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    Inno Molding Company Limited is a well-known Chinese establishment that produces a range of plastic injection molded products as well as offers an array of injection molding services including product design and mold making.

    Plastic injection molding is a highly sophisticated fabrication process which is extensively used for creating a near endless range of products. Some of these products include toys, combs, keyboards, automotive parts, chairs, tables, electronic circuits, phone covers, dustbins, and so on and so forth. This manufacturing technique is incredibly versatile in that it enables the exploitation of molds that have several cavities. Plastic injection molding technology provides some distinct advantages to manufacturers including the flexibility to choose from a varied range of designs, computerization, repeatability, and cost effective production. Inno Molding is one of the prime plastic molding manufacturers in China that has focused on manufacturing a comprehensive range of molded plastic components finding applications in numerous industries including automotive, medical, and consumer electronics to name a few.

    Inno Molding Presents The Availability Of Plastic Injection Molding Products And Services

    Inno Molding Company Limited which is one of the topnotch Chinese injection molding manufacturers has a large and sprawling factory in Shenzhen with more than 3,500 sq meters of room. The ISO 9001-2008 accredited factory employs about 120 professionals who work as project managers, quality control technicians, and molding engineers. The massive production unit takes advantage of state-of-the-art molding equipment, and extremely sophisticated inspection and injection tools. All equipment installed inside the factory has been sourced from Switzerland, Germany, and USA. This Chinese injection molding manufacturer has an installed capacity of fabricating at least 60 sets of mold on a monthly basis. These molds are mainly exported to institutional and organizational clientele based in European countries including but not limited to Italy, Netherlands, France, UK, Germany, and Russia.

    By virtue of being one of the leading plastic injection molding manufacturers, the establishment has acquired a high level of specialization in offering diverse molding services. At the same time, Inno Molding excels in product research, design, and development services. The myriad R&D and fabrication services include fully mechanized product layout, mold creation, project supervision, injection molding, quality control checks, assemblage, packing, and dispatching to relevant destinations. Once the clientele receive the products, they are only required to promote the same, as these are delivered to them in a fully assembled state. The plastic injection molding firm makes the most of highly sophisticated software including AutoCAD, UG, and Master CAM for the purpose of innovative molding.

    As one of the prime plastic molding manufacturers, this firm exploits 2D and 3D detailed drawing models and precision prototypes to make sure that the layout and construction of the model is exactly as per specifications. The molds fabricated by Inno Molding are pressed into service by a gamut of industrial and/or commercial segments. For instance, the company produces automotive injection mold, automotive mold, arm rest, plastic parts, and several other components for the automotive sector. Then again, the company makes stand holder, plastic gear, plastic worm gear, spur plastic gear, laptop plastic parts, battery case, slider mount, and innumerable other components.

    About Inno Molding Company Limited

    Based in the city of Shenzhen in China, Inno Molding Company Limited has been involved in manufacturing plastic injection molding parts since 1996.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Inno Molding Co.,ltd
    Contact Person: James Yu
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86-13590208318
    Country: China

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    Daniel Wang, the founder of, recently led a communication forum held by Alibaba called Tech Talk to share his experiences in the blockchain industry with a wide range of tech enthusiasts and market leaders.

    About Loopring

    Loopring is a cryptographic protocol that can be used to build online trading and payment systems, decentralized exchanges, and fully automated financial solutions. It combines the power of blockchain technology with efficient and transparent order management protocols to shield users from counterparty risk, lower the costs of online trading, manage liquidity issues, and enhance trading experiences.

    Alibaba’s Tech Talk Initiative

    Daniel Wang, the founder of, recently led a communication forum held by Alibaba called Tech Talk to share his experiences in the blockchain industry with a wide range of tech enthusiasts and market leaders. As a technology-driven company that is always open to new thoughts and creative ideas, the forum was a chance for Alibaba specifically – and the business community more generally – to discuss new developments and ideas as they relate to Alibaba’s business and technology pursuits.

    These Tech Talk forums aim to build a platform for top scientists and engineers from all over the world to communicate, collaborate, and learn from each other, and this quote from Daniel summarizes the forum perfectly: “We shall never cease the pursuit for new knowledge and creative thinking in the fast-changing world.”

    Loopring and the Future of Payments

    During forum meetings, Daniel educated attendees on the Loopring protocol smart contract and where he sees the future of online exchange: in peer-to-peer payment infrastructures. Loopring is set to release an in important version update that includes an online wallet which will act as an interface that gives users access to their tokens while allowing them to send orders to the Loopring network. This innovative technology promises to solve some of the most challenging problems of traditional centralized exchanges and even online e-commerce sites such as third-party hacks, insider trading, and lost or stolen funds.

    As protocols, crypto-assets, and online trade continue to grow and mature, the entire ecosystem is headed towards traders using and exchanging tokens and assets from within the safety of their private wallets rather than on public transaction platforms. The Loopring protocol – with its in-built order management technology, liquidity controls, and security and privacy features – will be a central component of these systems.

    Versatility is also key because getting larger scale systems and user bases to work together seamlessly are important challenges that need to be overcome as developments in tech continue to erase borders and boundaries between people and markets. Loopring is exemplary in this aspect as well: it allows users to work with different smart contract platforms beyond just the Ethereum network and ERC20-compliant tokens, thereby drastically expanding user and trader options. Loopring will add support to NEO as well as QTUM in 2018, and additional integrations and system build-outs will progress alongside these initiatives throughout this year and next.

    Loopring and the Future of Consensus Economy

    The past few years have seen Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) evolve from buzzword to business game-changers and they have, in the process, reshaped the Internet as we know it. Numerous IoT systems can be configured to operate autonomously using AI and other decision-making algorithms to use spare capacity as efficiently as possible. Spare capacity can even be “rented out” to the highest bidder in exchange for online rewards.

    With the maturity of intelligent robot technology, we are entering a new period called a “Consensus Economy” in which human-human, human-machine, and machine-machine exchanges of value occur. The Loopring protocol will provide a safe and efficient value-exchange system for this highly lucrative economic activity to take place, and it will open up entire industries to new ways of creating value. Internet services that combine blockchain with AI and IoT are definitely going to be worth the wait.

    What the Future Holds

    Daniel is committed to promoting Loopring’s contract and blockchain technology to real-world applications. By taking effort to integrated cross-chain functionality for different crypto assets, allow traders to overcome the privacy and liquidity problems that plague crypto-exchanges, and create new ways for people and machines to interact and exchange resources and value, Loopring is going to reach very forefront of blockchain and financial technologies. Be sure to look out for new developments and announcements from Loopring in the weeks and months to come.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Loopring Project Ltd
    Contact Person: Daniel Wang
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 6503086035
    Country: Virgin Islands (British)

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    Stankevicius MGM, an advertising and public relations (PR) company, provides television advertising for ICOs with senior executives (CEOs) audience – people who are interested in various investment opportunities. ICOs are currently facing hard time getting across to real investors as a result of the ban placed on all social medium platforms regarding ICO advertisement which is a part of the different worldwide regulations ICOs are lately subjected to – only Youtube is left. So many ICOs now go to Youtube for their advertisement since they don’t know about other options. Unfortunately, Youtube does not offer a real investor audience.

    According to a research conducted by Social Science Research Network, 65% of people are visual learners. Hence, video material is one of the best means of getting the attention of people coupled with effectively getting your message across. Now, with only video channels left for ICOs, ensuring your video material gets to the right audience is one of the most important things.

    Stankevicius MGM gives ICOs both the opportunity of reaching out the right audience (senior executives and CEOs who are interested in investment opportunities) and making use of one of the best means. Stankevicius MGM places ICO companies on television which is the next big thing in ICO advertising.

    “Considered a form of mass media, TV ads work well to attract attention, generate awareness and establish preference for products and services” – Lin Grensing-Pophal (Author of Marketing with the End in Mind).

    With Stankevicius MGM TV advertising; you won’t just reach a larger audience but also the one that matters, you will be able to get across to investors when they are most attentive, you stand the chance of instant credibility as a result of quality projection and you will be able to add better personality to your business by taking advantage of their creative team.

    Contact Stankevicius MGM for ultimate TV advertising experience and raise your ICO 1 billion as they take advantage of TV to project your ICO to a real investor audience.

    Don’t wait for growth or the next step. Aim for invulnerability from the very beginning – Paulius Stankevicius.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Stankevicius MGM
    Contact Person: Media Manager
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +358409665893
    Country: United States

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    Jeremy M. Matranga, RFC, recently shared his thoughts and experience on leadership and success in financial matters at NASDAQ and Harvard Club of New York City.

    Financial educator, Jeremy Matranga, was a featured speaker at NASDAQ and the Harvard Club of New York City along with other thought leaders including CEOs, dignitaries, professionals, best-selling authors, technical and medical experts from around the world.

    A well-known financial educator in The Woodlands, Texas. he is the founder and the president of Platinum Tax & Wealth Management, a company that helps individuals pursue their financial goals by providing high-quality information, services, and product. By engaging clients on a regular basis, Platinum Tax & Wealth Management keeps them focused on an approach that helps them realize their dreams. Matranga has assisted retirees, as well as those who are about to retire, avoid making costly financial mistakes. Clients who have benefited from his expertise and advice include current and past employees of ExxonMobil, AT&T, South Western Energy and Anadarko Petroleum Corporation.

    Matranga believes that there is no fast track to success unless someone is willing to learn from his mistakes, surround himself with successful people, is inquisitive and seeks the services of a business coach. He says his desire to educate and help others is what sets him apart from the rest of the pack and that his commitment to his own continued education is to help others improve their finances and not for his own benefit.

    Although he is considered to be a business leader Matranga’s idea of leadership is different from most. “Some people may be born leaders but practicing and constantly working on leadership skills can help in making a leader.” He says a leader is a humble servant of the people with a high level of integrity.

    Matranga is a regular speaker in various forums, radio and television shows where he lectures on financial topics. He is a committed family man and enjoys spending time with his wife and their three children.

    Securities and Advisory Services offered through Cetera Investments LLC, member FINRA, SIPC. Cetera is under separate ownership from any other named entity.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Platinum Tax & Wealth Management
    Contact Person: Jeremy Matranga
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 281-362-1444
    Country: United States

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    Author of The Trust Factor – Unlocking The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind To Create Authority, Credibility, & Trust, Neil Howe, was the featured guest on Compassionate Capitalist Show with host Karen Rands talking about How to Gain Influence with Your Target Market for Massive Business Success

    On a recent episode of Compassionate Capitalist Show with Karen Rands, Neil Howe, Author of The Trust Factor – Unlocking The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind To Create Authority, Credibility, & Trust, discussed How to Gain Influence with Your Target Market for Massive Business Success.

    According to Howe, The major thinking part of human activity (over 90%) including emotion, takes place in the subconscious area of the brain that is below the levels of controlled awareness.

    Howe, said “It’s all about creating authority positioning in your market to be seen as a leader and expert. You do that by increasing your authority, credibility and trust with the help of established, reputable authority media platforms.”.

    When host Karen Rands asked, “Who can use these authority positioning techniques?” Howe answered, “These techniques are open to anyone who is willing and able to help people get what they want. In fact, these actions are so powerful anyone can come in and dominate a local market in as little as 90 days using the power of the media and marketing their authority.”.

    During the Interview Howe shared What is the one thing that can destroy your authority, credibility, and trust?, explaining, “The one thing that destroys your authority quickly is a lack of integrity. Studies show that businesses owners who operate with a high level of integrity produce a multi-year return rate higher (9.4%) than those that were less honest and good (1.6%). So, integrity ultimately affects the bottom line. In fact, Warren Buffet said, “Look for three things in an effective leader: intelligence, energy, and integrity. If they don’t have the last one, don’t even bother.”.

    Neil Howe is a best selling author and media strategist. He is considered the authority on authority and helps local businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals build a foundation of authority, credibility, and trust to turn prospects into clients.

    The interview concluded with Howe saying “The concepts in The Trust Factor allow anyone to capture the attention of their market and be considered the trusted authority when they ACT on building the foundation of Authority, Credibility & Trust. But, the key is to act. This kind of positioning rarely just happens. It is the product of careful planning, marketing, and positioning.”.

    To listen to the full interview on Compassionate Capitalist Show, visit

    To learn more about Neil Howe, please visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Highland Media Agency
    Contact Person: Neil C Howe
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 4044281399
    Country: United States

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    C5 Insight’s Geoff Ables will be speaking at the Summit EMEA conference in Dublin Ireland in April 2018. His presentation will focus on developing effective sales processes that will improve sales results.

    Geoff Ables, C5 Insight Managing Partner, has been selected as a featured speaker at Summit EMEA in Dublin, Ireland. Summit EMEA is the Microsoft Dynamics 365, AX and CRM User Group community annual conference that brings together users, industry experts and software development vendors to learn about product updates and find genuine solutions for business needs. Summit EMEA is scheduled April 24-26, 2018 at The Convention Centre Dublin.

    Ables will be presenting the session, “Rapid Sales Process Development,” on April 24. In this session he will give insight into how continuously improving sales results depends on an effective sales process for companies that want to increase deal size, decrease sales cycles, improve win rate, avoid letting valuable opportunities slip through the cracks, and have meaningful forecasts. Ables will describe how best-in-class sales teams design sales processes that align with their buyer’s processes. Attendees will learn how to rapidly develop a process unique to their individual organizations, map the process to their CRM solution, and achieve user adoption. A free workbook will be provided so attendees can design their own sales process.

    Ables is the author of “The LUCK Principle: Business Results at the Intersection of People & Profit.” In the book he teaches how to harness the power of people, process, and technology to transform a business into a workplace that balances a people-first culture with bottom-line results. The book is available in both paperback and Kindle versions on Amazon at

    Geoff Ables, C5 Insight Managing Partner, is a best selling author, speaker and entrepreneur. He has over 20 years of consulting experience on topics including the future of work, digital disruption, customer relationship management, social collaboration and big data. Widely regarded as a thought leader on customer and employee engagement, his insights have been seen and heard in dozens of global venues. He founded C5 Insight in 2002, and has consulted with hundreds of companies in a broad range of industries. The firm has twice been named to the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies.

    For more information about Geoff Ables and C5 Insight, visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Nations Media Group
    Contact Person: Bill Kopatich
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 704-625-0097
    Country: United States

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    A new inspirational book has been launched by bestselling author Tamara “Tami” Patzer. It features stories from a variety of women who have risen above adversity and achieved success.

    Daily Success™ Creator and Publisher Tami Patzer,  bestselling author, speaker, coach and self-publishing expert, has launched a new book called Women Innovators: Leaders, Makers, and Givers – Women Who Make a Daily Difference. It was written as a way to help inspire people into action, offering a blueprint for living life fully.

    More information can be found at:

    In Patzer’s book, Becky Norwood, author of the foreword, explains that the dictionary describes an innovator as a person who introduces new methods, ideas, or products. Her mind conjures up images of pioneers, creators and brilliant people.

    In today’s noisy, busy world, one could be forgiven for thinking there is nothing new under the sun. However, because the world is so connected, and people are constantly bombarded with the latest inventions and technology, people need to be creative and innovative in order to adapt and thrive.

    Becky goes on to say that in the Women Innovators book, readers will learn about and hear from women who have done just that. Some have gone to the bottom of the pit, then had the courage to rise above their adversity and thrive.

    Others discuss how they were able to find out what was at the root of their upheaval, and how they discovered the solution. All, at the root of their being, have had the heart to share and give, becoming a force for changing the world.

    She says: “These women are not content to keep their light under a bushel basket, but rather share their innovative thinking, ideas, and products for the world to enjoy.”

    She goes on to add: “This book is a gift to you, our readers. May it inspire you, spur your innovative spirit to action, and provide a blueprint for living life fully, with contentment and joy. If you are struggling right now, know you are not alone. Know that there is a sisterhood waiting to lock arms and lift you up with support and care.”

    Full details can be found at the URL above.

    Tamara “Tami” Patzer, publisher and creator the Daily Success™ Media Network has just released three No. 1 International Best Sellers including Big Message, Big Mission, Women Innovators: Leaders, Makers, and Givers: Women Who Make a Daily Difference; and Self-Made Women: The Feminine Journey to Success.

    Patzer is recognized as one of the leading publishers for women. Each collaboration features eight women who tell their stories of their big message and big missions in life. Every woman is featured on Patzer’s radio show:

    Since 2017, Patzer has helped more than 100 women become No. 1 International Best Selling Authors in the Women Innovators series, Big Message, Big Mission and The Self-Made Woman book series.

    Recent authors include Becky Norwood, Debra Crosby, Dr. C. Nicole Swiner, Dr. Heather Tucker, Donya Zimmerman, Audrye Arbe, Heather Hanson, and Marcella Romoser-Scherer in Volume 7 of Women innovators: Leaders, Makers, and Givers.

    Self-Made Women: The Feminine Journey to Success include: Kate Theriot, Martha Melendez, Shari Pheasant, Dora Vilk-Shapiro, Angie LeBlanc, Mala Rama, and Bonnie Fatio. 

    Authors featured in Big Message, Big Mission include Licia Berry, Judy Micale, Sue Hayes, Gail Dixon, Marjorie Schoelles, Maryon Stewart, Debra Graugnard, Mery Dominguez, and Regina Skarzinskas.

    For more information about Patzer’s next project or speaking events, visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: TAMI LLC
    Contact Person: Tamara Patzer
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 9414216563
    Country: United States

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    A new educational initiative to benefit sellers of scrap catalytic converters throughout the United States and Canada has been announced by Key Metal Refining LLC.

    Catalytic converter recycling company Key Metal Refining LLC announced it will be creating educational resources to educate sellers of scrap catalytic converters about the terminology and processes surrounding the sampling and assays of spent automotive catalyst.

    “A lot of money is spent sampling and doing assays of the materials collected.  Ultimately, the value is determined by an assay of a sample presumed to be representative of the entire lot. Very few people understand how much consideration needs to go into a good sampling protocol and how much the measured content could vary around the actual.

    Minimizing the variance also adds more cost to the sampling process. Therefore, one needs to balance the costs of sampling with the overall value of the lot. Very few people understand the difference between accuracy and variance which leads to misinterpretation of results.” stated John D. Bruno of Key Metal Refining.

    He went on to say about sampling systems “The challenge is to define accuracy and to prove that our sample is representative of a lot.  We want to know the magnitude of the variance and that it varies around the actual content. To do this is technically challenging. It takes a lot of quality control and monitoring and constant checking and verification.”

    Pierre Gy, arguably the most cited person in relation to sampling theory, echos Bruno sentiment saying “Sampling must be correct.  If money is to be spent of sampling, the first end to be achieved is to eliminate all sources of sampling incorrectness.  This is the only way of eradicating sampling biases.

    The new educational information is set to be released during the second quarter of 2018.

    For more information visit

    About Key Metal Refining

    Key Metal Refining (KMR) buys scrap catalytic converters as the raw material source for its platinum group metal sales generated through its recovery and refining process. KMR’s controlling partner is DOWA Metals and Mining Co. America, a wholly owned subsidiary of DOWA Holdings Co, Ltd.

    KMR recycles catalytic converters at its plant in Hainesport New Jersey. The material is further refined and smelted by DOWA in Japan. 

    For more information call 609.261.1471 or visit

    Key Metal Refining LLC
    5400 Delaware Ave
    Hainesport NJ 08036

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Key Metal Refining LLC
    Contact Person: Jennifer Smith
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 212-729-7339
    Country: United States

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    Best selling products of Bael Wellness include seat cushions used for Sciatica Coccyx, Orthopedic, Tailbone and Back Pain
    Bael Wellness is a socially-responsible health and wellness company that provides ergonomic products, supplements, and skincare solutions for people who want a more holistic approach to the treatment of chronic conditions and overall health.

    By Zoey Thompson

    Irvine, CA – According to studies cited by the American Chiropractic Organization (ACA) lower back pain is the “single leading cause of disability worldwide” and one of the most commonly expressed reasons for missed work. While there are many pharmacological solutions for back pain, most of them carry the risk of tolerance and physical dependency. That is why respected health and wellness companies like Bael Wellness support holistic wellness solutions for common ailments like back pain.  Simple solutions like ergonomic cushions and back support supplements can reduce the inflammation and provide relief from symptoms without the potential side effects of painkillers.

    “More and more people are looking for non-invasive, non-pharmacological treatment options for back pain,” explains Chief Investor Ashish Upadhyay. “I think in general Americans are becoming more educated on other options available to them and are looking to complementary health solutions and treatment for chronic issues like back pain. As someone who uses these products, I know full well the type of relief they can provide.”

    Ashish maintains that the consistent use of more ergonomic devices and supplements in conjunction with an appropriate fitness regimen can be the answer for many. Surgery and narcotics, he believes, ought to be avoided whenever possible. Ashish spent decades in the corporate world, engaging with large insurance and health providers like P&G, UGH, and Kaiser. Working with corporate healthcare giants gave him perspective on the scope of chronic back pain, as well as, the growing demand for non-invasive solutions and those without adverse side-effects. His 17 years working in health technology formed the foundation of Bael Wellness.  He and his partner, Dhwani Upadhyay wanted to deliver products that were evidence-based, effective, and affordable. Bael Wellness was organized to provide healthy alternatives to surgery and painkillers.

    “We provide FDA and ACA approved products that have undergone evidence-based scrutiny,” says Ashish.  “We want our customers to feel confident in what they are buying. All of our seat cushions have been approved by the American Chiropractic Association and our joint and back pain supplements are vegan, non-GMO and made in a US-based, FDA approved, GMP certified facility.”

    The patented, sciatica seat cushions being sold by Bael Wellness have been featured on AsSeenOnTV in 2016 and come replete with hundreds of testimonials from customers who have purchased and used the products to alleviate their lower back pain. In order to maintain Bael Wellness status as a respected health and wellness product & service provider, Ashish believes it is necessary to garner feedback and work to improve upon their product line. Bael Wellness promises to keep providing those products that are demonstrated to relieve pain and improve the quality of life.

    Bael Wellness is offering a 15% discount with the code “BAELMED” on the Bael Wellness Seat Cushion and Supplements. For more information, visit the website.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Bael Wellness
    Contact Person: Ashish Upadhyay
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 855.707.3268
    City: Irvine
    State: California
    Country: United States

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    DeepOnion cryptocurrency is set to introduce Vote Central – a voting platform based on blockchain technology which purpose is to gather opinions and votes concerning big ideas and essential decisions when it comes to the project.

    Vote Central will allow every member of the community the right to apply for voting and his/her opinion concerning the specific proposal. The weight of the vote will be based on ONION wallet balance and contribution to the community. Every member will need to submit a sign-up message to prove their balance.

    The introduction of Vote Central by the DeepOnion team is a sign that there is awareness when it comes to the value that community has brought to DeepOnion. This dedicated web app where all important community decisions will be made gives the community the opportunity to dictate the path of this currency, and lets everyone’s voice be heard.

    Vote Central is a big addition to DeepOnion as its feature shows that the whole project is based on innovative thinking and bold moves. The dev team’s goal is not only to help DeepOnion succeed as an anonymous cryptocurrency but also to help bring world peace one day with the help of Vote Central.

    There will be three expected concentric circles of voting through Vote Central. The inner circle (core) consists of DeepOnion’s dev team and initial founders. Surrounding this are DeepOnion’s airdrop founders who have the right to vote in Vote Central and finally, the exterior consists of long-term DeepOnion supporters, and those who have made significant contributions towards the project.

    To use Vote Central, the user has to first register with his/her username, wallet address, signed message, password and language. When a user is registering, Vote Central will store user type as ‘HOLDER’ in database, and can also be changed by admin.

    After registration, user approval status is in ‘PENDING’ state. Admin has to change the status from ‘PENDING’ to ‘APPROVE’. If admin REJECT the approval status, then user can’t login to system. User can login to system only when admin approve. (i.e. only in ‘APPROVE’ state user can login).

    If a user enters their username, password and captcha code correctly and approval status is in ‘APPROVE’ state, then the user can login to the system and be able to apply for voting and state their opinion on all proposals for the future of DeepOnion.

    DeepOnion is introducing Vote Central to ensure that their users can shape the future of the DeepOnion project which is very interesting and unique when compared to many other cryptocurrencies. Most importantly, it reflects peoples’ sentiments towards the DeepOnion project and their willingness to be involved, support and participate.

    Privacy is the single most important factor with crypto space. Most cryptocurrencies have a major privacy problem and this has sparked the search for “the next privacy cryptocurrency.” Several attempts have been made by simply replicating these cryptocurrencies to make the transactions anonymous. This is definitely a good start, but it’s not all that is needed. Ultimately, people will always break the weakest link to destroy a chain on an end-to-end transaction. Even if a transaction itself is private, what about everything else? What about keeping transactional communication and purchase history private?

    DeepOnion is an exceptional contender in the privacy-centric cryptocurrency race. If you want true privacy when dealing with cryptocurrencies, DeepOnion is hands down one of the best cryptocurrencies when it comes to keeping everything private.

    DeepOnion is making innovational efforts to become the leader of privacy based cryptocurrencies. They will have a budget of 3,000,000 Onion currency that people will be able to submit proposals on how they use this dev fund. This new development will additionally give DeepOnion an edge in the privacy field over other cryptocurrencies.

    The community is governing the future for DeepOnion cryptocurrency, rather than leaving it up to just the developers. DeepOnion’s strength stems above all else from its massive community, reputation and support of its network. There are many cryptocurrencies available that fall short of mainstream adoption due to their small user base and lacklustre promotion. DeepOnion clearly understands how vital the social aspect is and from inception have always placed the community formation with the utmost importance. All community members are looking forward to future implementations and features that will improve transaction privacy even further.

    For the developers, making DeepOnion one of the most anonymous cryptocurrencies is the primary objective. They are determined to always improve its privacy and security. This shows that DeepOnion has great potential.

    About DeepOnion Cryptocurrency

    DeepOnion is an anonymous and 100% untraceable cryptocurrency that is natively integrated with the TOR network. It is a revolutionary community driven project aimed at producing a unique privacy conscious cryptocurrency.

    DeepOnion promotes privacy and anonymity for cryptocurrency users by reducing the likelihood of identification by legal and illegal entities through the incorporation of industry-leading cryptography and anonymity-centric networking protocols.

    DeepOnion strives to become the premier privacy-centric cryptocurrency by improving the current state-of-the-art and introducing novel blockchain technologies. They incorporate the latest privacy standards into our technology stack, such as the inclusion of the latest TOR protocol to ensure that our community members remain secure and anonymous in all aspects of their finances. They further this by adding voting mechanisms such as VoteCentral to allow anonymous, democratic representation of DeepOnion’s future development.

    For more information, please visit:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Decentralized News
    Contact Person: Anthony Roundtree
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 210-239-7321
    Country: Canada

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    Ramathreya Krishnamurthi, Business Head, TimesJobs and TechGig is confident that new themes will broaden the scope of innovation for participants. “We have introduced the currently trending technologies as this year’s themes. These themes will open new realms of innovation and experimentation to the participants. I am sure that these valuable submissions shall become the highlight of TechGig Code Gladiators 2018 season,” he says.
    As the code submissions gather steam at TechGig Code Gladiators 2018, it is the new themes like Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain which are witnessing encouraging participation. Here’s a quick report on all the action from India’s biggest coding arena.

    New Delhi – April 16, 2018 – For the IT community, coding competitions are more revered than any other festivals or celebrations. This is primarily more appropriate, as every coding contest brings along thousands of ambitious techies who give shape to unique and novel business solutions while displaying their combined coding prowess.

    This is exactly the scene at India’s biggest hackathon, TechGig Code Gladiators 2018. TechGig Code Gladiators 2017 was honored with a coveted mention in Guinness World Record for participation numbers, beating China’s Baidu. This year too, organisers are vying for bigger laurels as participants have started submitting their codes. The Coding Contest alone has already attracted more than 72,000 registrations till date.

    Some of the new and exciting themes in this year’s Code Gladiators that have been well-received by participants include Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Amazon Alexa, and Cloud Computing. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning themes have witnessed maximum submissions so far. Other popular themes include Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT), E-Commerce and Big Data at the TechGig Code Gladiators 2018.

    Ramathreya Krishnamurthi, Business Head, TimesJobs and TechGig is confident that new themes will broaden the scope of innovation for participants. “We have introduced the currently trending technologies as this year’s themes. These themes will open new realms of innovation and experimentation to the participants. I am sure that these valuable submissions shall become the highlight of TechGig Code Gladiators 2018 season,” he says.

    The enthusiasm of the participants has grown multiple-fold, as TechGig Code Gladiators 2018 has unveiled what’s in store for the winners. The coveted winners will take home worthy cash prizes of Rs 75 Lakhs in total. While the champion wins Rs 2.5 Lacs, over 8 runners-up shall be rewarded with an average of Rs. 1.00 Lac and more. The Coding Arena also recognises top 5000 winners with multiple prizes and gift vouchers. With added surprises, gifts, recognition and multiple opportunities to showcase the talent, Code Gladiators 2018 is beholding a stupendous excitement. 

    Deloitte is the presenting sponsor of TechGig Code Gladiators 2018 and is equally excited about the new edition at Code Gladiators. “Deloitte was adjudged the ‘Coding Powerhouse of India’ in 2017. This being our second year of association with the TechGig Code Gladiators championship, we are excited about the possibilities it will bring, in providing our practitioners with a platform to compete amongst the large organisations, as well as in continuing to identify niche skills in the marketplace.Our comprehensive learning and development strategy focuses on equipping our people with the latest in tools and techniques, which helps them develop solutions that are cutting-edge and competitive and drive greater client service excellence,” says Srini Komanduri, Senior Director in Consulting, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India LLP.

    Capture all the latest action of Code Gladiators 2018 here The site also has complete details on themes, latest participation numbers and prize money.

    The site also has complete details on themes, latest participation numbers and prize money.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Times Jobs
    Contact Person: Neha Verma
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 9999652048
    Country: India

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    York, PA – Adrenaline Entertainment Center is delighted to announce the latest location for the construction of their new entertainment center in York PA. The new trampoline park will offer structured fitness classes, trampoline parties, and corporate team training days, as well as general admission fun days.

    Adrenaline Entertainment Center is on an aggressive strategy of expansion with numerous venues opening all over the country. Their main focus is centered around providing the best trampoline park venues partnered with exciting and innovative fun events that the whole family can enjoy. The York Trampoline Park is scheduled to open at the end of April, and demand is expected to be high.

    “Trampolining is an excellent way to get healthy, keep fit and have a lot of fun,” said James Rowland of Adrenaline Entertainment Center. “We aim to provide the best experience possible for our clients, events that people will never forget, in a safe and friendly environment. Trampolining is one of those sports that does not require a lot of skill to take part, which makes it suitable for all ages. We always choose the locations of our facilities with great care and attention to detail. York is a thriving city, with a family-friendly atmosphere, and we are confident that this venue is in the perfect location.

    Adrenaline Entertainment Center is a  leading company in the health and fitness industry. They build and maintain purpose-built sports and leisure facilities that offer a wide range of jumping activities suitable for all levels and age groups. From regular jumping to dodgeball, parties and group events the company caters to all jumping needs and provides a unique alternative to fitness.

    For more information about the company or to book a party visit their website at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Adrenaline Entertainment Center
    Contact Person: James Rowland
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (717) 316-0300
    Address:2150 White Street
    City: York
    State: Pennsylvania
    Country: United States

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    Las Vegas, NV – Popcoin LLC a technology company that specializes in online payment systems is delighted to announce the launch of their Popcoin payment platform on the Live Stellar Network.

    The ground-breaking and innovative new platform is designed to solve the problem that has caused many app, game and software developers to struggle to monetize their products. By installing the stripe metered billing API, developers will no longer be restricted to the old-fashioned pay once to play forever model, that has stunted the development of games in the past.

    Using the new payment platform, developers will now have the capability of charging customers at any time they want during a game or when using an app. Previously with certain phone applications, customers would demand ongoing support and updates, but would not expect to pay for them.

    For the developers, this caused significant issues, and there was little incentive to continue to develop a product, once the initial demand for that product died down. Popcoin will provide developers with the option of being able to maximize the potential of their software development, continue to develop and evolve the product, but still have the opportunity to be paid for that development.

    Developers can decide how much a person is charged depending on the length of time a person uses an app or specific other defined factors. Let’s say a developer wants to use the system on a newspaper website. The new system could be designed to charge a customer dependent on the time they spend on the site, or the number of articles they read, the possibilities are endless.

    “This new system in our opinion is a much fairer way for developers to get paid,” said Lloyd Faulk, of Popcoin LLC. “We are confident that we have come up with a novel system that will benefit both the developer community and their customers. This will help developers to be fairly rewarded for their work, and will support continued development of high quality products.”

    Popcoin is a technology and software development company based in Las Vegas Nevada. They have developed a metered billing API platform for busy developers to perform variable usage and micro transactions in web apps, mobile games, and software products.

    For more information about the company follow them on Twitter or visit their website at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Popcoin LLC
    Contact Person: Lloyd Faulk
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 7027638998
    Address:5575 Simmons St., Ste. 107, North
    City: Las Vegas
    State: NV
    Country: United States

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    Graviola trees are recovering in the Virgin Islands after a double hurricane strike in 2017. That is good news for people that use the tree in natural medicine.

    Graviola trees, one of the little known victims of the devastation caused by Hurricanes Irma and Maria last year, are starting to recover in the Virgin Islands.

    Both hurricanes raked the Caribbean during the 2017 hurricane season as they tracked west and then eventually northward. They decimated the Virgin Islands, flattening both manmade infrastructure and natural elements on the island, including trees.

    “The hurricanes destroyed a lot of the graviola trees that grow here in the islands, but they are coming back.” said Kary Gould, owner of the website

    The trees, which grow wild in the Virgin Islands, are notable because their fruit and leaves have long been used in natural medicine applications. Generations of Caribbean islanders and South American natives, who live in the tropical zones where the trees grow, consume graviola leaves as tea and eat the pulp of the graviola fruit (which is also called soursop and Brazilian pawpaw) or use it to make Viamin C loaded smoothies.

    Gould’s company hand harvests graviola leaves from wild trees, air dries them, and ships them to the U.S. and internationally. Many of his customers consume graviola tea, a natural food that may aid in a strategy to fight cancer.

    Besides earning a reputation among indigenous populations as a natural health tool, medical lab research has also shown that graviola extracts can be used against cancer, while leaving healthy cells unaffected. A 1997 lab research study conducted by researchers at Purdue University showed that graviola extracts can kill tumor cells. 

    For more information, contact Kary Gould of or call 352-477-1832

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Cyberwalker Digital
    Contact Person: Andy
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 8135018043
    City: Tampa
    State: FL
    Country: United States

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    Fairlawn, OH – A hurt back isn’t something that anyone wants to deal with, but many people do. Those people often go weeks to months with pain coming and going, thinking that there is nothing that can alleviate their pain. A visit to the local chiropractor could alleviate these pains. In Akron, Brumbaugh Chiropractic can help you with your back problems and more.

    Brumbaugh Chiropractic is a practice that has a lot to offer. Dr. Brumbaugh has quite a few years of experience and services a wide area of Ohio. Right now, he works as an Akron chiropractor since he lives in the area with his wife. The services that Brumbaugh Chiropractic provide include chiropractic examinations, wellness consultations, scoliosis screenings, spine manipulation, soft tissue mobilization, full spine x-rays, spinal decompression, dry needling and sports physicals. During the examination, the doctor will determine the problem after the patient explains their pain. Extremity and spine manipulation can be done to help restore range of motion as well as reduce inflammation and pain.

    Chiropractic care is still considered unconventional by some, but for many chiropractic care is the only way they can relieve their back pain. The most obvious areas that chiropractors are able to heal are back, neck, and shoulders. Pain in these places can be uncomfortable, and if they’re left unchecked can lead to further problems. Other health issues that chiropractic care address include sciatic nerve pain. Sciatic nerve pain is often caused by a person’s body not being aligned and is a condition that can be debilitating. The spinal adjustments that chiropractors do ease the pain caused by the nerves. Chiropractors also help you maintain your general wellness so that you stay in good health.

    For those who are looking for an Akron chiropractor, take a look at Brumbaugh Chiropractic, LLC. They are experienced in what they do and can help their patients tackle a variety of health issues. Whether they’re dealing with minor joint pain, frequent migraines, or sciatic nerve pain, they can trust Dr. Brumbaugh to take care of them. For more information or to make an appointment, visit their website.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Brumbauch Chiropractic, LLC
    Contact Person: Dr. Corey Brumbaugh
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 3308009009
    City: Fairlawn
    State: OH 44333
    Country: United States

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    Melbourne, Australia – In addition to their famously known kangaroo population, Australia boasts countless beautiful beaches, dark rainforests, and incredible breath-taking views spanning across its terrain. The country is also culturally unique due to its varied ethnic influences from the immigrant population. This impressive mix of ethnicities directly influences the Australian foods, practices, and traditions. In fact, cuisine is so important to the Aussie culture that every single state of Australia hosts food and wine festivals every year.

    Considering these facts, it’s no wonder that the Australian Bureau of Statistics recorded an approximate increase of 182,200 people from 2015 to 2016. Reassuringly though, even with their impressively diverse and sizable population, inhabitants live in an open and disperse environment. This offers newcomers the room to grow and start fresh, free from the feeling of overcrowding. However, when it comes to moving somewhere, especially internationally, intimidation and fear understandably tend to overwhelm perspective newcomers.

    Moving to a new country can be challenging, confusing, and downright stressful. This is where the services of Migration Australia can thoroughly smooth out the entire process, making it more of an excitement rather than a daunting task. This company supports people looking to move to Australia for new beginnings, business relocations, or just because!

    Migration Australia,, offers services that fully help those intending to move there in completing the visa application process, finding employment, establishing a budget, migrating a family, managing appeals, and so forth. In addition to their services, this company can also offer in-depth information about all areas of Australia including restaurants, businesses, events, and schools that are local to the locations prospective newcomers may be contemplating. 

    This company’s team members come from various professional backgrounds that give them extensive experience in migration services. Each one of Migration Australia’s personnel are registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority in Australia and comply fully with the Code of Conduct issued by the Australian government for migration agents. This gives customers peace of mind when it comes to the professionalism with which this company and its respective agents conduct business.

    As a migration services company, Migration Australia has helped countless others migrate from hundreds of countries around the globe to Australia. Rest assured, the moving process can actually be an exhilarating experience, if the right people are there to help.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Migration Australia
    Contact Person: Ross
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 1300 064 472
    Address:Level 2, 127 Smith Street, Fitzroy
    City: Melbourne
    State: Victoria, 3065
    Country: Australia

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    Hanover, Massachusetts – PC Survivors, a company that provides secure hard drive and data destruction solutions that adhere to federally mandated destruction methods, has become a consumer favorite for disposing of information properly and securely. Their certifications and adherence to federal standards provide peace of mind in a secure-information based industry.

    With the advancements in technology, many consumers store valuable information on their personal computers and digital devices. Since this information is so widely used in today’s marketplaces, making sure that electronics and their components are properly recycled and destroyed to secure data is a must. But this can be difficult for consumers to do on their own, and equally as challenging to find a secure data destruction provider.

    It is easy to forget how much information today’s devices can store aside from the basics of music, apps, and photos that consumers typically use them for. This has caused many headaches for consumers who need to protect the information on their devices from ending up in the wrong hands, especially when the consumers don’t need to access it anymore. Information for work or personal use can also cause a lot of hassle if it isn’t properly disposed of. While these devices can often break easily, disposing of both the device and the information stored is a task that isn’t as straightforward.

    Recognizing a need for this, PC Survivors of Massachusetts has stepped in to help. They are dedicated to providing a high quality of service, and uphold federal standards of secure destruction practices through their seven step process, as can been seen here They are annually audited and R2/RIOS certified, as well as a NAID member, all of which help to showcase their attention to detail in securely destroying data and providing peace of mind that consumers are seeking.

    In addition to hard drive destruction services, they provide certified asset management as an option for equipment that does not need to be destroyed, but whose parts can be recycled for use in other devices. Complete data destruction is guaranteed for consumers no matter whether they need their devices to be destroyed or feel they can be reused. Numerous clients have already been helped by the high quality services provided by PC Survivors.

    They have a wide network across the US whom they’ve been able to help from their home base in MA, They are able to dispose of confidential information in an entirely secure way for consumers; a necessary component in today’s information rich world.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: PC Survivors of Massachusetts
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (781) 924-3071
    City: Hanover
    State: Massachusetts, 02339
    Country: United States

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    Hanover, MA – During the course of a year, a business can amass an innumerable amount of confidential data. When it’s time to dispose of this data, it can be hard to determine how exactly to do so. Luckily, there are companies such as PC Survivors of Massachusetts that specialize in the safe and ethical destruction of secure data. Their state-of-the-art facilities allow for data destruction and destruction of electronic components that contain data that customers do not want leaving their office. With rigid adherence to the codes and standards of secure data destruction in the US, PC Survivors of Massachusetts ensures that any data that comes into their management is optimally secured.

    The experts at PC Survivors of Massachusetts are certifiably responsible to handle confidential data. There are a number of destruction methods that are federally mandated, and PC Survivors of Massachusetts adhere strictly to them. Their company and procedures are audited annually. They are also R2/RI0S certified and members of NAID. Customers of PC Survivors of Massachusetts rest assured that their secure data is safe, remains confidential, and will be disposed of in accordance to federal guidelines. PC Survivors of Massachusetts pride themselves on the safety and confidentiality of their services.

    One of the unique services offered by PC Survivors of Massachusetts is their optical media shredding, One of the main sources of information storage currently are CDs and DVDs. Disposal of these mediums in the correct and safest manner can be difficult, which is what makes PC Survivors of Massachusetts’ optical media shredding a unique and timely service. Their OMDD shredder is high-security, efficient, and reliable. Their optical media shredder can shred up to 2,500 per hour, meaning that there is no amount of data too large for them to shred safely. Their OMDD shredder meets NSA/CSS 02-01 standards and is guaranteed to shred documents at maximum security.

    Located at, PC Survivors of Massachusetts are dedicated to making sure that secure data is disposed of in a safe and responsible manner. Their optical media shredding helps them to dispose of digital media, and they also have the means to safely recycle electronics and dispose of hard drives among other services. They undergo regular audits and adhere to federal mandates. Their disposal methods are certified safe and rigorously tested on a regular basis. The rigid standards of their data disposal services are why more companies with sensitive information are turning to PC Survivors of Massachusetts to properly dispose of secure data.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: PC Survivors of Massachusetts
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (781) 924-3071
    City: Hanover
    State: Massachusetts, 02339
    Country: United States

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    Dallas, TX – New culinary website Foodie Team,, is quickly gaining a reputation for being a brilliant resource for all food-lovers looking for inspiration and new tricks in the kitchen. Whether it’s dinner ideas or guides on the best microwave oven, this new site aims to have everything any budding chef would want all in one place.

    Foodie Team offers an easily navigable site with a clean homepage that displays all the latest posts, guides and articles from its three main sections: Tips, Kitchen Appliances, and Blog. The Tips section answers all common kitchen questions – like how long mushrooms last for, how best to store garlic bulbs, and different ways to cook lentils and beans. These guides offer resources for vegetarians, students and those cooking on a budget especially, but also provide back-to-basics insights for anyone who enjoys home cooking.

    The Kitchen Appliances section of the site shows everything a person might need to know about kitchen equipment. Everyone finds it difficult to choose a new appliance – without testing all the choices,one can never be sure the right appliance has been selected. That’s where Foodie Team’s helpful guides and reviews come in, saving the time of reading up on every appliance and the money that may have been spent on an ill-suited machine. A quick browse of Foodie Team’s in-depth appliance guides will clear up any confusion about what kind of solution is needed for the kitchen. It’s even tailored to the latest technologies and trends: there’s an article on classy copper skillet cookware, and the best programmable crock pots, making the kitchen both aesthetically-pleasing and modern.

    Foodie Team’s blog showcases hacks and tips to do with basic cooking. Most of them are videos, saving busy people the time and hassle of reading lengthy articles. The videos allow viewers or listeners to simply pop in their headphones and cook along! These videos include topics ranging from which ‘healthy’foods might need to be re-thought, to a video that demonstrates 40 life hacks and cooking tips for eggs.

    Foodie Team is rapidly becoming known as the best up-and-coming food resource on the web. For budding chefs, or those just wanting to improve their skills and knowledge in the kitchen, this is being hailed as the must-visit corner of the internet.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Foodie Team
    Contact Person: Muhammad Waqas
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 2148919819
    City: Dallas
    State: Texas 75225
    Country: United States

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    A British business is getting a boost from overseas markets in spite of Brexit fears as sales of her British made products soar with new export opportunities.

    Shaherazad Umbreen is seeing sales of her high-end 18 hour heels, worn by a host of celebrities, go global as she taps in to emerging markets with the weakening pound making the product more appealing.

    With sales of her heels, which are guaranteed to provide up to 18 hours of pain free wear, going global Shaherazad is finding around 70% of her sales of the innovative product overseas with the entrepreneur seeing sales from as far as Indonesia, Singapore and the USA.

    “There has been a real surge in sales overseas,” said the owner of Shoes by Shaherazad who is working with the Department of International Trade to target further export opportunities. “The weakening pound coupled with the fact that we offer free worldwide shipping is making the heels more desirable to overseas markets.”

    Something the Birmingham business woman is now looking to expand on as she has seen interest from businesses as far afield as Kuwait and is looking to launch to the market later in the year.

    Putting the interest down to the quality British designs and craftwomanship, the shoes not only empower women through their use but also through a percentage of the sales going to good causes across the globe.

    “18 hour heels are more than just a nice pair of heels,” said Shaherazad. “I think that is part of their appeal. When I set out to do this I wanted to do something that would help to empower women. So far, sales of the shoes have helped over 1000 women and girls from some of the world’s poorest countries to build for the future whether that’s finding work or better access to education.”

    The shoes, are designed using the science of how a flamingo stands on one leg to provide optimum weight distribution.

    Designed by the British business woman they also feature special jewellery designs hand crafted in the Jewellery Quarter in the heart of Birmingham.

    “I am actually finding that the fact the heels are 100% made in England with English craftsmen and designs a selling point for the overseas markets as well. The quality British craftmanship and the fact that the jewellery designs are all handmade by a specialist metal worker here in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter all speak for the quality of the product.”

    With interest mounting from further afield it isn’t just overseas markets seeing the appeal though. British celebrities including supermodel Alexa Chung, Coronation Street actress Jane Danson and West End Star Verity Rushworth have all snapped up a pair.

    Working with the Department of International Trade to launch the shoes in even more places this year the appeal of 18 hour heels is set to grow.

    More information on the Birmingham shoes going global is available at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Shaherazad
    Contact Person: Shaherazad Umbreen
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 07944571367
    Country: United Kingdom

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