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    DCE (English full name Diverse Currency Circulation Ecosystem, DCE) is devoted to build a mature entertainment industry chain under the technology of the block chain alliance Ecosystem, to break the existing video and entertainment industry rules, create a new business model.


    DCE is to establish a set of decentralized counterpoising truly mode, joint account through each node , to protect digital asset transfer’s unique legitimacy  , don’t rely on the offline traditional third party, is a kind of low cost of credit system. In financial services, Block Chain by encrypting currency, intelligent participation mechanism, contract and agreement will be evolved into the traditional financial and legal system of decentralized autonomous system, promoting financial business running in full diversification and decentralized way, implement the financial business subject, financial products and financial infrastructure and so on each link of the large-scale system collaboration.


    DCE upgrades traditional integral liquidity, security based on block chain technology of integral system , try to spread electronics and entertainment betting online entertainment service by integral consumer slowly, joint places of entertainment, mobile financial, tourism and leisure, and other industries step by step, it is committed to building industry alliance ecosystem, issuing and trading of digital assets and management, realize exchange between different digital asset swaps and liquidity in reality, bring more value for all parties.

    At present, DCE has truly popularized the block chain technology in the world, bringing more convenience and value for more people as new technologies. Of course, DCE is not only satisfied with it, in the near future, will continue to four big industry surrounding radiation, join the food plaza, theme park, water world, service life etc., meet the all kinds demand of entertainment for all levels in life. DCE ecosystem will never stop to develop, improve and expand its sphere of influence, and constructing innovated, fast mobile Internet culture.

    What kind of team does DCE have?

    DCE has a fully-fledged operation and management team which over 100 people. They have operations in Thailand, Japan, Indonesia and Singapore and are actively expanding their business in Asian neighbors. The professional of the team are from the world’s largest technology company project development, its founder is Asian American block chain joint laboratory (AABL) co-founder Abigail (I), chief technology officer is the predecessor of the IBM business banking innovation executive architect. DCE had spent a hundred million to attract the outstanding talent, and build an experienced star team finally, include Google’s senior engineer, former IBM security architect, Microsoft’s cloud computing division technical experts, the Ethereum fang Parity code contributor, and other experts.

    The project has been conceived and repeated for half a year. The new block chain technology + entertainment industry ecological platform task group was established in April 2017 finally. The project founding team, headed by Abigail to ecological Chain technology, they have a very deep understanding for block chain, in continuous calculating, testing, and the fusion of the currency, the etheric fang, super book, the advantage of the world’s top projects such as Chain;

    they Deeply understand the industry ecology, complete the chain and market.

    The DCE team –

    What are the advantages of DCE?

    In order to optimize the user experience, DCE using advanced mobile technology, focus on the demands for users, provides the ability of digital assets, scene can issue the management assets rapidly, realization the assets exchange, let the promotion is more accurate by data intelligence analysis, improve the overall marketing value, user precision marketing, create more business value.

    1. Safe, open and transparent

    Based on the characteristics of Block Chain technology, DCE is a decentralized, unchangeable, transparent and open ecosystem.

    2. DPOS takes into account of transparency, speed, stability and safety

    The fairness and transparency of private chains are often questioned,its pay way is not accepted by mainstream exchanges; The speed and stability of the public chain are often affected by the network situation, such as Ethernet square network congestion situation always happened, is not suitable for gaming, such as gaming which need high request for the stability of the system. Therefore, DCE using DPOS consensus mechanism and issuing – DCE as a payment media of diverse currency circulation ecosystem, used for online entertainment, virtual asset trading, sharing, reward etc.

    How does DCE solve these problems?

    First of all, DCE has network protocol, account model, public chain, DCE system, consensus mechanism, insurance system and mechanism, the POW, Shared community eight cores, such as this technical guarantee is the idea of DCE can achieve

    DCE is a public chain which is developed based on block chain; it has a circulation of 86 million, however, in 2017-2018, it has only 25.8 million. In fact, world’s private dig dug can be a total of 4.3 million around 20 years, to buy is to earn!


    Secondly, DCE follows a mature six-tier technical architecture, which is the application ecology of data layer, network layer, consensus layer, incentive layer, decentralized game application layer and mobile terminal.

    This is the plan guarantee that DCE can realize.

    What is the future for block chain economy of DCE?

    Foreign institutions generally optimistic about the block chain economic development prospects: according to davos BBS founder Klaus Schwab thinking, that block chain after steam engine, electric, computer’s fourth important achievements of the industrial revolution, it is expected by 2025, 10% of global GDP will be stored by block storage chain technology.

    According to market research firm Gartner predicts, based on the block of chain business will be $100 billion in 2020 in addition to the financial industry, trade amount driven by block chain will exceed $10 trillion in the next 10 to 15 years

    The research and consulting company Markets and Markets predicts that the combined annual growth of the global block chain market application and solution providers will be the highest between 2016 and 2021.

    In late 2017, The Motley Fool, an American financial analysis website, ranked the block chain as the No.1 technology development trend in 2018.

    It has become an important task for many countries and regions to seize the window of opportunity and accelerate the development of this technology and related application industry.

    DCE block chain economic prospects, therefore, is not only broad, also won the support of governments at the same time, in the face of such a platform is worth people look forward to what we have reason to doubt its development prospects?

    The future of DCE

    DCE is a public chain in Block Chain, the core of objective is to build a supported platform with high-performance, decentralized, safe and stable support Block Chain gaming asset.

    We hope to build real decentralized online entertainment, mobile financial, resort and entertainment, shopping center, holiday tourism integration of entertainment city ecosystem by DCE ecosystem block chain. This ecosystem is connected effectively via the DCE chain, making your entertainment more comfortable, comprehensive and convenient.

    Of course, DCE chain will expand the extension of customer’s request  more deeply, strive to create the most perfect、most reasonable and comprehensive ecosystem entertainment, to save the existing Internet financial ecology, take more iconic solutions for Block Chain and various industries…

    DCE technology is far ahead then the global block chain technology, wide application, while expanding the application value, also break the limitation in the field of trade payment break, chain ATM will be born in Singapore、Malaysia、Thailand and Australia etc. The upcoming DCE will give you more surprise.

    For more details, please visit DCE official web:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: DCE Management Group Ltd
    Contact Person: Thomas Daly
    Country: United States

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    Acme Sign – The largest full service sign company in Kansas City and the Midwest
    One of the leading names in business Signage, Acme Sign Inc. is the only company in Kansas City offering 2 year warranty on signage manufacturing and installation services.

    North Kansas City, Missouri – January 12, 2018 – Acme Sign Inc. recently revealed that they are the only company in Kansas City offering a 2 year warranty policy on their signage services. Their price quotes come with two-year warranty for all parts, services and installation, according to the company.  The sign company in Kansas City is already favored by businesses for its state of the art, full service manufacturing facility they own to craft the perfect indoor and outdoor signs.

    A spokesperson for the company stated, “Customers value the unparalleled levels of quality and dependability they get from us. That’s why we’ve been manufacturing and installing signs all around the country for nearly 100 years. We also make sure to offer reasonable price quotes depending on the requirement of our clients. Customer satisfaction has always been a priority, which is why we intend to offer 2 year warranty for our services. We take pride in being the only company in the Kansas City area to offer the warranty program.”

    Acme Sign Inc. is a full service, recognized signage company that does everything from design and research, to manufacture and installation, and even financing business Signs in Kansas City.  All of the work is done in their 70000 square foot facility in Kansas City. With nearly 100 years of experience and their consistent commitment to quality, craftsmanship and superior customer service, Acme Sign Inc. is one of the most sought after services for cost-effective signage solutions.

    “You’ll feel confident you’re making the right choice when you put Acme Sign to work creating the perfect indoor and outdoor signs for your business. Our ultimate goal is to deliver a well-designed signage solution that presents your business in the most professional, impactful manner possible. We’re proud of our prompt customer service and our ability to deliver an excellent product at a reasonable cost in a timely fashion,” expressed the spokesperson.

    The company manages a dedicated, radio-dispatched fleet of ten crane/service trucks exclusively for installation of their signs.  They also install indoor and outdoor signs manufactured by other companies that do not have the requisite installation facilities. Acme Sign Inc. has gained attention for manufacturing some of its uncommon, eye-popping and intriguing signs for businesses.  Some of them include a gigantic bowl of salad, a giant Ruby slipper and more.

    The company has worked for the likes of Harley-Davidson, Walmart, Sprint, Lee jeans, BP, Taco Bell, and even more.

    About Acme Sign, Inc.:

    Acme Sign Inc. is a renowned Signage manufacturer in Kansas City offering a wide range of attractive indoor and outdoor business signs. 

    For more information, visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Acme Sign, Inc.
    Contact Person: Harry Landri
    Phone: 1-816-842-8980
    Address:1313 Vernon Street
    City: North Kansas City
    State: Missouri
    Country: United States

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    MJB Construction and Maintenance Ltd are based in Carshalton and provide a range of building services for residential clients throughout London and the Carshalton area. The company’s services include side and rear single storey extensions, garage conversions, house to flats, and bathroom installations.

    MJB Construction and Maintenance Ltd mainly specialises in domestic extensions, refurbishment and renovations. It has become a leading company within the London and Carshalton area for many reasons. These include firstly, the building firm’s consistent focus on constantly improving their service so that customers are assured that MJB Construction and Maintenance Ltd will carry out projects with as little disruption as possible to their daily lives.

    Secondly, the company is well established and has many years of experience, which means that MJB Construction and their team of professional builders can complete even the most demanding of jobs. In addition, customers who use the firm’s services can be confident that they are dealing with a reputable company as MJB Construction is a member of the Guild of Master Craftsman and the Federation of Master Builders.

    Thirdly, all builders employed by the company are highly skilled, qualified, and experienced in all areas of construction and maintenance, which gives them the ability to provide their clients with considerable value for money and a friendly and personal service for every project they undertake from start to completion. For example, for their gas and electrical installations, MJB Construction employs certified experts who have many years of experience.

    Finally, for every project they take on, the company provides all aspects of design and planning, full project management, and professional advice so that all jobs are completed on schedule and within budget.

    MJB Construction’s services include side and rear single and two storey extensions, loft conversions, garage conversions, bathroom installations, kitchen installations, roofing and flooring, carpentry, specialist plastering and brickwork, certified gas and electrical installations, audio and visual installations, security and CCTV installations, and many other services.

    Prospective customers can find more information by visiting

    Media Contact
    Company Name: MJB Construction And Maintenance Ltd
    Contact Person: Zbigniew Wozniak
    Phone: 02086467944
    Address:30 Stonleigh Road
    City: Carshalton
    State: Surrey SM5 1JZ
    Country: United Kingdom

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    With the faster pace of life, the pressure from all sides overwhelms people. Every day, people rush to live but rarely have time to enjoy life. So in the modern life how do we manage to achieve a higher quality of life? In addition to possessing a good material life, seeking the best style and mode of the living experience in a limited space, this kind of  spiritual enjoyment can truly enhance people’s quality of life.

    Many small things can make people feel happy. For example, smelling some fragrance, watching a favorite movie, listening to a sweet song or returning home to find the dirty room has been cleaned very well. People will feel much relaxed in a clean and tidy room and they can also get the chance to experience the texture of life. German Liectroux B6009 intelligent auto vacuum cleaner can create a comfortable and clean environment for you no matter what time and give you the exquisite life quality you want. The design of German Liectroux Aerial Robot won the International Design Prize on 1940. (You can view the website: or to get more detailed information).  German Liectroux B6009 intelligent robot floor cleaner has been widely loved by people with its excellent performance and powerful functions once after it launched.

    Video Link:

    In order to have a wonderful home environment, the most important thing is to clean the home thoroughly. Liectroux Robotics GmbH launches new navigation and positioning intelligent vacuum cleaner – German Liectroux B6009 intelligent auto vacuum cleaner, which uses a brushless digital frequency conversion motor. The motor has a strong suction of 1500pa and is able to clean hair, cotton, dust and other impurities and it can achieve spotless wherever it goes.  Many people think that auto vacuum cleaners only need to have enough suction, however, German Liectroux B6009 is also equipped with a variable frequency suction mouth and V-type floating roller brush to achieve exchange of sweeping and sucking and to achieve target cleaning as well. If there is much hair on the floor, you can choose frequency suction mouth to clean since it possesses strong suction and is not easily get wrapped. This feature benefits families that raised pets. The fiber bristles of V-type floating roller brush can clean deep into the gap and miss no corner to accomplish a thorough cleaning.

    German Liectroux B6009 Robot Vacuum Cleaner 

    In addition, German Liectroux B6009 adopts the most advanced positioning system currently in the field of auto robot vacuum cleaners – wireless carrier indoor positioning system. This system can break the range control to achieve the whole house positioning. B6009 adopts bionic algorithm to work and build a house map while operating in real time. Moreover, the bionic algorithm not only enables the machine to achieve intelligent partition according to its own positioning and composition but also forms the best cleaning program to fulfill super effective cleaning. The collocation of B6009’s Nano-material barbed big mop and its water tank enable the mop to do the dry-mopping in accordance with the movement route of water tank. By doing so, it can achieve long-term balanced wet drag and it can easily clean the dust and hair problem.

    German Liectroux B6009 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

    The German Liectroux B6009 auto robot vacuum cleaners not only helps solving the grounding cleaning problem to a large extent but also performs rather intelligently when facing with obstacles or climbing downhill slopes. It is smart enough to take care of itself and do the cleaning work. At the bottom of the German Liectroux B6009, there are intelligent anti-drop infrared sensor electron eyes which can identify complex environments and control the machine to return while sensing the fall above 5cm to avoid safety issues like falling from the stairs. An infrared detector placed in the front part of the machine enables it to intelligently detect the environment and automatically activate the anti-collision / slow collision mode when sensing obstacles such as furniture in order to protect the machine and also protect the home.  

    German Liectroux B6009 Robot Vacuum Cleaner 

    In addition, German Liectroux B6009 auto robot vacuum cleaner is also very easy to use. Its one-touch scheduled cleaning mode is able to select the appropriate scheduled time according to their own habits and needs.   So even when we are outside, German Liectroux B6009 can do the cleaning work intelligently and provide us a clean and tidy home when we come back.

    Media Contact
    Contact Person: Christina Zhang
    Phone: +49 335 23386578
    Country: Germany

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    A Gamehollywood, empresa responsável por alguns dos VR Arcades mais populares da Ásia, acaba de lançar no Brasil o Omega Zodiac – A Batalha dos Deuses, jogo de RPG totalmente em português e gratuito. Para quem não sabe o Omega Zodiac é um dos RPGs Online mais jogados no mundo. De acordo com os desenvolvedores do jogo, eles decidiram traduzir o jogo para o português devido ao grande número de jogadores Brasileiros que tem se aventurado na versão em inglês do jogo.

    O que é Omega Zodiac?

    O modo campanha, no qual o jogador precisa proteger a deusa Atena das forças do mal, são mais de 500 missões diferentes espalhadas em 5 mundos diferentes e com enredo único. Omega Zodiac também conta com um modo online multiplayer cooperativo para até três jogadores, que poderão juntos participar de guildas e missões especiais.

    Para facilitar a comunicação, o jogo possui um chat em tempo real para os usuários poderem planejar sua estratégia de batalha e até mesmo se conhecer melhor. Omega Zodiac recebe constantes atualizações e eventos temáticos que acontecem dentro do jogo ou por meio de das redes sociais, que oferecem prêmios e bônus para os participantes.

    Jogo novo - Omega zodíaco português gostaria de publicar no Brasil

    Na história do jogo, Zeus foi assassinado por Hades o senhor do inferno, que tem a intenção de se tornar o chefe do Olimpo. Entretanto, Atena é por direito a herdeira do trono sagrado e no momento corre risco de vida, uma vez que Hades enviou suas forças para assassinar-la. Sabendo disso, Atena convoca os heróis para proteger-la e lutar contra as forças do mal.

    O primeiro aliado de Hades a ser derrotado é o “Papa Maligno”, líder dos Zodíaco de Ouro, três heróis tem dedicado a sua vida a proteger Atena e eles devem desenvolver junto com o jogador o nono sentido para despertar o poder maior do cosmos. O jogo da aos jogadores oportunidades ilimitadas de evoluir os seus personagens com 7 distintas linhas de desenvolvimento.

    E ainda tem a Action Figure de Ouro!

    No evento de lançamento, o jogador que se destacar levará para casa uma action figure da deusa Atena no valor de 2000 Dólares. A action figure foi produzida pela Game Hollywood e a armadura dela é toda feita em ouro 21 kilates!

    Omega Zodiac está disponível no Facebook e em breve em outras plataformas de jogos online. Basta entrar na página oficial do jogo e começar a jogar diretamente do seu navegador.

    Website Oficial:

    Pagina Oficial do Facebook:

    Sobre a Proficient City

    A Proficient City, uma filial da Game Hollywood, é uma empresa internacional especializada em jogos online e Arcades VR, com escritórios na China, Europa e Canadá. Nossa missão consiste e prover ao jogador uma experiência de jogo inovadora equilibrando conteúdo, jogabilidade e enredo.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Proficient City Limited
    Contact Person: Felipe Rufino Atkocius
    State: Guangdong
    Country: China

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    Andrew Parker, a professional physical training coach and an ex-pro athlete, has launched a website containing sports products buyer’s guides. He tests the products himself and offers true reviews that can help any person to find the right one.


    The sports goods industry is huge today, with its value going over $45 billion in the US alone. The abundance of equipment and other tools that help make exercising more safe and effective is great. However, multiple choices make finding the perfect product much harder. Andrew Parker, a professional physical training coach, offers a solution to this problem. His new website Pro-Sport-Expert offers a wide selection of sports products buyer’s guides for everyone. Andrew tries all the nifty sports goods himself to assess their real advantages and disadvantages.

    The number of products tested and reviewed by Andrew is huge. His guides range from the best baseball gloves for youth ( to best waist trainers (

    Who Is Andrew Parker and Why Should One Trust Him?

    Andrew Parker is a man, who’s been in love with sport since childhood. His passion has only grown throughout life, so after retiring as a professional athlete he moved on to coaching. That’s when he realized how hard it was for his students to find the perfect sports products for them. The idea of Pro-Sport-Expert was born at that time.

    Upon realizing the challenges the buyers face, and having experienced quite a few of them when shopping for his own equipment, Andrew started creating sports products buyer’s guides. This idea kicked off so well, he has now launched a website dedicated to them. Every page of it is a unique and detailed description of not only the top-selling items in every category. Parker also investigates each model personally and honestly highlights its pros and cons.

    What to Expect from Andrew Parker’s Guides (Using As an Example)?

    One thing all sports products buyer’s guides from Andrew Parker have in common is the fact that they are detailed. No matter the subject, they will investigate it in great detail and review the best models in the group. For example, in his guide to buying the best treadmill under $1,000, he lists five of the best pieces of equipment one can buy for that price.

    Next, he goes to analyze each of them focusing on motor, speed, additional features, strengths and weaknesses. Every model has a list of pros and cons that can give the buyer an exact idea of what they’ll get for their money.

    Andrew also goes further by listing the most important features to look for when buying a treadmill. He explains which features are available in this type of equipment and how the differences in them affect performance and effect for the user.

    All guides also have a few tips that will help one determine which kind of equipment is best for them.

    Media Contact
    Company Name:
    Phone: (847)-153-4348
    Address:1434 Clinton St
    City: St. Louis
    State: MO 63106
    Country: United States

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    Jin Yuan mosaic focuses on glass loose mosaic chip  wholesale for mosaic diy hobby. All kinds of mosaic chip is very rich colored.

    Thousands of loose mosaic chip kits for diy hobby at jinyuanmosaic online

    Jinyuan Mosaic factory direct wholesale all kinds of specifications and color quality loose mosaic. We major sell to mosaic pattern factories, mosaic mural factories, mosaic artwork factories, mosaic frame factories, mosaic desktop factories, mosaic candle factories, mosaic light factories and DIY mosaic studios also to personal mosaic hobby. Meet the needs of different format people.

    Thousands of loose mosaic chip kits for diy hobby at jinyuanmosaic online

    We have a patent for gold foil mosaic. Jin Yuan mosaic focus on gold and silver glass mosaic wall tile over 20 years, jinyuan gold foil mosaic has been passed SGS authorization approved, its specialty is alkali resistant, no oxygen, no fade and life span 100 years.

    Thousands of loose mosaic chip kits for diy hobby at jinyuanmosaic online

    We have provided wholesale loose mosaic for a long time. We have thousands of different mosaic chip. Cover all the colors, specifications, materials.

    Our bulk has a strong appeal, because of the lowest price, the fastest delivery, the best quality. Please visit our website to get a deeper understanding of us:

    (click here: I’m looking forward to being a friend and being a good partner.

    Media Contact
    Contact Person: YOYO Fang
    Phone: +86-18675786286
    State: Guangdong province
    Country: China

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    MENGTOP Technology Co.,Ltd evolved out of EasyAcc in 2015 as a B2B department for trading in a sweeping gamut of smartphone accessories including chargers, phone banks, covers and sleeves, and power cables.

    The realm of mobile telephony underwent a massive transformation with rapid strides being in the cellular technology with the dawn of the new millennium. The unwieldy and bulky cell phones that used to rule the roost gave way to trendy and slim smartphones that are not only lighter but also packed with a range of features. The ever increasing popularity of smartphones has, at the same time, contributed towards pushing up the demand for related accessories like chargers, protective cases, jackets, power banks, charging cables, and so on.

    Demand for mobile accessories has spawned the establishment of numerous firms and outfits that were desperate to capitalize and cash in on the popularity of smartphones.  Although there are many firms and companies in China that manufacture the aforementioned add-ons for mobiles, MENGTOP Technology Co Ltd is one establishment that does things differently. For instance, this company encourages partner and build up your brand programs.

    MENGTOP Technology Co.,Ltd  Launches “build Up Your Brand Programs” To Help Worldwide Clients Get Better Benefit From Cooperation

    A typical build up your brand project facilitates institutional and individual clients to work in close collaboration with MENGTOP Technology to design as well as develop innovative, exclusive, and customized products. The company goes out of the way to help its customers in creating accessories that allow them to promote the same as well as stay ahead of the competition. At the same time, the firm assures clients that the personalized wares will be kept thoroughly confidential which primarily implies that their sale will be prohibited on third-party sites or on offline outlets. MENGTOP maintains strict quality control at every stage of production in order to guarantee that the end products are compliable with global quality standards. There are many plausible reasons for outsourcing product design and development projects to MENGTOP Technology.

    The professional team working for the organization has extensive experience in the field of mobile telephony. Till date, the firm has effectively completed 100 projects, shipped more than 514,625 products to customers based in at least 15 countries. MENGTOP has exploited its capacity for integrating resources with the sole objective of delivering a consistent line of products without compromising on quality. It has partnered with EasyAcc for developing offline sales conduits in different countries in just one year. The 15W wireless charger is one of the company’s bestselling accessories. To present the details, this wireless charger is actually a fast charging 10W-15W gadget. The charger takes advantage of two superlative quality coils for supporting wireless charging in a larger area as well as for charging at a faster rate.

    The 10,000mAh Type C port slim power bank is another mobile accessory from MENGTOP Technology that sells like a hot cake. It comes with a Type-C adapter that is fully companionable with Nintendo switch. A 10,000mAh rating implies that mobile phones with wireless charging feature, say the iPhone X, gets charged in the blink of an eye!

    About MENGTOP Technology Co.,Ltd

    MENGTOP Technology Co.,Ltd is a Changsha city based manufacturing enterprise that specializes in producing an assortment of smartphone accessories like power banks and phone cases.For more details, please visit their website.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Mengtop Technology Co.,Ltd
    Contact Person: Charlie Xu
    Phone: +86-18673182326
    City: Changsha City
    Country: China

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    The new portable mini wind turbine is ideal for camping and outdoor pursuits. The output is standard 5V 2A USB. 2018 is a year that will see advances in technology, which includes the new line of mini wind turbines from Cutting Edge Power.

    Cutting Edge Power, a leading force in the wind and solar energy industry is pleased to announce they have launched a new portable mini wind turbine. The new design is currently available for $58.97 on their website,


    A spokesman for Cutting Edge Power said: “People need wind power to be portable. That’s why we designed this product to use at the beach, while camping, tailgating, etc.”

    The spokesperson went on to say,” USB output allows us to help our customers by simplifying the traditional wind turbine. Now, you don’t have to be an engineer or scientist to have a wind turbine. The USB output is simple enough for ANYONE to use.”


    The mini turbine which was designed and is assembled in America has already gained national attention for its design, easy to use, and with its USB port that is able to charge any mobile device. With its 5V 2A output, and new for 2018 15” blade, it can generate energy with a wind speed as low as 6mph.

    No longer do people have to worry about running out of power with their mobile devices, thanks to the new wind turbine. As well as being used for camping, it can also be used for those going fishing, or even spending a day at the beach.

    To learn more about the new portable wind turbine, please visit

    About Cutting Edge Power

    Headquartered in Dallas TX, Cutting Edge Power delivers turn-key Wind and Solar systems engineered and built for efficiency, reliability, and durability.

    For more information, contact:

    Cutting Edge Power

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Cutting Edge Power
    Contact Person: Media Manager
    Country: United States

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    KoolBrains is a leading web design company in Pakistan that has been working successfully from past six years.  Earlier, it has also earned a reputable rank as a well-skilled Web Design Company in the USA. It is well-liked for putting in extreme creativity and accuracy in the services it delivers. Moreover, it is an incomparable Graphic Design Company offering its exceptional web and graphic designing services to the owners of small-scale businesses mainly.

    In addition, it has helped many small-scale businesses and affiliate marketing industries in the rapid development of their brand by way of its all-inclusive web designing packages.  The team at KoolBrains is highly-experienced and enthusiastic to deliver the best of its kind web design services. Each and every team member at KoolBrains is well-informed about the ever-changing trends in the web design market, for this reason, they deliver high-quality and compelling web design services every time.

    Through the incorporation of most advantageous and custom-made web design strategies, KoolBrains aims at successful re-branding of your industry.  It is going to offer its exclusive web and graphic design services at an extremely jaw-dropping rate to drag a considerably larger amount of traffic towards its services. The reason behind its extremely inexpensive rates is to make its amazing services easily accessible for small business owners who come up with a limited budget. Since, for every web design owner having a professional and matchless web design is crucial to survive and thrive in the long run, KoolBrains is there to provide most favorable and highly-affordable web design services to its valued clients.

    In this way, KoolBrains, with delivering low-cost and top-notch web design services, is opening the doors to boundless opportunities and ultimate success that was once the biggest dream of every small business owner. By means of delivering its unmatched web design services, KoolBrains longs for winning the hearts of a large number of people out there. In this regard, KoolBrains comes up with extremely supportive and sought after web design packages. Adding to it, it keeps on updating its tools and strategies to deliver up to the minute web design services across the globe.    

    Our Web Design Company in Pakistan offers the following features in just $50

    • Complete Branding (Logo, Social Media Branding)
    • Responsive Design
    • 10 Web Pages
    • Unique Web Content Writing
    • Google Tools integrations
    • Complete On Page SEO
    • Off Page SEO (1000 Backlinks)
    • 3 Revisions
    • Auto Backup
    • 24 Hours Delivery

    Media Contact
    Company Name: KoolBrains
    Contact Person: Naeem Aktar
    Phone: +923330266969
    Address:Pearl Continental Lahore
    Country: Pakistan

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    Pro-Sport-Expert is a blog site dedicated in reviewing the best sports equipment for a variety of sports including soccer, baseball, physical workouts, and many other activities. The website has recently published reviews and buying guides on the best Lacrosse sticks and top sunglasses for running.

    Pro-Sport-Expert is a blog site dedicated in reviewing the best sports equipment for a variety of sports including soccer, baseball, physical workouts, and many other activities. The website has recently published reviews and buying guides on the best Lacrosse sticks and top sunglasses for running.

    Within the Best Lacrosse Sticks Buyer’s Guide (, Pro-Sport-Expert begins with a review of the top 5 products. This includes a table summarizing the key features of all 5 lacrosse sticks including product name, weight, length, shaft (plastic or alloy), and the size of the head. The table also includes a button link so that readers can check price on the Amazon site and view customer feedback.

    The blog then provides a detailed review of each lacrosse stick, which includes a photo of the product and an account of which level of game play the stick is most suitable for (beginner, intermediate, or advanced), what material is the lacrosse stick made from, how strong is the product, and a concise list of the pros and cons of the product. The buying guide ends with an explanation of what readers need to look for when purchasing a lacrosse stick. These include what type of material (aluminium, titanium, scandium, composite) the shaft is made from and their relative durability and how the head of the lacrosse stick is configured.

    Pro-Sport-Expert’s review of the best sunglasses for running begins with an overview of the main function of sunglasses and which types are suited for different circumstances. For example, sunglasses with yellow lenses are suitable for night time. The guide then moves on to review the top 7 sunglasses, which includes brands such as Duduma, BLUPOND, Oakley, and Tifosi. Each product review contains a description of the sunglasses’ good and bad points, what material the frames are made from, the composition of the lenses and the amount of UV protection they offer.

    The sunglasses review then ends with advice on what readers should look for when making a purchase. This includes UV protection, polarizing material to reduce reflection, frame material, and nose and earpieces to stop the product from sliding down the individual’s face.

    Interested readers can find more information at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Pro-Sport-Expert
    Contact Person: Anne Fibbiyon
    Phone: 619-523-8014
    Address:3828 Poplar Avenue
    City: San Diego
    State: CA
    Country: United States

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    When most people think of warts, they think of unsightly, painful, potentially embarrassing little bumps. Most people know they are contagious, but not dangerous. This sums up a superficial description of what is medically known as a raised, small benign tumor. Warts are caused by one of the various strains of human papillomaviruses (HPV), and records of their pesky existence date back over thousands of years. Despite how long warts have been posing a nuisance, few people know what they truly are and how to treat them.  To help inform the public, Easy Wart Removal has compiled all the information available for identifying, treating, and even preventing warts in the first place at one, accessible resource:

    As a brief preview, warts can be categorized into five different categories: plantar warts, flat warts, periungual warts, genital warts, filiform warts, and common warts. Identifying if a wart is present and what kind it is will be the most helpful in treating it. For people affected by warts, however, one of the more bothersome tasks is trying to locate accurate and helpful information for wart removal and treatment. But instead of traipsing around the internet for information that may or may not be reliable, readers can now look to for an up to date database, and quick, easy access to numerous resources on treatment. provides extensive information to help readers figure out exactly what kind of wart they might have and the numerous treatment options available. The site reports on both at-home remedies and medical options. They discuss each researched option and summarize the advantages, while providing insight into which treatments might be the most beneficial for the type of warts. People affected by warts can click here for more information on the numerous options available for wart removal. regularly adds current information in the form of new articles that are published weekly, video flip-books, infographics, and even reviews on products that are commonly associated with warts. They explain who might be at risk for contracting a wart, which are mostly contagious, and provide preventative measures for people to avoid these uncomfortable growths. They give insight into when at-home methods are effective and when it is imperative to seek out a professional opinion.

    Furthermore, Alpha Centauri’s is consistently updated to provide comprehensive information on everything wart related. With their resources, readers no longer have to parse through overwhelming and misleading online sources.

    All information on causes and types of warts, treatment, and frequently asked questions can all be conveniently found at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Alpha Centauri, LLC
    Contact Person: Sammy Lucci
    Address:100 E 77th St
    City: New York
    State: NY 10075
    Country: United States

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    Avid cryptocurrency and exchange traders with MBAex announcing its status as Southeast Asia’s premier blockchain asset trading platform.

    MBAex will be one of many trading platforms to have sprout out in recent times, but the promise of a secure and reliable virtual currency trading avenue could well make the difference. In the past, it has been a recurring problem for trading platforms to secure their users’ assets (money). However, with the use of a cold storage, SSL, multiple encryption, banking security technology and over ten years of financial security experience, MBAex is seemingly poised like the most secure trading platform available now.

    The best trading systems are lauded for a high-speed matchmaking system, much like the MBAex engine. It guarantees real time matchmaking and uses distributed cluster technology to distribute global data center. Nobody ever knows it all, but the platform reportedly has a “user first” policy, more commonly known as the “customer is king” expression. A bilingual customer service runs from 9:00 to 18:00, Mondays to Fridays. There will probably no going wrong with that much attention promised to users.

    MBAex permits trades on cryptocurrency, including USDT, BTC, ETH, LTC and WCG. The site uses the all-time favorite trading chart preferred by traders worldwide; with the candlesticks-depth-full screen calibrations. Allegedly, there a bunch of perks to enjoy from working with MBAex, including an affiliate program that lets users introduce people and earn a commission via referrals.

    MBAex reportedly uses their own coin, known as MBAex Digital Pass (MDP), the proprietary digital redemption token issued for trading within the MBAex platform. This is a thoughtful invention as traders will have all deposits and withdrawals in the same stable currency.

    In coming months, trading will be a more significant source of income and for all the perks that come with MBAex, it seems entirely safe to trade via the platform. You might still be in time to snatch up a double reward bonanza that has been running over the Christmas period.

    About MBAex

    Established and founded in Singapore as MBAEX ONLINE PTE. LTD., MBAex’s core teams of professionals comprise of personnel from Europe, Southeast Asia and China. The company has clocked up extensive background and experience in the foreign exchange industry, banking industry, blockchain assets management and other financial technologies. MBAex boasts over 10 years’ worth of experience operating and managing cryptocurrency.

    MBAex is reportedly Southeast Asia’s largest blockchain assets trading platform, dedicated to promoting the use of a few choice blockchain assets that are safe and possess strong investment value. As a deal sweetener, the Company offers blockchain assets with steady application values to provide clients with a safer, secured and superior trading environment.

    The Company dabbles in the belief that that the digital economy will drive the long-term development and expansion of the online platform trade. This is believed to work in making a name for the Company as the premier mainstream financial trading tool. The show of ambition means the Company is here to stay and exchange traders might yet find some profitable joy in working with MBAex.

    It looks seemingly a great idea to trade with a Company that has vast potentials and is growing to become the best trading platform in Southeast Asia, and poised to become the biggest blockchain asset trading platform globally. Such lofty ambitions are traits of a good trading platform.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: MBAEX ONLINE PTE. LTD.
    Contact Person: VICTOR YONG
    Country: Singapore

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    London, UK – Whether for work or for pleasure, almost everyone will need to collect various belongings, check them twice, and carefully pack a bag to go on a trip. While each individual may have their own method of packing for utmost efficiency—and likely swears by their tried and true tactics—nothing can correct for the trouble caused by large, clunky luggage. Luckily for travel professionals and enthusiasts alike, there’s a helpful online resource for those seeking high-quality lightweight luggage. Lightweight Luggage Reviewsoffers luggage brands and styles that are thoroughly tested and expertly reviewed. They do all the hard work, so travellers don’t have to.

    Lightweight Luggage Reviews,, functions as an online resource and a forum for folks who need guidance in selecting the ideal piece of luggage for their needs. While the company is based in the UK, most of the products they review are available for purchase online, making the website a dependable starting point for shoppers internationally. The homepage of the website features the top picks for lightweight luggage and explains in detail why each item was selected for the esteemed list.

    Additionally, the website provides helpful information on the strengths and shortcomings of varying types of designs. For example, they suggest that bags made with ballistic nylon are a great option for someone who prefers the aesthetic design of a soft bag but needs tough durability. From guidance about durability and airline weight restrictions to the importance of wheels and handles on different bags, Lightweight Luggage Reviews is a one-stop shop for all luggage assistance.

    The website provides guidance on the factors to keep in mind when selecting a new piece of luggage, and they make strong arguments for the importance of lightweight luggage. The lighter your luggage, the easier it’ll be to manoeuvre at the airport, on the plane, and during bouts of foot travel. Additionally, light travel bags ensure that sneaky charges from overweight bags will never be an issue at the airport. Travellers can save money, stress less, and travel lighter.

    While lightweight suitcases may not be hard to find, with so many options on the market, it can be difficult to find one with all the right features for an individual’s needs. With the immense knowledge gathered by Lightweight Luggage Reviews, choosing the perfect bag will not only be a simple process, but an enjoyable one to boot. 

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Lightweight Luggage Reviews
    Contact Person: Noah James
    Phone: 02085416548
    City: London N1 3NH
    Country: United Kingdom

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    London, UK – In today’s world, consumers have a plethora of products to choose from, regardless of the type of item for which they are shopping. With the ability to have almost anything delivered to one’s doorstep from anywhere around the globe, peopleare able to access even more great options that they never would have previously. One resource that is quickly surging ahead as a favourite for UK shoppers and international shoppers alike is Top Revs.

    The consumer-centric economy has made life much easier for many and expanded horizons internationally, but it has also added pressure to have the best of the best. When there are so many brands and styles to choose from—and given that many people never handle products directly before ordering them online—it becomes even more paramount to have detailed information about the quality, function, and reliability of products before they are purchased. Luckily for folks around the globe, Top Revs is a great resource for shoppers to get the in-depth reviews they need for a plethora of products.

    While the online review site operates out of the UK, benefits folks far and wide with their high-quality reviews of home products. With categories ranging from children & baby to health & beauty to outdoor supplies, this site is a one-stop shop for anyone in search of top products and brands of almost any variety.

    The website makes searching for a specific type of product within a category highly accessible. Even if shoppers are uncertain of what they are looking to read up on, the site is laid out in a manner that allows for guests to easily peruse and educate themselves on items they may desire. The site also provides a rotating list of top products of interest, so there are always new suggestions for well-crafted products a person may want or need.

    Broken down into lists, each category gives pros and cons to each item listed as well as other helpful ratings and facts. For example, on a list of the best lawn sprinklers from 2016-2017, each item is given a star rating, a price point range, and a brief list of key features. Their reviews make it easier for shoppers to get essential information directly from the site. Plus, links to further product details are included for customer ease.

    For an online destination with reviews of the best home products, Top Revs is increasingly becoming a favourite for UK residents and international shoppers to begin any search.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Top Revs
    Contact Person: Sophia Moss
    Phone: 02085528652
    City: London N4 7UJ
    Country: United Kingdom

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    London, United Kingdom – With the variety of lawn mowers competing nearly with the likes of cell phones and new models coming out all the time, homeowners can find it challenging to find the right one. The size of the lawn or garden is something to consider initially, but also the convenience required in maintaining an outdoor space is important for many homeowners. Naturally, a smaller garden can’t accommodate a special edition riding lawn mower, but likewise, there is no need to maintain an oversized lawn with a hand push mower. TheBestMowers is increasingly becoming a go-to source for homeowners seeking reviews of the best available lawn mowers for their mowing needs.

    Most people do their best to avoid lawn care, even hiring others to do it for them.  But the proper tools can turn this gruelling chore into a much more pleasant one. The Best Mowers provides guidance to homeowners seeking an adequate mower to fit their lawn care needs and size. In terms of size, it is said that a tennis court is a good rule of thumb. A tennis court-sized lawn is considered medium, while any smaller is a small lawn, and any larger constitutes a large lawn.

    This site discusses some of the most common considerations for lawn mowers, such as the best priced or the best in class, and reviews mowers in each category, like the best electric, cordless, or ride on mower. The types that they cover include cylinder and rotary mowers, electric and hover mowers, petrol powered and ride on mowers, and even something potentially revolutionary: the robotic mower.

    The reviews from The Best Mowers delve deeper beyond the usual pros and cons. They cover every aspect of each mower, including the overall size of the mower and its weight. For example, their top three picks for the best mowers of the UK in 2015-2016 are the Bosch Rotak 37 LI Ergoflex on the high end, the Evopower EVO1536Li at the affordable price point, and the Bosch Rotak 32 LI Ergoflex for something right in the middle. They’ve given each a rating from one to five stars, and each in-depth review can be found on

    The Best Mowers are constantly updating their reviews and adding new ones as new mowing innovations emerge. Their reports make in-depth research on a potential investment much more accessible, which is why homeowners are increasingly turning to this site for their lawn care needs.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: The Best Mowers
    Contact Person: Grant Jameson
    Phone: 02085854194
    City: London, N3 5GA
    Country: United Kingdom

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    London, United Kingdom – Among the many useful features that motorists can equip their cars with today is something called a dashcam. Typically associated with a police vehicle, increasingly, civilian drivers are equipping themselves with dashboard cams for their own safety. As more motorists seek to protect their vehicles with dash cams, they are turning to one site,, for guidance to the best devices on the market.

    Dashboard cams are becoming popular for safety reasons primarily. Many dashcams can simultaneously provide coverage of both behind and in front of the vehicle. A dashboard cam usually attaches to the windshield itself, or to the dashboard using an adhesive tape mount or a suction cup. Dashboard cams provide security to motorists in cases of vehicular accidents. While just purchasing a dash cam may not provide an immediate discount on insurance premiums, the footage that it records could be invaluable in a hit-and-run situation or any other accident. Dashboard cams have the advantage of being able to capture footage of the vehicle even while the vehicle is parked and turned off. To save on battery power and memory storage, some dash cams can be equipped with a motion sensor, recording only when an approaching vehicle or human is detected.

    To help motorists find the best devices for their vehicles, Dashboardcam Reviews offers free guidance and reviews on their site, The online resource has compiled comprehensive reviews on everything there is to know about the best dash cam for today’s drivers.

    David Conway, the creator of the site, recognises this item is a must-have in protection against reckless driving and fraud, not to mention numerous other safety issues. Conway put together this resource after being himself the victim of a fraudulent crash scheme. With no dashcam to prove that the accident had been intentionally caused by the other driver, he was left to pay for what appeared to be a rear-ending that was not, in fact, his fault.

    DashboardcamReviews discusses both the essential features and the extras of the dashcams available in today’s market. They offer comparisons on numerous cams regarding features and price. Although they publish separate entries for different categories of cams, they’ve also compiled all of their reviews into a simple table, so that readers can easily compare numerous models at once.

    As dashboard cams are becoming increasingly prevalent, online resources like Dashboardcam Reviews are providing importance guidance to help motorists find the best devices to protect themselves and their vehicles.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Dashboardcam Reviews
    Contact Person: David Conway
    Phone: 02088545521
    City: London, UK, N3 5JS
    Country: United Kingdom

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    London, United Kingdom – Finding a pair of binoculars that suits ones needs well can be difficult when shopping online. The consumer must discern and compare the attributes of each pair of binoculars, gauge the potential quality of image, and decide if these attributes suit their specific needs. Shopping online has the disadvantage of potential buyers not being able to test and experience the products for themselves, but the internet is also often the only place where some of the top binoculars can be found. To guide buyers through the process, is increasingly becoming a popular and recognisably reputable site that helps buyers see further than the advertised features and understand the true quality of the products they’re purchasing.

    Best Binoculars,, provides an extensive selection of reviews covering a wide array of binoculars. Despite the vastness of information packed into each article, each review still manages to remain user-friendly and easy to read and understand. This is especially important as it allows this website to be a great resource for binocular users of all experience levels.

    The website breaks its reviews and recommendations down by brand, magnification, budget, and most importantly recommended activity type. By providing clients the opportunity to select binoculars specifically geared for activities like “astronomy,” “safari,” “bird watching,” or “night vision,” offers recommendations that go beyond simply which pair of binoculars is newest or most expensive. It allows their recommendations to be personal, and specifically targeted to exactly what the customer is looking for.

    Each review or comparison is comprehensive and educational without being difficult to read. The review typically covers the build of the binoculars, weight, recommendations of what the binoculars might be best for when it comes to climate, and several other elements. Their reviews explain not only the attributes of each binocular but how those attributes can benefit the buyer for their specific activity.

    In this day and age, shopping online can be a considerably difficult, especially when attempting to purchase a piece of technology of which there are many brands and types to choose from. That’s why more consumers are turning to reviewer sites like for well-researched information and unbiased assistance. Customers are lauding this site for their guidance in ensuring that buyers are informed and able to make a purchase that suits their needs and their budget.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Best Binoculars
    Contact Person: Stephen Richardson
    Phone: 02084579565
    City: London W8 9UH
    Country: United Kingdom

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    With extensive knowledge of the area, strong ties to the community and an increased online presence, Alicia Sanguinetti is one of the top agents for luxury real estate Hillsborough CA and the Bay Area. Specializing in the Hillsborough, Burlingame and San Mateo communities and surrounding neighborhoods, she is a native to the Bay Area and continues to be an expert for those looking to buy and sell homes on the Peninsula.

    After attending UCLA, Alicia began her real estate career helping businesses and clients finance mortgage operations for five years then went on to spend 12 years as an investor, purchasing, renovating and managing a real estate portfolio. Alicia is now a top-performing agent in her native Bay Area, residing in Hillsborough and boasting over $100 million in career sales.

    Given her background, Alicia brings an unparalleled experience to her clients, providing greater understanding of mortgage rates, cost/benefit upgrade potential and property comparative analyses. She works to serve her clients’ every need and ensure they feel confident in the superior service and first-class insights they receive.

                                               Video Link:

    Contributing to the client experience is Alicia’s widespread online presence. When listing a home, Alicia provides a designated property website including a video and virtual tour, professional high-res photography, drone photography if needed, social media marketing and email outreach to local real estate colleagues in surrounding communities, granting local and global exposure of the home.

    “With every client, I utilize my comprehensive real estate background and detailed knowledge of Peninsula markets to provide objective market analysis and pricing clarity,” said Alicia. “My goal is my client’s confidence that they have received superior service over anyone else in the real estate industry.”

    Alicia’s passion for her clients also translates to her community, where she is a respected friend and colleague, deeply connected and involved with a number of charities. In addition to her connections keeping her informed on upcoming and off-market real estate opportunities for her clients, Alicia’s network extends to involvement with the American Heart Association’s Circle of Red, which contributes resources and influence to support vital research, education and advocacy for heart health.

    Alicia is also involved in is PARCA (Partners and Advocates for Remarkable Children and Adults), an organization that strives to provide individuals with developmental disabilities with opportunities to live independently. She is also a sponsor of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation, a charity focused on empowering impoverished communities worldwide.

    Between Alicia’s seasoned professionalism, commitment to her clients, impressive real estate accomplishments and deep roots in her community, she has become one of the Bay Area’s leading resources. She not only understands the market, but is devoted to providing unmatched service and expertise with integrity.

    To work with Alicia, please call (650) 888-6432, or visit her website at for more information.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Alain Pinel Realtors
    Contact Person: Alicia Sanguinetti
    Phone: (650) 888-6432
    Address:1440 Chapin Ave #200
    City: Burlingame
    State: CA 94010
    Country: United States

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    David Hatef, leading Washington DC luxury real estate agent, is proud to announce the launch of his newly renovated website and increased online presence. The revamped site has a clean and innovative design, and now offers quick and easy access to essential information for prospective buyers, bringing D.C.’s diverse neighborhoods and their luxury homes to life. 

    David is a Washington DC native and learned from a young age the value of a strong work ethic and the importance of family. Within the first four years of his career as a real estate agent, he became a multi-million-dollar producer and one of D.C.’s most dedicated realtors. After a number of years practicing law, David discovered real estate was his true calling and returned to the business with a renewed skillset.

    With the launch of his new website, David’s unparalleled work in the D.C. area, the breadth of his listings and the city’s neighborhoods and luxurious offerings are now properly showcased. The redesigned site features thorough community guides, beautiful photography, cutting-edge luxury videography and 3D video tours, allowing existing and potential clients to explore all available homes from near and far, bringing global exposure to his high-end listings.

    Video Link:

    “I could not be more thrilled with the new website,” said David Hatef. “I believe this site will allow our clients – new and existing – to have an exceptional experience as they search for their new home in the D.C. area.” David added, “I also believe this site will be the platform upon which sellers can maximize exposure and demand for their homes.”

    The new community pages detail the neighborhoods that David is active in, including communities across D.C. and Maryland. From Georgetown, DuPont Circle and Capitol Hill to Chevy Chase, Bethesda, and Friendship Heights, these neighborhood pages provide detailed guides for those looking for additional background on the city.

    Each community page summarizes the neighborhoods’ culture and overall feel, including the lifestyle, nearby parks, restaurants, nightlife and local schools. In addition to local real estate insights and trends, each neighborhood guide also includes a stunning video overview, helping clients connect more directly with each community.

    The new site also incorporates a home valuation tool which allows users to enter their address and receive a follow-up appraisal from David’s team regarding the value of their current home. From there, and with a better understanding of their budget, visitors are able to visit the MLS search and view extensive listings of available area homes across D.C., Maryland and Virginia. Users can search by several filters including price range, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, living area size and rentals versus for purchase.

    David’s new website will be updated on a regular basis with new listings, new communities as David’s presence in the market expands, and new blog posts highlighting events, activities and happenings in and around D.C.

    If you are looking to buy or sell your home, we encourage you to visit the new website at  

    Media Contact
    Company Name: TTR Sotheby’s International Realty
    Contact Person: David Hatef
    Phone: (202) 550-2730
    Address:5454 Wisconsin Ave
    City: Chevy Chase
    State: MD 20815
    Country: United States

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