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    Brighton, United Kingdom – Clinic Media, a marketing service that provides dental clinics with SEO services, has become a favourite among dentists. Their results-oriented practice has provided users with increased business opportunities through online and local exposure and upgraded marketing.

    With the demand for dental health services increasing, many new clinics have arisen to provide care for patients, giving patients many locations and dental practices to choose from when they require general maintenance or more serious care for their mouth. In trying to find a location close to home, however,patients and clinics face the issue of lack of advertising. This is difficult for clinics trying to get the word out that they are ready to serve and makes it difficult for potential clients to know about them.

    This issue with marketing has affected a number of practices and customers. With the variety of services that each clinic may provide, it can be difficult to find one that can service what an individual requires. Even with the accessibility of online searching, many provider’s websites will fall off the radar due to inadequate marketing. Being able to have an online presence is great but only if it can be properly utilized.

    This is where Clinic Media strives to help. They are a dental SEO provider. With so manypatients choosing their dentist off a simple internet search, it’s imperative that a practice takes the necessary steps to be visible when that search happens. The dental offices that pop up with the search are likely going to get more business because of their visibility. Without new customers, dental providers can neither thrive nor even survive. Investing in dental marketing is the solution.

    Clinic Media helps provide SEO for dentists with strategies that are geared towards improving local SEO results as well as increasing exposure online to help make their client’s practices more visible forpatients. SEO marketing for dentists tackles everything expected like the usability of a client’s website, their search rankings in Google, and overall visibility of the provider online forpatients to find the information they need about each practice.

    Clinic Media strives to provide comprehensive services that help their clients be a patientsnumber one pick when looking for a dental provider. It is not enough to simply be online with a website. The dental practice needs to be able to target the right customers and let them know what kind of services they can provide. Numerous practices have been helped by the marketing services that Clinic Media provides. Their dedication to helping their clients achieve results makes them a favourite when dental practices are looking to increase their online presence.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Clinic Media
    Contact Person: Pierre Bjorlin
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 0046735835382
    State: Brighton, BN1 4DU
    Country: United Kingdom

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    Mumbai, MA – Many individuals don’t know how much of their personal life is on paper. Things like mail and important work papers, which are full of sensitive personal information, are thrown out everyday without a second thought.

    Paper shredders are not only here to minimize space and provide an efficient workspace but also to protect an individual’s privacy. That is why having an efficient and durable paper shredder is important. provides expert paper shredder reviews, giving buyers the opportunity to read and learn about the top shredders on the market. Their reviews will help buyers save money in the long run and ensure they never have to worry about paper build up again or their privacy being breached. is a leading review website that strives to provide individuals with useful information to find the paper shredder for their needs. Their experts have an immense knowledge on the paper shredder industry and standards. The recommended shredders are all verified with thorough testing and analysis. is a user-friendly website with easy to read reviews and statements on their recommended products. They strongly believe in choosing technology with the best performance, which is why they are dedicated to serving the online community with their high-quality reviews.

    Something as silly as paper shredders rarely crosses one’s mind until they either manage an office or become the victim of fraud. Individuals don’t realize how much of their personal information is printed on their mail and other documents which are so easilythrown away.Surprisingly, criminals can steal one’s identity or credit card information solely based off of information contained insimple mail that is thrown away and not shredded.

    With the amount of personal, professional, and financial data that is now stored online, it makes it even more important to ensure all paper documents are properly destroyed and to not give away any passwords or important details.

    Furthermore, not only does paper contain important information but it also takes up too much space and becomes a hassle. The disorganization can lead to lost information and lost efficiency, so it is important to properly dispose of paper that is no longer required. prides itself on their thorough and trustworthy reviews. They believe they are successfully helping individuals and businesses keep their private information safe from unwanted hands.

    Online buyers will find their high-quality website filled with expert knowledge and honest reviews. Offering reviews on all types of paper shredders and sizes, buyers can find the best paper shredder that suits their needs and budget.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: TechLogitic
    Contact Person: Raj Hirvate
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 916-704-1276
    City: Mumbai
    State: Maharashtra 400029
    Country: India

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    Hamilton, Australia – The twenty-first has seen the rise and increasing prevalence of two trends: healthy living and technology. With technology and the internet, more consumers now are able to make better informed and healthy choices when it comes to the foods they eat and the products they use on a daily basis. The merging of these two trends has led to a spike in the popularity of Health Tree, a website dedicated to providing products and informational resources that support a healthy lifestyle.

    For those dealing with health concerns, Health Tree is available to help find a better daily balance with healthier life choices.  Health Tree is dedicated to providing information, support and products to help its customers.  The motto at the company is a belief that centers on active living and making informed eating choices that will in-turn lead to a better life. 

    Health Tree provides an online selection of products that ranges anywhere from organic and gluten-free goods to beauty products and mineral supplements.  Bulk foods are also available for purchase as well as products for babies and pets.With stock from over three hundred of the top health brands, such as Alba, Acure, Bio, ecover, and many more, customers have a wide variety to choose from.  Health Tree’s discount prices make it a one stop shop for many customers.

    The selection of products on the website along with the fast shipping available on these products makes Health Tree a reliable choice for online shopping in the health and wellness market.  The website also has a section for featured products.  These products can run the gamut from natural beauty items to supplements to food products.  There is also an option to receive the company newsletter, which comes complete with recipes, offers and new products. 

    In addition, the Health Tree website,, provides a plethora of information regarding all kinds of health and wellness topics.  One can learn about maintaining a healthy diet, or living an active life, or learning the tools to stay positive. The blog section of the site includes information on all different kinds of foods.  The blogs also contain recipes, ideas for healthy nights out, paleo and raw food diets, and much more.  Many of the blogs inform customers on how to incorporate supplements, natural products, spices and other wellness programs into daily life.

    With Health Tree’s expansive selection of products and wide array of articles and blog posts, consumers are able to find the balance of technology, information, foods and products to optimize healthy living. Their comprehensive services and holistic approach to supporting a healthy lifestyle are why Health Tree is quickly rising in popularity.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Health Tree
    Contact Person: Matthew
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 1300451350
    City: Hamilton
    State: QLD 4007
    Country: Australia

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    Las Vegas, NV – After an accident or injury occurs, it can be hard for people to get their bearings. People often feel great relief when the incident passes, but financial and legal problems can continue to haunt people for years and even the rest of their life if they don’t know how to deal with them. Insurance companies can promise lots of money, but once an accident occurs, they generally try to pay out the bare minimum. To obtain the compensation that is rightfully theirs, many accident victims must hire a personal injury lawyer. In Las Vegas, the firm that has a record of proven success in acquiring just compensation and that has been rated as one of the top firms in Las Vegas by accident victims is Tingey Injury Law Firm.

    At Tingey Injury Law Firm, their team is equipped to handle a wide range of cases from small, civilian disputes to difficult cases against big corporations and insurance companies. After a client contacts a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas, Tingey Injury Law Firm quickly starts to build a legal case that takes the stress off the victim of accident or injury. Their professional environment and friendly staff help the client focus on recovering, while the firm organizes and builds a case.

    Their accessible website makes them a quick and helpful resource for anyone looking for legal help. They’ve worked on a myriad of cases, and their team is ready and willing to work with cases involving anything from vehicle accident to medical negligence. They understand that not every accident is a hit and run. Some issues can affect clients’ long-term plans, like a brain injury, spinal cord injury, and ongoing medical negligence. These problems can be re-occurring, or even lifelong. At Tingey Injury Law Firm they understand that clients need a trustworthy, professional firm to deal with these issues and help get the compensation deserved for the injuries received.

    Car accidents have become commonplace in a society that is constantly moving at top speed. After the fact, finding a trustworthy legal team to take a case can be challenging. With Tingey Injury Law Firm, the client can rest easy knowing their case is in capable hands. Their lawyers understand that keeping the client involved in the decision-making process is key, and they pride themselves on their commitment to keeping the client informed and up to date with the entire process.

    Accidents and injuries can be unpreventable,but for residents in Las Vegas, having a prepared legal team to take a case has never been easier. Tingey Injury Law Firm remains committed to helping get the proper compensation for accidents or injuries. The reward for their dedication has been the high approval ratings they’ve received from numerous accident victims.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Tingey Injury Law Firm
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 702-333-0000
    City: Las Vegas
    State: NV 89102
    Country: United States

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    When it comes to outwards appearance and first impressions, teeth can say a lot more than most people think. For example, from a professional standpoint, if someone doesn’t practice good oral hygiene and has dirty teeth or bad breath, they tend to lose some of their credibility.  This sort of problem can also effect a person’s social or romantic lives as well. Luckily most typical solutions for improving dental hygiene are simple enough. Most involve picking up the floss and toothbrush.

    But what about dental problems that are primarily out of the individual’s control? For example, missing teeth, yellowed teeth, or something an individual finds displeasing about his or her smile that no amount of regular dental care can seem to combat? That’s where cosmetic dentistry can come into the picture. Cosmetic Dentistry NYC with Dr. Bob Perkins offers quality cosmetic dentistry services for those wanting to cosmetically enhance their smile. Dr. Perkins has extensive experience in cosmetic dentistry, having worked for an extensive base of clients in Malibu for over twenty years.

    For different cosmetic dental procedures, such as the implementation of porcelain veneers NYC contains a lot of different options. But Cosmetic Dentistry NYC with Dr. Bob Perkins provides quality service and all at affordable pricing.  Implementation of porcelain veneers, an incredibly effective and popular method of cosmetic dental enhancement, is just one of the services that Cosmetic Dentist NYC offers its patients.

    In addition to porcelain veneers, Cosmetic Dentist NYC with Dr. Bob Perkins also offers teeth whitening, endodontic surgery, fixed bridges, smile makeovers, porcelain crowns, root canals, Invisalign clear braces, dentures, tooth colored fillings, orthodontics, and teeth implants. Cosmetic Dentistry NYC understands the important of targeting such procedures to best fit a patient’s specific cosmetic goals and needs. For these procedures and appointments, Cosmetic Dentist NYC also offers patients a stunning and relaxing view of Central Park from their central and convenient New York City location.

    A smile is an all-important non-verbal form of communication. As one of the first things that others see, a smile has the potential to affect a person in the workplace and within personal relationships. Having a smile to be proud of also creates inner feelings of self-confidence in an individual.  For those living in the New York City area that are looking or know someone who is looking to cosmetically enhance their smile, get in touch with Cosmetic Dentist NYC today.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Cosmetic Dentist NYC Dr. Bob Perkins
    Contact Person: Info
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 6467988008
    City: New York
    State: NY, 10019
    Country: United States

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    Canon Falls, Minnesota – Meowkai, a blog dedicated to being a resource for cat lovers and owners, has released their latest compilation on the best litter boxes that are automatic of 2018. The blog is written by Annie Anderson, a dedicated owner who provides material on the different breeds and health care associated with them, grooming techniques, training and behavior tips, and food and nutrition for feline friends. Annie gathers her information firsthand and from other owners to provide knowledgeable and up to date material.

    Owning a cat is a wonderful thing. They are generally a self sufficient pet, asking only for some attention and food every now and then. They don’t require walks or hours of interaction each day, making them perfect for owners who lead busy lives, or who need a lower energy pet. This isn’t to say that they can’t be playful. Younger kittens, or cats that favor a feather toy or laser pointer can be quite active and fun to engage with. One perk for cat owners is their bathroom habits. Most cats are litter box trained. The only downside to this has to be cleaning the box out.

    Litterboxes can be messy, smelly, and generally unappealing. They are a bathroom, after all. However, because they are not a flushable component, the odor they cause can spread throughout the house quite easily. Granted, if scooped routinely, this isn’t usually an issue. Sometimes, an owner may not be at home to scoop the residue out immediately. Owners of multiple cats can also run into a similar problem if that particular box is a favorite. Owners can also deal with a good amount of dust when trying to find a litter that suits their cat.

    The solution to many of these problems is an automatic cat box. This will take care of making sure the cat has a clean box to go in at all times, and that owners don’t have to deal with a smelly house or dusty litter as often. Automatic litter boxes are nearly as varied as available litters on the market today. Trying to find which one based on the different features to choose from and price can be difficult. To help consumers navigate investing in the automatic litterbox world, Meowkai has compiled information on the top five automatic boxes of 2018. Meowkai strives to help consumers by discussing how these boxes work, the varied features to choose from, and advice on transitioning the cat from a traditional box to an automatic one.

    Many cat owners have been helped by the online resource that is the Meowkai blog. Now, to help consumers improve conditions for themselves and their cats in the bathroom department, Meowkaihas done the research to walk consumers through each aspect that they could run into with an automatic litter box.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Meowkai
    Contact Person: Annie Anderson
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 5072987107
    City: Canon Falls
    State: Minnesota, 4290
    Country: United States

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    Toronto, Canada – Eman Bachani, founder of Meraki Design House, is an entrepreneur with a difference. Her e-boutique carries an eclectic collection of one-of-a-kind handcrafted luxury footwear and accessories at remarkably affordable prices. All of Bachani’s products are hand-made by skilled artisans across the globe, and in fact, this remarkable young woman has made it her mission to support communities and artisans around the world by creating work for them.

    Bachani herself lived in different parts of the world before moving to Toronto. She was quick to note that although Canada is a multicultural society, the fashion industry is strongly driven by mainstream brands that provide the consumer with little choice for self-expression. As a result, Meraki Design House was born, allowing Bachani the opportunity to redesign traditional Eastern footwear to suit the Western way of life.

    “Meraki is different from any other footwear brand,” says Bachani. “We do not consider ourselves a part of the fashion industry and this is because the fashion industry relies on trends that change with seasons. The products we work on are timeless. We redesign traditional crafts to fit the needs and taste of the urban-minded woman.”

    Among Meraki’s best selling items are their handmade leather flats which are based on a design that has been around for hundreds of years, since the time of the Ancient Mughal Empire. Meraki Design House customers are delighted by the fact that not only is their new footwear comfortable and attractive, it’s also unique, since the company only releases a handful of designs at a time. Once they sell out of a design or a size, they don’t make them again.

    But aside from catering to the needs and taste of Western women, Bachani is making a huge contribution to skilled artisans around the world, and as a result, to the communities in which they live.

    “Collaborating with communities is something we plan to keep up as part of the Meraki ethos,” adds Bachani. “I hope that by working with them we can contribute to their well-being and raise their standard of living.”

    About the Company

    Founded by Eman Bachani and located in Toronto, Meraki Design House is an e-boutique platform offering unique and affordable footwear and accessories handcrafted by artisans around the world. In order to ensure that each item is truly one-of-a-kind, Meraki never makes the same design twice. Although the focus is currently on footwear, the company has plans to add home and lifestyle goods in the near future.

    For more information, visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Meraki Design House
    Contact Person: Eman Bachani
    Email: Send Email
    State: Toronto
    Country: Canada

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    The Purk Project has launched their Cryptocurrency (PURK) and announced its API platform that allows website owners to monetise their content, products or services using a simple HTML snippet on their website. The Cryptocurrency went live on March 28th 2018, whilst the API platform will go live by the end of quarter 2 2018. Purk has already gained a lot of attention from miners, general users and investors. Purk also announced that the virtual currency is mineable with a regular Pcs CPU power, without requiring any advanced hardware or difficult software configuration. Purk also supports GPU mining and is ASIC resistant.

    Mining with run-of-the-mill PCs will let the average computer user gain access to Purk. This will encourage early adoption of the currency and monetisation platform, as well as attracting new users who wouldnt normally have access, either through lack of knowledge, buying power or hardware, said Ionic, lead developer at Purk.

    Consumers dont like and don’t trust digital advertising

    Whilst there are certain features consumers like about digital media, including live streaming, interactive or personalised experiences, consumers are becoming consistently unhappy with digital advertising; most complain of too many adverts, ads being too intrusive and, in places, just downright creepy…

    In a recent survey conducted by Choozle (a multinational advertising company with its HQ in Denver), out of the initial 688 survey participants, 43% were disqualified because they used ad blockers, 20% of the survey participants were neutral about seeing ads, and only 7 percent viewed online ads positively. However, more than 30 percent disliked online ads. 

    These statistics pose a huge problem for the online advertising industry with a clear need for improvement or change.  The Purk Button API strives to address these issues, and allows consumers to reward website owners for high quality content without the need for in-page intrusive adverts. Not only does this give content providers an incentive to create interesting and informative content for their users, it also helps to improve the entire internet ecosystem by slowly getting rid of thin pages and unhelpful, low quality content from search engine results.


    What does the future hold for Purk?

    As well as offering a complete monetisation solution for online businesses, Purks API collects data that will help the company develop other advanced blockchain based applications.

    A universal Purk payment plugin for a number of popular commerce platforms is in the early planning stages; a funding forum for future development projects and an IOS and Android wallet are just a few items that are on the roadmap, and will be completed by the end of 2019.

    You can sign up for updates and get further information at

    The Purk Project and Purk Cryptocurrency (Ticker code PURk) is a virtual currency and API platform that allows users to monetise website content, products and services in the form of donations, gratuities or tips. The company is made up of a small and skilled team of software developers, web developers and marketers from all over the world.

    The Purk Project has launched their Cryptocurrency (PURK) and announced its API platform that allows website owners to monetise their content, products or services using a simple HTML snippet on their website. The Cryptocurrency went live on March 28th 2018, whilst the API platform will go live by the end of quarter 2 2018. Purk has already gained a lot of attention from miners, general users and investors. Purk also announced that the virtual currency is mineable with a regular Pcs CPU power, without requiring any advanced hardware or difficult software configuration. Purk also supports GPU mining and is ASIC resistant.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Release News
    Contact Person: Andrew Braithwaite
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +44 (0) 161 818 6487
    Country: United States

    0 0 is an online shopping store promoted by Qingdao Eseewigs Co.,Ltd It supplies highest quality hair products and lowest price. Eseewigs has focused on producing all types of favorite hair product. The company provides services to its broad customer base which is spread across the world through its online shopping portal.

    Women’s hair is one of the most noticeable parts of her beauty. It not only enhances personality but it also improves appearance and sets the tone for a new look. It is a hairstyle which makes one look professional, party freak or casual. A right hair-do fills a person with confidence. Perfect hairstyle and color change one’s entire look. However, many people are not blessed with natural hair and have to wear a wig. Although, it is confusing to choose one, there are various brands in the market selling the same product. is a professional, stylish hair product manufacturer and it produces all types of hair accessories. manufactures middle part bob wigs which are made up of 100% Brazilian virgin hair. The hair texture of the wig is straight and silky. The material used in these wigs are Virgin Remy Hair. These wigs can be permed. These wigs are lace wigs and have medium brown color lace. The density of the wigs is 130%, and it is tangle free and does not shed. The length of the hair in this wig is 8-16 inches. Offers Different Styles And Designs Wigs And Hair Accessories Through Its Online Shopping Portal

    The company produces high-quality short hair bob wig African American. These are front lace wigs made up of Brazilian virgin hair. Buyers can choose their hair color according to their choice. No tape or glue is required to wear these wigs; it is effortless and hassle-free.

    It also has a wide variety of bob style lace front wigs in different styles, color, and designs. One can easily choose any form and buy them at a discounted price. The wigs are made up of high-quality raw materials to enhance the lifespan. 

    One should wash the wig with a mild shampoo and warm water. Conditioning the wig is crucial to maintaining the softness of the hair. Detangling products or the silicone serums are also safe for the hair. Towel dry the hair or use a blow dryer, but not with hot blowers. However, blow drying with a flat brush and then applying a protective product works best when the blow dryer is used for straightening. Hair styling tools are not recommended for straightening the hairs of the wig.  

    The company has a well-designed website which makes shopping easy; customers can visit the site and place an order without any hassle. The company delivers products to its customers globally and accepts all the payment methods.

    About is one of the leading online shopping portals under Qingdao Eseewigs Co.,Ltd. It was established in 2003, since then it has been offering latest hair accessories to its customers around the world. To know more, please visit their official website.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Qingdao Eseewigs Co., Ltd
    Contact Person: Necy Yuan
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86 13789857680
    City: Qingdao
    Country: China

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    The professional China machinery B2B website, Exportimes now announces the availability of different types of ice cream products, such as ice cream paper cups, ice cream packaging film, food grade packaging film etc.

    For ice cream manufacturers around the world, Exportimes now supplies high-quality ice cream packaging and other products at wholesale prices. The B2B website brings products manufactured by reputed companies in China at a single place for ice cream manufacturers around the world.

    According to the spokesperson of Exportimes, they have a wide range of products that can suit the requirements of companies producing a variety of ice cream products. They have the ice cream paper cups wholesale that can be used for packaging ice cream, smoothies and other such products. These cups are custom-printed with logos for companies to package their products with their own branding. They use food grade paper and ensure a superior print quality on each ice cream cup. The spokesperson maintains that different specifications can be possible, such as ice cream cone sleeves, pointed cone products, cones with paper lids etc.

    Different Types Of Ice Cream Products Now Available On Exportimes For Global Supply

    Exportimes has also added ice cream bar wrapper wholesale to their portfolio for packaging ice cream bars. These wrappers are available with custom printing and in different materials to suit the requirements of different companies, manufacturing a wide variety of ice creams and other products. Made from food-grade and eco-friendly material, these wrappers are safe both for the consumer and the environment. Available at reasonable prices, the wrappers can be of varied sizes and thicknesses and can also be found in a wide range of colors.

    Besides, companies can also procure food grade packaging film from Exportimes, used for packaging food products, chemical and water packaging and also for bottle labeling. Available in 9 different colors, the film can be supplied in custom designs and in different sizes to suit the requirements of the customer. The packaging film is of superior quality with an excellent air proof property. It is safe for packaging ice cream and other food products that are consumed by humans.

    One can check the complete range of the ice cream products or food packaging products on the website

    About Dalian Exportimes E-Commerce Co., Ltd.

    Dalian Exportimes E-Commerce Co., Ltd is wholly-owned subsidiary of Liaoning MEC Group. It’s affiliated cross-border e-commerce platform provides a one-stop whole value chain service for domestic and overseas SMEs. Relying on more than 50 years’ experience in international trade and 20 years’ accumulation in e-commerce, with a highly professional team and resources, Exportimes focuses on helping SMEs to carry out international business with high efficiency and low cost.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Exportimes (Dalian) E-Commerce Co., Ltd.
    Contact Person: David Lee
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 86-411-39803728
    City: Dalian
    Country: China

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    Women suffering from the problem of serious hair loss can now choose from custom Hair Toppers available on Findmenhair Online store and can go for a beautiful hairstyle without any trouble.

    There are numerous women who are suffering from the problem of hair loss and they find it difficult to showcase their hairstyle. For all such women, the Findmenhair Online store now comes up with the high density custom hair topper, made from 100% human hair. These hair accessories are easy and comfortable to wear and a woman can choose her favorite hairstyle to look stylish and elegant.

    According to the spokesperson of the online store, these Hair Toppers are specially designed for women who are facing problems, like hair loss and hair thinning. Available at discount prices, a hair topper will allow a woman to choose a hairstyle of her choice, without being baffled by the hair loss problem. These toppers are available in different lengths, different hair color, different hairstyles and in different hair density. Made from 100% virgin hair, one can choose from different base colors, such as transparent, light brown and dark brown.

    Findmenhair Online Unveils Custom High Density Hair Toppers for Women to Look Beautiful Despite Serious Hair Loss

    The online store specializes in Human Hair Toppers that are perfect for women, facing the problem of hair thinning. Available in the lengths between 8 inches and 14 inches, these toppers are available in different colors, such as brown and black. With a silk injected toupee,these toppers are lightweight and comfortable to wear. The top closure is in natural color and offers a natural and beautiful appearance to a woman who wears this human hair topper. Besides, human hair, these toppers are also available with synthetic hair.

    They have also brought the wigs for women with thinning hair with different hair colors and hair textures. With a fine mono and PU around cap design, the wigs are available with rooted and no rooted options. Made from premium virgin European human hair, the wigs have a beautiful lace front to offer the best solution for hair thinning, patches or baldness.

    Women can check the details of the wigs and toppers available with the online store by visiting the website

    About Findmenhair Online is an online store of professional men’s and women’s non-surgical hair replacementsystems. is a leading wholesale supplier of men/women toupee hair system, whether in-stock or custom-made. The professional online shop offers top grade-quality products at the factory prices. The products include clip-in hair system, Tape Hair system, Full lace toupee system, Lace front toupee system, Thin skin PU toupee system, Thin Polyskin system, Monofilament toupee, Silk top toupee, Full wig, women Weft Waving Hair, Women Lace top closure, and Hair Tape.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Findmenhair Online
    Contact Person: Chris Cheung
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86-18561874802
    Country: China

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    The 20th China Shandong Export Commodity Exhibition & Hometown of Confucius, Shandong Cultural Service Trade Fair was held in the MYDOME OSAKA Exhibition Hall, Osaka, Japan from March 13th to 15th, 2018 by the Department of Commerce of Shandong Province with the purpose of deepening the economic and trade cooperation and cultural exchanges between Shandong province and Japan and guiding enterprises to explore the Japanese market. The exhibition was the largest economic and trade event held in Japan by Shandong Province, which, after years of development, has become an important platform for enterprises of Shandong Province to explore the Japanese market. Starting from 2014, Hometown of Confucius, Shandong Cultural Service Trade Fair was also held in the corresponding period to promote various cultural enterprises, cultural products and services in Shandong province going out. According to the organization of Weihai Municipal Bureau of Commerce, 18 enterprises including Dishan Group Co., Ltd, Weihai Wool Textile Group Co., Ltd, Weihai Association for Cultural Communication and Weihai Jiang Bu Lao Technology Co., Ltd participated in the exhibition and The Jiang Bu Lao Company was given this honor on behalf of health maintenance culture and products of Weihai.

    The Opening Ceremony of the 20th Osaka exhibition started at 10 o’clock on March 13th, joined by representatives from Shandong provincial government and economic and trade delegations, Yang Li, deputy mayor of Weihai, municipal delegations, corporate delegations and Chinese Consulate General in Osaka and Shandong provincial government office in Japan. Besides, those attending the ribbon-cutting ceremony were She Chunming, Director-General of the Department of Commerce of Shandong Province, Lv Wei, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Commerce of Shandong Province, Guo Quantao, Chief Representative of the Shandong Provincial Government’s Economic and Trade Delegation in Japan, Li Rong, inspector of Shandong Provincial Foreign Affairs Office and others.

     After the opening ceremony, representatives of Shandong provincial government and Japanese economic and trade delegation and Chinese Consulate General in Osaka made a tour in the exhibition hall for surveys, when Baihe, business representative of Jiang Bu Lao, introduced the company’s health maintenance products and Ms. Li Rong, inspector of Shandong Provincial Foreign Affairs Office, also introduced and recommended Jiang Bu Lao’s health maintenance products to Japanese guests with Japanese translation. Ms. Lv Wei, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Commerce of Shandong Province, told Japanese guests that maintaining one’s health with ginger honey complies with traditional Chinese health maintenance culture, which had a long history and was simple and convenient to use, making it also her favorite. She recommends the Jiang Bu Lao’s ginger honey products to Japanese guests and gave as presents. Mr. Sun, head of the Department of Economic Affairs of Chinese Consulate General in Osaka, also paid much attention to Jiang Bu Lao’s health food.

    After listening to the introduction by Baihe, enterprise of representative of Jiang Bu Lao, he said: “In recent years, there have been increasingly larger people using ginger for health maintenance in Japan, of which most are young women who carries small bottles filled with ginger and put to whatever they eat. Japanese companies import ginger from China and mix with honey to produce ginger honey, which has become a hot-selling commodity in the Japanese food market although expensive. Therefore, Jiang Bu Lao’s healthy ginger honey with fine workmanship, beautiful package and convenient to carry will surely enjoy a vast market in Japan.

    Yang Li, Vice Mayor of Weihai City also made a tour in the exhibition hall for surveys accompanied by Qiao Jun, Director of Weihai Bureau of Commerce and Qu Mingxia, Deputy Director of Weihai Bureau of Commerce. Yang Li, Vice Mayor, learned in detail about the production and sales process of Jiang Bu Lao’s health food, introduced by Bai He, enterprise representative of Jiang Bu Lao and highly praised that Jiang Bu Lao promoted the development of ginger planting as well as deep processing in accordance with local conditions, extending the characteristic local agricultural industrial chain and following the health industry advocated by the state government to prevent sub-health and other problems, which was surely a way to health preservation.


    During the three-day exhibition, Bai He, enterprise representative of Jiang Bu Lao, warmly and earnestly received Japanese merchants and Chinese merchants stationed in Japan showing up in an endless stream, explained in detail the superiority and agency methods of “Jiang Bu Lao” health products and therefore won great favors and great attention from Japanese buyers, recruiters, Japanese e-commerce platforms, and Chinese merchants in Japan. Both Japanese and Chinese merchants expressed strong intentions to act as agents for Jiang Bu Lao health products and left contacts in succession for further negotiations and cooperation. Through this exhibition, it was learned that Ginger health preservation was popular in Japan, which has laid a foundation for the exports of “Jiang Bu Lao” series of health products and effectively promoted the further exploration of the international market and improvement of its international status and influence.

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    Redmond, OR – Leading Oregon based hair salon The 9 Salon is delighted to announce that they have recently recruited a hugely talented hair stylist Hannah. To coincide with the new stylist’s arrival and as part of their April promotion the company is offered a 10 percent discount on all hair services provided by Hannah.

    Hannah has many years of experience in the industry; she has even put together an introductory video on YouTube, you can watch Hannah’s video here. The 9 Salon has experienced rapid growth in recent years thanks mainly to word of mouth advertising, although many clients have been so enthused with the service that they have left online reviews about the company and the service they received. Check out their reviews here, a good example comes from a customer called Suzie B. She said “Hannah is amazing. Nice salon, friendly, reasonable. I am new to town, I have found my new hairdresser and salon.”

    “It was something of a coup to be able to recruit Hannah to work here at The 9 Salon,” said Dustin NcCorchuk of The 9 Salon. “Personally I know that she has a numerous job offers, so when she saw our salon and felt the positive, happy vibe, she decided this was the only place she wanted to work. We wanted to come up with a promotion that would be beneficial for customers, but that would also establish Hannah in our salon. That is why we are delighted to offer the promotion for the month of April. You can get 10 percent off any hair service by Hannah here.

    The 9 Salon is a family owned and operated hair salon located in Redmond Oregon. They provide superior hair services, by employing the highest trained hair stylists in the area.

    For more information about the company or to book an appointment visit their website at

    Video Link:

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    Phone: 541-316-0096
    Address:2757 NW 7th Street #C
    City: Redmond
    State: OR
    Country: United States

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    Dallas, TX – Faith Auto Glass is committed to offering customers with a personalized solution for all auto glass needs. The company understands the necessity for quality. Auto glass is a crucial safety and structural component of a person’s vehicle and window tinting is a great product to keep a person comfortable and cool in office, home, or vehicle. They utilize their extensive knowledge in the industry to offer their clients with the best products and service.

    As a locally and family owned company, Faith Auto Glass company are able to offer exceptional service, unmatched quality, superior experience and affordable services throughout Dallas area. The company’s priority is taking care of their clients and their client’s vehicle. They offer windshield replacement Dallas, Windshield Repair Dallas and all other auto glass replacement Dallas and even residential and commercial tinting.

    The company carries a wide array of inventory of windshields in stocks and they work closely along with local auto glass warehouses for rare items, which they don’t have in stock. They claim that they can perform repairs done same day. By asking a few questions to their customers, and evaluating their current windshield, they are able to assure that one can have a specific match of their current windshield.

    At Faith Auto Glass, the client’s safety is their utmost concern and it shows in the quality of their work. They take pride in their complete windshield replacement Dallas services and ensure its installed properly so their clients have a peace of mind about the safety of their vehicle. They utilize OEM glass so whether classic muscle car or a new luxury vehicle, they will offer a factory installation along with a nationwide warranty.

    Their specialists are professionals in the automatic tinting, commercial or residential tinting and vehicle paint protection industries. Their exceptional window film products come with the lengthiest warranties within the business.

    With an average of 18 years of experience in the industry, their highly-experienced technicians are experts in their respective fields. One can rest assured that they take each precaution to guarantee that their clients are getting the highest quality product and best service available on the market. They claim to work hard in order to gain their client’s business and to keep them coming back for their window tinting, paint protection film, replacement and auto glass repair needs.

    Faith Auto Glass offers affordable service, experience, and quality of professional window tinting and automotive glass services. They are locally owned and have been since 2000. Their incomparable staff has combined many years in the tinting and auto glass industry.

    Faith Auto Glass guarantee every labor they do. For more information about their products and services, visit their official website at or call them at (214) 421-1575.

    Media Contact
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    Phone: (214) 421-1575
    Address:5301 S 2nd Ave
    City: Dallas
    State: TX 75210
    Country: United States

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    Nowadays more and more people are searching for a source of additional income and Forex is a more tempting opportunity than ever before. Unfortunately, 90% of all Forex traders FAIL! Believe it or not, but that is the harsh reality! What most people who are starting with currency trading don’t really understand is that if you want to trade currency for a living, you need solid Forex training. The truth is that no currency trader will succeed without knowing the fundamentals of building a solid Forex trading strategy, analyzing risk, and managing money the right way. Those are considered to be the essential Forex pillars and very often are the main reasons for failure. Therefore, it is crucial to find a trading academy that will actually teach you how to understand and properly apply the above Forex trading fundamentals. This will not only bring you one step closer to success but it will also help you avoid making a costly mistake.

    Modern Forex Training Is Now In Online Trading Academies

    Online education is growing rapidly. Many people prefer investing in online academies rather than in physical courses in order to save some and money. By following this trend, Forex trading education is also changing. Modern trading academies are all online, allowing Forex traders to be more flexible and benefit from multiple features at a lower cost. More and more trading enthusiasts purchase online Forex trading academy memberships, which unlock access to a variety of educational resources in the field.

    What To Look For When Choosing A Forex Academy

    The most important part of every academy is the level of resources being offered. Good trading academies will give you access to plenty of Forex trading courses, webinars, trading tools. All those tutorials combined with a lot of practical examples with help you stay on the right track and speed up the learning process.

    Another crucial aspect to pay attention to, is the community around the Forex academy – the more people involved, the more beneficial it will be for you. Let’s not forget also good customer support. Exceptional customer service is a priority for every reputable company, and online Forex academies are not exempt from this rule.

    It is essential to see that there is a good team behind the trading academy you chose. This will ensure that the academy resources will be constantly updated with more and more new information added over time. Plus for your convenience, you will have everything you need in one place.

    ForexBoat OnlineTrading Academy Is Worth Trying

    One of the hottest online Forex trading academies out there is ForexBoat. These guys are Australian trading enthusiasts dedicated to helping people to learn how to trade Forex and make a profit out of it. Their idea of Forex trading education is to make the complex simple by providing high-quality training. Access to the ForexBoat trading academy will give you multiple educational features and at the same time, it won’t break the bank. You can choose between flexible pricing plans and even free membership with limited access.

    ForexBoat Features

    The most attractive features of the ForexBoat Academy are:

    • 10 Forex Trading Courses: more and more are being uploaded every quarter.
    • 2 Live Webinars/Month: different mentors cover different topics.
    • Access to Full Webinar Database (Trader Only): all webinar recordings.
    • Access to Private Trading Community: has a community of all members and mentors .
    • 1 Live Analysis Session/Week: in the community group.
    • Economic Calendar: displays the most important economic events that affect currencies.
    • Full Forex Trading Calculator: calculates trading levels and progress after you enter relevant data.
    • Dedicated Customer Support: our mentors can be found via email, chat, as well as in the private community group.

    In addition to the courses that are always available, every month you will receive 2 live webinars and 4 weekly live analysis sessions. That means 6 hourly sessions with a trained instructor, every month. Not bad considering that having Forex experts at hand, helping you at all times is not something you can find in many places.

    The best thing is that ForexBoat is open for both newbies and more experienced Forex traders, as their courses match different levels of knowledge.

    ForexBoat Pricing Plans and Coupon

    This Forex trading academy offers a straightforward pricing scheme which is definitely interesting for every trader’s needs and wallet. Currently, there are two main pricing plans related to the features above:

    • Trader Member: $197.00/year (paid annually).
    • Student Member: $19.70/year (paid monthly).

    In addition, ForexBoat shows extreme flexibility in terms of pricing and if you are not after any of these subscription options, you can still get any of their courses separately. In addition to this, very often they conduct promotions on their website For example, the current offer gives 50% off the standard trader plan if you use HALFOFFACADEMY at the checkout.

    However, if you want to make sure that you won’t miss a thing, it is to better subscribe to receive their regular updates.

    In the end, you need to choose your Forex education before jumping into the deep waters of trading, and you need to do it with the necessary due diligence.

    Always pay attention to the resources offered, as well as the structure of the pricing plans. Never forget that the level of customer support is a reflection on the overall service offered.

    So, choose wisely!

    Video Link:

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    “Enterprise Social Community Charter Template,” a planning tool for organizations deploying social communities, has been released by C5 Insight as a guide for successful definition and governance of these communities.

    C5 Insight has released the “Enterprise Social Community Charter Template,” a free planning tool for use by organizations establishing social communities. The template provides an outline for defining a social community charter that establishes the proposed community profile, who will be participating in the community, community experience parameters, the community management plan and community owner commitment.

    Companies are increasingly deploying social communities to increase internal collaboration. Tools like Microsoft Teams, Yammer and Salesforce Chatter are being used as platforms for these communities. Organizations are finding that implementation of social communities can increase productivity and employee satisfaction when done correctly. Unfortunately, a common practice is to allow anyone in an organization to create a new group without any guidelines or structure, often resulting in their communities becoming unmanageable time sinks for their people to use or their IT departments to support. Good practice requires new groups to be fully defined and vetted in advance. A community charter is a useful tool to collect all of the information as part of the request process and to outline group governance.

    Geoff Ables, C5 Insight Managing Partner, said, “A social community charter fosters good community management practices to deliver an experience that will benefit community members. It also helps identify duplicate communities and reduces confusion and complexity for users.” He continued, “A charter also establishes specific criteria to keep the number of communities manageable and understandable, reduces IT burden, and creates a community of communities that is robust and useful for the members.”

    C5 Insight’s “Enterprise Social Community Charter Template” can be downloaded for free at

    C5 Insight, based on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, was founded in 2002 and is a leader in delivering customer engagement and employee collaboration projects. The company has consulted with hundreds of companies around the world in a broad range of industries. The firm has twice been named to the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies.

    For more information about C5 Insight, visit

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    With the rapid development of the Internet and the rapid development of the Internet, the blockchain technology has become familiar to the world.

    Core features of block chain:

    I. Consensus Mechanism: To pass on the correct message through the distributed node consensus algorithm.

    Second, build a P2P distributed network and bring together the nodes to form a low-cost and efficient information transmission network.

    Thirdly, through the cryptography and SHA256 algorithm, a secure and untampered blockchain database is formed.

    The block chain technology has the characteristics of distributed, decentralization, detrusion, untampering and encryption security.


    The application of block chain technology in financial industry is:

    1. Digital currency. Bitcoin, ether, Turing, investment banking, etc.

    2. Smart contracts. If it comes with a smart contract. Smart contracts can develop into standardized digital bills.

    3. Confirmation of notarization. There are some transactions in the financial industry, such as payment transactions, loans, repayment of loans, etc., which can be confirmed by the block chain.

    4. Distributed bookkeeping. The block chain technology itself is a partial accounting system, which can account for the business that happens, and the payment and settlement based on the block chain technology, such as the investment bank chain.

    5. Equity crowdfunding. Equity crowdfunding based on block chain technology can achieve decentralized trust, and investors’ returns are guaranteed.


    Some applications of IVIC:

    IVIC (Investment Industry Chain) is by the Investment Banks Chain group independent research and development of Investment fund financial innovation platform, is committed to creating a block Chain of financial innovation Investment fund, the world, the password of the world business model based the obvious trend of ruling with platform together with the possibility of new technology. Its emergence will help sharpen the investment banking chain to attack the market, making the IVIC fund one of the most profitable financial instruments. We believe that blockchain is a transformational person in the field of investment, whether it is technology level or investment, it will link the destructive ideas directly to the people looking for investment opportunities.


    IVIC will release a smart contract on the Ethereum network and transfer it to the Ethereum address, which will be available through the IVIC interface. Users who do not do so can still access their ICN through the investment banking chain.

    IVIC can also predict that the market will create financial instruments that track stock prices or commodity values, more specifically than existing derivatives. If we define the traditional financial instruments for the expression of economic value, people might think, “expressive” issued by the current market is limited to the assets (such as money, stock), the financial relationship between the economic entities, and the value of the tool relative to the yuan statements. The prediction market can make more detailed and concrete statements about economic events, thus showing the value more clearly (along with risks) at the macro and micro economic levels.

    IVIC has largely demonstrated the convergence of finance and funds and the adoption of blockchain technology, with the aim of enabling investors to gain greater investment benefit through IVIC. The wide use of blockchain technology brings unique features to the system provided by this paper, which enables the real investment banking chain to achieve a new level of reliability and process management. Due to the availability of automation and reliability, IVIC is a huge opportunity for those who believe in the technological progress of this project.

    We firmly believe that the current wave of technology will lead to the arrival of a more inclusive, equal and beautiful life. Block ⼀ chain as one of important technology, will become more and more emitting its unique luster and energy. To participate in  which is our most  happiness and achievement.

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    Why is it called blockchain? There are two parts, one is the block, the other is the chain.

    Block chain technology to share books (similar to a distributed database) need to be stored in the data is divided into different blocks, each block with a specific information on the link to a block, in chronological order before and after the link has a complete set of data. Distributed books of each block chain is essentially a series of the chain of events in time order, it USES the agreement authentication, password mechanism not been tampered with and forgery.

    What are the characteristics of blockchain?

    1. Shared ledger

    It is a concept of a distributed database. Transactions are completed by distribution in different multiple nodes, and each node is complete accounting records, so they can participate in supervision trade legitimacy, at the same time can also be the testimony of together.

    2. Intelligent contract

    A smart contract is a piece of code that can be executed in a block chain environment. It is based on trusted, untamable data that automates some predefined business rules and commercial terms.

    3. Privacy protection

    Transaction information on the block chain is public, but account identity information is highly encrypted. Only when the data owner is authorized to access the data, the security and privacy of the data can be guaranteed.

    4. Consensus mechanism

    Need to adopt a common mechanism between all nodes from the technical guarantee for sharing books information how to reach a consensus between nodes, decide the effectiveness of a record, it is decided that means, is also to prevent tampering. All participants agreed that the transaction was verified in the network, thus eliminating the possibility of fraud.

    Application scenario of block chain.

    The logistics industry is very suitable for the application of block chain technology (the application of the physical intelligence logistics).

    In fact, the logistics ecosystem is a community of interests composed of multiple participants. There is a concept of “flow” in the industry, starting from the initial “commercial flow”, gradually giving rise to “logistics”, and corresponding “capital flow” and “information flow” support. There is a key problem behind the emergence of various “streams”, which is the transfer of ownership of goods. The problem types solved by block chain technology are related to the trust friction generated during the transfer process of asset ownership. Therefore, it can be concluded that the multi-flow integrated business scenarios involved in express logistics industry are suitable for the block chain technology to play its value and effect. Application block chain technology can significantly improve the express logistics industry in the processing speed and efficiency of the settlement business, effectively solve the problem of item’s tracing anti-counterfeiting, fully guarantee the information security and send, the recipient’s privacy. Below, I have listed four types of business scenarios for express logistics industry that are suitable for block chain technology.

    1) high value market. After digitizing high-value goods, record them on the block chain for the maintenance of asset ownership.

    2) asset ownership transaction. After the asset is digitized, records are recorded in the block chain and the records management of the asset transaction process is carried out.

    3) share data scenarios. Participants who share data in the industry record these Shared data in the form of block chain ledger.

    4) compliance audit. Block chain of enterprise and internal transactions between not tamper with the traceability data record, acompliance audit work needs the high quality data input, so technically can be done more efficiently.


    Fresh Water Source using the block chain technology based on intelligent contract, Fresh Water Source to build a value ecosystem for global trade, namely, a real-time, global, connection, the structure of the digital value of digital network. Have higher cost effectiveness, support the third party to develop the financial technology solution business. This solution will enable small and medium-sized enterprises to increase revenue while reducing the cost of global trade. It will also enable third-party developers/service providers to achieve a wider range of user/customer goals while reducing development and user acquisition costs. In this framework, FWS will be the key to connecting users to the global trade network and trading in the Fresh Water Source ecosystem.


    FWS USES block chain technology as the underlying architecture to generate a separate chain for all nodes on its logistics chain. Through decentralization of block chain can effectively optimize the personnel structure of the traditional logistics industry complex chaos, combined with the numerical analysis of artificial intelligence, finally realizes the information flow, cash flow, logistics triad, each node chain logistics company data sharing, solved including data sharing, data conversion, data migration, data replication, data format conversion, data redundancy and maintain the integrity of many problems. Bring logistics industry the most visible change, this is greatly improve the efficiency of transfer of the goods in the whole logistics chain, if global logistics system can chain, can let the global logistics market entry.


    The transport process of goods can also be clearly recorded on the chain. From loading and transportation, the whole process is clearly visible, which can optimize the utilization of resources, compress the intermediate links and improve the overall efficiency. The FWS records all the steps in the delivery of the goods from the delivery to the receiving process, ensuring the traceability of the information, thereby avoiding the loss of packages and the occurrence of false claims. In the case of express receipt, only the block chain can be checked, which eliminates the problem of couriers using fake signatures to claim parcels, etc., which can also promote the implementation of logistics real-name system.

    Storing the container information in the database, the storage solution of the block chain will independently determine the shipping route and schedule of the container. These smart containers can also analyze past transportation experience, constantly update their routes and schedule design skills, and improve their efficiency. For the consignee, not only can the logistics information be tracked from the port to the destination port, but also can modify the schedule of the optimized cargo transportation at any time.

    Intelligent logistics will offer three solutions:

    • FWS deposit certificate service

    • FWS financial services supply chain

    • FWS books and data services

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    At present, the new round of the global scientific and technological revolution and industrial change continues to deepen, the international industrial pattern accelerated remodeling, innovation as the first impetus to lead the development. In this round of change, information technology is the most concentrated, innovative and active, most widely used, radiation-driven role in the world, is the competitive highland of global technological innovation, is the leading force to lead a new round of change.


    As an integrated application of distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism and encryption algorithm, block chain has become a hot topic in the United Nations, International Monetary Fund and other international organizations as well as many national governments. At present, the application of block chain has been extended to many fields such as IoT, intelligent manufacturing, supply chain management, digital assets trading, which will bring new opportunities for the development of cloud computing, large data, mobile Internet and other new information technology, and can lead to another round of technological innovation and industrial change.


    Block chain technology for commercial banks may not only be a technological revolution, more a performance revolution. Last year a very hot word was “go to the center”, but the bank heard the word is more uncomfortable, because the bank is the credit intermediary in finance. At the beginning, the driving force of the research on the technology of investment in block chain is fear, because commercial banks are afraid of subversion. However, in the application process, if commercial banks can successfully control the block chain technology, can reduce operating costs, improve efficiency, and thus improve resource allocation, the emergence of a new service model. From the perspective of openness, block chain includes public chain, Alliance chain, private chain. At present, the main choice of commercial banks in the actual application of the alliance chain, but also a more balanced security and innovation model.


    Peer-to-peer networks, encryption, and database technologies are added together to form a complete Super Ethernet solution that does not apply to all types of business, and if a scenario itself requires a centralized organization to dominate all trading processes, the block chain does not make sense to it. David Mendez to reporters, “block chain is applicable to the financial environment of the cross organization, multi-agent participation, its advantage is that can achieve the effective division of labor collaboration, real-time operation monitoring, enhance efficiency and security.” At present, the deposit certificate, the liquidation has used the block chain technology, the settlement has not yet. The new scene needs to be expanded slowly.

    Based on block chain technology and financial integration, Ethernet Bank aims to create a seamless and professional global open financial mobile wallet. For people’s lives, investment to bring convenience!

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    A new fashionable sunglass, a minority brand from German.

    It is designed with particular and fine details, also with fairly unique style.


    Through Colorful metal combines with optic and lens, It adds a modern fashion for classic style.

    Summer series still emphasize on fashionable art concept of brand style. The Germany brand UGOCABRET, through modern design, shows more charming aura based on classic style.


    The series perfectly combines the color and diverse style lens, realizes excellent balance. The current season series pursues to breaking through convention and limits, based on excellent material and fashionable style, constantly create new “sunglass” fashion in this field.

    About UGO CABRET

    Originated in Germany, UGO CABRET has been regarded as one of the paragons of global high-end eyeglass for her craftsmanship of pursuing perfectness and innovation. The founder Mr. Ugo Cabret was born in Leipzig, Germany in 1849. From generation to generation, he inherited the unique rigor and genius of the family, and had a special interest in handcraft since his childhood. At the age of eight, he inadvertently witnessed the eyeglass customized for an aristocrat by the owner of the eyeglass, watch and clock shop in the town, and he was shocked by its extreme luxury and fine carving. In his eye, this pair of eyeglasses had become a work of art and he hoped that he himself could make eyeglass so elegant one day. Through the efforts he finally became the youngest apprentice of the eyeglass workshop, and now, he was one step closer to his goal.

    As time passed by, after many years of continuous learning and study, he opened his own workshop in 1879…

    Even to this day, UGO CABRET has always adhered to brand value, independent and bold development and innovation, sticked to artisan craftsmanship, and constantly pursuing perfectness, striving to do a good job in every product. All UGO CABRET products are carefully designed and fabricated by the master craftsman team of the brand, with expensive materials of strict selection, exquisite workmanship and scarce production. UGO CABRET is continuously writing the legend with her unique design philosophy and exquisite artisan craftsmanship.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: UGO CABRET COMPANY
    Contact Person: Lukas
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +49 7259 376375
    Address:Otto-Hahn-Ring 681739
    City: Munchen
    Country: Germany

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