said by Mr.Chan-gun Han the chairman of Posco engineering and construction.

    About Smart City India

    Smart City India is a property development project with a joint venture between top property design, investment, and management companies in the world. Each Smart City project is environmentally friendly, efficient, and energy saving. It supports high-tech ICT and green technologies, ideal for entrepreneurs and start-up companies.

    Panchshil Realty
    Tech Park One, Tower E, 191 Yerwada
    Pune – 411006. INDIA.
    Tel: +91 20 66473200

    Smart City Korea
    95-1 Donggwang-ro
    South Korea
    Tel: +82 2 581 3888

    Carbon Asset Management AG
    Innere Margarethen Strasse 5
    CH 4051 Basel
    Tel: +41 588 0500

    Posco Engineering and Construction
    180, Daesong-ro, Nam-gu, Pohang-si
    South Korea
    Tel: 82-54-223-6114~5

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Smart City Korea
    Contact Person: Media Representative
    Phone: +82 2 581 3888
    Address:95-1 Donggwang-ro, Seocho-gu
    City: Seoul
    Country: South Korea

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    With over a decade of corporate leadership, executive coaching, and most importantly, real-world, in-the-trenches business experience, his view is radically different. We cannot do anything we put our mind to, without first unlearning what the mind has retained. Dom Faussette extracts the unidentified natural leadership ability individuals currently possess to build out their platform. Dom appreciates, and shares with listeners, that success is a moment-to-moment choice and not about title, capital gain or possessions. Success is a feeling of opportunity that requires engaged thought, performance-driven action, and influential leadership.

    Faussette commented: “Being intentional is nothing more than having your thoughts, your desires, your hopes, your expectations, your actions, all being aligned with where you want to go in life, and what it is you want to accomplish in life. There’s a three-step process of making sure that you hit your goals when you set them: Authenticity, Vision and Recognition. I achieved the goal I had for my podcast which is a unique way to immerse yourself in the content through a conversational style as if I am speaking straight to you!”

    Dom Faussette is an award-winning speaker and founder of Think React Lead LLC. After being challenged in his early years with a severe stutter, Dom was highly motivated to learn effective communication and rapport. This allowed Dom to work his way to Assistant Vice-President of a Fortune 500 company without a degree. A veteran of the military and law enforcement, Dom also spent 16 years in corporate leadership. Now he is committed to sharing his insights on effective communication, diversity and relationship-building to help teams and organizations work more effectively.

    Visit the Think React Lead Podcast show page to stay updated on interviews that will help entrepreneurs and leaders Think like an Executive. React like a Soldier and Lead.

    Listen and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

    Company: Think React Lead Inc.
    Phone: 602-481-0650

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Marketing Huddle, LLC
    Contact Person: Mike Saunders, MBA
    Phone: 720-232-3112
    Country: United States

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    Setting new standards in healthcare supply chain agility and visibility.

    Hong Kong – February 05, 2018 – DCH Auriga announced today that it has successfully implemented the latest version of JDA Warehouse Management System (WMS) and has fully integrated it into its ERP system. The Asian-based integrated market management leader who specialises in healthcare has now successfully gone live with JDA WMS in two of its distribution centres located in Singapore and in Hong Kong.

    As part of its continued efforts to offer principals the highest level of visibility and flexibility in the supply chain, DCH Auriga plans to roll out JDA WMS to all its distribution centres in Asia in the next 18 months.

    “It is an aggressive but carefully organised rollout plan, and we are very confident in both our project teams and partner AC2 who is very experienced in JDA WMS, has strong domain knowledge and is very passionate and committed in their work. We are pleased with how quickly we can go live given the complexity in our business. We have to ensure the rollout of JDA WMS will cause minimum disruption to the operations and to our customers while adding significant operational capability. The first two WMS systems have been successfully implemented in Singapore and Hong Kong and have been well received by our existing partners. After completing the roll out, we expect to see considerable advancement in our ability to operate with precision and agility,” said David Mouland, Vice President of Operations at DCH Auriga.

    Commenting on its successful implementation of JDA WMS, Paul Chan, the head of Dah Chong Hong Holdings Group IT stated, “Implementing JDA WMS was an important part of our strategic IT plan in achieving our vision for a unified solution throughout our enterprise applications stack to support DCH Auriga’s rapid growth. I am proud of our team in successfully rolling out JDA WMS within time and on budget. I am confident that with the expertise and commitment of our partner AC2, we can not only easily scale JDA WMS to support our business growth, but meet the increasingly complex supply chain challenges facing our business every day.”

    “The latest version of JDA WMS focused on user experience and ease-of-use enhancements that accelerate deployment times while providing the flexibility in configuration to meet the unique requirements DCH Auriga offers its partners. In the healthcare supply industry, the warehouse management system validation process is incredibly important. Offering advanced systems with the benefits they provide without any disruption in service is Auriga’s priority and commitment. I believe that kind of dedication is one of the reasons they are a leader in the healthcare market,” said AW Yang Uei, the Managing Partner of AC2 group of companies.

    DCH Auriga is investing significantly to upgrade and improve its infrastructure and services, including all hardware and software. The company is expected to further extend its leadership position in the healthcare industry in Asia.

    About DCH Auriga

    DCH Auriga is an Asia-based integrated market management provider specialising in healthcare. The company is headquartered in Hong Kong as a member of Dah Chong Hong Holdings (stock code: 1828.HK) with 50+ years of experience and operations in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. Offering comprehensive commercial and logistics solutions, DCH Auriga partners with the world’s leading healthcare companies to distribute pharmaceuticals, medical devices, surgical equipment, diagnostics and OTC products for 500+ brands into 10,000+ hospitals, pharmacies and specialty stores across Asia.

    DCH Auriga is a member of Dah Chong Hong Holdings (stock code: 1828.HK), an integrated motor and consumer products distribution company operating in Asia. Dedicated to bringing to quality products to consumers across Asia, DCH is the preferred partner of over 1,000 brands from more than 30 countries with operations in 10 Asian economies.

    For more information, please visit and

    For this article on DCH Auriga website, please visit:

    About AC2

    AC² Group is a leading solution provider for warehouse solution consulting and supply chain related technologies in Asia. With over 25 years of knowledge and experiences in implementing supply chain solution, the company has successfully deployed many supply chain solutions throughout Asia-Pacific. With headquarter located in Singapore, AC2 has now expanded its market coverage, having offices in Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Shanghai. The company has signed an extended reseller & partnership agreement with JDA ( in Feb 2017, allowing AC2 group to further extend its market reach to the entire Asia Pacific region with JDA state of the art supply chain solutions.

    For more information on AC2, please visit and

    For this article on AC2 website, please visit:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: AC Square Limited
    Contact Person: AW Yang Uei
    Phone: +60193557888
    Country: Singapore

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    The International Trade Council ( is delighted to announce the appointment of Ms. Orit Horn as the Council’s Regional Chairperson for New York State, effective immediately. 

    Based in Valley Stream, Ms. Horn is the founder and President of International Logistics Express Inc. For over 20 + years International Logistics Express, Inc. has been providing its clients exceptional service in Customs Clearance, Airfreight, warehousing, distribution and consultation. International Logistics Express, Inc. has been C-TPAT certified and validated since 2002. Ms. Horn is also the founder of its sister company ILE Global LLC, a FMC licensed NVOCC and ocean freight forwarder. Together the two companies service all Air and Ocean US Ports with in-house licenses and expertise.

    Ms. Horn has over 30 years’ experience in international transportation and logistics. While concentrating on air transportation and customs brokerage nationwide, Ms. Horn also provides consultation to her clients in the areas of security, compliance, trade agreements and quota issues.

    “Ms. Horn is a highly regarded executive with deep and versatile experience in a vast range of matters associated with international trade. The Council and its members will benefit from her vast and proven expertise and talent. We’re delighted to welcome her to the board and look forward to working with her,” said Melanie Walker, the Council’s Marketing & Member Executive Chair. 

    Ms. Horn will head up the Council’s NYE regional operations and act as the key liaison with government agencies, chambers of commerce and regional trade bodies on behalf of the Council and its members.

    “I am honored to represent the Council and will do my best to bring value to the organization and its members,” said Ms. Horn.

    With the appointment Ms. Horn becomes a key member of the Council’s executive team, and aims to provide strong leadership to the Council’s members across the region.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: International Trade Council
    Contact Person: Elaine Jane
    Phone: +1 202 869 0988
    Country: United States

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    New York, NY – Drive Data Recovery, a company of data recovery experts with 61 locations across the country, has come to the rescue for several small churches in the Houston Area after hurricane Harvey wreaked damage throughout the area with heavy flooding.

    Drive Data Recovery specializes in recovering data from RAID arrays, laptops and desktop computers, hard disk drives (HDD), solid-state drives (SSD), network area storage devices (NAS and SAN), removable storage media (SD cards, USB devices), mobile phones, and tablets for all leading manufacturers. Offering expedited data recovery service for personal, small business, enterprise and government clients, the company has the highest recovery rates in the industry, along with the fastest turnaround times.

    When flooding ruined the RAID arrays (storage devices) that contained all of the churches’ digital information, the local Drive Data Recovery team went into action. The churches had lost their mailing list information, photographs, videos, and other vital documents that could never be replaced.

    “Our engineers worked tirelessly to recover the data that the flood had seemingly destroyed,” says company spokesperson Edward Johanssen.

    But this isn’t the only time that Drive Data Recovery has stepped up within local communities.

    “We strive to be a member of each community we have a location in and be helpful where we can be!” explains Johanssen. “It’s a part of who we are. We recover the unrecoverable, and we do it with compassion. In times of need or natural disaster, we provide discounted rates – only to cover the costs of our engineers’ time.

    “We understand that sometimes, customers look beyond the monetary value and are trying to relive or retrieve lost memories. We make it our goal to work with all of our customers so that they may be reconnected with everything they hold so dear.”

    About the Company:

    Drive Data Recovery is a company of data recovery experts with 61 locations focused on the business of recovering both personal and business data from any type of device. As the industry leader in the data recovery business, the company offers free evaluations, expedited services in emergency situations, and guaranteed confidentiality.

    The company is also widely recognized for its assistance within communities to local businesses, faith groups and government organizations who need help recovering their vital data in disaster situations.

    For more information, visit the website at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Drive Data Recovery
    Contact Person: Edward Johanssen
    Phone: 1-866-315-3282
    City: New York
    State: NY
    Country: United States

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    Last week there has been a lot to hear about SelfSell. Being it listed among most out of the box ICOs of 2017; or its founder being called to speak at Davos Sub-Forum; or it organising a local meet up at Silicon Valley, the prospects of SelfSell seem good and promising. Though it has now been an established fact that it brings the essence of investment closer to its fundamental, yet, there were gaps regarding its listing and accessibility in potential investors.

     Accessibility is very important aspect of Investment. No matter how good an asset is, how much potential it pertains; it must be in the reach of even most basic investor for it to become successful in long run. Therefore, SelfSell had to put itself in the race to be obtainable and tradable for its potential investors. Good News!

    SelfSell can now be traded on OKEx cryptocurrency exchange. It is not currently possible to buy SelfSell directly using U.S. dollars. Investors seeking to trade SelfSell must first buy Ethereum or Bitcoin using an exchange that deals in U.S. dollars such as Gemini, Coinbase or GDAX. After that, Investors can then use their newly-acquired Ethereum or Bitcoin to buy SelfSell.

    Focused on becoming a regulated global fiat-blockchain asset trading platform offering spot and margin trading, OKEx exclusively trade digital assets. Based out of China and being new in the market, this currency exchange might not be very popular among the investors of West but it is well capitalized with $10 million USD backing from investors like Tim Draper, Ceyuan, and Mandra Capital. Owing to the speculations about Chinese and South Korean Governments regulatory actions in the cryptocurrencies space, OKEx takes those concerns into account really well as it is a regulated platform. The fees at OKEX are probably the lowest in the industry, at the time of writing of this article. There is a 0.03% fee for opening a new position and nothing is charged for the closing transaction. This is a lot better than the average of around 0.20-0.25%, offered by most other exchanges.

    On January 25th, SelfSell traded 4.7% higher against the dollar during the 24-hour period. Currently, you can purchase one SelfSell for approximately $0.13 or 0.00001140 BTC on cryptocurrency exchanges. The total supply of SelfSell is 1,000,000,000 coins and it has been trading flat against the dollar in the past few days.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: SelfSell
    Contact Person: Helen Hou
    Phone: (+86)18510333290
    Country: Singapore

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    Asterion, the new virtual reality community where citizens will live without a central governance, has entered the second round of its ICO of the Asterion token. The first round (ATR 1) has successfully finished by selling its entire corpus of 100,000 tokens, and the ongoing ATR 2 (with 150,000 tokens) has now sold over 100,000 tokens.

    Asterion Space takes virtual citizenship into a new dimension. The virtual world is a decentralized community where everyone is in control of respective issues, and interactions and transactions are powered by distributed computing and blockchain. The platform is open source, and deploys smart contracts to empower every individual in the voting process. Each token is priced at USD1, and proceeds will go towards developing the virtual world and promotions. Post ATR 2, the next round of ATR T will begin.

    Asterion will enable participants to invest in a wide range of avenues, such as their profession, land areas, services, malls, banks or public services. The Asterion space will comprise users who in the near future will live in virtual communities as land owners with full control over their titles, and shielded from central organizations. Another potential activity is aiding scientific research using the Asterion computing network for carrying out massive computing.

    “We are creating and realizing a new strategy for the trajectory of humankind. The Asterion Space is for everyone who wants to be part of something new, something revolutionary. Asterion World will offer unique opportunities to combine virtual entertainment with real investment and entrepreneurship. No matter your aggregated wealth, everyone has equal rights in our world,” says a spokesperson from Asterion.

    The new Asterion community is open to everyone who wants to live a new way of life. To participate, users can create an Asterion account and upon approval take on official citizenship of Asterion Space. Tokens can then be bought using Bitcoin to be sent to the Asterion fund. All tokens are then transferred to the user’s Asterion wallet, or to their preferred wallet.

    As Asterion citizens, participants will have voting rights, and will influence social and virtual industries around the world. The supporter package also offers VR World Citizenship, a Virtual Passport and voting rights. The Asterion team is currently working towards expanding its virtual world to create an international community, a citizen’s social network, an Avatar software, a business incubator, the Asterion World University, and an Awards ceremony for the launch of Asterion Space.

    Asterion Space believes that civilization has reached a collective understanding of the value of human capital, as well as the creative power of personality in the development of a new society. This understanding will be reflected in the new, post-industrial community basis of the future.

    For more information, please visit:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Asterion Space
    Contact Person: Support
    Phone: +420732798813
    Country: Czech Republic

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    A company called Covenant Technology is now providing some truly excellent services throughout the Nashville area. Covenant Technology is doing all it can to make it easier for local companies to access better telephony. Led by an experienced professional named Bob Taylor, this company is doing its part to maintain Nashville’s reputation for forward-thinking business development. People like Taylor guide their companies with positive thinking and true vision. As you learn more about Bob Taylor, it is likely you’ll gain respect for his technical and managerial abilities. 

    As noted by several commentators, Covenant Technology is a one-stop resource for a whole host of modern communications solutions. If your company is using obsolete phones or devices, you may be putting your organization at an appreciable disadvantage. You need to make use of the latest technology if you want to maintain parity with the other leading companies in your industry. Whatever the nature of your business, having an excellent business phone system is crucial if you want to be seen as a serious, competent organization. 

    Voice and Internet are obviously the two most important data services for modern businesses. Clearly, your customers must be able to speak to you over the phone and receive answers to their important questions. A good business phone connection can reliably deliver legible, high-quality connections. A continuous, reliable Internet connection is almost as important. After all, digital communication has become incredibly important in modern life. To keep your online presence working for your, you must be able to update your website and your social media profile with promptness. 

    As you learn more about Covenant Technology, you will almost certainly come to appreciate the high-quality services Covenant Technology facilitates. The old-fashioned away to improve your communications ROI involves calling a bunch of telecommunications providers and asking them about their pricing for individually named services. If you patronize Covenant Technology, they can take charge of comparing the various providers in Nashville. With deep knowledge of this area, Covenant Technology is fully able to maximize the value of each dollar you have set aside for telephone and network services. 

    By outsourcing this chore to a reliable firm like Covenant Technology, you allow yourself to focus more squarely on the key tasks you must execute to keep your business thriving. Throughout the Nashville area, Covenant Technology is helping companies achieve their potential for high-quality communications. If you are looking to improve your communications or save money in this area, you’d do well to contact Covenant Technology promptly.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Covenant Technology, LLC
    Phone: (615) 405-5369
    Country: United States

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    Having one of your teeth removed is a painful experience. You want to make sure you are as comfortable as possible when at the dentist so that the procedure can go on smoothly. This is where sedation dentistry comes in. Here are the top benefits you could get from sedation dentistry.

    It Saves Time

    You are most likely going to move a lot when at the dentist. This may happen as a response to the pain you will be experiencing. With sedation dentistry, you won’t be moving around or complain when the dentist is working on you. This will save the dentist the time he could have otherwise spent waiting for you to calm down and settle. You will be sedated enough to remove any feelings of pain, anxiety or worry.

    You Experience No Pain

    Nothing scares me more about visiting the dentist than the thought of the pain you have to go through. Luckily, we no longer must feel any pain at all, thanks to sedation dentistry. With sedation, you will be put to sleep, meaning you will not feel any pain. Check to see how sedation can help relieve pain during a dental procedure. 

    It Lowers Anxiety Levels

    The thought of the dental procedure alone will make you to feel very anxious and worried. In some cases, the worry can be too much and may cause you to postpone your appointment with the dentist. Once you learn more about sedation dentistry you will relax completely. The dentist will assess your anxiety levels and give you enough doses to calm you down. The more anxious you are, the more you need sedation to have a smooth procedure. 

    No Bad Memories

    Anybody who fears dental appointments experiences a surge in their anxiety levels whenever the visit the dentist. The memories of a particular incident where they had a bad experience with a dentist in the past may keep coming back, increasing their levels of anxiety even further. With sedation, these memories will not get the better of you during the procedure. You will feel calm and present at the moment. You can follow Tate Eble to know more about sedation dentistry and how it can help you get rid of bad memories during a dental procedure. 

    If you are going for a dental procedure but afraid of what might transpire, then you are a prime candidate for sedation dentistry. Sedation lowers your anxiety levels, relieves pain and allows the dentist to perform the procedure with minimal interruptions.

    Media Contact
    Contact Person: Tate Eble, DDS.
    Phone: (615) 794-8977
    Country: United States

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    Iperion has set out to become one of the global players in regulatory consultancy

    Vlijmen, The Netherlands – 06 February, 2018 – Iperion Life Sciences Consultancy (Iperion) has acquired US based Identifica’s regulatory consulting practice. The acquisition is a logical step in Iperion’s ambition to become a global specialists in regulatory consultancy.

    The consultancy and related regulatory services will be available via offices in Netherlands and Boston (USA) in support of European, US and Canadian based life sciences customers. As a result of the acquisition expertise is now available in support of both industry as well as regulators.

    Frits Stulp, Managing Director of Iperion Life Sciences Consultancy: “We are expanding in portfolio as well as in geographical area as it is clear that the market for regulatory consultancy is a global one. Iperion has set out to become one of the key players in this field and this acquisition is another step in this ambition. We look forward to build on the work done by Vada A. Perkins in increasing interoperability between regulators and pharma through regulatory convergence, health informatics and international data standards.”

    Identifica LLC, headed by Vada A. Perkins, will retain its focus in the informatics and technology domain as a data management company to offer solutions for data quality, provenance, and validation throughout the lifecycle.

    “I have had the opportunity to work closely with Iperion prior to the acquisition and look forward to the transfer and convergence of Identifica’s domain expertise to support Iperion’s elite team of regulatory experts”, says Vada Perkins.

    About Iperion Life Sciences Consultancy

    Iperion Life Science Consultancy is a Netherlands based provider of consultancy and services in the area of (regulatory) information management in life sciences. The mission is to enable the life sciences industry and regulators to innovate, to improve business processes and to optimize the supply chain leading to faster and more efficient delivery of medicines (and its associated information) to health care professionals and patients. Through the delivery of consultancy services in the analysis, implementation and optimization of complex cross functional regulatory information systems and processes, Iperion helps organizations achieve an increase in interoperability, data consistency and regulatory compliance.

    About Identifica LLC

    Identifica LLC (based in US) is an independent data management solutions company supporting value-based business drivers for efficient and effective decision making. The company support businesses through data management assessments, intelligence, and solutions to optimize their data and process strategies for improved business efficiency and more effective decision making from concept to execution.

    The product ID-LifeCycle™ powered by Pragmatic Data is a robust G-PLDM™ (Global Product Lifecycle Data Management) platform purposefully built for validation, versioning, traceability, and management of all types of data and formats (i.e. structured and unstructured) utilizing robust internal and external validation rules.


    To learn more about this merger, please contact:

    Frits Stulp, Managing Director of Iperion Life Sciences Consultancy

    +31 6 52727351


    Media Contact
    Company Name: Iperion Life Science Consultancy
    Contact Person: Frits Stulp
    Phone: +31 6 52727351
    Country: Netherlands

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    The Elite Sports Promotions Agency is currently offering wall panels from the historic Lambeau Stadium situated in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

    Green Bay, Wisconsin – February 06, 2018 – Guy Nelson is the founder of the Elite Sports Promotions Agency. The company is known for securing wall panels taken from historic Lambeau Stadium located in Green Bay, Wisconsin which is the home of Green Bay Packers. As a leading provider of gaming memorabilia, Elite Sports Promotions Agency is known to offer Green Bay Packers game used items to all fans of the game. The wall panels are sections taken from the well known Ring of Honor which have been greatly treasured and valued by fans over the years since 1957.

    Purchased originally from City of Green Bay, the panels have then been in safe storage for many years. Now the Green Bay Packers memorabilia have been made available for the fans of the game who are looking to own and collect a piece of the great Green Bay Packer History. Anyone can now visit the Green Bay Packers shop and get these collectibles for themselves. While there is a great demand for these Green Bay Packers collectibles, the truth is that these Lambeau Stadium pieces currently exist in limited quantities. This makes the collectibles rather rare and priceless in their own way. Perfect for personal collection as well as for Green Bay Packers gift items, the Lambeau Stadium pieces are highly popular and in great demand. The rarity of these pieces make them perfect items for anyone who is a fan of the game or fans of the Green Bay Packers in general. Therefore it is no surprise that there has been a strong interest about these collectibles from the very moment that they were announced the first time.

    Over the years, Green Bay Packers have produced some of the finest players of their days. Some of the greatest players of the game that have been commemorated inside the hallowed walls of historic Lambeau Stadium include Aaron Rodgers, Brett Favre, Reggie White, AJ Hawk, Bart Starr, Donald Driver, Ray Nitschke, Don Hutson, Charles Woodson, Forrest Gregg, Sterling Sharp, Paul Hornug, Jim Taylor, Randall Cobb, Herby Adderly, Curly Lambeau, Willie Davis, Jerry Kramer, Ahman Green, James Lofton, Antonio Freeman, Willie Wood, Mason Crosby, Greg Jennings, Leroy Butler, Julius Peppers, Gilbert Brown, Dorsey Levens, Mark Chmura, Andre Rison, Cal Hubbard, Henry Jordan and Tony Canadeo just to mention a few.

    In the history of the National Football League, no team other than Green Bay Packers has the record of winning the championship for 13 times. This is an incredible sporting feat in itself. It is no wonder that there is so much demand for the Lambeau Stadium wall panels.  Anyone looking for the Lambeau Stadium wall panels can now visit Green Bay Packers online and book them for his or her personal collection. The features included in the Green Bay Packers store are easy to use and can be conveniently used by anyone who is looking purchase these grand gaming memorabilia.  

    About Elite Sports Promotions Agency:

    Guy R Nelson is the founder of Elite Sports Promotions Agency that is known for offering different game used stadium pieces as collectibles or gaming memorabilia.

    To know more, please visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Elite Sports Promotions Agency
    Contact Person: Guy R Nelson
    Phone: 651-895-0916
    Country: United States

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    Bristol, UK – Electrical issues are often critical and not something that should be trusted to any fledgling company. However, the process of trying to find a reliable, affordable, and environmentally friendly electrician in the wider Bristol area can be overwhelming. Finding a company that strikes the right balance of expert knowledge and comprehensive services while also remaining committed to environmentally sustainable solutions might seem impossible. To provide better services to those who live in the wider Bristol area, R D Nelmes Electrical, a Bristol-based electrical company, is expanding to provide quality electrical services to a wide variety of buildings.

    While based in Bristol, R D Nelmes Electrical aims to service increasingly wider parameters, encompassing Bristol, South Gloucestershire, Bath, and the surrounding areas. They can perform everything from the most basic to the most complicated electrical tasks on a wide variety of buildings, both residential and commercial. They are capable of working on any size residence, as well as various industrial and commercial projects. In addition to standard electrical work, they also perform routine home and business inspections on their installations to ensure that they meet all UK standards.

    Aside from expanding their wide range of services, R D Nelmes Electrical is dedicated to protecting the environment. They are able to provide inspections to tell their customers how to better suit their needs, protect the environment, and keep the property safe. Additionally, R D Nelmes Electrical has electricians in Bristol who are NICEIC certified. This ensures that they are up to all safety standards in the UK, and that their work is registered with the customer’s Local Authority Building Control.

    Clients who have had work done by R D Nelmes Electrical in the past have touted the company’s excellent customer service, their knowledgeable staff, and the affordability of their services. Past customers have reviewed the company favourably, attesting to how the professionals at R D Nelmes are dedicated, smart, and know how to get the job done in a manner that best suits their customers.The company strives to make those services more widely available to residents both in Bristol and the surrounding areas.

    Throughout the years, R D Nelmes have proven to their customers what they can and should expect from top-rated Bristol electricians. As the company continues to expand their services to the surrounding areas, countless home and business owners are expected to benefit.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: R D Nelmes Electrical
    Contact Person: Rich Nelmes
    Phone: 07775717264
    City: Bristol
    State: Avon
    Country: United Kingdom

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    Jason Hodges, TV presenter and tradesman, is the latest addition to the Integrity New Homes family, joining the team as a corporate ambassador.

    As the owner of Green Art Gardens and an experienced tradesman with over 26 years of experience, Jason is the ideal representative of Integrity, sharing the company’s values of innovation, quality and sustainability.

    “I am so pleased to be joining the Integrity team. They offer the complete package, offering residents all over Australia the chance to create their dream home,” said Jason of the partnership.

    Jason undertakes all types of landscaping, overseeing the entire process from concept and design to construction and maintenance in both residential and commercial properties. His work has been recognised with a plethora of awards, including five gold medals at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show and a silver medal at the prestigious International Chelsea Flower show in London.

    Mark Redding, owner and operator of Integrity New Homes South Coast, welcomed the addition: “Jason is one of the foremost authorities on landscaping in Australia, operating to the same high standards that the team at Integrity holds itself to.”

    “I am confident this partnership will add even more value to Integrity’s offerings and ensure that each client walks away with an outstanding home and garden.”

    As the leading expert in custom home construction and house and land packages, Integrity New Homes South Coast are well-placed to bring every Illawarra and South Coast resident’s dream home to life. The family business combines the innovative design of an architect with the systems, service, quality and price benefits of a volume builder, resulting in a package that’s hard to refuse.

    Mark and his team are specialists in sloping or challenging sites and champions of sustainability, meaning that no matter the block, they can create something that takes full advantage of the space and is kind to the environment.

    “Our expert team of carpenters and contractors work with a professional in-house Home Design team across all types of construction, including standard plans, custom designs and house and land packages,” said Mark.

    “This means we can create a home that suits every client’s lifestyle and budget.”

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Integrity New Homes South Coast
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Phone: 02 4257 7389
    City: Albion Park Rail
    State: NSW
    Country: Australia

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    OutPlay Inc (OPI), a company focusing on improving the human experience, is pleased to announce their patent pending flagship sports performance product LactiGo™ is now available at Research for the LactiGo formula began in 2009 as an international collaboration of scientists and sports enthusiasts who were searching for a safe, sanctioned, and healthy solution to the challenge of sports performance and recovery, whether in elite professional athletes or weekend warriors.

    This fast-acting topical gel has been proven to increase performance in elite athletes by up to 15% after only one application. Virtually all LactiGo users report improved performance, and a growing body of testimony from athletes and scientific experts alike is building a solid case for this sports performance gel. LactiGo has been studied at a select number of elite US universities, one of whom was so astounded by its results that they conducted a double-blind pilot study and found that if a football player applies LactiGo 40 minutes before running the 40-yard dash, he would cross the finish line up to 5.9 ft. faster, after just one application.

    “LactiGo has changed the way I train my players. We can go harder for so much longer and not have the soreness that would normally be associated with that kind of volume of work. This is a revolutionary product with astronomical results that will change college sports,” said Je’Ney Jackson, Former Director of Football Strength and Conditioning, Kansas University, Former NFL Player.

    The brand LactiGo was developed over the past three years following rigorous scientific investigation, countless success stories, and has numerous patents pending. With each passing day, more and more athletes are weighing in on LactiGo’s positive benefits.

    “I have played in the NFL for 13 seasons. LactiGo is one of my secret weapons.  It helps me compete at the highest level every single day!” said Nick Novak, Los Angeles Chargers.

    I’ve been using LactiGo for two years. LactiGo helps me jump further, it helped me get that extra boost. I really appreciate what LactiGo has done to help me achieve another medal. It is a great product, and I’ll continue to use it until I get ready to retire.” said Brittney Reese, Long Jumper, Olympic Gold Medalist.

    The scientific evidence is equally compelling. Exercise physiologist Chad Macias and nutritionist Tim Sharpe collaborated on a study of LactiGo through the University of Western States that was published in June, 2016 in the peer-reviewed Journal of Exercise Physiology Online. Using elite male soccer players from the Italian Serie League as test subjects, Macias and Sharpe reported an “increase in aerobic and anaerobic work capacity” following the use of LactiGo.

    “LactiGo is the real deal. The study conducted by Chad Macias and Tim Sharpe using elite soccer players as subjects proved that the gel enhances sports performance in a big way and is safe. Even more compelling data are emerging to show how beneficial this is going to be,” said Brad Dieter, PhD, OPI Scientific Advisory Board Chair.

    LactiGo is now used by professional athletes in the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, PGA Tour, Premier League, MMA, and more.

    Approximately 67 million Americans currently participate daily in some sort of sport or exercise and the US vitamin and supplement market is worth 35 billion dollars.

    Introducing LactiGo™

    OPI’s first product featuring performance sports gel LactiGo, is available now at One Gel Pump bottle 100ml (3.4 fl oz) for USD$ 29.99 introductory offer.

    About LactiGo™

    A revolutionary new product that is transforming sports and fitness. LactiGo is your game-changer!

    Soon to be in every gym bag, LactiGo has been proven to increase performance within 45 minutes of use. There hasn’t been a discovery this big in athletic performance since creatine monohydrate in the early 1990’s.

    Developed in Europe, refined in North America, LactiGo has been tried and tested by everyone from weekend warriors to top professional athletes, with incredible results.

    What is your #LactiGoStory? Visit:

    About OutPlay Inc

    OPI is a North American-based, multi-national company focusing on improving the human experience. With our innovative biotechnology pipeline, we are redefining the standards of health science. It is OPI’s mission to create products that will change people’s quality of life for the better. By focusing on outcome-based science, OPI has already shown that what was once thought impossible, can be done!

    At OPI, we reinvent what is possible. For more information about the company, visit:

    Note: Photos available and videos here –

    Video Link:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: OutPlay
    Contact Person: David Davies Corporate Communications
    Phone: +1 250.744.7415
    City: San Diego
    State: California
    Country: United States

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