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    Dylyver is a technological solutions provider that brings in two new apps, Dylyver Drive and Dylyver Cargo, which can revolutionize the scope of social ride sharing and package delivery requirements.

    Dylyver is a unique technology corporation dedicated to developing cutting edge innovative logistics and transportation solutions with the help of highly advanced and contemporary mobile technologies. The scope of Dylyver mainly focuses on two different applications, namely Dylyver Drive and Dylyver Cargo. Dylyver Drive is a one of a kind social ride sharing app platform that helps to connect the riders and drivers. Dylyver Cargo is a package delivery marketplace which helps to connect the senders, couriers and the recipients. Dylyver has also come up with a unique referral marketing platform which can offer all the users an opportunity for generating continuous passive income as they keep on using Dylyver package delivery and ride sharing services.

    From the very beginning, the professionals at Dylyver have been highly passionate about changing the way men and women commute and effectively ship their packages on a daily basis. They also wanted to provide users with a way by which they can generate substantial passive income for the long term. By offering an efficient ecosystem which in turn can offer all users to benefit from the social delivery and ride sharing services, Dylyver intends to make it easier for participants to benefit from the program in more ways than one. The Dylyver Cargo offers social P2P package delivery platform which can be used by different types of business owners. Through the Dylyver Cargo app, the couriers can easily deliver the items on foot, car, bike or any other means of transportation. DylyverDrive is an intuitive and smartly developed social ride sharing app that can be used by riders and drivers for arranging rides. With this app, users can place requests for rides with just a simple click of a button.

    The Dylyvercrowdfunding project is all set to be launched on February 27, 2018. The live campaign can be viewed at

    Dylyver has already attracted a lot of attention from the social ride sharing industry. Experts strongly believe that Dylyver has what it takes to generate the best response from the target users that it is trying to appeal to.

    About Dylyver:

    Dylyver is a leading technology corporation that aims to make use of mobile apps to deliver cutting edge social ride sharing and package delivery solutions. With the help of Dylyver apps, users can also generate a flow of passive income.

    To know more about Dylyver, visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Dylyver
    Contact Person: Pavel Igyarto
    Phone: +36703128646
    Country: Hungary

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    , the anonymous and decentralized movement, is lobbying hard to protect cryptocurrency and blockchain adoption across the European Union and the world at large. The Faythe lobbyist want to educate politicians and legislative bodies about how blockchain must not be banned or restricted. Faythe has also floated its own token, TTP, on top of its Trent fund, all of which will be distributed to the Faythe community, and for early adopters FYE is provided as a bonus and will also be exchangeable in the future to facilitate blockchain development.

    The backlash against crypto-currencies and blockchain is in the making, and Faythe is fighting hard to protect the future. Laws are under development to curtain privacy and decentralization, while alternatives to be deployed will be centralized or controlled blockchain. This is the very problem that the cryptocurrency were a solution of: keeping data secure from central or government organizations.

    Faythe (Telegram Channel: is a movement based on a God Protocol with human trusted third parties where those parties provide insight or knowledge that cannot be provided by a computer. The community members communicate over the Faythe Alpha Net, and a Trend EVO blockchain is under development, to be released early 2019. Post this, the TTP tokens can be exchanged for FYE tokens to support blockchain developers. A total of 21M FYE coins will be generated, all going towards the community. The movement has till date raised over $140,000 in funds.

    Faythe recently gained the attention of lawmakers, investors and the crypto community for its advocacy of crowdfunding and blockchain. Support promptly poured in from all sides, especially from Ben Givon, a staff writer, who donated $50,000 to the lobbying efforts of According to Ben, crowdfunding is not about buying company shares or equity, but financing great ideas and helping developers. Crowdfunding initiatives have till date raised over $50 billion on various sites, with millions of financial backers. A ban would obviously affect jobs, ruin careers and thwart growth.

    The upcoming Faythe initiatives will be take place in three stages: Prime Movers, Brain Gain and Streaking. Alpha Net staff and operators are not allowed to deal with TTP tokens, which go towards the Trend EVO development group in order to establish community control. The FYE coin funds will be utilized to lobby, advise and incentivize cryptocurrency lawmakers to benefit the community, protect human rights of freedom, privacy, security and ownership, as well as intellectual property rights. The Faythe EVO God protocol will aim at bridging independent blockchains using Faythe EVO2.

    Lawmakers and officials are certainly obvious of the advantages of cryptocurrencies. The recent address by attorney Jonathan Siennicki at the Las Vegas Cryptocurrency convention held in January 2018 acknowledges this, pointing out that digital tokens do not carry expiration dates and appreciate in value, unlike food coupons. Crypto community members must therefore carry on the fight to reveal the many advantages of blockchain and smart contracts, and lobby for favorable laws and regulations globally.  

    The notion that we can just fade into crypto and ignore the unpleasant political realities is unrealistic. We are in a race between our ability to build and deploy technology, and their ability to build and deploy laws and restrictions. The possibility of anonymous transactions is vital for an open society. Withdrawing into technology is like pulling the blankets over our heads. It feels good for a while, until reality catches up. We must obtain the security needed to protect our goal, ourselves and our future,” says a spokesperson from Faythe.

    Faythe actions are donor funded, and contributions are being accepted via Ethereum smart contract in the form of ERC20 tokens. The supporters and funds raised will lay the foundation for future work, and early donors will receive FYE tokens as rewards. TTP and the FYE tokens will also be listed on exchanges after the main funding period.

    Cryptocurrencies are on their way to create the Fifth Protocol, and are perceived as a threat to the status quo, disproportionate power allocation and the large organizations. Faythe is here to promote the notion that cryptocurrencies should not be stripped of their value and character that is superior to traditional modes of fiat currency exchange.

    “We are an anonymous decentralized movement created to defend the cryptocurrency community. We have worked hard on developing Faythe Alpha Net – the first operational god protocol. Our goal is to fight cryptocurrency censorship, public manipulation and corporations forcing governments to protect them against decentralization. Faythe is funded by the people and represents the people. Our work will ensure that our rights and freedoms are enhanced and protected by law.” –


    Bitcoin, Ethereum & ICO Reviews

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Faythe
    Contact Person: Rafael Sarria
    Phone: 516-3872248
    Country: Bahamas

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    Gynecomastia or Male Breasts is a humiliating condition that ails more than 46% of Males in the U.S. Until Now Costly surgery was considered the only permanent cure but now David Dadson of shows conclusively how people are fighting back with Holistic Lifestyle changes.

    Gynecomastia is an embarrassing condition that affects men of all age group. Commonly known as moobs or male breast, it is a medical condition of enlargement in the size of male breast that then resembles female breasts.

    Gynecomastia can occur in any male whether old, middle age or teenager. Though It was found that men aged between 50-80 years, have 70% chances of developing male breast.


    In an official stat issued by the US health authority, it is reported that about 46% of males in the United States are suffering from Gynecomastia. Of this, 63% males are adults while 37% are teenagers who developed this condition in their early age. Further, the authority stated that every year, 2-3 million of Gynecomastia cases are reported.

    It is a common conception among males that Gynecomastia is caused due to being overweight but according to various health studies, being overweight is not the only reason for the male breasts. There are various other factors that can cause this humiliating condition in males. Further, to treat Gynecomastia effectively, it is important to diagnose the cause and the type of the male breast development.

    Gynecomastia can be due to various factors such as being overweight, hormonal imbalances, use of steroids, drugs and various prescribed medications. It’s also reported that medications used in the treatment of cancer and heart diseases can also increase the chances of Gynecomastia.

    Male breast condition can be divided into three major types, Pseudo Gynecomastia (caused due to the accumulation of fatty tissues), Pubertal Gynecomastia (enlargement of breast size in males due to puberty period) and Mixed Gynecomastia (caused due to excessive development of estrogen in males).

    Till recently surgery was considered as the best and only option to eliminate Gynecomastia permanently. But according to latest research and updates in the health sector, it is reported that selecting right food and including zinc and alkaline foods in the regular diet can help eliminate this condition to a large extent without going through painful and expensive surgery.

    But it is important for an individual to go for a clinical diagnosis to find out the grade of Gynecomastia and its cause. Some doctors also recommend using prescribed medications for treating Gynecomastia but others strictly advice against it. In case of reservations in using medical drugs, natural herbs can easily be used to augment right food, diet and exercises

    Including Zinc in The Diet

    In a recent study, it was reported that zinc helps increase production of testosterone. Male breasts occur due to increased production of the female hormone, Estrogen over testosterone. Supplementing the body with regular zinc food increases the level of testosterone and reduces the production of Estrogen.

    Alkaline Food Diet to Eliminate Male Breast

    Another major reason for the development of Gynecomastia is consuming acidic foods in high amount. Acid foods are low in pH scale and therefore it affects the movement of atoms and molecules, therefore reducing metabolic process. Alkaline foods are quite high in pH scale and making it a replacement for acidic foods helps to ignite the metabolism to burn excessive fat in the body.

    Video Link:

    Increasing the Efficacy of Alkaline Gynecomastia Diet

    In various researches conducted recently it was postulated that when the right alkaline diet and minerals like Zinc are supplemented by an effective Exercise schedule it was found that this Addition of correct workout routine to the diet program delivers prominent results. Taking it into consideration, even if Gynecomastia is not due to the accumulation of fat or obesity but excessive Female Hormone i.e. Estrogen then combining proper diet with chest exercises can lead to success in reducing male breasts.

    David Dadson, the creator of Oh My Moobs, was one such sufferer of Gynecomastia. His condition made him the center of ridicule and embarrassment and was also socially disconnected for a long time in his life, till he decided to fight back.

    Armed with this new research and knowledge regarding Nutrition, minerals like Zinc and focus on food that help produce more testosterone i.e. the male hormone, He pledged to get rid of it and with the right combination of diet, nutrition, and exercises, he succeeded in beating Gynecomastia.

    He shares his story of combating and overcoming embarrassment and humiliation on the site as well as shares advanced and latest prominent dieting and nutritional tips to fight Gynecomastia with new trends in nutrition and exercises to get rid of moobs. The information is going to help a vast majority of males in various age groups who suffer in silence with this condition.

    “Be Armed with knowledge, You Owe it to your Male Self.”

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Oh My Moobs
    Contact Person: David Dadson
    Phone: 815 631 3450
    Address:4709 Lowland Drive
    City: Sterling
    State: IL 61081
    Country: United States

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    Turing, who is famous for deciphering the password around the world, also made important contributions to artificial intelligence, computer and other fields, and is often regarded as the founder of modern computer science. After the war, he worked at the University of Manchester and developed “Manchester Mark one” – one of the famous modern computers. In 1999, he was chosen by Times as one of the 100 most important figures in twentieth Century. The Turing money came from Alan Mathison Turing.


    2012 is the centenary of a great man. Even if all our greetings are too lofty to give him. He is Alan Turing. 100 years ago, Alan Turing was born in a era that is completely different with nowadays on culture and technology, but this does not affect him to be one of the greatest and most memorable people today. He has laid an unbarred foundation for the computer field. No Alan Turing, no computers today.

    On June 7, 1954, Turing was persecuted and killed on the bed in his family. In December 24, 2013, Queen Elizabeth S signed a pardon of “serious obscenity” and it took effect immediately. The justice secretary Chris Grelling said that Turing deserve “to be memorized and recognized of his incomparable contribution to the war”, rather than his later criminal conviction. In August 2013 the queen formally declared the amnesty.


    True Knowledge, established in August 2005, was originally created in the name of True Knowledge. Its mission is to provide a new search experience, and users can get the Knowledge of the world by asking the information they need. This is a completely natural way.

    The real knowledge network answer engine was launched in 2007, and users can not only access the rich information provided by Evi, but also contribute directly to the growing database of facts. The availability of real knowledge API leads to that many applications and services are driven by real knowledge engines. In January 2010, we logged 1 million users in a month, and the number has increased to 5 million in November.


    The Turing money team True Knowledge takes the concept Turing machine proposed by Turing as computation theory, providing an intelligent block contract agreement which can be used for authentication, management, data learning, application development of artificial intelligence for the development of Ture. Project Ture will provide data and application development platform for other artificial intelligence technology to promote the integration of the block chain with artificial intelligence. Ture is also an artificial intelligence technology and product, and  a smart image (Avatar) that looks and talks like you and is more and more aware of you. Each TURE is generated, controlled, and managed by the original owner. While using his own Ture, each person contributes the data and resources to the whole system, and makes a profit. The Project Ture block chain protocol has three modules: authentication, intelligent network and data storage. According to data obtained from block chain, a new digital currency – Turing currency is developed.

    The birth of Turing coin will refresh the innovation of Internet artificial intelligence, lead the data application development platform of block chain artificial intelligence, and become the fifth apple to influence the world.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Global News Online
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Country: United States

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    MediaOne, one of the first digital marketing agencies from Singapore, recently announced some incredible discounts on SEO packages for smaller firms and brands. The management assured that their SEO services will remain affordable for most website owners.

    Founded in 2008, MediaOne has come a long way in the competitive marketing industry. The company, which initially started with SEO, now offers a bunch of online marketing services, including PPC, social media marketing and online reputation management. They also have a wing that deals with web design and development requirements as requested by clients. In a recent press release, the management announced offers on SEO packages in particular.

    “As the leading SEO agency in Singapore, MediaOne believes in offering services to one and all. We get dozens of mails each day from website owners and entrepreneurs, who would want to use our online marketing services, but in a budget. To make that possible, we have customized packages, exclusively for smaller brands, startups and emerging businesses. For the next three months, we will be offering discounted deals on SEO projects, without any compromises on the work, as always. We hope that our clients get benefited from our expertise, and MediaOne assures dedicated assistance and support on all projects, regardless of size or budget,” the statement read.

    For the uninitiated, MediaOne only uses white-hat SEO techniques for every project, and their team is known for offering incredible support and regular reports. With regards to the discounts, the statement further read, “For clients looking for SEO services Singapore, we would like to add that we may have custom offers selected projects. We intend to offer the best we can, and we insist that prospective clients get in touch with our team to know more. As we write this, we are already planning comprehensive packages, which will include other online marketing elements in the mix. Promoting your brand doesn’t have to be about bid budgets anymore”.

    Customers can check the website of MediaOne to know more about their work, clientele and other aspects. Discounts on SEO services are for a limited period only and are subject to the management’s discretion.

    About MediaOne

    MediaOne is an agency specializing in online marketing and SEO Singapore. The company has been around for a decade and has the experience of working with global and local clients alike. Apart from SEO, they also work on social media and search engine marketing.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: MediaOne Business Group Pte Ltd
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Phone: (65) 6789 9852 (Week Days)
    Address:40B Tras Street
    Country: Singapore

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    Acme Sign – The largest full service sign company in Kansas City and the Midwest
    Dedicated to helping clients communicate their image, identity and information, Acme Sign Inc. now celebrates its 100 years of craftsmanship and great customer services.

    North Kansas City, Missouri – February 27, 2018 – Although, today, almost all businesses are moving more toward a world of digital advertising, brick-and-mortar businesses must still rely on physical signage to help bring in customers. Signage is one of the most important marketing strategies for local businesses, as it can be used for both branding and advertising. Understanding the importance of business signs, Acme Sign Inc., the sign company in Kansas City can do everything needed to create and install signage, from design and researching building code requirements, to manufacturing and even financing.

    The spokesperson delightedly stated, “We are now proudly celebrating our milestone of 100 years in this signage industry. We’d love the opportunity to assist your business with your indoor and outdoor signs Kansas City needs. Since we’re a turnkey operation, we’re equipped to handle any project, no matter how large or small. We specialize in offering many signage solutions applicable across all businesses, local Governments, museums, RSL clubs, Education facilities and Hospitals.”

    He also continued, “Customers value the unparalleled levels of quality and dependability they get from us. That’s why we’ve been manufacturing and installing signs all around the country for nearly 100 years.”

    Located in Kansas City, Acme Sign Inc. strives to deliver a well-designed signage solution that presents the business in the most professional and impactful manner possible. Their well-versed staff designers can create a design for the clients or they will work with the designer to collaboratively come up with the best solution for turning business logo into effective signage. And all their work is done in their 70,000 square foot facility in Kansas City.

    The media person also stated, “At Acme Sign Inc., we believe in going the extra mile to produce more than just quick, standard signage. Our sign center offers full-service signage options that you simply cannot get anywhere else. Whether one sign or hundreds, temporary banners or permanent monument signs, we are committed to providing an exceptional experience for every customer each and every time.”

    Leading business sign company in Kansas City, Acme Sign Inc. have the capability to work with any computer format and can design, create and install virtually any type of sign. For personalized service, expert consultation, realistic turnarounds and fair pricing of signage in Kansas City, contact Acme Signs today.

    About Acme Signs Inc.

    As the Midwest’s largest signage manufacturer, Acme Signs Inc. specializes to deliver a well-designed signage solution that presents a business in the most professional, impactful manner possible.

    For more details, visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Acme Sign, Inc.
    Contact Person: Harry Landri
    Phone: 1-816-842-8980
    Address:1313 Vernon Street
    City: North Kansas City
    State: Missouri
    Country: United States

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    Los Angeles, CA – One of Los Angeles’ hottest start-up companies, Placepull, is working on solving local business owner’s biggest problem: marketing.

    Placepull, co-founded by tech entrepreneurs Adam Guild and Martin Fulop, is dramatically changing the way small businesses handle marketing.  Through masterfully handling the marketing of, Placepull is the ultimate service for businesses across the country.  “We make it easy for business owners to grow their business,” Guild says. “By consolidating the required components to successful marketing, we’ve been able to achieve some really exciting results for our clients.”

    The idea for Placepull came after Guild’s mother opened her dog grooming business.  Despite creating an outstanding customer experience, she found it was difficult to get the clients she needed to grow.

    One night, she complained to her son Adam about how slow things were going initially and he had an idea. “What if”, he wondered. “the tactics we’ve used to market our online projects are effective in a local business sense?”

    Immediately, Guild went to work on exploring his hypothesis. Guild came up with the brilliant idea to implement the strategies he and his partner used to grow his various online businesses – businesses that garnered tens of millions of customers worldwide.  Adam possessed vast knowledge in marketing and desperately wanted to help empower his mother to succeed.

    Within 4 short weeks of implementing his refined strategies, his mother’s business was thriving.  Almost immediately, it was operating at maximum capacity and hitting numbers projected 3 years into the future. Guild knew he was onto something big.

    After discussing the results of his experiment with his brilliant partner, Martin Fulop, the dynamic duo decided to formulate a plan to empower other business owners across America.  “We love America and believe business owners are heroes in their local communities,” Adam says.  “Simply put, heroes deserve the best.”

    Placepull uses robust technology and a legion of excellent marketers to empower small businesses through an easy service. They’ve democratized the best marketing strategies, previously only available to massive corporations, and have made them accessible to successful business owners of all sizes through a service.

    “Marketing is half the battle to any business”, Guild states.  “and using Placepull is akin to having the best possible army fight that battle for you.”

    Rigorous data analysis, exclusive AI based technology, and a scientific approach to marketing are among Placepull’s tools for growth.

    The service provides businesses with the opportunity to have all of their marketing handled for them, in a world class way. And the staggering results have been proven, with the clients thus far getting an additional $170,950 in annual revenue per location.

    “It’s a true blessing to be able to pursue our own dreams while helping others achieve their own,” Guild states.  “American Dream-ception?”, he jokes.

    Currently, Placepull is growing rapidly in just the Los Angeles area, but has impressive plans to expand worldwide in the near future.

    To get more information about Placepull’s revolutionary service, check them out at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Placepull
    Contact Person: Amanda Owens
    Phone: 917-717-7742
    City: Silicon Beach
    State: CA
    Country: United States

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    Los Angeles, CA – New startup Placepull is empowering American business owners to dominate their markets with the help of its expert marketing team. With proven results, Placepull handles marketing for local businesses, chains, services, and restaurants. The average Placepull client gets a staggering $170,950 increase in annual revenue.

    “We love America and believe business owners are heroes to their local communities,” says Placepull CEO and cofounder, Adam Guild. “Heroes deserve the best”

    Placepull services take advantage of dozens of growth opportunities for their clients – including conversion optimization, search engine optimization, discovery optimization, local growth campaigns, social media marketing, and more. The team is masterful in the science of spurring growth and they’re constantly developing proprietary technology to empower each individual process.

    Placepull founders Adam Guild and Martin Fulop are firm believers in The American Dream. Their mission is to help local business owners achieve their goals and fulfill their own vision of that dream.

    “It’s wonderful to be able to pursue our own dreams while helping other business owners achieve their own,” explains Guild.

    About the Company:

    The idea for Placepull was created when Adam’s mother first set up her dog grooming business. Much to her disappointment, the business didn’t take off as quickly as she would have liked, simply because people weren’t aware of its existence. Adam stepped in to help his mother, and began implementing the marketing strategies he had utilized from his experience as a tech entrepreneur. The results were instant, and so powerful that the business surged to maximum capacity within weeks.

    Adam and his partner realized that these same strategies that they had used in their various online businesses to attract over 10,000,000 customers had really powerful application in a local business sense. They decided to accept an acquisition offer for their mobile gaming business, because they were enamored with the mission of empowering local business owners to achieve their dreams, and shortly thereafter Placepull was born.

    Placepull utilizes robust technology and adept marketing teams to help their clients grow. Through consolidating tremendous amounts of client data and being rigorous in optimization processes, Placepull literally becomes more effective every single day.

    Placepull serves clients primarily in various industries throughout the Los Angeles area.

    For more information about the company, visit the website at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Placepull
    Contact Person: Ryan Brown
    Phone: 323 712 8947
    City: Los Angeles
    State: CA
    Country: United States

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    Melbourne, Australia – Gripped Fitness Audio is pleased to announce that their Gripped Roving Reporter will be covering the Arnold Sports Festival Ohio 2018 from March 1st – 4th, with live social media takeovers. Founded in Columbus, Ohio, in 1989, the 2018 Arnold Sports Festival and world-renowned Arnold Classic bodybuilding championships will be celebrating its 30th anniversary. An estimated 200,000 sports and fitness fans are expected to attend this year’s event.

    Gripped Fitness Audio will be in attendance for the entire four days of the event, hosting interviews with some of the well-known athletes, providing a fascinating look into what goes on behind the scenes and offering exciting giveaways and special offers.

    Video Link:


    “We are more than thrilled to be a part of this incredible event,” says Gripped Fitness Audio founder David Desmond. “For anyone who’s into weight training or bodybuilding it’s a phenomenal experience. So come on out – I promise you’ll have the time of your life!”


    And according to IFBB Bikini Pro Nina Silic,there will be no shortage of events to watch. Over 75 sports and events are in the works, including 17 Olympic events, and a grand total of 18,000 athletes participating.

    About Gripped Fitness Audio:

    Gripped Fitness Audio is an online fitness audio company offering Bluetooth Wireless Gym Headphones primarily to members of the gym community, especially weight lifters, bodybuilders and physique competitors.

    The company prides itself on the sound quality, functionality, durability and style of its headphones, at a price that won’t ‘break the bank.’ With thousands of glowing reviews on its website, Gripped Fitness appears to have cornered the gym headphone market.

    Sweat resistant, adjustable, and shipped all over the globe, Gripped headphones can also be synced with the user’s phone in order to make and receive calls.

    For more information about Gripped headphones, visit the website at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Gripped Fitness Audio
    Contact Person: David Desmond
    Country: United States

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    Yazoo City, MS – Keeping a home clean is a lot of work. Homeowners and renters usually spend a full day cleaning every surface of their house. While other surfaces, such as counters, can simply be wiped down with some cleaner and a cloth, carpet cleaning takes a little more work. There are so many different methods and products to clean carpet that it can get a little overwhelming. The most common way to clean carpeted surfaces is with a vacuum cleaner. The options available to someone who is in search of a vacuum are endless. Luckily, DreamHomeResource provides reviews on handheld vacuums that help people decide which vacuum is the best for them and how to keep them in working order.

    DreamHomeResource is a website that contains a variety of reviews on different things that could be of interest. Their handheld vacuum reviews on vacuums include a list of handheld vacuums in 2018 and the best handheld vacuum available to buy. DreamHomeResource’s Review of handheld vacuums includes a thorough description of what the product can do followed by information of the price and performance of the device. The website is set up to be extremely user-friendly and covers a range of topics.

    Getting a handheld vacuum may seem like a silly idea. Why not just get a full-sized vacuum cleaner? They’re said to be sturdy and they’ll get big sections of carpet cleaned faster, right? A handheld vacuum cleaner can be extremely useful and can do more than just clean those dirty floors. They’re designed to be lighter than regular vacuums, which means that the user can cover an area of carpet in a faster amount of time. They’re not limited to just the floors. They can target pet hair on curtains, spills on couches, and dirt caked on the interior of a car. They also save storage space by having sleek and slim designs.

    Those looking to switch in their heavy, full-sized vacuums for a handheld model, look over the handheld vacuum reviews on DreamHomeResource. They offer an insightful perspective on which vacuum is the best handheld vacuum through their many articles and reviews. They also have useful information on how to keep a handheld vacuum clean and running properly. For more information, feel free to visit their website.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: DreamHomeResource
    Contact Person: Donald Walker
    Phone: 6627462261
    City: Yazoo City
    State: Mississippi 39194
    Country: United States

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    Feb 27, 2018 – During the press meet held this week, the spokesperson of said that they were happy to announce that they have now included the updated list of the best upholstered beds for the current year 2018 after conducting a thorough analysis to identify the best selling ones in the market to help the homeowners make a well informed decision while buying one.

    It is true that the homeowners are always on the search for the right type of upholstered bed for their bedrooms that are built with a compact, trendy, luxurious or traditional way. These beds are a great choice to enjoy long hours of sleep during the night or day while experiencing comfort at its best. However, the market is filled with new and existing brands offering upholstered beds in various sizes, types, design and price range that can make it difficult for the buyers to choose the right one within a short time. This is why the website of has developed the list of best upholstered beds to offer cost effective solutions to buyers with varied budgets. As the site run by a specialist in beds having extensive years of expertise in the furniture sector, the list is a perfect buying guide for both experienced and first-time bed buyers. The site also offers extensive reviews about each upholstered bed that expresses honest and straightforward opinions of experts to help the shopper choose the right one wisely.

    According to the site of, there are several types of beds in the market, such as ​Platform Beds, Sleigh Beds, ​Four-Poster Beds, ​Daybeds, Tester Beds, Low-Post Beds and so on, each having a  distinct comfort level of its own. Upholstered beds are the trending products in the market, as it has high quality padding materials made from cloth or foam to enhance the body balance. These beds are specifically designed with leather or fabric covers, webbing and special springs to improve the spine posture and to promote deep sleep. The buyers who have plans to buy a perfect upholstered bed for their homes can find the detailed review about the top selling products when they click on the URL at compares and reviews the top 8 best upholstered beds and have rated each product based on parameters like sturdiness, assembly, value for money and overall quality. The products included in their list are Zinus Upholstered Square Stitched Platform Bed, Zinus Deluxe Faux Leather Upholstered Platform Bed, Zinus Faux Leather Upholstered Platform Bed , Zinus Upholstered Diamond Stitched Platform Bed with Wooden Slat Support, Zinus Upholstered Button Tufted Platform Bed, Zinus Upholstered Button Tufted Premium Platform Bed, DHP Platform Bed, Dakota Faux Leather Tufted Upholstered Platform Bed, Zinus Upholstered Scalloped Button Tufted Platform Bed.


    The website of specializes in offering detailed reviews about the latest beds that explain the pros and cons of each product and draw comparisons to give the reader a perfect idea about which product to choose.  

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Trending Beds
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Phone: 518-423-1977
    Country: United States

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    Skyfy Technologies has announced the launch of additional services for its clients. The new services will allow companies looking to market their business-to-business services to do so more effectively, and for lower costs, through digital marketing. The service applies to industries such as oil and gas, power and construction, and is geared toward companies located in Calgary, Red Deer and Edmonton, Alberta.

    Airdrie, AB – Skyfy Technologies has announced the launch of a secondary service offering for businesses looking to grow and drive more revenue by decreasing sales cycles, increasing contract win rates and systemizing their business growth. Companies now have the option to work with Skyfy Technologies to develop their internal teams and implement strategies in-house rather than contracting everything out.

    Skyfy Technologies is based in Airdrie, AB and is committed to delivering high quality digital marketing services to its clients.

    For more information please visit

    The company notes this service offering will help robustify businesses current business develop processes and help streamline the sales and marketing systems in the B2B space in social media marketing.

    “Skyfy Technologies marketing team is dedicated, experienced and professional,” says company founder Justin. “Our clients can have peace of mind knowing that we have their best interests at heart with our digital marketing services in Calgary, Red Deer and Edmonton, AB.”

    Skyfy Technologies specializes in B2B account based marketing which means their digital marketing strategies focus on highly targeted marketing, unlike traditional online marketing which casts a very wide net.

    To learn if these services are suitable, anyone interested is invited to book a complimentary strategy call, at

    “This is literally a risk-free strategy call,” Justin explains, “because Skyfy Technologies only works with ideal clients that it can provide the most value to for digital marketing and social media marketing services.”

    Skyfy Technologies is highly specialized in B2B account based marketing and stays up to date with all of the current online marketing trends.

    For more information about Skyfy’s media marketing services, visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Skyfy Technologies
    Contact Person: Justin
    City: Airdrie
    Country: Canada

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    The Altia 3D Cluster Running Green Hills on Renesas R-Car D3 on Display at Embedded World 2018

    COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – February 27, 2018 – Altia announces code generation support for the Renesas R-Car D3 using Altia HMI development software and safety certified Green Hills INTEGRITY real-time operating system (RTOS) with INTEGRITY Multivisor virtualization solution. This combination of technologies was featured at CES 2018 and will be on display at the upcoming Embedded World 2018 in Nuremberg, Germany.

    The Renesas R-Car D3 system-on-chip delivers high performance and graphics capabilities with its powerful ARM® Cortex®-A53 core and 3D GPU. The R-Car D3 also offers significantly reduced system development cost – and is priced to align with the BOM cost of a traditional 2D instrument cluster.

    Altia generates ANSI C code for Renesas R-Car D3 that is optimized to leverage its available on-chip resources, thus delivering first-class graphics for entry-level cars. To create an HMI for Renesas R-Car D3, Altia Design, a WYSIWYG user interface editor, pulls together a variety of graphic assets into a single model. Altia DeepScreen then generates production-ready C code that leverages the unique resources available on the selected target to deliver a pleasing user experience for production displays. Altia’s advanced 3D capabilities offer developers incredible control of 3D content, time-saving workflow, a library of common materials that have been optimized for embedded applications, customizable shaders, small memory footprint, and outstanding performance on chip.

    The code generation target for Renesas R-Car D3 is tailored to run on the INTEGRITY RTOS as native tasks, and on Linux, when virtualized by the secure INTEGRITY Multivisor. With this scalable platform, developers creating embedded displays for automotive applications are ensured that the highest possible security, reliability and performance standards will be met. INTEGRITY’s secure memory partition architecture isolates and protects embedded applications, guaranteeing that each task has available the resources it needs to run correctly. These secure partitions protect the INTEGRITY kernel, native user tasks and guest OSes from malicious or errant software.

    “Green Hills has deployed millions of ASIL certified digital clusters in the automotive industry based on its safe and secure ASIL-certified INTEGRITY RTOS,” said Dan Mender, Vice President, Business Development, at Green Hills Software. “In addition, the INTEGRITY Multivisor secure virtualization service enables production-ready consolidation of mixed criticality functions with virtualized Linux and Android. Our collaboration with Altia addresses the HMI tools needed to build digital instrument clusters that exceed driver expectations and satisfy safety standards on the road.”

    Green Hills Software will demonstrate an Altia 3D instrument cluster on INTEGRITY on the Renesas R-Car D3 in Hall 4, Booth 4-325 at Embedded World 2018 from February 27 to March 1 in Nuremberg, Germany.

    Altia will also demonstrate a variety of HMIs on hardware at Embedded World. Meet Altia in Hall 4, Booth 4-339 or click here to request a meeting with the Altia team.

    About Altia

    Altia is a software company that provides graphical user interface design and development tools that can be used from concept to final product code. Our GUI editor, Altia Design, offers development teams the capability to implement a model-based development process for clear communication and accelerated user interface development. Our code generator, Altia DeepScreen, supports a vast range of low- to high-powered processors from a variety of industry-leading silicon providers. Altia generates pure C source code that is optimized to take full advantage of hardware resources. Graphics code generated by Altia is driving millions of displays worldwide – from automotive instrument clusters, HUDs and radios to thermostats, washing machines and healthcare monitors. Our mission is to get the best automotive, medical and consumer interfaces into production in the shortest time on the lowest cost hardware.

    Altia was founded in 1991 and its customers include Aston Martin, Behr-Hella, COBO, Continental Automotive, DAF Trucks, Denso, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Ford Motor Company, GM, Honda, Renault, Magneti Marelli, MTA, Nippon Seiki, Rolls-Royce, Valeo, Visteon and many other leading manufacturers.

    For more information about Altia, visit or email

    Follow Altia on Twitter and YouTube.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Altia Inc
    Contact Person: Jason Williamson
    Phone: 719-598-4299
    Address:7222 Commerce Center Drive, Suite 240
    City: Colorado Springs
    State: CO
    Country: United States

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    Scotland, UK – The purpose of social media agencies is to enable small business to grow.  Supersize Media can do this by helping clients build relationships within communities and furthering the companies’ communication on social media. 

    The strategy involved in social media marketing begins with refining relevant social and digital media resources.  At Supersize Media the goal is to do just that with ease and communication.  The most essential sticking point for any company is engaging in the community it serves.  A good social media agency will bring together prospects, stakeholders and influential businesses in order to further a client’s brand.  To learn more about social media marketing and how it can directly affect a company’s bottom line, look to the website of Supersize Media. 

    Another important asset in social media marketing is ads management.  Up to date techniques and tools are essential to managing advertising campaigns.  Maximum results will happen using the latest apps that will in-turn inspire clientele and draw them to a brand. 

    Social media in Edinburgh with Supersize Media also brings video and motion production marketing into its repertoire.  Video helps with the engagement process and moves it along at a much faster rate.  Video has become much more of a necessity than an option.  Supersize Media employs a talented team that uses creativity to infuse online campaigns. 

    Website design and branding is another facet of the company.  Creative strategies are built from the ground up targeting client’s specific needs and tailoring design to meet these needs.  Branding is much more than creating just a logo.  Bringing emotion into the design in order to influence creativity helps to build a strong and unique brand for any company.

    Supersize Media is known as Edinburgh’s leading marketing agency for social media marketing.  Results are lasting and often transform a company’s brand into a social media mecca.  From development to implementation, an effective social media campaign is essential to creating a strong voice for any brand.  This type of marketing goes hand in hand with SEO services, which are also provided by Supersize Media.  The company will improve the visibility of any company’s website by harnessing the power of search engines.  This Edinburgh Company combines all marketing strategies to bring a company’s social media visibility to the forefront.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Supersize Media
    Contact Person: Fin Wycherley
    Phone: 07951585832
    City: Edinburgh
    State: Scotland EH6 7BS
    Country: United Kingdom

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    Leicestershire, UK – Most of the world is in some sort of debt. Unfortunately, many individuals are having a hard time paying off their debt, causing the situation to only get worse. Increasing debt can be intimidating, and for many individuals strapped with debt, it can start to feel like there is no way out. East Midlands Money Advice helps over-indebted individuals find solutions and relief to their money problems. They provide expert debt advice to those who are in serious need of it across the Midlands. Their advice service is funded by the money advice service based in Leicester, which ensures that all their advice is of a consistently high quality.

    While 15.9% of the entire population currently in debt, there are numerous people looking for money help. In a material-drive culture, it is inevitable that the debt will keep rising every year. Today’sconsumers have access to purchasing just about anything in the palm of their hands, and this includes applying for more credit cards. The demand for debt assistance has increased more than ever with individuals who are desperate for debt-relief. However, without money advice and assistance, individuals who need help will only drown in their debt.

    East Midlands Money Advice is a service that tailors to individuals who feel they have nowhere else to turn. When life feels out of control, their clients can feel confident that they will find a solution to their money problems. With over 600,000 over-indebted adults in the East Midlands region, the company takes it upon themselves to provide the help everyone needs.

    East Midlands Money Advice understands that people from all walks of life will be affected by debt one way or another. Their team has researched and discovered many key factors that are linked to over-indebtedness. They assess each individual case to thoroughly provide a custom solution in order for clients to find the appropriate type of help.

    East Midlands Money Advice aims to offer individuals a chance to find debt relief. For individuals who are currently struggling with debt problems, one of their partners can be of service to assess the situation and then provide a helpful plan of action. Their team will direct each client to the proper information to help manage their situation. As the debt situation worsens in the UK and elsewhere around the globe, more consumers are turning to financial advice from agencies like East Midlands Money Advice.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: East Midlands Money Advice
    Contact Person: Matthew Jones
    Phone: 01162421120
    City: Leicester
    State: Leicestershire LE1 3JA
    Country: United Kingdom

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    Edinburgh, UK – One of the most important days in a person’s life is marrying their best friend. It is a day that requires careful planning and intricate designing. Everything from the wedding invitations to the type of cake is important, and couples want all of these aspects to look divine. One of the most important stages in the pre-wedding preparations is the invitation. The rise in popularity for individualized wedding invitations is why more UK couples are turning to services like Com Bossa.

    In a sense, the invitations convey the first impression of a couple’s wedding day. However, the importance of the invitation is often an aspect of wedding planning that individuals overlook or undervalue. Not only is it important that wedding invitations state accurate information, but they are a vital component of every wedding because they set the stage for the wedding theme and location. While some couples partake in the trend of DIY invitations, homemade invitations can be extremely time consuming to design, print, prepare and send. Services that specialize in printing and design services, on the other hand, save the couple the time and stress of crafting luxury, custom-made invitations.

    Com Bossa is a printing and design company thatspecializes in luxury wedding invitations. They believe the success of any wedding starts with the invitations and design, which is why their design team ensures their stationaries bring to life the vision and desires of the soon-to-be married couple. Their team will carefully hear each couple’s needs and desires and design wedding stationaries fit to what they request.

    Clients are often stunned by how the designs that Com Bossaconceptualizes perfectly express the essence of the couple and their wedding theme. Com Bossa values each and every client and their love story, promising to deliver extraordinary work that meets their client’s desires. They recognize the importance of an invitation that makes a good first impression, which is why they strive to ensure their client’s wedding guests will be impressed when they receive their Com Bossa designed invitation. Many UK couples have expressed gratitude and relief in finding a company as passionate about their clients as Com Bossa.

    Com Bossa is dedicated to delivering luxury wedding invitations to couples who desire a perfect wedding day. With extensive experience in design and in the commercial world, Com Bossa’s passion lies within seeing their stunning custom designs come to life in print. As more UK couples are turning to custom wedding invitations, they are availing of services like those offered by Com Bossa to achieve the perfect wedding planning.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Com Bossa
    Contact Person: Richard Ulph
    Phone: 01560480588
    City: Stewarton
    State: Edinburgh KA35BF
    Country: United Kingdom

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    Reading, PA – One of the best and worst parts of owning a house is maintaining and perfecting the view of the house and the yard outside. In some ways, it can be an exciting project that involves planning, hard work, and the satisfaction that comes from a well finished product. It can also, however, be an incredibly daunting and tedious task that a homeowner simply cannot find the time for. Even within the throes of a busy schedule, the desired aesthetic of a yard should not have to be compromised. In Reading, PA, one company that has become familiar and reputed throughout the area is Tony and Joes Landscaping.

    Tony and Joes Landscaping,, provides a wide array of Reading, PA landscaping services for residential and commercial needs. They specialize in design, landscape renovations, and lawn maintenance and care. Beyond architectural landscaping design, land clearing, and water efficient landscaping, they also offer turf maintenance, pressure washing, and retaining walls. The entire staff of Tony and Joes Landscaping is insured.

    The company firmly understands the importance a personalized and perfected yard is to their client’s house and their client. Therefore, customer service is embedded within the foundation of the company. This Reading landscaping company has gained recognition for their friendly customer service interactions and their dedication to building a relationship with the customer. In addition to their well-established relationship with the community, numerous clients have expressed gratitude for the landscaping company’s willingness to ensure that the customer’s financial needs are met.

    Compared to other companies, Tony and Joes reportedly keeps their prices low in order to be as accessible to their customers as possible. Because the company offers services for an affordable cost, a customer is able to go to them for all their year-round landscaping needs. This has allowed for a real relationship and trust to build up between the company and their customers.

    Even beyond their care for the customer, Tony and Joes Landscaping also maintains interest in caring for the environment. The utilize the latest landscaping technology, obey all environmental codes, and strive to create ecologically friendly gardens. With their dedication to environmental awareness, this lawn care Reading, PA company offers a wide variety of ecologically friendly services.

    The lawn and yard can be an important component for homeowners for various reasons, from personal pride in the home to improving the value of a property. The benefits of working with a landscaping company with an eye for design and an intuitive understanding of customers’ needs are why Tony and Joes Landscaping has become so well known throughout the community, and why so many area residents are looking to this company to transform and maintain their lawns.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Tony and Joes Landscaping
    Contact Person: Tony
    Phone: 610-775-5380
    Address:1134 Liberty Avenue
    City: Reading
    State: PA, 19607
    Country: United States

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    Richmond Hill, GA – The first impression of any residence comes from observation of the external appearance of the building and surrounding area, including lawn, trees, mailbox, etc. Keeping up with a lawn in order to maintain its neat and healthy appearance takes time, effort, and money. That’s why hiring a professional to care for and maintain a lawn can be a worthwhile investment. It saves the client time and effort that could be better spent at work or enjoying time with family. While hiring the right company can be difficult, one local company, Low Country Earth Scapes, has recently dominated the industry of Savannah GA Landscaping.

    Low Country Earth Scapes is a Savannah landscaping company that serves a wide range of surrounding areas in the business of lawn care and landscaping. They have come to reign in the industry for their competitive prices and services that customers claim go above and beyond what they have experienced with other local companies.

    The staff at Low Country Earth Scapesare able to provide quality, effective services in a wide range of fields related to lawn maintenance, including landscape design, installation, and maintenance, as well as hardscape design and installation. The variance in services speaks to the level of knowledge and expertise each designer and employee brings to the table. With the ability to see a project through from design, through installation, to maintenance and upkeep, this Savannah lawn care company has labored intensively to ensure a level of customer service that many companies simply cannot. Getting to know the specifics of each individual residence allows designers and maintenance employees to plan and care for each lawn uniquely, and to be sure that customers receive the service that best fits their needs.

    This award winning company has over twenty-one years of industry experience, and leaves behind a large assortment of satisfied customers, many of whom return to this company year after year for each and every Savannah lawn care need. Due to the demand and the influx of clients, they have expanded their services to not only include Savannah landscaping, but also Richmond Hill, Pooler, Wilmington Island, Garden City, Rincon, and Port Wentworth. This company’s devotion to serving as many clients as possible is just one investment that Low Country Earth Scapes makes in improving and serving the community as a whole.

    Through the staff’s collective experience and knowledge, devotion to customer satisfaction, and commitment to community beautification through offering a wide variety of lawn and landscaping services, Low Country Earth Scapes has cemented themselves as a staple of the area. With the warmer seasons about to bloom, the expansion of their service areas is already creating a stir in the community.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Low Country Earth Scapes
    Contact Person: Jeff Brown
    Phone: 912-925-3841
    Address:P.O. Box 2410
    City: Richmond Hill
    State: Georgia 31324
    Country: United States

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    Celebrating her two year anniversary of moving to Southern California to pursue dreams of entrepreneurialism, digital marketer Rachel S. Lee received her prestigious award, for surpassing $1 million in sales with an ecommerce sales funnel.

    She says that her use of the funnel building software ClickFunnels, and their online training and education program, were key in her accomplishments.

    Her favourite software programs are available on a 2- week free trial though this link:

    “Thanks to ClickFunnels I have no boss, no nagging clients, and no alarm clock… Since I started using this software a couple of years ago, I’ve worked with hundreds of automated sales funnels for ecommerce, digital products, coaching, and even built my entire website on it. It’s true there was plenty to learn, and still much to learn, but there’s a tutorial for everything, supportive community, and hundreds of templates.”

    Since the achievement, her new focus is showing other entrepreneurs how they can increase their monthly revenue, through recurring affiliate commissions, often for the online platforms and tools they are already using.

    Russell Brunson, founder of ClickFunnels says about the ongoing prizes awarded to marketers “You can’t help but change the world, when you make a million dollars with your funnel – and that’s what really matters.” ClickFunnels makes a point to recognize every time a user creates a funnel that earns over $1,000,000 in revenue, so that their accomplishment is recognized and validated, for everyone to feel inspired by.

    Brunson himself started online marketing 10 years ago with a goal of earning an extra $1000 monthly, when he saw a peer in online marketing share his success story of earning $1,000,000 in just 1 day, selling an online course. John Reese, to Russell Brunson, is like the athlete who broke the 4-minute mile, opening up a new world of potential for everyone. Witnessing Reese’s accomplishment transformed Brunson’s own thinking, and actions, and after three years of sustained efforts to model his hero, he made a million dollars in a year, then a month, and then a day.

    Rachel S. Lee is available for speaking engagements and interviews with business and entrepreneur media channels; where she shares how online marketing and affiliate marketing transformed her vision for her life and the direction she was heading.

    She has done over 100 speaking engagements, including sharing her personal story in a motivational presentation for the audience of sue TALKS Successful Unstoppable Empowering: Women Changing the Face of Business:

    Lee is a graduate of a Humboldt State University for business marketing.

    Lee is also a bestselling book author: her first book, Transform Your Reality: Practical Ways to Make a 360 in Your Life was inspired by her own journey learning to overcome lowered expectations of others, after experiencing failure and disappointment in your life. It is available in print and ebook format on Amazon at

    Lee makes frequent YouTube training videos and hosts live video masterminds where she shows entrepreneurs how to scale their businesses online. More about her success story including what brought her to become a member of the “2 Comma Club”, is online at

    Her private mentorship program, affiliate marketing course and coaching programs are included on her website at

    Join Lee’s Facebook Group Affiliate Marketing for Entrepreneurs, where she offers livestream and free training, resources and a community of other marketers:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Social Sparkle & Shine
    Contact Person: Debbie Horovitch
    Phone: 647-633-9950
    Country: Canada

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    Realtor Kathleen Goneau has signed a deal with Prominence Publishing to be a contributor to the upcoming book, Real Estate Game Changers Volume III, which is scheduled for release in May 2018.

    Kathleen Goneau has a history of building relationships and empowering others throughout her 27-year career in real estate. During her early business years in retail management she held positions that involved building, training and growing organizations. As a training manager she directly affected change within her organization by helping others to think at a higher level and empowering them to be their very best. In 2011 Kathleen became certified as a Professional Coach and has contributed to the lives and businesses of hundreds within and outside her current industry.

    Prominence Publishing chooses Realtors to co-author books based on their experience, success and reputation. One of the key things that separates Kathleen Goneau from other Realtors in her area is her consistent contribution to her community and her dedication to assisting people in securing financial wealth by creating security in real estate.

    Goneau is the owner of The Goneau Group, a successful real estate team serving more than 60+ families each year. The Goneau Group truly understands that buying or selling a home is more than just a transaction: it’s a life-changing experience. Their team of highly-seasoned real estate professionals provides exceptional, personalized service for their clients. It is obvious that they take great pride in the relationships they form with their clients and have demonstrated that they’ll work relentlessly on their clients’ behalf to help them achieve their real estate goals.

    Goneau will write a chapter on The Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Team. Choosing this theme for her chapter was an easy decision for Prominence Publishing because Goneau has been leading her team successfully for more than 10 years and knows firsthand the benefits that she and her team provide their clients.

    Goneau states, “It’s an honor to be selected as a contributor to the Real Estate Game Changers book. I’m passionate about helping buyers and sellers have an extraordinary real estate experience. Through our collaboration as a team we believe we can serve the consumer at a higher level.”

    Look for Real Estate Game Changers Volume III in May 2018 to be available on and other national book retailers.

    For more information on Kathleen Goneau, visit

    About Prominence Publishing

    Prominence Publishing is a boutique publishing company that specializes in working with entrepreneurs and business professionals. One of their specialties is publishing multi-authors books that feature 10-15 professionals in one book, each covering a different topic. This type of book allows for diverse coverage on one main theme which results in an engaging and informative book.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Prominence Publishing
    Contact Person: Suzanne Doyle-Ingram
    Phone: 604-886-2050
    Country: Canada

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