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    In recent years, commercial houses have emerged in an endless stream. While living in a comfortable and happy way, the cleaning work has become a troublesome problem. Especially for residents who live on high floors, the outer glass is difficult to clean. In the long run, dust will accumulate and become more difficult to clean. In the same way, the external windows at the office face the same problem. Window cleaning robot came into being.

    According to the latest report of the “Frankfurter Messe”, the German LIECTROUX Robotics Research Institute and the University of Hamburg, Germany, have newly developed a new window cleaning robot that can efficiently accomplish a variety of difficult cleaning tasks. This window cleaning robot is small but fully equipped. Its shape is a starfish shape so that it can ensure the maximum coverage area while cleaning.

    German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute Window Cleaning Robot Has Launched “New tricks”    Double Super Features Of “Mind Control” And “Automatically Cleaning” Help People Quickly And Efficiently Clean

    This window cleaning robot possesses two quite advanced functions: one is the “mind control” function, that is, to control the cleaning path of the window cleaning robot through human thoughts. When people’s eyes first sweep through all the areas that need to be cleaned, the memory will automatically be stored in the human brain. Then the machine will automatically turn on the human brain scanning mode by simply pressing the “mind control” button on the machine. As long as people stand in the area within 1 meter around the window cleaning robot, the machine will automatically scan the area where the brain is responsible for storing memory. At this time, as long as the person focuses on the area that should be cleaned, the machine will automatically scan that part of the memory. After scanning the memory, the machine will immediately clean up the areas that need to be cleaned.

    The second powerful feature of this machine is that it can automatically clean itself. The windows are often filled with heavy dust. After cleaning, the window cleaning robot will surely get a thick layer of dust on the mops, which requires people to manually clean them up. However, this window cleaning robot can clean the mops automatically after cleaning the dust. People just need to simply press the “Automatic Cleaning” button and the built-in purifier will spray cleaning liquid on the mops and clean the stain on the mops, then spray the water to clean the mops until the mops are clean as brand new. What’s more, the mops will also be sterilized after all the cleaning. The window cleaning robot is very convenient and easy to use.

    Video Link:

    The window cleaning robot developed by the German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute is a good helper for people to clean windows in homes and office buildings. In addition to the breakthrough in the field of window cleaning robots, the German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute  is also outstanding in the area of robot vacuum cleaner.  (You can view the website: or

    Its robot vacuum cleaners have intelligent positioning navigation chip, V-type floating roller brush, digital frequency conversion brushless motor and other high-quality configuration. It possesses excellent performance and high cost/performance, which can be viewed as people’s first choice of purchasing the robot vacuum cleaners.

    Media Contact
    Contact Person: Christina Zhang
    Email: Send Email
    Country: Germany

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    As one of the foremost injection molding enterprises in China, Inno Molding Company Limited has achieved a high degree of specialty in furnishing plastic injection molding services. The firm has earned and entrenched its goodwill by processing bulk orders for plastic molds and also manufacturing and prototyping complete products.

    It surely won’t be out of place to assert the modern human civilization would come to a full stop without the availability of plastic injection molded components and products. To put that statement in perspective, infinite number of items used by individuals all over the world would not have been there in the first place if the technology needed to produce them had not been innovated. The very fact that injection molding fabrication technique finds application in different industrial sectors is concrete proof that the technology is incredibly versatile. Engineers, design professionals, technicians, and plastic injection mold suppliers exploit injection molding to the hilt as the technology provides some clear benefits.

    Inno Molding Company Limited Asserts The Accessibility Of Custom Plastic Injection Molding Parts

    Improved automation, heightened efficiency, and repeatability are some of the advantages that lead to designing of tailor made components with a limited amount of resources. Inno Molding is one of the pioneer plastic injection mold suppliers in China that optimally exploits plastic molding technology. This Shenzhen-based enterprise has garnered a lofty level of expertise in designing a myriad range of plastic components that find across-the-board applications in various industries. The enterprise takes advantage of injection molding technique for fabricating keyboards, chairs, toys, mobile phone covers, automotive gears, storage containers, combs, electronic equipment cabinets, and innumerable other things. Inno Molding also accepts and processes turnkey projects on behalf of corporate customers based in different countries all over the world.

    The infrastructure for the plastic mold factory of Inno Molding Company Limited was set up over two decades ago. The entire factory is set in a total area that is more than 3,000 sq. meters that stocks the entire set of plastic molding machinery. A total of 120 employees make the most of the equipment for processing the orders received from the customers. Mold machine operators, toolmakers, product design and development professionals make up the employees.

    As a prime custom plastic injection molding company in China, Inno Molding spares no effort in designing and producing molded components that are precisely as per specifications outlined by customers. In order to turn out such a mould, the firm reverts to the drawing board for designing an archetype or model. This Chinese company proceeds to manufacture the actual component based on the prototype. The total number of Chinese injection molding firms having a complete manufacturing infrastructure is very few in number and Inno Molding is definitely one of those select companies. The firm harnesses the modern-day software related to injection molding like CAD/CAM, AutoCAD, Master CAM, Mold Flow, UG, and Pro/e. Before embarking on a project outsourced by a client, the firm conducts DFM analysis followed by FMEA risk evaluation so that the mold prototype is precisely what the customer has ordered for.

    About Inno Molding Company Limited

    Inno Molding Company Limited is a leading Chinese firm that has involved in manufacturing plastic molded parts since 1996.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Inno Molding Co.,ltd
    Contact Person: James Yu
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86-13590208318
    Country: China

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    Companies that require clear PVC compounds for their production process can now rely on Tongxiang Longcheng Plastic Co.,Ltd for procuring the compound all through the year in any quantity and at an affordable cost.

    With their commitment to provide high quality products at affordable prices, Tongxiang Longcheng Plastic Co.,Ltd announce to supply different types of PVC pellets and compounds, including clear PVC granules for industries around the world. They can supply PVC pellets, granules and compounds in any quantity and with custom specifications for companies, involved in manufacturing various plastic products.

    The company has the capability of supplying a wide range of PVC pellets, available in different colors. One can choose the PVC pellet with a custom specification for manufacturing specific products. The R&D team of the company has the specialty of modifying PVC pellets according to the requirements of the industry. They can modify the pellets and change the color, quality and the hardness as per the requirement. These pellets have an excellent processing ability and are perfect for injection molding, extrusion and other processes.

    Tongxiang Longcheng Plastic Co.,Ltd specializes in supplying transparent PVC compounds, used in manufacturing products with clear PVC profiles. The company supplies clear PVC granules to a number of domestic as well as offshore clients and ensures availability of the products all around the year. The transparent PVC granules are used in many applications, such as clear labels, clear packaging containers, clear medical tubes, garden hoses etc. They can supply clear PVC granules with different specifications, and can modify properties, like hardness, density, tensile strength, impact strength and others.

    According to the company spokesperson, they can supply PVC compounds, suitable for different usages. They can formulate granules with different hardness, specific gravity, tensile strength, heat resistance and other specs. Available in different colors, these PVC granules can meet different types of machining requirements for producing products in different shapes and with different profiles. The spokesperson reveals that they supply PVC granules and compounds that meet ASTM standards and are ideal for the production of a wide range of products in different industries across geographies.

    To check the specific properties of the compounds they supply, one can visit their website

    About Tongxiang Longcheng Plastic Co.,Ltd. 

    Tongxiang Longcheng Plastic Co.,Ltd is focused on modified PVC granules and has been providing all kinds of high quality PVC pellets for different industries for more than 20 years. The company has the most professional R&D team, working to modify PVC granules as per the industry needs. The company’s main products are rigid PVC compound, soft PVC compound, UPVC compound, and clear PVC compound.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Tongxiang Longcheng Plastic Co., LTD.
    Contact Person: Jane Tang
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86-573-8861 8523
    State: Zhejiang
    Country: China

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    Rockland, MA – Today, Postalytics announced that it has joined HubSpot as a Connect Certified Partner. HubSpot, a leading CRM, marketing, sales, and customer service platform, works hand-in-hand with Connect Partners to help grow their business through co-marketing and business development campaigns to increase shared customers. Connect Partners are independent software vendors who have built an integration with HubSpot and passed certification.

    The Postalytics direct mail automation for HubSpot integration automatically sends and tracks personalized direct mail postcards and letters to HubSpot Contacts. It enables marketers to send direct mail using HubSpot Lists and Smart List of any size, as well as triggered campaigns using HubSpot workflows.


    “Our customers want to achieve great results fast, and we’re always looking to provide solutions and tools that will help them do their jobs quickly and streamline operations,” said Brad Coffey, Chief Strategy Officer at HubSpot. The Postalytics direct mail integration cuts the time and cost of sending physical, postal mail, and automatically syncs mail delivery and response data back into HubSpot. We’re excited to have them on as part of the Connect Program.”

    HubSpot’s Connect Program is an ecosystem of valuable third-party integrations. Certified Partners comply with a set of requirements in addition to hitting set milestones for amount of installs and positive reviews from customers to receive the HubSpot stamp of approval.

    “Integrating our automated direct mail marketing tool with HubSpot was a no-brainer,” said Dennis Kelly, CEO of Postalytics. “We’re excited to join the HubSpot Connect Program as a certified integration partner, so that HubSpot clients can easily add personalized postcards and letters to their inbound marketing workflows.”


    Learn more about the integration:

    About Postalytics

    Postalytics is a leading direct mail automation tool that is used by marketers to help them stand out from their competitors. By incorporating direct mail into the leading CRM and Marketing Automation platforms, Postalytics streamlines the creation, production and tracking of direct mail, turning it into a digital marketing channel that happens to print. Marketers use Postalytics to send postcards and letters at each stage of the customer lifecycle without needing to worry about printing, mailing, postage or any of the headaches of traditional direct mail.

    Lean more at

    About HubSpot

    HubSpot (NYSE: HUBS) is a leading CRM, marketing, sales, and customer service platform. Since 2006, HubSpot has been on a mission to make the world more inbound. Today, over 41,500 total customers in more than 90 countries use HubSpot’s award-winning software, services, and support to transform the way they attract, engage, and delight customers. Comprised of Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, the soon to be released Service Hub, and a powerful free CRM, HubSpot gives companies the tools they need to manage the customer experience from awareness to advocacy.

    HubSpot has been named a top place to work by Glassdoor, Fortune, The Boston Globe, and The Boston Business Journal. The company is headquartered in Cambridge, MA with offices in Dublin, Ireland (EMEA HQ); Singapore; Sydney, Australia; Tokyo, Japan; Berlin, Germany; and Portsmouth, NH.

    Learn more at

    Video Link:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Postalytics
    Contact Person: Dennis Kelly
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (781) 206-8990
    Country: United States

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    BTW Consulting can help sellers set up their eBay store correctly and increase their eBay sales.

    eBay has over 170 million customers and 25 million sellers, making it the perfect place to sell online and reach customers from around the world.  Even though eBay is a huge eCommerce platform for businesses, not everyone is achieving their goals and generating enough sales to be as profitable as they should.  Now, thanks to BTW Consulting, those that need help on eBay have a resource to turn to.

    BTW Consulting can help merchants create an eBay store, and provide eBay consulting services as well.  They have gained a reputation for helping businesses become successful sellers on the popular shopping platform. With their help, eBay sellers who have been struggling to make a profit are now expanding their business due to their positive results.

    One of the biggest mistakes made by new merchants on eBay, is not setting up their eBay store correctly. Some people believe due to the popularity of eBay, they can simply set up a store and achieve success.  That is not the way it works.

    To be successful on eBay, and become profitable, setting up an eBay store has to be done the right way.  Once an eBay store has been created, it then needs to be correctly optimized using proper SEO techniques.  All this can be done by BTW Consulting.

    BTW Consulting has become the backbone of many successful eBay stores, helping merchants to increase their eBay sales.  They offer a free consultation with no obligation.  Since the company’s launch in 2015, they have become one one of the most sought-after eBay consultants in the United States.

    A spokesman for BTW Consulting explained more about their services: “We have an experienced team, who can provide everything a business needs to be successful on eBay. With the wide array of eBay services we offer, eBay sellers can cut down on wasteful spending trying to promote their store.

    To learn how to increase your eBay sales, or to see the wide range of services that BTW Consulting has to offer, please visit

    About BTW Consulting

    BTW Consulting specializes in helping businesses and individuals succeed on eBay and Amazon.  The company was founded in 2015.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: BTW Consulting
    Contact Person: Media Manager
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 754.900.6516
    City: Westfield
    State: Indiana
    Country: United States

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    Toronto, Ontario, Canada – BookJane, a technology company that connects child care centers, senior home facilities, and families, with industry-leading networks of caregivers for on-demand senior care and childcare, this week announced that 2018 will be a year of record growth in the entire caregiving field.

    Both the senior care and childcare fields have had a large need for BookJane’s ‘caregivers on-demand’ service. BookJane currently has a team of over 3000 on-demand caregiving professionals composed of Personal Support Workers, Registered Practical Nurses, Registered Nurses, Registered Early Childhood Educators and Early Childhood Assistants, but due to the growing demand, the company will be hiring an additional 300 caregivers to better support their clients.

    “The summer is always our busiest season,” said Curtis Khan, Founder and CEO of BookJane. “We already have high demand for this coming summer, and to support our clients in the busy season we are actively hiring more caregivers. The large demand for our services lets us know that we are doing things right, and we find it exciting that our success lets us provide great opportunities for so many caregivers.”

    Not only is BookJane working with thousands of caregivers, they also put a lot of their efforts into making caregiver’s lives better. Curtis explained “We pay our caregivers more than industry standard, we provide ongoing professional development opportunities, all our caregivers get to make their own schedules, and we have ongoing caregiver recognition and incentives programs.”

    Visit the BookJane website to learn more about their summer contest, incentive plan, referral bonus and their caregiver award ceremony.

    For more information on BookJane and their enterprise platform, email, or call (416) 352-8636.

    About BookJane

    Available for free download on iOS and Android, BookJane is changing the face of the caregiver industry. Whether you have a senior parent or a young child, BookJane helps match customers with caregivers at rates they can afford and the peace of mind they deserve. Each caregiver undergoes a two-tier background check, including vulnerable screening and reference check. Unlike traditional caregiving services, BookJane offers flat rates with easy in app payment-no tipping required!

    Media Contact
    Company Name: BookJane
    Contact Person: Curtis Khan
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 855-265-5263
    Country: Canada

    0 0 is pleased to announce its official website launch, as of today April 17th, 2018. is a freelance platform aimed exclusively at professional writers and providing clients with a number of potential candidates.

    Since a beta launch of the website in early 2017, there are now over 1,300 writers from around the world currently registered to the company. TargetWriters uses a project bidding model which allows individuals and companies to hire writers for any form of writing service. There are small administrative fees charged for the service, when compared to large freelance marketplace sites.

    The platform will give more control to clients and freelance writers in an environment designed to cater to both.

    “ is opening its doors to clients looking to recruit highly-skilled writers. Our aim is to become the number one website linking clients with professionals compatible with their writing requirements,” said Jeremy Biberdorf, owner/founder. 

    “With freelance work steadily growing in popularity as a viable option for writers, we have identified a requirement for a platform where quality and compatibility come first.”

    Clients are now invited to register on, and browse the number of detailed and expansive profiles focused on matching the most qualified writers based on the demands of a project.

    Among the key features of TargetWriters is:

    • A competitive bidding model which encourages writers to offer best prices for projects
    • A unique notification system for writers to set up e-mail alerts for jobs which match their skills
    • A means for clients to set specified requirements and deadlines for projects in advance

    The traditional economy of full-time employees looks set for another drop by 2020, meaning that freelancing will contribute (with temporary workers and part-timers) to over 30% of the global workforce. Research firm Edelman Intelligence found that 57.3 million US workers had freelanced in 2016 and that more than 50% of the American workload will freelance by 2027. This will make for a larger number of freelance writers on the market but spread across general platforms which fail to cater to the specific skills of each writer.

    “Our goal at is to become the premier platform for professional writers and the clients looking for highly professional and convenient matches to the freelancers which best suit their purposes,” TargetWriters owner and founder Jeremy Biberdorf added.

    “TargetWriters offers clients easy access to a number of expert writers bidding on projects which best suit their skills. From blog posts, press releases, website content, articles, eBooks, editing and more, you can find everything you require under one roof.”

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Target Writers
    Contact Person: Jeremy Biberdorf
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 604-773-9876
    Address:504-69 Jamieson Court
    City: New Westminster
    State: BC, V3L5R3
    Country: Canada

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    Greenville, SCCommander Pest Solutions, a professional full-service pest control company, based in Greenville SC is proud to announce that they have invested in the latest rodent treatment solutions on the market. The company is constantly looking to utilize the latest residential and commercial pest extermination technologies to ensure that when called upon they can deliver outstanding “pest-free” results first time every time.

    The company strongly believes in reinvesting it’s resources into training, and regularly sends their staff to various trade shows so that they are the first to know of any natural/organic extermination product breakthroughs being introduced into the industry. They are focused on retaining their reputation as thetop exterminator services in Greenville SC, which is why when they discovered the improved treatment solutions that have just been introduced into the market, they made the decision to invest without hesitation.

    “Whenever our customers get in contact with us they inevitably have a problem that needs to be dealt with as a matter of urgency,” said Fant Camak of Commander Pest Solutions. “We need to have the most powerful and effective solutions available which is why we are always interested in innovative and powerful new products which improve the services we offer. With the latest scientific breakthroughs, our treatments are now more effective and work quicker to deliver the results our customers so desperately need. We look forward to helping even more clients resolve their pest problems.”

    Commander Pest Solutions is a family owned and operated Greenville SC pest control company. The company was formed in 2013 and has grown steadily ever since. The owners of the company believe in old-fashioned customer service and always focus on providing a solution that solves the problem the first time.

    For more information about the company or to book a free no-obligation quotation visit their website at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Commander Pest Solutions
    Contact Person: Fant Camak
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 864-640-4071
    Address:5 Biltmore Drive
    City: Greenville
    State: SC 29601
    Country: United States

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    You might have already heard of a blockchain game named CryptoKitties, a game that crushed the market with a hundreds of billions worth online blockchain game.


    After experiencing Cryptocurrency rapid growth and the rising popularity of CryptoKitties, blockchain games are being developed one after another. Now a new game CryptoWorldCup, which is also based on the blockchain technology is sweeping the world. It allows gamers to use cryptocurrency to purchase and to “own” the World Cup finals national teams. No matter if they are the followers of blockchain and digital currency, speculators and investors seeking opportunities or real soccer fans, they all have extremely high expectations of the game.


    On the official website of CryptoWorldCup (  gamers can purchase national teams through blockchain constructed smart contract.  It allows everyone to purchase national teams using cryptocurrencies at any time. If new players who want to purchase the teams that are already owned by previous players, they must pay double the price. Once the new player buys off a team, the money buyers paid will be automatically credited to the original owners’ account.

    Which means if someone else is willing to pay double the price of which you paid, you don’t own the team anymore. Of course you will be granted the profit this transaction made you. This is a game that allow you to use blockchain technology to participate in the World Cup games at the same time you earn profits in the Ethereum.

    According to the introductions on the official website, every national team owner has not only the privilege to enjoy short term economic model of overflowing price exiting, but also profit from match results guessing system, price pool splitting and so on. From the various communities of gamers of this game, high expectations and hopes are being put on the game not only because of the game has covered two major hot spots, which are World Cup and blockchain, but also because of its unique economic model, describe to be “always serving around the players’ desires”.

    As the developers start a global wide warm up pre-sale, there is a rapid growing user community on all the major social medias all around the world. It is easy to presume that a great amount of users are waiting for the national teams to be released for trading. And the teams with high chance to win the World Cup championship are expected to be speculated to a sky-high price. Previously in the game CryptoCountries, which has the same category as this one, the most expensive country Japan was being speculated to a price of 800 ETH. For now we think it is really not hard for the teams that have a high chance to win the World Cup championship, such as Germany, Brazil and Spain, to exceed the price of 800 ETH. Of course there are also teams with super star players such as Portuguese led by Cristiano Ronaldo and Argentina led by Messi, maybe the CryptoWorldCup can refresh all the records made by previous blockchain games because of the World Cup hotspot.

    The rising trend of Cryptocurrency has obviously sweeping around the world, attracting all kinds of people who desire to join this hotspot. This game is already a hot shot among speculators and World Cup fans and it is considered the most popular blockchain game. Some people claim, except for combining blockchain, cryptocurrency and World Cup elements, this game is very similar to the famous classic game Monopoly. Being the writer of this article, I personally suppose that very soon, the CryptoWorldCup will be a phenotype blockchain applied game after the CryptoKitties.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Global News Online
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    Country: United States

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    Local time on April 19, 2018, Wuliangye Singapore store held a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate its grand opening. Mr Zeng Shisheng, former Education Minister of Singapore, Dr Wang Jiayuan, former member of Singapore Congress, Vice Chairman of Air China(Singapore), and other leaders in politics and business, attended the ceremony.

    Mr. Jiang Wenchun conveyed the warm congratulations of Mr. Li Shuguang, the Chairman of Wuliangye Group, expressed his sincere gratitude to the Chinese Baijiu Association(Singapore) and Mr. Yun Weilong for his unremitting efforts to promote the Baijiu culture in Singapore.

    “Baijiu, a Chinese traditional liquor, becomes a bridge between Chinese and western cultural communication, and it serves as a link between different groups of people,” Mr. Yun Weilong said at the ceremony, “with Wuliangye as the representative, Chinese Baijiu will build up a stronger emotional bond between the east and the west, between the Chinese and the people around the world in a more confident way.”

    Today, Wuliangye Singapore store is located in Chinatown, which turns out to be a beautiful scenery line. It is also an important image display window of Wuliangye and high-end consumer place in Singapore.

    Chairman Li Shuguang also proposed that Wuliangye group was to speed up the internationalization development, actively positioning the overseas market and promoting the liquor culture to the world. He hoped that Wuliangye and the Chinese Baijiu Association(Singapore) would work together to tell a better story of Wuliangye to the world with a wider vision.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Wuliangye Group Co. LTD.
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    Address:No.25, East Section of Shunan Avenue, Cuiping District
    City: Yibin
    State: Sichuan
    Country: China

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    A Beautiful Landscape

    Creating a beautiful garden paradise for your home can be accomplished with the right landscaping company. The Green Oasis company provides a wide variety of services that can complete your home’s exterior layout, just the way you want it. Our company can give you quality results at prices that will fit your budget. Moreover, we will give your landscape a new look that you can call your own. Rest assured that our workers are trained and reliable always. You can be certain that we also have customer references that can attest to their quality of work.

    Lawn Care

    When it comes to lawn care, we make sure to give your lawn the attention to detail it deserves. Our basic services that are involved in lawn care will include mowing the lawn and trimming the edges. We have the perfect height for cutting your grass, which can prevent grass burning. Our landscapers can also work the soil throughout the lawn to stimulate a healthy growth process. Other services that we will do for your lawn care are raking leaves and fertilizing.

    Landscaping Designs

    Because your home’s landscaping layout involves much more than mowing the lawn, we strive to exceed all of your expectations, such as getting quality plants at the nursery Eau Claire WI. Our workers specialize in creating a unique landscaping design that can complement your home’s beauty. The services that we offer can include installing plants, trees, shrubs and other types of greenery. We can also install pathways made of stone or brick that really make it pop.

    Irrigation Systems

    Because of our many years of experience with irrigation systems, we can assure you quality results. The irrigation system startup procedure will require proper sites to install the sprinklers around your yard. Our main goal is to maximize the water output for your entire lawn and garden, which will ensure proper watering on a daily basis. We can also offer maintenance alternatives to keep your irrigation systems working great. Our workers will install easy-to-work controls for your sprinkler system.

    Pest Control

    Along with the basics of landscaping, we can also work on pest control issues. One of the reasons that a garden may not thrive to its full potential may be pests, such as ants, fleas and ticks. Many insects eat plants and grass, which can destroy an entire garden. We will make sure to utilize safe applications that are guaranteed to work.

    Great Landscaping Results

    In the end, if you want great results for your landscape and irrigation system, make sure that you contact our company. We will give you an estimate for the entire job along with quality results and finishes. Moreover, our landscapers will also be able to give recommendations on what is best for your garden, such as installing a water fountain. Rest assured that you will be more than satisfied with your new layout.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Green Oasis
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (715) 832-0800
    Address:1403 122nd St
    City: Chippewa Falls
    State: WI 54729
    Country: United States

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    This April Omega Zodiac has released an official song called Raise! Fight! Which players loved.The musician Kira Justice was invited to create the song using players’ suggestions and ideas. The final version reminiscences to the golden age of anime.

    Raise! Fight! was translated into different languages by willing players from different countries. Omega Zodiac’s developer also adjusted the rhythm of the song to add it to the game and added an event in which the first player to find the song in the game will receive a very special reward.

     Omega Zodiac releases an official song Raise! Fight!

    What is Omega Zodiac?

    Omega Zodiac is an exciting new MMORPG that mixes Greek and Norse mythology, you are the guardian of the Athena Goddess, who protects the world against the forces of evil. You can join other players and fight along against the most fearsome monsters and villains. In addition, you can compete with other heroes and prove to the world that you are the most powerful, strong and capable.

    The Goddess Athena has long been held as the pinnacle for wisdom and justice until Hades, god of the underworld assassinated Zeus, the supreme god. To destroy the peaceful world that Athena had created, Hades was interested in supporting a Pope of evil power from the Gold Zodiac, but under the summons of the ninth sense of the Cosmo, three warriors have dedicated themselves to help Athena.

    Key Features

    1. Exciting PVP and PVE Arenas 

    2. Nine combo skills for each character, effective against different types of enemies

    3. Beautiful Sacred Sets that combine 2D and 3D artwork

    4. 15 Constellations, 5 for each character, with its own set of skills

    5. Challenge specialized Sacred Set Dungeons to get elite items

    6. Social features including Guilds and Guild Battles

    7. Different kinds of bosses and hostile Gold Fighters to defeat.

    Video Link:

    Since Omega Zodiac launched, it has been recommended by many influencers including Ei Nerd, Wendell Bezerra and Sidao do Game on Youtube and Facebook. The youtuber Wendell even invited the famous gamer Zangado to play Omega Zodiac and record a video together. It was a big success, and not only their subscribers but also lots of OZ players interacted with live. Thanks to this, the developer created a bunch of special events both in-game and on Facebook.

    Omega Zodiac is available on Facebook and coming soon on other online gaming platforms. Just go to the official game page and start playing directly from your browser!

    About Proficient City

    Proficient City, a branch of Game Hollywood, is an international online game company with offices in China, Europe, and Montreal. They specialize in innovating operations and strive for a perfect balance between content, gameplay and storyline.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Proficient City Limited
    Contact Person: Boom Zhao
    Email: Send Email
    State: Guangdong
    Country: China

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    Tree Service Regina offers a range of tree maintenance and pruning services for residential and commercial clients within Saskatchewan, Canada. The company provides a wide range of services including tree removal, tree trimming, tree pruning, stump grinding and removal, shrub maintenance, and 24/7 emergency tree services.

    What set Tree Service Regina apart from other companies is their considerable experience in the industry and their team of highly trained, skilled, and professional staff. The company is fully licenced and insured and their team of arborists uses the latest technology and techniques to carry out the work. This enables Tree Service Regina to maintain the highest standards and take on all types of project big and small.

    For all their clients and the projects they undertake, Tree Service Regina begins by thoroughly analyzing what needs to be done and conducts in-depth research for the task ahead in order to assess any potential hazards. During the tree maintenance or removal work, the company’s arborists use specialist equipment to carry out even the most dangerous job with ease. Tree Service Regina completes the work with a focus on helping clients enhance the appeal of their homes’ surroundings.

    For all their services, the company always undertakes the work carefully and with a keen eye for detail. When trimming, or pruning trees, Tree Service Regina carefully remove dead or damaged branches to prevent the spreading of insects and making sure there is no hanging branches or extra leaves that could damage property. For stump removal, the company takes away the leftovers from tree removal efficiently without damaging the surrounding ground.

    In addition, Tree Service Regina encourages clients to obtain quotes at all times to maintain transparency and all services provided are affordable. The company also offers emergency tree care including plumbing or tree-related emergencies and unexpected events such as a tree falling down in the middle of night on a client’s property or power lines or urgent bush trimming at 4 in the morning. Tree Service Regina also provides free quotes and operates on flexible working hours so that services are delivered at the client’s convenience.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Tree Service Regina
    Contact Person: Golden Thomas
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    Phone: 306-900-2965
    Address:918 Albert St #140
    City: Regina
    State: SK S4R 2P7
    Country: Canada

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    On April 24, the “Campus Football Cooperation Project between Kunming and Liverpool” was launched at Kunming No. 3 Middle School. Kunming Education Bureau on behalf of Kunming Municipal People’s Government concluded the campus football cooperation agreement with British Liverpool FC to further implement the Guidance on Accelerating the Campus Football of Kunming with actions and actively explore the development of campus football in Kunming.

    The Overall Plan of Football Reform and Development in China definitely pointed out the necessity and significance of football access to campus and definitely stipulated the “starting from the children” out of slogan. In this critical period of accelerating the construction of a regional international city, Kunming Municipal People’s Government decided to conclude an agreement of intent on developing campus football cooperation with Liverpool FC, which signified the campus football in Kunming has accessed a brand-new stage.

    Cecille El Beleidi, British Consulate General in Chongqing, Gary Millar, Vice Major of British Liverpool Municipal Government, Wang Yandan, Director of Department of Physical, Health and Arts Education, National Ministry of Education, Zheng Yi, Deputy Director of Education Department of Yunnan Province, Chang Lin, Executive Deputy Director of Yunnan Football Administrative Center, and Wang Jianying, Vice Major of Kunming Municipal Government attended the ceremony.

    White, representative of Liverpool FC (President of a football school), Jin Zhiyang, Director of National Campus Football Expert Committee, Li Shubin, National Men’s Football Youth Training Supervisor of Chinese Football Association, Xu Yang, former national football team member and famous football commentator, and Peng Weiguo, former national football team member and current Youth Training Supervisor of Guangzhou Football Association attended the launch ceremony of the cooperation project (subject to the present leaders).

    As indicated by Wang Jianying, Kunming is the world-renowned Spring City highlighting beautiful scenery and spring feelings all year round. The unique climatic conditions will be greatly conducive to develop endurance exercises, especially football. At present, Kunming is accelerating its construction of a regional international central city. The campus football cooptation project with Liverpool is an important approach for us to intensify the educational exchanges and cooperation, actively introduce advanced overseas educational ideas, optimize the education resources and accelerate the construction of an international central city. This cooperation must lay down a solid foundation on the more extensive and deeper cooperation in the field of economic and culture etc. between both cities.

    In February 2016, the Agreement on Establishing Friendly Cooperation Partnership between China Kunming and British Liverpoolwas entered into by and between British Liverpool City and Kunming City in Kunming, which states that both cities would deepen their cooperation in terms of medical treatment, life science, green energy and important technologies, etc. In June of the same year, the delegation of Kunming Municipal Government attended 2016 International Business Festival and convened “Britain·Kunming Week” of the same period in Liverpool. In October 2016, when the delegation of Liverpool visited Kunming, both parties concluded the friendly cooperation memorandum, which states that both cities agreed to establish the strategic cooperation partnership to develop mutual beneficial cooperation in terms of city renewal, cultural innovation, sports, education, medical treatment and sanitation, etc. Thanks to the unceasingly deepened friendly cooperation and exchanges, continuous exploration of cooperation fields between both parties and the efforts of all parties concerned, the “Campus Football Cooperation Project between Kunming and Liverpool” was achieved naturally.

    The “Campus Football Cooperation Project between Kunming and Liverpool” would last for six months, during which 10 schools would be included as the pilot sites for project implementation. As requested by LFC, high-level foreign coaches with valid football coach accreditation card granted by International Football Federation or Association affiliated to FIFA shall be employed to carry out daily training plan, theory explanation, students management, training of Chinese coaches and match organization, etc. As scheduled, the foreign coaches would carry out classroom teaching and team training no less than two hours every week at the project implementation schools respectively in the first four months of project implementation.

    Upon introduction, during the period of implementation, the coach education would be carried out in the mode of “theory class + cultural exchanges”. As requested by LFC, the training in respect of football tactics, theoretical knowledge and education methods would be carried out; meanwhile, the practice courses would also be arranged when the foreign coaches would demonstrate and teach on site in person. In terms of coach training, different trainings of coaches would be organized strictly according to LCF’s requirements on course setting. In addition, senior Chinese professionals or experts in terms of education, psychology and medical treatment, etc. would also be organized to teach the coaches in other fields concerned in hopes that more excellent basic coaches can be cultivated for Kunming campus football by means of such coach education and training.

    In addition, as the professional operating team of this cooperation project, Beijing BG Football Club would completely support both parties concerned in cooperation in terms of coach allocation and daily training management so as to guarantee the project to be carried out in a stable, safe and orderly manner, implement the safety responsibility to each principal, and guarantee sound leading role and publicity in the entire course of project implementation during the six months. Thus the project can achieve the expected objectives of Kunming Municipal Government and the project administration party concerned; the campus football coaches can benefit from the project and student players in Kunming can improve their sports skills and be developed in an overall manner.

    On the exact day of singing ceremony, hundreds of children from national campus football characteristic schools in Kunming performed cheerleading gymnastics and football skills as well as an 8V8 football match, which have displayed the healthy and sunny image of the youth in Kunming.

    Background information:

    In order to intensify the organization and leadership in campus football and promote the campus football in an overall manner, the municipal government established Kunming Campus Football Leading Team planning, coordinating and firmly advancing the campus football at the municipal level.

    In 2015, the Guidance on Accelerating the Campus Football of Kunming was issued. 104 national campus football characteristic schools and 1 national campus football pilot county would be established in Kunming. From 2016 to 2017, two Kunming youth campus football matches have been successfully convened with 68 national campus football characteristic involved. In these two years, 473 matches at municipal level, 610 matches at county level and over 3,500 matches at class level have been organized. In 2018, as requested by the Education Department of Yunnan Province, we will organize 104 schools to develop the home-away system and the game-meeting system matches. In this sense, over 500 matches at municipal level are expected to be organized. At present, there’re 104 football characteristic schools in Kunming with about 200,000 football-playing people. They have won the first prize in the several youth campus football matches of Yunnan Province.

    Specific objectives were proposed in the Guidance on Accelerating the Campus Football of Kunming:

    Firstly, to gradually facilitate the setting of football teaching course so that the municipal compulsory education schools will have one football course every week and one football elective course for senior high school students every two weeks by 2020;

    Secondly, to accelerate the construction of football characteristic schools, and to construct 150 national football characteristic schools in three years;

    Thirdly, to intensify the site construction, to include the campus football field into the “13th Five-Year” education planning so as to realize each football characteristic school can have a football field by means of newly-construction, reconstruction, expansion, sharing and government purchase, etc.;

    Fourthly, to promote the establishment of county and district-level football staff team to realize each football characteristic school can have at least one football professional teacher;

    Fifthly, to perfect the campus football match system by establishing the three-level league system featuring the vertical progression mechanism among school level, county (district) level and municipal level, and the horizontal competition among primary schools, secondary middle schools and senior high schools;

    Sixthly, to unblock the growth channels for students specialized in football;

    Seventhly, to intensify the social environment of campus football and create the sound environment featuring the government’s attention, the school’s initiatives, the student’s participation, the parents’ support and the social concerns. 

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Globalnewsonline
    Contact Person: JAN
    Email: Send Email
    Country: United States

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    National Press Distributors recently revealed an in-depth analysis of the most reliable sources of business news in the Seattle area. Business news refers to happenings and changes to local companies. Business news is a form of journalism that focuses on the finances and economy of a society.

    Every business has newsworthy stories and breaking headlines that are worth mentioning. Releasing new findings or exciting progress a company has made is important. It brings press and attention to a business, which in turn, helps it grow in size and credibility.

    For bustling cities that many companies call home, the business news is endless. There are many different sources of business news relating to Seattle and its neighborhoods. The NPD study looks at different sources of news, accessible both in print and online.

    National Press Distributors reviewed many publishers and news suppliers. At the end of their study, the NPD concluded that there are nine main sources of business news in Seattle that provide reliable information and up-to-the-minute briefings.

    Seattle Business Magazine made the cut as one of Seattle’s most satisfying source of news. The Magazine offers entertaining segments on news in and around Seattle as it happens. The NPD appraises its duality of publication: the magazine is available online and in print, found locally in grocery stores and office spaces, like ATLAS Workbase. The content is vast and in-depth.

    Another news source included by the NPD is Puget Sound Business Journal. The writers stick to content that people in Seattle care about, based on polls and general assumptions about the business scene in the city. A lot of articles focus on technological advances and update the public about changes in the stock market, as they arise. 

    National Press Distributors also reviewed GeekWire, a locally born company that launched back in 2011. GeekWire is central to the technology scene in Seattle, ranging from app-based transportation options to startups on the brink of success.

    The other admirable business news sources included by the NPD in their report are the Daily Journal of Commerce, the Seattle Times Business Section, and the Seattle P-I Business Section. Blogs that focus on the business sector, like Crosscut, are also places to turn when seeking to find out more about breaking news. As a city known for startups and entrepreneurship, Seattle hosts an extensive list of business networking meetups and events for anyone interested.

    For clarification or further information, any questions about business news in Seattle should be directed towards the National Press Distributors’ press representative.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: National Press Distributors
    Contact Person: Mary Smith
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 866-814-7209
    Address:500 Mercer Street Floor 2
    City: Seattle
    State: Washington
    Country: United States

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    TechRestore has just announced a new product for Education customers – TechRestore Advanced Care aka “TRAC”. This is the first Advanced Care service solution designed to protect technology in the classroom. As an alternative to AppleCare Plus or other insurance coverage, the goal of TRAC is to eliminate downtime, deductibles, incident and shipping fees and the worry about exceeding budget constraints.  

    Schools that deploy technology in the classroom can experience advanced care in three different solutions, including a 2-Year, 3-Year, and 4-Year Advanced Care agreement. These three solutions offer care and accidental damage protection for all Apple portable devices and Chromebook machines as well. For one flat fee per device TechRestore provides a protective case, a loaner pool of like devices, complimentary repairs and free shipping.

    TRAC is the result of working with schools and districts across the country over the past 14 years. We have effectively tailored our quote, repair, invoice and billing systems to each client based on their needs. A common worry for Tech Coordinators is how to balance the cost of quality repairs with budget constraints and how to minimize the amount of time students or teachers are away from their device. These coordinators also have to balance and make the most use of their time, which can easily be wasted navigating insurance provider’s red tape, verifying coverage, waiting for approval of a claim and keeping track of its progress through the repair. All this time is a precious resource that could be better spent focusing on the reason we have this technology in schools – the students.

    TechRestore’s Advanced Care service addresses these and many other concerns in a way our customers are accustomed to: up front, no hassle and trustworthy.

    With a dedicated account specialist and certified technicians to handle the repairs, schools can feel confident their devices are in good hands. With over 50-years of certifications and thousands of completed repairs, TechRestore is ready to overcome any hesitation.

    According to Jeff Jewell, President of TechRestore, “Our new TRAC program builds on our experience repairing Apple Computers, iPads and Chromebooks over the last decade.” goes on to say, “With the launch of TRAC, schools and districts across the nation can now experience both the high speed and unmatched customer service that TechRestore is known for with a fixed, one-time cost.”

    Perhaps the most noticeable benefit of the TRAC program is its cost, which starts as low as $59 per device. At that affordable price, schools receive a premium protective case, all functional repairs, and free shipping. According to Jewell, many of their school customers have been asking for a solution and today, TechRestore delivers it.

    Amidst the turmoil schools and districts face with cutbacks and budgetary concerns, the timing of this announcement couldn’t be more relevant. TechRestore is extremely excited about this addition to their family of services designed specifically to provide top tier service to the education sector.

    About TechRestore:

    Created out of a passion for the products we sell and service, TechRestore brings together an unmatched repair and product expertise team to provide sales and support for portable electronic devices such as Apple and Chromebook computers, iPad, iPhone and more. With over 15-years of experience providing solutions for our customers, we’ve still kept our sense of wonder about how fortunate we are to work with these fantastic products and people each day. TechRestore customers can rest assured that while their products may fail them, TechRestore never will.

    Media Contact
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    Phone: 1-888-64-RESTORE ext. 101

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    April 25, 2018 – Newport Beach, CA – Site Fuel, Inc., the creator of the only nationwide digital fuel exchange, connecting suppliers, buyers, and 3rd party haulers, announced today that it has completed a $5 million Series A financing. The company will use the funds to accelerate its rapid growth, scale its technology service, pursue strategic partnerships, and expand its team. Site Fuel connects thousands of fuel suppliers and independent haulers with businesses and government agencies who need to buy fuel via its exchange marketplace; in 2017, the company grew its business by more than 450%.

    The financing was led by Checkmate Capital, a strategic investment group which will be a long term capital and technology partner to Site Fuel and join the Site Fuel Board. Checkmate is acquiring 25% of Site Fuel including 10% already funded and an additional 15% staged over the next several months.

    “Our goal has always been to build a service that seamlessly connects the players in the fuel market: Buyers, suppliers, and 3rd party hauling services all come together on the Site Fuel exchange. We provide the only integrated service that combines real-time visibility into nationwide fuel pricing with complete transparency around the delivery process – or what is often referred to as “the last mile”,” said Brandon Huff, COO & CTO of Site Fuel. “We’re thrilled to have such world-class, visionary investors joining forces with us.”

    “We are delighted to have provided this financing and believe Site Fuel has the potential to become an iconic technology company,” said Tom Paschall, Partner/Director at Checkmate Capital. “Site Fuel brings proven profitability with industry-leading and sophisticated yet user-friendly technology to a fragmented industry at lower cost. The management team’s focus on enhanced functionality of their exchange and app-based technology platform is both visionary and pragmatic, and Site Fuel’s operations have many touch points within Checkmate’s networks in the energy, construction, technology and ag-tech sectors where we can help maximize mutual opportunities in the future.”

    About Site Fuel

    Site Fuel Announces $5 Million Series A Financing by Checkmate Capital

    The mission of Site Fuel is to simplify the fuel delivery process for all parties involved; by creating the world’s first digital fuel exchange marketplace, Site Fuel automates the entire process – from supplier selection and delivery to automated drop ticket and invoice creation.  The company’s service has been used on projects in all 50 states and in some of the largest construction projects in the world.  Site Fuel was founded in Newport Beach, CA in 2015, and has offices located in Charleston, SC, and Pune, India.

    About Checkmate Capital

    Checkmate Capital

    Checkmate Capital is an investment group managing family office assets and Asian-Pacific institutional funds. Checkmate’s primary areas of investment are energy and energy technology, biomedical and biotechnology, and diversified special situations opportunities. With offices in Los Angeles, Beijing and an affiliate office in Singapore,

    Checkmate’s investment partners provide seasoned and diverse expertise in their relevant industries and leverage a powerfully efficient international ecosystem of strategic partners, business talent and resources. Typically, long-term focused, Checkmate’s investment approach embodies strategic oversight and an ownership paradigm.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Checkmate Capital
    Contact Person: Erica Lee
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +1 323 718 5298
    Address:12021 Wilshire Blvd. 862
    City: Los Angeles
    State: CA
    Country: United States

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    Kuntai Machinery supplies different range of machines to various manufacturing industries. It is located in Shanghai, China. They offer free installation training and 24 hours quality service.

    Technology advancement has introduced various types of devices and tools which have made the manufacturing process more accessible. The latest technology has replaced traditional cutters with the sophisticated cutters. Across the world, demand is increasing in the manufacturing process of the higher precision, and machine tools like the latest cutters help to remove the unwanted products or variations at each stage of the machining process. The machine cutters play a crucial role in enabling manufacturing companies in advanced industries to deliver the goods at the highest specifications possible.

    Tools like steel cutting machine, profile cutting machine, tube cutting machine and metal cutting machine provide the basis for precision manufacturing. Kuntai Machinery is a global supplier of the die cutting, lamination machine, bronzing machines and produces various types of other devices. The organization is known to manufacture a wide variety of machine parts and offers the most advanced manufacturing capabilities available. Their team of experts try to introduce the latest methods and produce updated machinery. They provide services to large multinationals to the small individual companies. They have a set of experienced staff that adheres to customer-centric service philosophy and wins the trust of the worldwide customers.

    Kuntai Machinery Presents A Variety Of Latest Cutting Machines At Cost Effective Prices From China

    The company produces airbag cutting machine and latest hydraulic conveyor belt cutting device; it is used for die cutting fabric, plastic, rubber leather, home textiles, carpet, metallic and nonmetallic materials, etc., The cutting press is ideal for sheet and material rolls. It can work in manual mode, semi-automatic and fully automatic. It has central automatic lubrication system which guarantees the machine precision and enhances machine durability. On customer’s requirement, the unwinding system can be designed.

    It produces an automotive interior cutting machine as well as automotive traveling head cutting machine. These devices are suitable for cutting operations nonmetal items. The ready product is used for products like shoes, abrasive paper, car interior materials, medical supplies, etc. The distance of feeding length and cutting length can be set accurately. It has a unique hydraulic system that doesn’t make a loud noise and also saves oil.      

    The company also manufactures nesting cutting machine, cutting press; disposable slippers die cutting press machine, CNC travel head cutting machine, cutting press and many more. It has servo motor that makes proper feeding and also controls the horizontal movement with the rotation of the cutting head. It can cut multi-layers of the sheet by merely sliding the table. The other feeding methods are also available on request.

    About Kuntai Machinery:

    Kuntai Machinery is one of the best partners to receive customized high-end solutions and standard products. They have a substantial self-export capacity that expands the overseas market. To know more, please visit their website or contact 24X7 customer cares.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Kuntai Machinery
    Contact Person: Job Lu
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86 18261228899
    Country: China

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    Moving to a new location can be quite a daunting task and that is not just because of the new people and new place. It is mostly because of all the things that you need to tag along to a new location. First comes the hassle of packing all of the stuff and then comes the stress of finding the right people to help you take your stuff across. Besides, while your things are on the way, you are constantly hoping and praying that the movers have kept it all safely and you find everything in one shape when you open the boxes. In such a condition, finding good packers and movers to trust can be truly a task to accomplish.

    This is exactly what Jane thought when Majid came to her office on one fine day in 1999. She was working in the capacity of property manager for a storage company back then and Majid had a company of movers. When he asked if he could leave his card with her so that she can engage in a bit of promotion for his company, she almost refused him. Jane told him that, being an unknown company to her, promotions can only be possible if Majid can show his credibility. Majid indeed brought forth ten of customers who simply raved about the work that he does.

    Coming to the present times, Jane and Majid are now married and jointly own the company AM Ontario Moving & Storage Inc. It is your one-stop destination for all your packing, moving and storage needs. Besides the common services of residential moving, commercial moving, and long distance moving, the company is also engaged junk removal and packing services.

    To have a better idea of how they can be of help to you, let’s look at the top qualities that you look for in any packing and moving services, and how Am Ontario moving and storage fares in those criteria.

    Reliable and trustworthy staff

    You are handing over the valuables of your home or office on the hands of the staff of the company. You need people whom you can trust to not break your fragile items or lose your priceless possessions. Getting trained professionals can go a long way in helping you to make that smooth transition from one location to another. The moving staff of Am Ontario Moving and Storage Company goes through extensive training and screening process. The staff of the company is well-trained along with hands-on experience which makes them great at what they do.

    Communication and interaction

    Interaction with the packers and movers is one of the most significant aspects of the process. As a client, you need to be in loop not just to know where your package has reached but also for your peace of mind. Am Ontario moving and storage never overlooks the aspect of good communication. The client is informed of the timing, arrivals, and on the way glitches, if any. It also shows the transparency that the company maintains in its business.

    The Rave reviews

    The reviews can tell you a lot about the company work. If you look into the website or other such forums about a company and read into what people are saying about the business, it gives you a fair idea about the business. The ten customers that Majidhad brought forward have turned to hundreds now and the numbers are steadily growing. You can go through the reviews of the company and that will give you an inkling of how much of a trust the clients of the company have over them.

    The discounts and affordability

    Of course, discounts are not the first thing that you look for in a company, but they sure are a big perk. After all, affordability never hurts anybody and given the fact that you already have enough expenditures to meet in moving to a new location. The company offers lucrative discounts on moving boxes and quality storage making them the choice for all of the clients.

    A company that ticks all the boxes surely ranks high on the priority list of the clients. Am Ontario moving and storage currently operates within all the prime locations of the country. They are here to make packing and moving as easy as a breeze for all their clients.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: AM Ontario Moving & Storage Inc.
    Contact Person: Mike Aghakhani
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +1 416-721-6454
    Address:16 Hamills Crescent, Richmond Hill
    State: Ontario
    Country: Canada

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    All those people who wish to know more about Kris Degioia and all her business ventures, the aforementioned website can be considered. She was a victim of cybestalking and has come a long way since her stalker has been put behind bars. As a successful entrepreneur, she is believed to have inspired several victims who have had a tough time with stalkers.

    The first Company that Kris has founded is Savage&Fierce ®. It is an high end sunglass line f or men and women. They have been designed by her in conjunction with Mel Whaley. The products that are displayed in the website,  have become popular amongst users of all ages. The second company is Mom&TotBox. As the name suggests,  it deals with products made for mothers and children till the age of 4. This business model is based on a monthly subscription box and is known for high quality products that are made in the USA.

    Whether it is the type of business or the association of Kris with renowned designers, there has been a positive buzz about the two new companies that she has started. They are diverse in nature and yet, are known to have the same values and ethics. The prices of their products have been described as competitive.

    On Kris Degioia’s website it sates, “I like to design and it is this attribute that has helped me in my business ventures. The latter one has Rachel Towns as a co-designer and there are many unique products for women and their children. The idea is to provide customized products based on the needs of the children and their respective mothers. From clothes to accessories, and toys, these boxes are meant to be a lot of fun and have brought much happiness to all our customers.”

    To obtain more information about the Kris Degioia, visit

    About the two companies

    According both websites, Kris is very particular about the quality of the products and services that she is associated with. Hence, she makes sure that all her work reflects this. The Companies that have been mentioned are online stores so that a larger number of people from different walks of lives can benefit from the goods.

    Media Contact

    MSL Group

    Media Contact
    Company Name: MSL Group
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +1 202-496-1000
    Address:1201 Connecticut Ave NW Suite 500
    City: Washington, DC 20036
    Country: United States

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